What's All This Then?

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What's All This Then?

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Monday Edition

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The Beginning and End Are Up to You

BB and SD got in the car and drove over to the Humboldt Park neighborhood here in Chicago to visit the home of Delicious Design League, where John Solimine (or Spike Press, as he's often referred) was enlisting their help in putting together this year's fantastic Field-Tested Books poster, which is available here.

Thanks to The National for letting us use tracks from their records Boxer and Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers on the soundtrack.

summer reading

The poster was commissioned as a part of our feature called Field-Tested Books in which we have asked friends to review books that made a particular impact on them relative to where they were read.

Buy the Field-Tested Books Book and the poster in our Bookstore.

Films About Posters

Found and Reused featuring Aesthetic Apparatus.

6 Colors, 1,800 Pulls, 2 Dogs featuring Jay Ryan and The Bird Machine.

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