An Item From the CP Swap Meat

Ghost prints

SM0234 ID SM0234 (photo)
Arrived 7.27.07, AM (FedEx)
From Billy Davis, Orlando, FL
Description Three 13x19" glicee prints
More info One Swell Illustrator
Swapped for TBD
Status at CP

We're a little backed up on the Swap, but don't belive for a second that things have slowed down, we're still getting a steady stream of pretty incredible stuff. Illustrator Billy Davis, for instance, sent three colorful prints featuring panicked ghosts helplessly watching dangerous activities ("Child finding gun in drawer", "Improper shooting range etiquette", and the old "fork in the toaster"). In fact, MS, in the name of Toaster Safety Awareness, wants to hang the toaster print over our office toaster, but most of us like to live dangerously, so we'll just wait until she leaves the kitchen to pry out our bagels. Anyway, the toaster is not nearly such a threat as the loaded Walther PPK that SD keeps in his desk drawer.

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