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A deep dive into something very dumb: discovering the original 3D model for the Dancing Baby meme and converting it for modern use. sd-02.21.20

What Happens When You Upscale a 120-Year-Old Silent Film For 4K. jc-02.04.20

Oscar nominations came out today. In the words of actress Issa Rae, congratulations to those men. ms-01.13.20

David Hudson on the most anticipated films of 2020. Quite a list. jc-01.03.20

Movie Images of the Decade from Mubi. Great feature. jc-01.03.20

The Neighbors' Window ms-12.10.19

"Any Lone Ranger costume is going to be handmade, material custom ordered and very expensive." So you know, here's some very thorough advice on dressing up like the Lone Ranger. sd-11.01.19

Scotland in Motion ms-10.02.19

How we make pencils. ms-09.24.19

The designer's guide to Netflix. dw-09.16.19

A One-Shot Music Video Filmed From the Perspective of a Toy Train. Thanks Colossal. jc-08.14.19

David Hudson on D. A. Pennebaker, Observation as Action. jc-08.12.19

Whether your prefer period pieces, musicals, or tales of haunted dolls, there's something here for cinephiles of every sort. The Fill-In Filmography. dw-07.25.19

Finally, a film about the grossly underrated and nearly-forgotten Suzi Quatro! bb-06.17.19

Related to the last, Scorsese's doc on Rolling Thunder hits Netflix on June 12. jc-05.30.19

Who thought it was a good idea to start making documentaries about design? Our pal Gary Hustwit, that's who. jc-04.24.19

The Stranger Things 3 trailer looks good. jc-03.20.19

The tool filmmakers have been waiting for forever: Director's Viewfingers. sd-03.04.19

For JC, kubrick.life. dw-02.12.19

Trailer for HBO's documentary Song of Parkland. Gah, where did that dust storm come from??? ms-01.23.19

Channel 4's Big Fat Quiz Of The Year for 2018. bb-01.08.19

Top 10 Title Sequences of 2018. jc-01.02.19

"You have to be at peace with the fact that something might happen, and you might not make it through..." Brian Bolster's short documentary, Winter's Watch. Beautiful. jc-11.29.18

RIP Pablo Ferro. jc-11.19.18

Take a look at this year's John Lewis & Partners Christmas Ad. ms-11.16.18

Episode 1 of Studio B. SD served as Director of Photography on this series and man it looks good. Check the 3 minute-long single shot at the opening. jc-10.26.18

Chasing the Blues, a dark and funny film by our pal Scott Smith and based on a story by Kevin Guilfoile is playing in theaters starting today. Check it out. Here's the trailer. jc-10.05.18

Support the trans-zombie indie horror-comedy Eat Rich, follow the production, and stop by their party next Wednesday. bb-09.14.18

Hunter and Dave. jc-07.24.18

Inside the Falcon. jc-07.10.18

Thanks to David Foster and the team at MSNBC's "Your Business" for the nice feature on Field Notes. ms-07.02.18

"I biked through all 16 German states in 80 days and filmed my entire journey." 80 Days in Germany in 80 Seconds. ms-06.27.18

Did you know it takes 5 years to make single bottle of Tabasco sauce? It does. ms-06.22.18

The Prevailing Winds. ms-06.19.18

Trailer for the new Showtime series from Michel Gondry, Kidding. ms-06.11.18

Death Valley 8K. ms-05.22.18

If you're in Chicago this weekend, and into really crazy films from before making films was easy, go see Jon Moritsugu's Mod F**k Explosion at the Music Box, projected in glorious 16mm! (PS: good interview here.) bb-05.11.18

Phantom Thread camera tests, with audio commentary by Paul Thomas Anderson. I could watch this sort of thing all day. sd-05.09.18

"I am an Austrian cameraman, specialized in shooting with a gimbal whilst running and jumping over obstacles." Gimbalninja. More at his site. jc-05.07.18

"Meet Nick DiMola, a bonafide trash connoisseur. He loves his job and he loves garbage. Over 30 years in the garbage business, he has collected a museum's worth of old and rare items, most of it from the estates of dead people. With every piece of trash that he saves from the landfill, a piece of history lives on." ms-05.03.18

Related to below, a short film about The Collection. ms-04.30.18

Design Canada trailer. jc-04.26.18

The Paraplegic Possum, the Cross-Eyed Cat, and the Fish That Can't Swim. ms-04.26.18

So you know, what happens just before show time at the Met Opera. ms-04.25.18

We wouldn't be Coudal Partners if we weren't getting our hopes up about Terry Gilliam's Don Quixote film finally (maybe) coming out. bb-04.06.18

"A brief look at the earth from above, based on the shapes we make, the game of life, our playing ground." Arena, a film by Paraic McGloughlin. Yowza, this is amazing and lovely too. Full screen for sure. Thanks Marshall. jc-03.22.18

"For over thirty years, Fred Rogers, an unassuming minister, puppeteer, writer and producer was beamed daily into homes across America. There hadn't been anything like Mr. Rogers on television before and there hasn't been since." Trailer for Won't You Be My Neighbor? dw-03.21.18

Curious Emperor penguins have been captured in Antarctica getting up close and personal on film. ms-03.16.18

PMDb, documenting cinema's most important pigeon footage. bb-03.09.18

Michael Phillips asks, Does His Girl Friday truly belong to Chicago? jc-03.09.18

In Myanmar. ms-03.01.18

SCTV's Battle of the PBS Stars, which is almost as good as Python's Philosopher's Football. bb-02.26.18

So you know, the best ER episodes to watch if you've never seen it. I remember my best friend and I full-on ugly crying at Love's Labor Lost. ms-01.29.18

Keith Phipps "spoke to director Amy Scott and producer Brian Morrow about what drove them to make a film about Hal Ashby and what they discovered along the way." HAL is debuting at Sundance. Can't wait to see it. jc-01.26.18

A visual representation of Dr. Sam Beckett's entire Quantum Leap journey. dw-01.17.18

Trailer for the AMC series The Terror ms-01.17.18

Trailer for The Vanishing of Sydney Hall ms-01.12.18

Need to organize a NYC visit. Film Forum Ingmar Bergman Centennial Retrospective. jc-01.09.18

The and Now: An aerial view of Chicago taken in 1914 with video from today. ms-01.05.18

Trailer for the new Netflix adaptation of the graphic novel The End of the F**king World. ms-01.02.18

Lil Women. ms-12.19.17

Delightful. Dear Satan. ms-12.19.17

Holy wow, Mega storm over the Kimberley West Aust 2017 wet season. ms-12.18.17

Adorable. I'm not crying, you're crying. ms-12.12.17

Errol Morris on the season finale to Nathan for You: "My New Favorite Love Story." Glad to hear he also loves the best show on TV right now. sd-12.06.17

Gorgeous, Transient. Full screen is best. ms-12.04.17

30 years ago, "Max Headroom" hijacked Chicago television. bb-11.22.17

If you remember Heathrow airport's adorable ad Coming Home for Christmas from last year, you'll love the new ad this year that tells their love story. I'm not crying, you're crying. ms-11.20.17

Trailer for the new television show The Chi. ms-11.17.17

"Ben Sansum is 35. But he lives in 1946. His clothes, his house, the music he listens to - all come from an era before he was even born. ms-11.13.17

Trailer for the upcoming Netflix series Dark. ms-11.10.17

Trailer for The Post. jc-11.08.17

Fab new film directed by SD. The Wayward Wind, from Carl Sondrol's Batika Hawk. jc-10.26.17

Penn and Teller: The Best Magicians in the World, SNL 1986. bb-10.20.17

Trailer for season two of Stranger Things ms-10.13.17

Trailer for Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams. dw-10.06.17

PlayTime Controlled Chaos. Smart, entertaining commentary on Jacques Tati's masterpiece by the The Royal Ocean Film Society. Via TMN. jc-09.27.17

Trailer for Signature Move, an all-Chicago-made independent movie, premiering at The Music Box on September 28th. Looks good. jc-09.22.17

Photos from the Blade Runner Model Shop. ms-09.22.17

Trailer for the TV adaptation of Lore. dw-09.15.17

30 Days Timelapse at Sea. Full screen is best. ms-09.12.17

30 Things We Learned From The Royal Tenenbaums Commentary, from Film School Rejects. jc-09.05.17

So you know, the Harry Potter "19 Years Later" epilogue scene is today. dw-09.01.17

While Erica and her dance company were on location filming a video, they got some unsolicited appreciation. jc-08.31.17

The James Bonding Podcast is back, digging maybe a little too deep into the franchise, but their dream plans for a James Bond Theme Park are pretty damn appealing. bb-08.29.17

It's Twin Peaks Week at CoS. bb-08.29.17

Did you know there is a tiny island in New York City that no one is allowed to visit? ms-08.09.17

Trailer for David Fincher's Netflix series Mindhunter. ms-08.01.17

"Edgar said, 'We're filming on the road, I'd like you to be with me editing as we're filming'... So basically, we lashed up to an apple crate..." An interesting read about how Paul Machliss edited Baby Driver in near-real time, including from the back of a process trailer. sd-07.26.17

David Letterman's appearance on Al Franken's Boiling the Frog web series. sd-07.26.17

Thanks Pearle Vision for making me cry in my office this morning, Ben's Glasses ms-07.24.17

Stupid excited for this, trailer for Stranger Things 2. Full screen is best and turn it up loud. ms-07.23.17

A massive 250+ foot long Game of Thrones tapestry depicting scenes from every episode of the show. dw-07.20.17

Got 10 hours to kill and looking for some Zen sounds? BBC Earth has got you covered, Mountains, Jungle, Islands, and Desert. ms-07.20.17

Highlights from the Criterion Bergman archives, on what would have been his 98th birthday. Wild Strawberries, behind the scenes. jc-07.14.17

I was wondering about this. The story behind the huge oil painting from the opening of Wonder Woman. jc-06.29.17

Chistopher Kirkley's Purple-Rain-inspired film Akounak Tedalat Taha Tazoughai follows Tuareg guitarist Mdou Moctar across the desert. bb-06.27.17

Deeper Underground by In Return. "We have a thing with tunnels." Fab jc-06.23.17

When TV Logos Were Physical Objects. This gives me an idea... jc-06.22.17

Apropos of nothing, Pepsi spots from the 1970's. Via Armin. jc-06.22.17

"May your dolly grip or steadicam op lose their footing during the longest tracking sequence of your career. May you lose the shot as the sun sets behind the hills." A Curse For Every Job In Hollywood. sd-06.14.17

Title Drops, characters saying the title of the movie they are in. jc-06.06.17

The 50 most beautiful shots from Star Wars, from Film School Rejects. jc-05.30.17

Neil McGlone on Volker Schlöndorff's adaptation of Günter Grass's novel The Tin Drum, for Criterion. The film is always in my top films of all time and shared the Palme d'Or with FFC's Apocalypse. That same year, Malick won Best Director for Days of Heaven. Pretty solid line-up at Cannes in 1979, I'd say. jc-05.24.17

Splitsider looks back at Human Giant's 2007 24-Hour MTV Takeover. bb-05.19.17

CineFlex gives us their picks for the best movie shots of all time, Part One and Part Two ms-05.17.17

Related to the last, David Shire's fantastic score for Pelham One-Two-Three. jc-05.16.17

"I wanted a gray sky for my script, rather than a pastel-blue horizon." Michelangelo Antonioni on Blow-Up. jc-05.15.17

Trailer for season two of Top of the Lake. ms-05.11.17

I focused on that generational gap, reading the two Mike Nichols' movies as a single study on two generations." Performing Adulthood: Mike Nichols' Carnal Knowledge and The Graduate, a film by Luios Azevado, for Mubi. jc-05.05.17

Stories from The Godfather cast reunion at the Tribeca Film Festival. More here. jc-05.04.17

Lucky ducks in certain cities will have the opportunity to see Logan in black and white. ms-05.02.17

Vashi Nedomansky's Raiders of the Lost Ark 1-Page Film School. See you in a couple hours. jc-04.26.17

Darren Aronofsky has directed two ads for the New York Times showing the struggle photojournalists go through to show us the truth: The Truth is Hard to Find: Tyler Hicks and The Truth is Hard to Find: Bryan Denton ms-04.21.17

Utterly delightful The Moth tale of a Valentine's day in 1933 from 93 year-old Tom Sitter. ms-04.21.17

Via Darran Anderson on Twitter, so great. Moonbase Alpha from Space 1999, and here is the show's fantastic title sequence. jc-04.13.17

Thursday morning smile/cry, guy makes an engagement ring entirely from scratch and then pops the question. ms-04.13.17

"From 1986 till 1992, the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, also known as G.L.O.W., ruled TV with their over-the-top style and characters, making famous wrestlers like Brunhilda, Matilda the Hun, Babe the Farmer's Daughter, and Big Bad Mamma, who was a 'witch' who would 'cast spells' on her opponents. Who needed Saturday Morning cartoons when you had G.L.O.W.?" dw-04.07.17

"Richard Harris" on Mel's Rockpile. bb-04.04.17

Local note, The Davis Theater on Lincoln is screening The Godfather every night at 7 this week. jc-04.03.17

Advice to young film makers (or pretty much anybody else) from Akira Kurosawa. jc-03.28.17

A look at the most beautiful black and white shots in movie history. ms-03.27.17

"Being There is not interested in swiftly ingratiating itself or telling you what it's going to be. The world you're watching is private, and Sellers—an actor whom, in 1979, audiences would have watched expectantly, waiting for him to tell them it was okay to laugh—is a placid cipher, giving nothing away." American Cipher, by Mark Harris for Criterion. Their rerelease is a restored 4K digital transfer, supervised by cinematographer Caleb Deschanel. jc-03.24.17

"This is just the fucking start." Three Billboards trailer. jc-03.23.17

Someone finally melded Rogue One with A New Hope ms-03.22.17

"No cheating, faking, or posing. None of these films was chosen to impress the reader, or in an attempt to reflect a critical consensus, whether past or present. They're here because I love them, period." Great list. Sixty-One Years, Sixty-Eight Films, by Terry Teachout. jc-03.21.17

Netflix is helping to bring Orson Welles' last, unfinished film to the screen. ms-03.16.17

Jacob Oller on Hal Ashby's seldom-seen final script, Vital Parts from the Thomas Berger novel, was written for Marlon Brando. jc-03.16.17

The Man Who Was Godzilla. ms-03.10.17

70 Acres in Chicago: Cabrini Green explores the effects of Chicago's 1.5 billion dollar Plan for Transformation, an order requiring the demolition of the city's public housing high rises, and the building of mixed-income condominiums. The film chronicles the demolitions at the Cabrini Green Homes, a development erected from 1942-1961 as a housing solution for the working poor. Located a mile from Chicago's world-famous lakefront, the neighborhoods adjacent to Cabrini Green are some of the most conspicuous and symbolic reminders of income inequality in the city. ms-03.09.17

Any movie for which its trailer's poster frame is a shot of Letraset, is going to be OK by me. Can't wait to see Graphic Means, directed by Briar Levit. jc-03.09.17

Way past his bedtime, a Little Boy stumbles upon a disturbing video on the internet. ms-03.08.17

City Planner Jeff Speck's TED talk on 4 Ways to Make a City More Walkable. ms-03.06.17

Things Steve Delahoyde showed at the last Funny Ha-Ha that people actually paid money to see. Still laughing from this. jc-03.06.17

So great, To The Right. ms-03.02.17

"Canadian designer Greg Durrell, filmmaker Jessica Edwards and Gary Hustwit director of design trilogy Helvetica, Objectified and Urbanized are collaborating on the first ever feature documentary on Canada's vast design history, Design Canada." dw-03.02.17

A production of the Factory Transporter Association, this German forklift safety film from 2001 is amazing. Via Alex Klimetschek. jc-02.22.17

For me and BB, all 25 Fensler GI Joe spots in one HD video. ms-02.22.17

Bob Odenkirk Playing Stephen Colbert Playing Bob Odenkirk. mcj-02.16.17

So you know, how Sweethearts are made. ms-02.14.17

A love story, told in notes. ms-02.13.17

The National Lampoon documentary Drunk, Stoned, Brilliant, Dead is currently streaming on Netflix, watch it or they'll kill this dog. bb-02.08.17

In case you missed it, the world is turning upside down. ms-02.06.17

So great. Vashi assembled the storyboards and the film side-by-side for John Carpenter's The Thing. jc-01.26.17

So you know, the trench in Star Wars was not where you thought it was. ms-01.25.17

8-bit Rogue One. ms-01.24.17

SW: TLJ. jc-01.23.17

Learn how to make Kevin's Famous Chili. Who is Kevin? This is Kevin. ms-01.19.17

Best comedy bit of 2016? Gary Gulman explains how they came up with two-letter state abbreviations. bb-01.18.17

One of those rare "wish I lived in L.A." moments: Dr. Katz live on stage this Sunday! bb-01.17.17

Wonder Woman Comic-Con Trailer. jc-01.13.17

Your daily rabbit hole: the late, great Hollywood stuntman, writer, and director Hal Needham. To start you off, here's Hal on NPR's Fresh Air in 2011, then check out his six greatest stunts. Dude even had his own action figure and playsets. bb-01.10.17

Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine title stills. Fab. jc-01.05.17

Wait for it. ms-01.04.17

From Tape Drives to Memory Orbs, the Data Formats of Star Wars Suck, by Sarah Jeong. jc-01.03.17

"The idea was to create a surreal world based on simple geometric light shapes that seem misplaced, but somehow blend with its surrounding at the same time." Lucid is beautiful. Here's a look at the making of this project. jc-12.23.16

User interface design for screens in Rogue One, by Blind. jc-12.21.16

Joel & Ethan Coen A Tribute. Beautifully assembled by Alexandre Gasulla. jc-12.16.16

"Told that outsiders also want to see De Niro and Pacino on screen together again in a crime movie, Scorsese laughed and said: 'Me too!'" jc-12.15.16

Meet the machinists who keep the New York Times running. ms-12.09.16

Declan Taaffe's great visual essay on Steven Soderbergh, with lots of talk about The Limey. sd-12.09.16

Entertaining video of dialect coach Erik Singer breaking down 32 actors' accents. Via Sentence First. jc-11.29.16

Director Wes Anderson re-teams with actor Adrien Brody for this H&M Christmas ad. ms-11.28.16

A video essay about control rooms in film and television since the 1970s. The Cinematic Control Room 1971- 2015. ms-11.22.16

A fan-made trailer that is damned good, for a Boba Fett "Anthology" film. jc-11.21.16

Behind-the-scene trailer for Rogue One. ms-11.18.16

Can an airport make a good ad? Yes. Yes they can. ms-11.17.16

Film-tech geek alert. Check Steve Yedlin's Film vs. Digital Tests, plus this series of tweets from Rian Johnson who is directing SW Episode VIII with Yedlin as DP, and finally this conversation about the matter. Fantastic. jc-11.17.16

À propos de rien, Karina et Belmondo. bb-11.16.16

The French origins of film noir, by Ginette Vincendeau. Via John Coulthart jc-11.16.16

This year's John Lewis Christmas Advert is out, Buster the Boxer. ms-11.10.16

Not-so-soothing spaceship sounds. jc-11.08.16

Scene-by-scene breakdowns of Hollywood films based on true stories. dw-11.07.16

A timeline of Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg's unexpectedly adorable friendship. dw-11.07.16

Great collection of the most terrifying shorts you can watch online right now. Seen the first one before but using lunch to work my way through the rest then flying home to stay in my parents house for the next month......... ms-10.31.16

The guys who made the heartbreakingly beautiful spec ad for Johnny Walker last year that I STILL cannot watch without sobbing out loud, Dear Brother , have come out with an infinitely more light-hearted spec ad for Volvo, ABC of Death. ms-10.27.16

Like The Seventh Seal if it involved aliens, mopeds, and you moved it from Sweden to the Salton Sea: STRFKR's music vid for Open Your Eyes. sd-10.25.16

Famous movie titles, translated. jc-10.21.16

"The brief on this technological milestone? Images shot and projected at 120 fps, dual 4K RGB laser projectors that display wide color gamut and high dynamic range, bright RealD 3D, 12-channel audio with overhead speakers plus sub-bass." David Leitner on Ang Lee's Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk. jc-10.14.16

Great read, Brian De Palma chats with FFC about The Conversation and lots more. jc-10.13.16

Rogue One trailer two. jc-10.13.16

Betting we'll be hearing these soon, back in the pack-and-ship department: 31 Scary Old-Time Radio Episodes. bb-10.12.16

Concept art for the 1966 Batman television series belies the silliness of the final product. bb-10.11.16

Gorgeous trailer for BBC One's upcoming Planet Earth II ms-10.11.16

Everyone's an Architect, an older AV Club piece on "jobs common only in romantic comedies." jc-10.10.16

31 Days of Feminist Horror Films is back with a new series for 2016 bb-10.06.16

"But high on anyone's list of associations with this film is the music of Leonard Cohen, which suffuses it in memory, an impression nailed down by "The Stranger Song," which plays over the titles for five leisurely minutes as the protagonist, an affably inscrutable gambler named McCabe (Warren Beatty), rides one horse and leads another up a mountain and across a rude bridge toward the shelter of the local saloon." Robert Christgau on the music of Leonard Cohen in McCabe & Mrs. Miller. jc-10.05.16

48 years ago today, Monty Python's Flying Circus premiered on BBC One. Links throughout the day. Spam. ms-10.05.16

It took FOTA Waki and his five year-old daughter Maria to bravely tell the whole story of Hello, Bye Bye! by Jonah Snith. Powerful stuff. sd-10.03.16

Whatever algorithms Amazon used to bring this project together, it worked well. Trailer for Jim Jarmusch's Iggy Pop and the Stooges documentary, Gimme Danger. Yow. sd-10.03.16

Stranger Things as 8 Bit Cinema ms-10.03.16

Operation Avalanche trailer. Can. Not. Wait. jc-09.29.16

"Worked as a hand-made collage, it has nothing to do with autogenerated schemes retaining one single color by frame, hence the amount of work it represents. Readable from the outside to the inside of the circle, it reproduces the colors of a 360° circle inside every single frame, from the beginning until the end of the movie." La couleur des films. dw-09.29.16

The Moviegoer directed by Terrence Malick. The Lord of the Rings directed by SK and starring The Beatles. Dennis Cooper runs down 47 films that were (sadly) never made. jc-09.23.16

Sherlock: The Art of Symmetry. Cannot wait for Season 4. ms-09.21.16

Conan O'Brien's take on the Apple New Airpods ad. So great. ms-09.15.16

Michel Gondry's video for the new White Stripes song City Lights. ms-09.14.16

"This is the sort of glamorous model the average housewife dreams about." ms-09.07.16

"A 24-year-old overpass bridge in Nanchang, capital of east China's Jiangxi Province, was dismantled on Friday by 116 excavators to make way for the city's subway line." Sounds boring? They did it in one night. ms-09.07.16

The first annual Million Mrs Roper March. bb-09.02.16

YES!! Teaser for season two of Stranger Things. ms-08.31.16

Oli Haukur Myrda went to Iceland and filmed the Northern Lights with a drone. Thanks Andrew. jc-08.31.16

Northern Lights shot with a drone. ms-08.29.16

8K Colors of NewYork 2016 ms-08.26.16

For MS, Blair Witch 360. dw-08.23.16

These "Paul Lynde "Zingers" are just alright, but the intro might be the best Hollywood Squares lineup ever. bb-08.22.16

"You have never before eaten ice cream in your life." ms-08.22.16

"Love in the midst of the imaginative foreshadowing of the ultra-scientific and mechanical world of the future." From the original 32-page program for Fritz Lang's Metropolis from 1927. jc-08.19.16

Hot Wheels Road Trip. A trip indeed. More on this madness from PetaPixel. Thanks Marshall. jc-08.17.16

A great little look at how the title sequence from Stranger Things was put together. mcj-08.17.16

Teaser for Death: Take 2, a new film based on a short story by our own Kevin Guilfoile. More to come. jc-08.15.16

"We are more alike my friends, than we are unalike." More like this in the universe please. ms-08.05.16

The Jukebox Repairman ms-08.05.16

This visualization shows interactions between characters in the Star Trek Universe based on the episode or movies you have selected. dw-08.04.16

If you like those Stranger Things titles, you'll love this Image West demo featuring the capabilities of the amazing Scanimate system. (And I already lived through ITC Benguiat and Century Gothic once, let's not bring them back). bb-08.03.16

Teaser for Gas, SD's short film starring David Pasquesi and Marc Grapey. Nice! jc-07.29.16

Keven McAlester's short film compares what the same streets in downtown Los Angeles looked like in the nineteen-forties and today via split-screen. jc-07.20.16

Lovely ad for Heathrow airport, The First Flight. ms-07.19.16

Some Kind Of Quest, a short film on Northlandz, a 52,000-square-foot model train installation. Yowza. Via Kottke jc-07.15.16

The trailer for Neil Breen's latest masterpiece: Pass Thru. With a special screening next week at the Music Box. sd-07.14.16

A great, well written set of filmmaking lectures/tutorials from David Monahan: "Looking at Movies." sd-07.14.16

I Stand Alone. Super-cut of isolation shots from cinema, by One Perfect Frame. Fabulous. jc-07.08.16

"Only took six months to plan, but looks years in the making..." Watch out OK Go, there's a new game in town. AJJ's Goodbye, Oh Goodbye. sd-06.29.16

"A series of lyrical television advertisements made by the great Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini during the final decade of his life." jc-06.29.16

Fab trailer for the upcoming Baz Luhrmann Netflix series, The Get Down. ms-06.28.16

Opening Titles for the year's Smashing Conference, fun concept. Created and directed by Sebastian Lange. This rocks. jc-06.28.16

That guy you like is back. jc-06.22.16

One Giant Leap, NASA is now on Apple TV, including live streaming of launches and other events. Woot! jc-06.22.16

Nike's ad for Cleveland. ms-06.21.16

"...we are saddled with a culture that hasn't advanced as far as science. Scientific man is already on the moon, and yet we are still living with the moral concepts of Homer." —Michelangelo Antonioni. Great post at Cinephilia, The Importance and Influence of Blow-Up. jc-06.21.16

The man is 85 years old and still advocating for the river, Walt ms-06.20.16

Trailer for Love Witch. and an interview with writer and director Anna Biller, both of which are endearingly odd. jc-06.20.16

Trailer for the upcoming HBO mini-series, The Night Of. ms-06.16.16

For Bloomsday. Pitch 'n' Putt with Joyce 'n' Beckett. jc-06.16.16

So great, The Life of Pitti Peacocks. ms-06.15.16

Pete's Dragon trailer. jc-06.14.16

Sean Young's Polaroids from the set of Blade Runner. jc-06.14.16

Samantha Bee has had enough. Amen. ms-06.14.16

A montage from the New York City Drone Film Festival. Via WFMU. jc-06.13.16

Not for the squeamish, how mosquitoes use six needles to suck your blood. Blech. ms-06.10.16

"When you purchase film you will be buying the film, processing and digital transfer. The lab will send you your developed film back and email you a password to retrieve your digital scans from the cloud so you can edit and share in any way you choose." jc-06.09.16

8-Bit characters from Weird Al's underrated masterpiece UHF. bb-06.07.16

HBO Sports has fitting tribute to the Greatest. Thanks Jeff. ms-06.06.16

This Supercut Will Make You Cry. Yes, yes it will. ms-06.06.16

Local note, Rooftop Cinema Club expands to Chicago this summer. dw-06.02.16

Relink, as I do every Memorial Day, The Power of Music ms-05.30.16

Related to the last, here is how they did it. ms-05.24.16

English profanity in Hong Kong movies, Vol. 01, Vol. 02. Via Mefi. jc-05.24.16

OMG, I feel like this is our office sometimes. ms-05.19.16

My First Time Camping. ms-05.19.16

Official POV on the tallest, fastest, longest, dive coaster in the world. Nope. Just....nope. ms-05.17.16

A look inside the Pantone color factory. ms-05.17.16

Find the color palette of your favorite film scene. Check the Twitter feed of Cinema Palettes. Thanks Marshall. jc-05.16.16

Daddy's Girl. ms-05.16.16

With Michael Palin in the title role, Terry Gilliam's The Man Who Killed Don Quixote may still be alive! jc-05.12.16

"'How many people here know what a Harold is?' and 90% of them know what it is. It's just crazy. The education and the proliferation of it is insane." Matt Walsh on Veep and the enduring influence of UCB. sd-05.10.16

A great write up about the making of High-Rise, the J.G. Ballard adaptation that BB and I haven't spent a day not talking about. sd-05.10.16

Thanks, but no thanks. Ingmar Bergman. jc-05.10.16

The custom-made Red cameras on David Fincher's upcoming Netflix series: the Xenomorphs. sd-05.09.16

I have been asking for this for years now and it is finally happening, Eurovision is coming to the US. ms-05.04.16

A fun look at early processes from director Ninian Doff: "Test Films Made for a Few of My Music Videos." sd-05.04.16

"The heat from a cigarette is enough to make nitrate catch, and once it does, the flame is so powerful that it'll burn underwater." John Lingan attended the world's most dangerous film festival, The Nitrate Picture Show. jc-05.03.16

"Born of individual and collective visual imagination to recreate memories, dreams and realities in miniature." The Smallest Boy, paper-cut dioramas of iconic movies, by Ruben Martinez. Clipped from Quipped. jc-05.03.16

"This is it, Kid. Decide. Are you on the side of art or commerce?" A few links about one of our favorite films. Here's Roger Ebert's 1979 review of Hall Ashby's Being There and the original script by Jerzy Kosinski and Robert C. Jones, which ends quite differently than the film. Michael Dare recounts how the magnificent ending of the film came about. What a story. Oh, and of course, please enjoy Peter Sellers and the "Rafael" end credits. jc-05.03.16

Kung Fu Motion Visualization, a film by Tobias Gremmler. ViaColossal. jc-05.02.16

A terrific series from the Australian Film, Television and Radio School from the mid-90s, watching Directors of Photography recreating lighting setups from specific scenes in their films: Kodak Master Class Series. sd-04.29.16

A fun new music vid from Travis: 3 Miles High. sd-04.28.16

"It's not like I don't like people, I do. I just don't like swarms of them." Jack, a film by Grace Jackson. A beautiful portrait of a man, his cabin, and the woods. Here's the whole story. jc-04.28.16

For SD, BB, and MJ, Netflix has the sequel you wanted. ms-04.27.16

"Now you go tell Rafael, that I ain't taking no jive from no Western Union messenger..." Related to Ashby, the scene under the end credits of Being There. Try not to smile. jc-04.27.16

Everything about CP hero Hal Ashby and his slice of the '70s America, The Last Detail. jc-04.27.16

Hireth (n.) a nostalgia for a home to which you cannot return; a longing for a home that is no longer or never was. ms-04.22.16

How am I only hearing about this now?! Trailer for Rubber, a film about "an inanimate tire that suddenly and inexplicably comes to life, discovering that he possesses terrifying telepathic powers that give him the ability to destroy anything." sd-04.21.16

"There is no more television as such. There is cinema and it can be seen in the home [or] in the theater. It could be a minute or less or it could be 90 hours or more." FFC teases his next project. jc-04.21.16

Bourne trailer. jc-04.21.16

One more, Michael Coleman's profile of Gary Hecker: Veteran Foley Artist. So cool. jc-04.19.16

Related to the last, "Space floor!" jc-04.19.16

Back of the Mike is a fun 1938 film about sound effects and Foley artists. Via Open Culture. jc-04.19.16

The movies best one-liners, spoken before and after the kill. jc-04.15.16

Nike's good-bye spot for Kobe Bryant, The Conductor. ms-04.13.16

It's astounding, time is fleeting, madness takes its toll. bb-04.13.16

Narrated raw footage from Camera E-8 at 500fps at the launch tower of Apollo 11, July 16, 1969. Very cool and full of rocketry nerdism. jc-04.12.16

After making me cry earlier this week, today, Apple made me laugh. ms-04.07.16

Get your tickets now for the 2016 Los Angeles Baby Expo. sd-04.07.16

Another fun effects-y music vid from The Chemical Brothers: Wide Open. And a sort of even more amazing behind the scenes to see how it was done by The Mill and directing team, Dom & Nic. sd-04.07.16

Music vid of the day: Fence's The Winding. sd-04.06.16

An Oral History of Happy Endings. "When the dust settles, it'll also be seen as one of the best sitcoms of the decade." Couldn't agree more. sd-04.06.16

Danny Boy from of House of Pain and the Delta Bravo Exploration Team has purchased the "Outsiders House" in Tulsa OK, and is raising funds to restore it as a museum paying tribute to S.E. Hinton's novel and Francis Ford Coppola's film. bb-04.05.16

"Where ever I go, so do lens flares." This Is a Generic Presidential Campaign Ad. From Dissolve. jc-04.04.16

"...few have captured the current mood of twentysomethings as insightfully—and amusingly—as Samantha Jayne, a freelance art director for MullenLowe in Los Angeles." Four fantastic short films promoting Jayne's new book Quarter Life Poetry. jc-03.29.16

Discovered while watching the hot Vicar last night, the fourth and final season of the excellent Wallandar series will air this May. ms-03.28.16

On tap for my family this weekend is a long-standing Easter tradition, watching Cecil B. DeMille's camp classic, The Ten Commandments. ms-03.25.16

For EG, Chris Cornell's cameo in Singles ms-03.23.16

Gorgeous, AIRTime ms-03.23.16

Family members, spouses, siblings, stare into each other eyes for four minutes in this ad for Prudential Singapore. Surprisingly emotional. ms-03.22.16

Trailer for a short documentary airing this week about Buddy Guy: The Pursuit of Tone. sd-03.22.16

I Am Yup'ik. ms-03.17.16

23 things you didn't know weren't in Star Wars. ms-03.17.16

An analysis of House of Cards footwear: "Claire Underwood and the Case of the Constant High Heel." sd-03.15.16

Film Meets Art. ms-03.11.16

"Seen through the quaint filter of grainy, scratchy Super 8 footage, the whole event glows with earnestness and charming naïveté; it seems only distantly related to the overwrought nature of today's super sized fan conventions." Footage from a 1976 Star Trek convention. dw-03.08.16

Trailer for Graphic Means, a new doc on the history of graphic design, directed by Briar Levi. Any film featuring Letraset and photographic typesetting is aces in my book. jc-03.08.16

Speaking of Vespa gangs, this is how it usually goes down but at least I'm not a dirty Rocker. bb-03.04.16

Trailer for the amazing new documentary The Great Alone directed by FoTA Greg Kohs. kg-03.02.16

For The Late Show, A Short Film By Spike Jonze. mcj-03.01.16

RIP George Kennedy. Now you run on the space floor in the sky. kg-02.29.16

So you can see how you fared in your Oscar pool, here are the actual winners ms-02.29.16

Repost: Another great moment in local news pop culture history: Late '70s Michael Stipe interviewed in drag, outside a screening of Rocky Horror in St. Louis. bb-02.23.16

"It is mostly just long and plodding and a big love letter to Kevin Costner. And its politics, seen as 'progressive' at the time, now look thuddingly, almost offensively, obvious." Will Leitch's great look back: "Dances With Wolves: A Best Picture, 25 Years Later." sd-02.23.16

Vulture gives us their rankings of all the X-Files episodes, from worst to best. I had forgotten about that Cops episode, so great. ms-02.23.16

"Yes. In the garden, growth has it seasons. First comes spring and summer, but then we have fall and winter. And then we get spring and summer again." Also, "If I see Rafael, I will give him your message." -Chance. jc-02.18.16

Information on and a clip from The Lovers and the Despot. BB and I both just recently read the terrific A Kim Jong-Il Production, which tells the same story. sd-02.17.16

NFL Films' highlight reel from a crew shooting the Super Bowl on vintage Kowa anamorphic lenses. More info here. sd-02.17.16

Hitch on cutting. jc-02.11.16

30 year, 16 films. Great little tribute to the Coen Brothers, Coens | 30. ms-02.10.16

Due to the overwhelming success of Cone Sleeping, a new product for babies has been launched: Bucket Bed. sd-02.09.16

Related to the last, best use of an Iron Butterfly song ever. ms-02.08.16

Buzzfeed takes a look at 44 of the most breathtaking shots in Michael Mann movies. Included are a bunch from one of my all-time favorite movies, Manhunter. ms-02.08.16

Now I know how excited y'all were about that Star Wars thing: Savage Steve Holland is working on a follow-up to One Crazy Summer with Bobcat Goldthwait, Joel Murray, and Curtis Armstrong. bb-02.05.16

So sweet, my teeth ache. In a good way. Hershey's ad, My Dad. ms-02.05.16

A fun look at all of the moving parts in shooting a spot with a motion control rig. sd-02.05.16

Roger Ebert's script for the unmade Russ Meyer/Sex Pistols film, Who Killed Bambi?. bb-02.04.16

Mr. and Mrs. Smart, By Dal for SK Telecom. jc-01.28.16

Abel Gance's silent Napoleon from 1927 has been restored (again) by Kevin Brownlow and will be screened in the UK. Hopefully US too. The FFC produced multi-screen showing at The Chicago Theater, with live orchestra in 1981 was an amazing experience. (yes, I'm old.) jc-01.28.16

Absolutely no idea what this is about but it's sure interesting, sorta. jc-01.27.16

A great terrible-film review from Will Leitch: "Dirty Grandpa: Even Worse Than You Think." sd-01.22.16

FotA Mike Sacks has taken his beloved Photos of TV series from his site and put it on Twitter. sd-01.22.16

Trailer for Nuts!, a documentary about Dr. John Romulus Brinkley. sd-01.22.16

Cinefix gives us their picks for the Top 10 Opening Shots of all time. ms-01.22.16

The trailer for The Ensemblers is full of superheroes. From the minds at Dissolve. jc-01.21.16

Vashi on Tinker Tailor Solider Spy filmmaking with a 2000mm lens. jc-01.21.16

A great short doc from FiveThirtyEight and ESPN Films: Hidden Idols, about the real-life Indiana Jones, Brent Easter, a federal agent for Homeland Security. sd-01.18.16

An exciting, behind the scenes look at the first feature film shot entirely on a Prius backup camera. sd-01.18.16

Projection porn. A time-lapse of Hateful Eight's 70mm reel being projected. Thanks Marshall. jc-01.18.16

Updated for 2015, Glenn Kenny's ranking of all the Bond movies. Smart. jc-01.08.16

Forward to the past, Kodak has announced a new Super 8 Film Camera. jc-01.06.16

The Copyranter's five best ads you didn't see this year. Great. jc-12.30.15

Top 10 Title Sequences of 2015, from Art of the Title. jc-12.29.15

For MJ, a behind-the scenes look at the new X-Files. ms-12.29.15

Best Japanese TV spots of 2015. jc-12.28.15

Move over, Guy Fieri: The Meatmen's Tesco Vee visits Baltimore and meets John Waters in the NSFW amazing pilot "WAY USA" that surprisingly didn't get picked up by MTV in 1988. bb-12.22.15

For my money, the best fight scene on television this year, Daredevil's hallway fight. mcj-12.17.15

So you know, how to blow up a Death Star, from someone who did it. jc-12.16.15

"A long time ago in a warehouse somewhere in Van Nuys, California..." Art of the Title on the making of "the crawl" from the initial Star Wars release in 1977. jc-12.16.15

Jonathan Rosenbaum reviews Star Wars upon its 1997 "Special Edition" re-re-release for the Chicago Reader, via Ann. bb-12.16.15

Teaser trailer for Sherlock: The Abominable Bride. ms-12.16.15

The trailer for Ben Wheatley's new film High Rise, based on the JG Ballard novel, is shot like a promo video for a luxury London tower. jc-12.16.15

"It's to get up, go to work, eat, fall in love, buy, throw, fall out of love, accept, sleep, wake up." Endless, a beautiful short film by Molistudio. jc-12.10.15

Possibly related to Matt's Star Wars post below ???. ms-12.10.15

Teaser for Spielberg's The BFG. jc-12.09.15

Most excellent nerdery. Every shot from every Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer, logged and charted. jc-12.04.15

Can't wait for this one. Hail, Caesar! from the Coen Brothers. jc-12.04.15

"2 weeks living out of a van, sleeping on mountains and by the ocean..." Iceland Honeymoon. sd-12.02.15

Fascinating featurette on the use of 70mm for Quentin Tarantino's next film The Hateful Eight. Cannot wait to see this in the theaters in the glorious Ultra Panavision. ms-11.28.15

"Before Edgar Wright and Wes Anderson, before Chuck Jones and Jackie Chan, there was Buster Keaton, one of the founding fathers of visual comedy. ms-11.23.15

Inside the stormtrooper dressing room on the set of TFA. jc-11.20.15

Carrie Fisher on the set of Blade Runner. Wait, what? bb-11.19.15

Peter Flynn's documentary, Dying of the Light explores "the history and craft of motion picture presentation through the lives and stories of the last generation of career projectionists." jc-11.17.15

Just discussed here in the studio, one of my absolute favorite X-Files episodes, The Post-Modern Prometheus. ms-11.16.15

Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal has a nice little ad out for Saucony running shoes ms-11.13.15

Thanks to Mike & Sharon for sharing their Italian Road Trip Honeymoon. ms-11.13.15

Related to the last, Vashi's essential Ultimate Aspect Ratio Guide and templates, the 2015 edition. jc-11.12.15

"Over a period of a year and a half, the Weinstein Company, which will distribute the film, arranged for old projectors to be procured, purchased and refurbished and new lenses to be made for theaters." Tarantino's The Hateful Eight was shot on, and will be released in Ultra Panavison with an aspect ratio of 2.76:1. jc-11.12.15

Every Chicago Sunrise in October, by Mike Davis. Via Gapers. jc-11.11.15

In honor of Veteran's Day, The Power of Music. ms-11.11.15

First trailer for Pixar's Finding Dory. ms-11.10.15

The folks at io9 give us their picks for the 50 Brilliant Science Fiction Movies That Everyone Should See at Least Once. ms-11.10.15

Star Wars: TFA Supercut, "incorporating all of the latest footage, including the 3 domestic trailers, the Comic-Con BTS reel, the new TV spot and the international trailer." Nicely done. jc-11.09.15

Sam Beckett is Beckett. jc-11.09.15

"Robert DeNiro's Jake LaMotta is a coiled animal, caged like a note on sheet music: fierce, balletic, and balanced to its function." So starts Art of the Title's post on Dan Perri's sublime Raging Bull title sequence. jc-11.06.15

Break out the tissues, the John Lewis Christmas Advert for 2015 just dropped. ms-11.06.15

The Playlist's 50 Best Opening Credit Sequences of All Time. Pretty good list and a fun browse. jc-11.05.15

So you know, why props matter. ms-11.03.15

Chi-Raq trailer, from Spike Lee. jc-11.03.15

"The starlings are back starting to do what they do. The experiments with the high speed camera this past summer has given way to winter work with the birds." Dennis Hlynsky's footage of Starlings taking off at 200 frames-per-second. Via Things. jc-10.30.15

Movie Posters. ms-10.29.15

The Paul Lynde Halloween Special, 1976. Oh, the times. bb-10.29.15

A knock-out gorgeous trailer for a surf film about John Florence, View from a Blue Moon. sd-10.29.15

So you know, Cinefix gives us their picks for the Top 10 Movie Monsters of All Time. Excellent choice for #1, one of my absolute favorites. ms-10.27.15

Great, long post on Monty Python and the Holy Grail, including the script and deleted animations. jc-10.26.15

If you aren't watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, you're missing out. Just noticed in the credits this week that Adam Schlesinger is helping write some of the songs, which makes it all the more insanely impressive. An interesting article from the Times about how the whole show came together: "The Great American Musical, Side B." sd-10.22.15

Mr. Sunday Movies gives us a breakdown of the latest Star Wars trailer. Possible spoilers, #StarWarsJacketSpeculation. ms-10.21.15

Related to the last: Criterion's Tati reissues are lovely, too. bb-10.20.15

Steve's heart-pumping, action-packed Rabbit Story. Based on actual events. jc-10.20.15

Gah! Godzilla Vs. King Kong! "Other monsters joining the mayhem include King Ghidorah, Mothra, and Rodan." Day Made. ms-10.15.15

Meet Ace, The Gas Station Cowboy. ms-10.14.15

The nearly five-hour workprint of FFC's Apocalypse Now. The 1979 theatrical release was 153 minutes, this is 289. jc-10.14.15

New trailer for the next episode of Sherlock. ms-10.07.15

"Hey, I wonder what that painting is in the background of that movie I'm watching?" Fortunately, for this very question, there's Paintings in Movies. Via bblinks. sd-10.06.15

"Human beings are 'meaning-making machines' and their survival is dependent on building meaning from what they can see to tell a story." A great, lengthy interview with Eddie Hamilton, editor of, most recently, Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation. Worth it just to see the screen grabs of his timelines. sd-10.06.15

Edited a little over-dramatically, but DP Mark Toia's behind the scenes video makes shooting car commercials look like just about the most fun thing ever. Or at least, a job where you get to play with the most toys. sd-10.06.15

From 1972, a video presentation by Alan Kay, Computer Applications: A Dynamic Medium for Creative Thought. jc-10.05.15

Much better than the real Star Wars: Laser Moon Awakens bb-10.05.15

Final Spectre trailer. Fab. jc-10.02.15

"We have a small problem." New trailer for the upcoming X-Files Revival. ms-09.29.15

Great ad from Nike, Last. ms-09.25.15

Pride and Prejudice at 20: The Scene That Changed Everything. ms-09.25.15

"This project was born out of their love for America's National Parks and enthusiasm for engaging multimedia. Our goal is to effect a greater awareness of the treasures that reside within America's National Parks." More Than Just Parks. ms-09.25.15

What do you do in your activewear? ms-09.24.15

"His greatest film, hands-down, in nearly every department, but especially formal innovation, humor, icy hepcat style, and characterization as revealed through both dialogue and editing." Matt Zoller writing about Soderbergh's The Limey, which continues to reign supreme as my top pick for "most perfect film yet made." sd-09.24.15

Stephen Colbert launches his own lifestyle brand. ms-09.23.15

Star Wars stamps for the Royal Mail. dw-09.16.15

The Man Who Makes me Swoon visits master blade smith Bob Kramer, who makes kitchen knives from melted meteorite. ms-09.14.15

"My name is Jesse Horn, and I make firewood." ms-09.10.15

Nailed it. ms-09.09.15

The Artist and Their City: Ai Weiwei on Beijing. ms-09.09.15

Ninety years after he was born, BFI remembers Peter Sellers and ten of his finest films. jc-09.08.15

Also, aspect ratios and filming techniques including a pretty good explanation of the word 'anamorphic' in regards to filmtech. jc-09.08.15

Related to the last Vashi's essential Ultimate Aspect Ratio Guide and templates, the 2015 edition. jc-09.08.15

A look at the usage of aspect ratio in films. ms-09.08.15

I own Strange Brew on VHS and DVD, yet I'd never seen The making of Strange Brew. bb-09.03.15

A short film about ballet shoe factory Freed of London. ms-09.02.15

"When they aren't tearing into a cheesecake or playing gin rummy on the lanai, these sultry seniors are out on the town, dating everyone from a clown to a Beatles impersonator to (typical Blanche) multiple sets of twins." A tally of every date and wistful mention of an old flame from all seven seasons of The Golden Girls. dw-09.02.15

History vs. Hollywood, movies based on true stories. Via Mefi. jc-08.28.15

"Bass showed that if you put a small title in an area where you can read it, it's more readable than a big title." Title sequence for Wiiliam Wyler's The Big Country. jc-08.27.15

A conversation with CP hero Walter Murch. Brilliant, as always. jc-08.21.15

"I'm on Industrial Light & Magic's motion capture stage, standing inside what they call 'the cave.'" jc-08.13.15

Lovely, Light Therapy. Full screen is best. ms-08.12.15

Dude, if I lived in Canada, you would totally have my vote. ms-08.12.15

For BB, The Importance of Being Morrissey. ms-08.12.15

Teaser trailer for HBO's Westworld. mcj-08.11.15

Matthew Thrift on 16 of film's greatest long takes. Fab. jc-08.06.15

These stock footage models are happy to see you. Turnsmile from Dissolve. Hopefully next up is a "bite and smile" compilation. jc-08.05.15

From the folks who brought us the fabulous Musicless Musicvideo for Dancing in the Street now turn their attention to the super-creepy Hello ms-08.03.15

Meet Charlie Pellett: The Most Recognizable Voice in New York City. ms-07.31.15

A short look at the Timmy Brothers, Brooklyn-based makers of bespoke drinking water. ms-07.29.15

The Art of the Car Chase. ms-07.28.15

For JC, who is ignoring all of us and watching the Tour de France right now, GoPro give us a look at the Best of Stages 1-7. ms-07.24.15

Great news, there will be another season of the fabulous series Top of the Lake. ms-07.24.15

Cinefix gives us their picks for the the 10 Most Beautiful Movies of All Time. ms-07.23.15

The title sequence from Foxy Brown employs "almost every trick in the title design book, from image rotoscoping and solarization to multi-layered optical animation and colorization." Groovy. jc-07.23.15

Sci-Fi SFX. jc-07.23.15

"Apparently this shot, taken from the film unReal was filmed with the GSS C520 Gyro stabilizer system attached to a truck which was driving along a road which was constructed specifically for this shot. To make it even more impressive the rider Brandon Semenuk was injured during the filming and he only hit the entire segment once." jc-07.22.15

So you know , the entire British Movietone collection is online. For example, here's Picasso's 80th birthday party. jc-07.22.15

New Bond, Spectre trailer, with Christoph Waltz as villain. jc-07.22.15

Studio discussion led to me remembering the "Subway" episode of Homicide: Life on the Street. It won a Peabody and was nominated for Two Emmys. You can watch it in parts I, II, III, IV, V, and VI. ms-07.16.15

For BB and JC, Before there was Photoshop. ms-07.15.15

Skinemax on Vimeo is Koyaanisqatsi for a generation raised on late night television and B-movie VHS tapes. It's long form entertainment for short attention spans. Via Things Mag. jc-07.15.15

"Garfield tells her to quit being a drag because the party's going to be a gas. Jo-Ann and Myra, the girls who live here, are really out of sight, he promises." Family Affair Flashback: Season 3, Episode 27, Flower Power, 4/7/1969. jc-07.15.15

If you watch one skate video today, make it "DVS X Marty Murawski X Send Help" and not just because he's my cousin. sd-07.14.15

Watched this trailer for the video game The Division at least 15 times over the last couple of days. So well done. sd-07.14.15

"Based on Philip K. Dick's award-winning novel, and executive produced by Ridley Scott (Blade Runner), The Man in the High Castle explores what it would be like if the Allied Powers had lost WWII, and Japan and Germany ruled the United States." Trailer for the Amazon series The Man in the High Castle. ms-07.14.15

"I'm planning, you see, to try to confine myself to the truth. That's hard for an old, inveterate fantasy martyr and liar who has never hesitated to give truth the form he felt the occasion demanded." Happy birthday Ingmar Bergman. jc-07.14.15

Teaser for the new Sherlock special. ms-07.13.15

The latest from Dissolve, how any organization can seem slick with the right video reel. jc-07.13.15

Comic-Con debuted some behind-the-scenes footage of the highly anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens. ms-07.11.15

Gearing up for the new X-Files series, Fox is showing every episode from the beginning. ms-07.09.15

'Playing ping pong everyday is sort of like solving a crossword puzzle: the further you take it, the better you feel'. -Will Shortz, Editor of the New York Times Crossword Puzzle and Table Tennis Fanatic. ms-07.07.15

It's finally starting to feel like (wet, hot, american) summer, you guys. bb-07.02.15

The real question is why some of these guys are showing up in ski outfits. That's some confidence. A spot from the 1960s for Milton Bradley's Mystery Date. sd-06.30.15

Summer in the City. Waving at ya from the red brick building in the top right corner at 2:24. ms-06.30.15

"In this film, Steven worked with Team O'Neill surfer and professional athlete Malia Manuel to capture a unique perspective on a single day's surf session in Western Australia. Utilising drones for the majority of the videography, Steven plays with perspective, taking the viewer into, above, and beyond the waves." Full screen is best. ms-06.30.15

"Creating documents nobody sees. Updating bins and assembling scenes!" If you decide to listen to one acoustic medley about what it's like to be an Assistant Editor in the film industry, let it be Mark Adams' The Assistant Editor Song. sd-06.26.15

We've been reading Anthony Powell's blog, Frozen South, for years now (and even sent him some of the first prints of Field Notes' Just Below Zero), and finally just this week got to watch his documentary, Antarctica: A Year On Ice, which is now available on Netflix and is nothing short of spectacular. sd-06.26.15

Related to the last, the gorgeous trailer for McCabe & Mrs. Miller, edited to Leonard Cohen's "The Stranger Song." jc-06.24.15

"I don't have a lot of time to spend talking to a man who don't see a good proposition when it's put to him." Edward Copeland on one of our all time-faves, McCabe and Mrs. Miller, which was released on today's date in 1971. jc-06.24.15

Trailer for Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp.
So excited for this. mcj-06.23.15

Ah, true love. Or not. ms-06.23.15

"Put the cross hairs on her nose! Put the cross hairs on the gun!" Vashi on the editing of Mad Max: Fury Road. jc-06.22.15

All 6 Star Wars films at once. ms-06.19.15

"As a boy growing up, Samuel Mugisha dreamed of being a part of the Rwandan national cycling team, Team Rwanda, as he believed it would be a way to help make money for his family. What he discovered was something else entirely. In a country trying to get over the trauma of a genocide, Team Rwanda represents a lot more than sport." ms-06.17.15

A nice roundup of 10 great films about art and design. dw-06.16.15

A fantastic set of elements for the rebranding of Film4, directed by Curtis Baigent and Mike Alderson. No surprise the "Corridor" ident is a personal favorite. Check the "Making Of" film too. Via Motionographer. jc-06.09.15

Oral histories of a bunch of movies, collected. jc-06.08.15

Related to the last, Act 1, Scene 1 from Roman Polanski's brilliant Macbeth from 1971. jc-06.05.15

The trailer for Justin Kurzels' Macbeth looks great. jc-06.05.15

If you like space-suits, you'll like the first images from Ridley Scott's The Martian. jc-06.01.15

John Oliver's second take on FIFA ms-06.01.15

Last Photo Chicago. ms-05.28.15

"Sanitation workers Angelo Bruno and Eddie Nieves worked together for nearly ten years on the same garbage route in Manhattan's West Village and became fixtures in the community. After 31 years on the job, Angelo retired. At StoryCorps, he talked with Eddie about the unexpected lessons he learned along the way and what he still misses about the job. ms-05.27.15

"When working through an idea, it is like trying to sleep when you have a fever: the same dream or nightmare repeats again and again..." A hypnotic, experimental film by Xavier Chassaing, Dry Lights. jc-05.27.15

New trailer for Black Mass. Looks great. jc-05.26.15

Today's hit movies reimagined as '80s VHS tapes. dw-05.26.15

Up the Eiffel Tower, as filmed by Thomas Edison in 1900. jc-05.22.15

David Letterman works at Taco Bell. mcj-05.21.15

Pizza Hut gives us the great Dangers of Selfie Sticks PSA."Egotastic specimens of visual self-obsession". Spot on. ms-05.20.15

Hop on a bike and shed your monster. Cute. ms-05.14.15

This trailer for a female superhero movie is fake. This trailer for a female superhero show is real. mcj-05.14.15

Preach. ms-05.13.15

To celebrate last week's birthday of the legendary graphic designer and filmmaker Saul Bass, enjoy this brief visual history of some of his most celebrated work. From Art of the Title, of course. jc-05.13.15

For JC: Hi, ya, Burford! bb-05.12.15

Trailer for the new Netflix sci-fi series from the Wachowskis, Sense8. ms-05.07.15

Reverie of Vietnam. Full screen is best. ms-05.07.15

Orson Welles was born 100 years ago today in Kenosha WI. In honor of his birthday, here's the amazing long take opening scene from his film Touch of Evil. ms-05.06.15

Berlin in July 1945 ms-05.05.15

Gorgeous ad from Prudential, The Fisherman. ms-05.01.15

Film trailer for Old Fashioned: The Story of the Wisconsin Supper Club. bb-04.27.15

"Just saying'?" Johnny Depp as Whitey Bulger in Black Mass. All in on this one. jc-04.24.15

We (mcj and bb) are really digging I Was There Too, where Matt Gourley interviews lesser-known actors who were present for great moments in cinema history. bb-04.24.15

Stunning time-lapse video of Chile's Calbuco volcano erupting. ms-04.23.15

So you know, Alex Cornell on how to make a startup promo video, and it isn't just point-and-shoot. jc-04.22.15

The UK's last remaining mobile cinema is up for grabs on eBay. dw-04.22.15

Fab, Oldest Footage of London Ever. Via @warrenellis. ms-04.22.15

Perfect little spot for Iceland's Skyr Yogurt, directed by Dougal Wilson for W+K. jc-04.21.15

The making of the new Thunderbirds tv series, featuring tons of miniature work mixed in with CGI. jc-04.21.15

Vashi's essential Ultimate Aspect Ratio Guide and templates, the 2015 edition. jc-04.20.15

Huey, Dewey and Louie begat R2-D2. Kitbashed on Silent Running and Star Wars. jc-04.20.15

All manner of ephemera from You Only Live Twice. jc-04.20.15

Gorgeous, Moments: New York City. ms-04.17.15

Use #C3P0, #Stormtrooper and #BB8 on Twitter for special Star Wars emoji. dw-04.17.15

Jeff Desom has painstakingly dissected and stitched all the events from Rear Window together into a single timelapse with the whole courtyard visible in one panoramic shot." Via Things. jc-04.17.15

"Once in a great while, a video comes across my desk that is so utterly perfect, I have no choice but to share it with the world. This deeply unsettling, erotically-charged industrial film for Sizzler is one of those videos." jc-04.16.15

An illustrated collective of all the women Don Draper has slept with in chronological order. dw-04.15.15

Nick Marsh has been a Forensic Photographer for over 20 years. Due to budget cuts and affordable digital technology, it's fast becoming a dying craft. ms-04.14.15

Teaser trailer for the second season of True Detective. ms-04.09.15

"Q: Can we discuss the business side of what you do? How much of your work as a filmmaker is financed by your work in advertising? A: Commercials saved my ass." Excellent long read. Grantland chats with Errol Morris. jc-04.09.15

Related to the last, for BB. ms-04.08.15

The NYT has a short film interviewing Milton Glaser. ms-04.07.15

Gah! Who would have thought golf would make me cry for anything other than boredom? Thanks, Nike. ms-04.06.15

Easter weekend means one thing for my family, a serious family tradition. So let it be written, so let it be done. ms-04.03.15

"The fat one balances the two skinny ones." Michaelangelo and his painting of the last supper. jc-04.03.15

"You've heard it if you've gone to the movies since then, and maybe even if you haven't. It starts quietly, and it doesn't last long, but it quickly swirls and builds a kind of thundering tone that can't be ignored." Rob walker on The THX Audio Logo. jc-04.02.15

"London-based motion artist Theo Tagholm created the Simulacra video using cuts and pastes from aerial views of Earth landscapes. The result went awesome." —Designcollector. jc-04.02.15

Bridges-Go-Round a trippy visual poem of a film, by Shirley Clarke, 1958. Via John Coulthart. jc-03.31.15

Gorgeous trailer for the new Netflix series Chef's Table. ms-03.30.15

Powerful proof-of-concept short for proposed sc-fi feature Sundays, directed by Mischa Rozema. jc-03.30.15

Teenage bedrooms on screen. Via Messy Nessy Chic. dw-03.26.15

Just kicked Briar Levit's film project,m Graphic Means: A History of Graphic Design Production. Wax, veloxes, presstype. Hooray. jc-03.26.15

Related to below, Helvetica. ms-03.25.15

I. Am. So. Happy. Right now. ms-03.24.15

Taco Bell's Divergent-ish/Hunger Games-ish short film/ad features warped clowns. Wonder who they could be targeting there? ms-03.24.15

Hockey Sounds. ms-03.23.15

A fake fall network tv lineup, from Dissolve. jc-03.19.15

"What can we learn by examining only the first and final shot of a film? This video plays the opening and closing shots of 55 films side-by-side. Some of the opening shots are strikingly similar to the final shots, while others are vastly different--both serving a purpose in communicating various themes." ms-03.17.15

Fuzzy Memories, indeed. Clips from The Museum of Classic Chicago Television. Thanks Ant. jc-03.17.15

2004 San Francisco mayoral candidates take the Voight-Kampff Empathy Test (via Pharyngula). bb-03.12.15

"Cows don't care what time it is. Because they are cows and cows are idiots." ms-03.10.15

Trailer for Sinatra: All or Nothing at All, a new doc from HBO. Via Terry Teachout. jc-03.10.15

The Revox Man, a wonderful short film on the last reel-to-reel tape deck repairman in Brazil. Thanks to Stephen Kropp. jc-03.10.15

Holy Wow, the Himalayas from 20,000 ft.. ms-03.07.15

Stunning trailer for the Wim Wenders documentary The Salt of the Earth. ms-03.05.15

Delta's new ad about business travel is delightful. ms-03.04.15

SNL alumnus Gary Kroeger takes his son to the SNL40 reunion. I've read it a few times now, and it gets better every time. bb-02.27.15


"I live relatively close to the theater and wouldn't be late." Tig Notaro makes a case for why she should host the Oscars. mcj-02.25.15

Movie first. Scene Second. Moment Third. Vashi on the craft of Sam O'Steen, who edited Chinatown, The Graduate and many other iconic films. jc-02.24.15

Trailer for the new TV series from M. Night Shyamalan, Wayward Pines. ms-02.20.15

So great. Gotham City SF, a timelapse by Toby Harriman. Via Rands. jc-02.20.15

Tokyo Dense Fog. Full screen is best. Via Sploid. ms-02.20.15

Man from U.N.C.L.E. trailer. jc-02.18.15

Relink. Local, a film by Sean Slobodon featuring skaters from the Salt Lake and Utah Valleys and some terrific cinematography. The final sequence is just magical. jc-02.18.15

More fun from Dissolve, Oscar movies, remade with stock footage. jc-02.17.15

"There is a reality TV cooking competition but instead of people cooking food the food cooks people. And it's a hit!" Zulkey pitches some ideas for new Black Mirror episodes. sd-02.12.15

Our pal Melissa on what inspired her to make of a film on tech pioneer Grace Hopper. Also, here's the trailer. jc-02.12.15

22 Movies every designer should watch on Netflix. dw-02.11.15

A Brief Look at Texting and the Internet in Film, from Every Frame a Painting. jc-02.11.15

Las Vegas, NV - January 24, 2015 - 7 pm - Altitude 10,800 feet. jc-02.10.15

Local 2:29, Holy wow. ms-02.10.15

Binge-watched all but the final episode of Season Two of The Fall yesterday, so great. ms-02.09.15

Fun spot for Midttrafik, the Danish public transit company. Via The Loop. jc-02.05.15

Go Cuba. ms-02.05.15

I'm not usually one for comic book things, but this has me tempted: a trailer for the new Netflix show, Daredevil. sd-02.04.15

Regarding the perfection of the To Kill A Mockingbird title sequence. Check the video. jc-02.03.15

The Geometry of a Scene: The Bad Sleep Well. Via The Awesomer. ms-01.30.15

For all the girls in my life, #LikeAGirl. Gah, where'd that dust come from... ms-01.29.15

The Scandalous History of Sex-Ed Movies, an entertaining, comprehensive, illustrated post by Lisa Hix for Collectors Weekly. Plus, Donald Duck. jc-01.28.15

A Mexican webcam caught this volcanic eruption live on Wednesday. Via Commander Hadfield. jc-01.23.15

Clickhole can do no wrong: Watch This Man's Face When He Sees What He Would Look Like... So wonderfully dumb. sd-01.16.15

"May the best person for the part be the person that is in the part." A lame but interesting spot for Macau featuring Scorsese, De Niro and DiCaprio. jc-01.15.15

Time to start pondering your picks for this year's Oscar pool, here are the 2015 Oscar Nominees. ms-01.15.15

"The $12,000 budget for the short came out of the still photography budget of The Rain People itself, and Lucas scrapped his way to the 16mm camera and did all of the film and sound work on his own, while writing the screenplay for THX 1138 at night." Filmmaker: A Diary by George Lucas, 1968-77. jc-01.09.15

The best commercial director working today, Dougal Wilson, shoots this fun spot for Ikea: "The Joy of Storage." sd-01.08.15

Aerial drone tour of the five boroughs of New York. Fab. jc-01.08.15

"Let's kick it and rip it." Meet Captain Risky. ms-01.07.15

If you're not an insomniac with access to Chicagoland broadcast channel 26.2, let me welcome you to Season 2, Episode of Steve Gadlin's Star Makers, now online! bb-01.05.15

"It was the elegant use of the Superjoke. You had a joke, and you felt satisfied, and then there was one more big joke on top of it. The joke you didn't expect." Billy Wilder on The Lubitsch touch. jc-01.05.15

New Years Eve in BERLIN. Via MeFi. ms-01.02.15

Top Ten Title Sequences of the year, great choices from the indispensable Art of the Title. jc-12.30.14

In case you missed it, here is a look at everything that happened on the Colbert Report finale last night. ms-12.19.14

Inventive Johnnie Walker spot "The Next Step" shown alongside a behind-the-scenes shot showing how it was made. Fun. jc-12.17.14

Solid gold, The Office: Middle Earth. Via MeFi. ms-12.15.14

The Fox of Bloody Women Island. Naked butt warning. ms-12.10.14

New Inherent Vice trailer. Can't wait for this one. jc-12.10.14

Chris Fritton is The Itinerant Printer and he will visit letterpress printshops across America throughout 2015, producing unique prints at each venue. jc-12.10.14

Alex writes, "I shot a lot of footage over there, and in an effort to distance myself from the standard 'here are some pretty shots from my trip' videos, I tried to mess with the medium a bit and imagine myself in 20 years, recounting the story of an imagined expedition." Planet Iceland. jc-12.10.14

I've seen Strange Brew probably 20 times, and never noticed this. Duh. bb-12.08.14

"The startup that makes your startup look cool." The Verge series "Small Empires" visits Sandwich, the film company founded by Adam Lisagor. jc-12.08.14

Welcome to Union Glacier. ms-12.08.14

"If you compose a shot for a wider 16:9 screen, then you are, by definition, failing to optimize the composition of the 4:3 image. Choose to serve one construct and at times you must impair the other." David Simon's thoughtful post about transferring The Wire to 16:9 HD from its original source. sd-12.05.14

Ad Week's picks for the 10 best spots of 2014. Though they should have just kept it to the two by Dougal Wilson and skipped the other eight. The man can do no wrong. sd-12.05.14

Nice poster for the new 007, Spectre. jc-12.05.14

So you know, why HFR (high frame rate) films don't seem film-ish. I'm looking at you Bilbo. jc-12.04.14

We're pretty excited for Season Two of Steve Gadlin's Star Makers. (Don't worry, we'll remind you when it starts in January.) bb-12.01.14

Deleted scenes. Alternate footage. A look behind the scenes at what didn't make it to the final cut of the Star Wars trilogy. Part I and Part II. Via Sploid. ms-11.26.14

The storied evolution of the Star Wars logo. dw-11.17.14

New trailer for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. ms-11.12.14

"Because we're insane." Trailer for Valley Uprising. Looks totally great. jc-11.10.14

Studying to Become a London Cabbie. Via Jalopnik. ms-11.10.14

Sherlock, Wickham, Branson, and Elizabeth star in The Imitation Game ms-11.06.14

For SD, Monty the Penguin stars in this year's John Lewis Christmas Advert. Cue the waterworks. ms-11.06.14

A preview for a new web series by our favorite Canadian childrens singer, Charlie Hope: Sing As We Go!. sd-11.05.14

Related to an earlier post, the trailer for For No Good Reason, the Ralph Steadman doc. Thanks Marshall. jc-11.04.14

A Most Violent Year trailer. jc-11.03.14

A nice overview and "making of" post on rebranding the television channel Bio. jc-11.03.14

Related to the last: some behind the scenes from A Pigeon Sat On A Branch Reflecting On Existence. This one, capturing the building of a beach scene in a small studio, is fantastic. sd-10.31.14

The trailer for the final part of the "human being" trilogy by CP hero, Roy Andersson: A Pigeon Sat On A Branch Reflecting On Existence. Looks fantastic. Can't wait. sd-10.31.14

Been waiting on this one, the Ex Machina trailer looks great. jc-10.30.14

So fun, from Honda, press and hold the "R" key to watch the "Other Side" of the film. Clever. jc-10.30.14

So you know, The History of Horror. ms-10.30.14

Having read the book, I was looking forward to seeing the PBS adaptation of the P.D. James book Death Comes to Pemberley. Very well done. ms-10.27.14

New fave vintage horror film: Mario Bava's Black Sunday, aka La Maschera Del Demonio, (very loosely) based on Gogol's great story Viy. bb-10.27.14

Paris/New York. ms-10.27.14

Related to the last (as it's also being shot on a RED Dragon), the beautifully cut trailer for what looks like a great documentary series on CNN: High Profits about a company who opens a marijuana dispensaries in Colorado resort towns. sd-10.24.14

RED has entered a Space Act Agreement with NASA, with a Dragon camera (the same kind we shoot with here at CP) shipping off to the International Space Station later this year. sd-10.24.14

One Summer Swell. ms-10.24.14

Oblivion GFX Montage, by Bradley G Munkowitz. Bam. jc-10.22.14

The "low-budget science-fiction Benji spinoff no one asked for." So bizarre that had they not found an episode posted to YouTube it would be hard to believe. sd-10.22.14

The IKEA Halloween ad is a tribute to The Shining. Can you find all the Easter eggs? ms-10.22.14

"A colossus of the music scene in Northern Ireland, Terri Hooley is a living legend. Without Terri, many punk bands would have remained unheard of during the Troubles. Terri's bravery and dogged determination ensured that this would not be the case. He sparked a punk revolution that put Belfast back on the musical map." ms-10.22.14

DP Alex Buono on shooting the new Saturday Night Live opening. So many fun setups. sd-10.17.14

Trailer for the documentary The Hard Places. sd-10.17.14

"Our songs will all be silenced." Orson Welles' bitter and delightful monologue from F for Fake. jc-10.17.14

The Empire Strikes Back Uncut. Oh yeah. jc-10.10.14

Apropos of nothing. From Comedy Bang! Bang!: America's Most Killer Burgers & Aukerman's Most Wanted Killer. sd-10.10.14

"God Only Knows" is BBC Music's big budget rehash of 1997's "Perfect Day" spot. The new one has fewer shots of Shane McGowan's teeth, more depressing shots of Brian Wilson looking lost, and totally equal parts Elton John and a handful British singers you likely won't recognize. sd-10.10.14

A fun look at the behind the scenes planning for the music vid for Mutemath's Spotlight. sd-10.10.14

"...something resembling an over-sized, deformed baby might be sufficiently loathsome." H. R. Giger's list of things to be designed for Alien. jc-10.10.14

Vashi's 1-Page Film School on Raiders. jc-10.09.14

From India to Hollywood, see how Jyoti Kisange Amge, the world's smallest woman, is fulfilling her dream in a big way. dw-10.08.14

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, is coming to Hulu later this month to review 13 of the worst modern B-movies. dw-10.06.14

With Inside Out it looks like Pixar has completely reimagined Herman's Head, giving us the reboot we were all hoping for. sd-10.03.14

19 Ways you can celebrate National Mean Girls Day. dw-10.03.14

Behold, every horror movie on tv this October. F*cking Spiders is right. ms-10.03.14

Stills from La Dolce Vita. So cool, from FilmGrab. Careful, it's easy to get lost in there. jc-10.03.14

Bloody brilliant and banned by the BBC. ms-10.02.14

David Fincher- And the Other Way is Wrong. ms-10.02.14

A conversation with special effects supervisor Kevin Pike on shooting the opening sequence of Back to the Future. sd-10.01.14

My brain just exploded. Martin Short's amazing Jiminy Glick character was based on a real person, Skip E. Lowe, who "used to interview people like Orson Welles, Bette Davis and Tony Curtis in school community centres using his own equipment." Amazing. sd-10.01.14

Stupidly cool promo for the new GoPro, which a) never really shows the product and b) proves that their editors have the easiest jobs in the world. sd-10.01.14

"Just myself, the actor and our Chernobyl guide. We shot for three days, limited hours 10am - 4pm. Radiation levels were fine." Music vid for Fractures' It's Alright, shot in Pripyat, Chernobyl. sd-10.01.14

Amazing drone footage of the Kong Kong protests. Via TMN. ms-10.01.14

Glowboarders. jc-09.30.14

"This is a collection of aerial footage which my dad shot in the late 1980's which I recently had re-scanned at 2K resolution. I then edited and color corrected this little piece just for fun. ms-09.30.14

"In honor of the 30th anniversary of the Coen brothers' debut, Blood Simple, I'm re-watching their 16 feature films and attempting to jot down observations on one per day, in order of their release." —Christopher Orr. jc-09.29.14

Related to the last, Leaders is awesome. jc-09.29.14

Academy Leader Variations, via John Coulthart. jc-09.29.14

"Instantly familiar." Rob Walker on Jony Ive: The Supercut. jc-09.29.14

"So I want you to watch this movie and think only about staging, how the shots are built and laid out, what the rules of movement are, what the cutting patterns are. See if you can reproduce the thought process that resulted in these choices by asking yourself: why was each shot- whether short or long- held for that exact length of time and placed in that order? Sounds like fun, right? It actually is. To me. Oh, and I've removed all sound and color from the film, apart from a score designed to aid you in your quest to just study the visual staging aspect." ms-09.25.14

Entangled, a riveting short sci-fi film by Tony Elliot, from Short Cuts Canada. Via Kottke. jc-09.25.14

Lost scenes from FFC's The Conversation and more stuff found on The Edit Room Floor. jc-09.23.14

Screenplay and related material for one of the greatest films of all time, and a personal fave, Akira Kurosawa's Kagemusha. jc-09.23.14

Nick Acosta wondered what Star Trek would have looked like had it been released using the in the Cinerama aspect ratio. Via john Martz. jc-09.18.14

Totally over the top, a bit schmaltzy and even predictable. But just great Made in New York. Thanks DJ. jc-09.18.14

7685 Frames of Netherlands. ms-09.16.14

Writer-slash-caretaker takes his family on a winter retreat. Dissolve is killing it lately. Blockbuster Movies Recreated with Stock Footage. jc-09.10.14

Wes Anderson/Vehicles. ms-09.09.14

Man Dives into an Exploding Volcano. ms-09.09.14

Four episodes into Top of the Lake and am solidly hooked. Please, don't let it be the hot dude in the tent. I don't camp, ever, but would give up my condo for him. ms-09.08.14

Time lapse of an Amish Barn Raising. Via Visual News. ms-09.05.14

Quick, smart, effective Gisele Bündchen spot for Under Armour by Droga5. jc-09.04.14

Rubik's evil twin: supercut of every on-screen appearance of Lemarchand's Box in all nine Hellraiser movies. Via Boingboing. jq-09.04.14

If you haven't seen the documentary Tim's Vermeer, you should watch it tonight, if not sooner. sd-09.03.14

Trailer for Pasolini a film by by Abel Ferrara. jc-09.03.14

Somedays, my commute feels exactly like this. ms-09.03.14

Trailer for the documentary I Am Eleven. ms-08.29.14

Chicago by Boat. ms-08.29.14

Vashi Nedomansky has assembled data from various film categories in which he calculates the Average Shot Length. jc-08.29.14

Thank you GE, for making me cry on a Thursday afternoon. ms-08.28.14

There and Back Again, a short film about illustrator John Howe. jc-08.28.14

A collection of films made during the annual 48-Hour Film Fest by residents of McMurdo Station in Antarctica. sd-08.28.14

An interview with Angus Wall, Creative Director behind the "Game of Thrones" title sequences. Via Kottke. jc-08.28.14

"That little girl's got my crown!" The insane music vid for Shy Boys' Life is Peachy, which is a bit like the low budget version of the CP fav, Uffie's Difficult. sd-08.26.14

Paris Through Pentax. ms-08.26.14

Unashamed to admit how much I love the music vid for Katy Perry's This Is How We Do (and for nearly every other vid she's made). Here's director Joel Kefali's other work, which has some other greats in there. sd-08.25.14

For MS' reference: The Young Ones. The Young Ones. NOT "The Young Ones." bb-08.25.14

Related to the last: the audio from Pacific Rim with footage from Robot Jox, made to create this trailer for what's essentially the exact same movie. sd-08.22.14

Whoa. The 1989 film Robot Jox can now be streamed in its entirety. sd-08.22.14

Monotype's Dan Rhatigan discusses the font Ryman Eco. ms-08.22.14

Not sure why this is so great but it is. Sanford & Son dubbed in Italian. Via Ben Greenman. jc-08.15.14

Watch the first few minutes of the anti-D&D-movie based on Jack Chick's "Dark Dungeons" comic. How did this not get snapped up by SyFy? bb-08.14.14

"Freed from their workaday origins, these objects become moving artwork." CMYK, a film by Marv Newland made from registration marks, crosshairs, etc. Via Present and Correct. jc-08.14.14

POV of workers starting the removal of the John Hancock Building west antenna. Holy crap. jc-08.13.14

"I love the idea of being just being really stupid." Regards Mr. Bingo. jc-08.13.14

Hobbit 3. jc-08.13.14

"In fact, the very sensuousness of the movie, its immersive and visceral impact, seduced me before I could recoil from its horrors." James Gray on Apocalypse Now, 35 years later. This Is the End. jc-08.12.14

So great, outtakes from Sergio Leone's A Fistful of Dollars. Via Ain't It Cool. ms-08.11.14

For BB, Enter Pyongyang. ms-08.11.14

Trent Jaklitsch mixes paint colors. Phew. jc-08.08.14

"...the necessity to skirt the line between strict counterfeiting laws and producers' demands for incredibly realistic money." The Business of Fake Hollywood Money. Via Mefi. jc-08.06.14

Apparently, I'd watch the news if this kid were on it. ms-08.05.14

"When Adobe Illustrator first shipped in 1987, it was the first software application for a young company that had, until then, focused solely on Adobe PostScript. The new product not only altered Adobe's course, it changed drawing and graphic design forever." A short film, The Adobe Illustrator Story. ms-07.31.14

Trailer for the documentary The Great Hip Hop Hoax, about a Scottish duo who wasn't having much luck until they started pretending to be American. sd-07.30.14

"Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut! Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut!" sd-07.30.14

It's the end of an era with the death of Bill Thompson, from the beloved Wallace and Ladmo. It's sure to have been a week of mourning in Arizona. sd-07.25.14

The Dissolve's Tasha Robinson on "Terminator 2 and the World's Biggest Spoiler." It's one of the greatest/worst marketing flubs you'd never realized. sd-07.22.14

Everything is Terrible shares these tips for getting ahead in today's business climate: Climb the Ladder!!! sd-07.22.14

A surreal spot for Normal, directed by Jun Diaz. sd-07.22.14

"Each year, Nixon organizes one of the wildest and remote surf contests on the planet. Ten of the best European surfers are invited to an unknown surf destination, to battle against their own fears & human limits without the pressures of the public or the press. An unexpected quest, one where the only enemy is yourself and your best ally is nature, in its rawest, purest form. In June 2014, the wild terrain of Kamchatka, Russia, was chosen to host this uncommon event. ms-07.18.14

"So I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize to pop culture: I'm sorry for creating this unstoppable monster." Nathan Rabin wishes he never coined the phrase "Manic Pixie Dream Girl". jc-07.17.14

Emoji Among Us. Brilliant, from Dissolve. jc-07.15.14

Trailer for the documentary Nick Cave: 20,000 Days on Earth. ms-07.14.14

So great, Made in Minnesota. Via MeFi. ms-07.14.14

Ghostbusters is being re-released to theaters in 4K this Labor Day weekend. dw-07.11.14

So you know, Top 10 Director Trademarks. Via Sploid. ms-07.11.14

Related to the last, the trailer for Sorcerer. Also, the terrific soundtrack by Tangerine Dream. jc-07.09.14

Awesome, fireworks filmed with a drone. ms-07.07.14

Vegas 4K. ms-07.07.14

"Oh, and the family gets a puppy. That's pretty much the king of single mother cliches." Jon Negroni tellls the The Truth About Andy's Dad in Toy Story. jc-07.03.14

"Perhaps because Python feels, in some ways, very modern - hardly surprising, since no other comedy show has been ripped off more frequently or more comprehensively - it's sometimes easy to forget you're watching a programme that's almost half a century old." Taylor Parkes on The Other Side Of Monty Python. jc-07.03.14

Interiors is a journal in which films are analyzed and diagrammed in terms of architectural space. jc-07.03.14

Related to the last: it looks like our 6 1/2 hour film capturing the night sky in rural Nevada, The Stars and Their Courses, has been re-encoded with YouTube's new 4k setup, so it'll likely load in super hi-res much more quickly. sd-07.02.14

The new "Shot on Red" YouTube channel, testing out the new 4K VP9 encoding. More info on making streaming 4k a bit more viable, here. sd-07.02.14

"Michael Bierut talks about his mentor Massimo Vignelli, how the internet has changed the way we do design work in the 20th century and what makes a logo endure." ms-06.30.14

Late to the table on this but am trying to get caught up on my Netflix backlog and finally watched the first season of BBC's The Fall. So great. Happy to hear they are moving forward with a second season. ms-06.30.14

Vashi on the anamorphic cinematography in John Carpenter's The Thing, and the "the massive landscapes and perfectly composed wide shots that are sprinkled throughout the film." jc-06.26.14

Horizon, wide, wide, wide screen film of gridded landscapes by Steve Mason. Via Ben Pieratt. jc-06.26.14

All hands on deck. Mesmerizing video for a track from 20syl by the band and Mathieu Le Dude. CR has the backstory. jc-06.26.14

Trailer for the documentary Rich Hill. ms-06.25.14

What's On Your Mind? Via Sploid. ms-06.25.14

Sorry San Fran, the Force is with Chicago. dw-06.24.14

Teaser from For the Love of Mud, a film about cyclo-cross by Benedict Campbell. jc-06.24.14

Totally great, Star Wars ( Guardians of the Galaxy Style!). ms-06.24.14

Totally awesome inventor Colin Furze. ms-06.24.14

15 famous character actors you can't name. (Well, 14 and Catherine O'Hara.) bb-06.24.14

Heartbreaking look at the vanishing island of Isle de Jean Charles. ms-06.23.14

On the occasion of its 40th anniversary, here's Curbed's The Ultimate Chinatown Filming Location Map of Los Angeles. sd-06.20.14

"His influence will never wane; there simply isn't anyone who's any good who isn't standing on his shoulders." Steven Soderbergh interview Gordon Willis. jc-06.19.14

A case study in internet celebrity: This is Phil Fish. Via Waxy. ms-06.18.14

Trailer for Birdman. ms-06.17.14

Koh Yao Noi. Lovely. ms-06.14.14

If you like ham, jazz, highway interchanges, or any combination of those three, then you'll want to check out this promotional film for Lincoln, Nebraska from 1993. sd-06.13.14

Ben Kay on shamelessly similar World Cup ads. That last Samsung spot/music video thing is... something. sd-06.13.14

"...believe in me. Trust me. I am not God, but I am Michelangelo Antonioni." Great stories about the filming of Blow Up by Paul Gallagher for Dangerous Minds. jc-06.13.14

The video is labeled "David Fincher's Zodiac and the Art of the Insert," but there isn't really any discussion about what's artistic about any of it. A better label might be: "Boy, the 2nd Unit sure had to shoot a lot of insert shots for Zodiac, huh?" sd-06.13.14

One Man's Trash is Another Man's Soccer Ball. ms-06.13.14

Swedishness abounds. Actor Peter Stormare for Volvo Trucks. Just great, via Dissolve. jc-06.12.14

Short of the Week features Suburbia by Antonio Orena-Barlin. Wow. jc-06.11.14

Form. Lovely. Via The Awesomer. ms-06.11.14

When Richard Dunn got stuck overnight at McClaren airport in Las Vegas, rather than hitting those incredibly annoying Wheel of Fortune slots, he made a video. Here's an interview as he explains how he did it. More of these please. ms-06.11.14

A nice write-up about the long takes on Louie. sd-06.10.14

MoCA offers instructions on how to fall asleep, flirt, french braid and french kiss in just 11 easy steps. sd-06.10.14

Titles for OFFF Barcelona 2014 by Ash Thorp & Anthony Scott Burns. Really great twelve miniutes, the opening shot is magnificent. jc-06.10.14

Shit Showreels Say. ms-06.09.14

"...ironically grainy behind the scenes shots of impressive models that made the madness possible." Star Wars Prequels and Model Makers. jc-06.09.14

"At the end of his greatest adventure, Skillman has vanquished his nemesis, recovered the priceless artifact, and saved his latest lover from certain doom. But as he struggles to figure out what comes next, his lady begins to realize her confident, capable man hasn't the first clue what to do once the guns are down." Epilogue. ms-06.06.14

For SD, trailer for Sharknado 2: The Second One. ms-06.06.14

Trailer for the 30th anniversary re-release of the digitally remastered documentary Tosca's Kiss. ms-06.05.14

Bounce. ms-06.05.14

John Oliver delightfully explains Net Neutrality. ms-06.05.14

Trailer for Gilliam's The Zero Theorem It looks great. I think. jc-06.04.14

Ourscreen is a smart new concept where you can set up a screening of whatever movie you want at a local UK theater and invite people to attend. It's a good thing we never got any farther than the logo on our "Projected" idea or we'd be worried about being disrupted now. Via Present and Correct. jc-06.04.14

Mathieu Cesar's Vers l'infini et au-del. High fashion robot awesomeness. Via Susannah Breslin jc-06.03.14

A chat with cinematographer Vittorio Storaro. jc-06.03.14

"Don't die on me." jc-06.03.14

Matt. Where did all that dust come from...... ms-06.02.14

Related to the last, The Raid trailer. Yowza. jc-05.29.14

Northern India. Full screen is best. ms-05.27.14

For BB, a GoPro Tour of Pyongyang, North Korea. ms-05.21.14

"Innocent students Debbie and Marcie arrive at college eager to save souls, but will they be able to save their own when they're seduced by the exotic and sinister world of role playing games?" For BB & MCJ, the trailer for Dark Dungeons. dw-05.20.14

"One overlooked aspect of Spielberg is that he's actually a stealth master of the long take. From Duel to Tintin, for forty years, he has sneakily filmed many scenes in a single continuous shot. ms-05.20.14

Why Libraries Matter. ms-05.19.14

Trailer for The Immigrant. ms-05.16.14

From Second City, one in a series of sketches serving as a promo for the film: "What Is the Godzilla?" sd-05.16.14

A look at the original Maxwell Street Market here in Chicago, back in 1964 Via MeFi. ms-05.15.14

Swinging Britain 1967. Fab. jc-05.15.14

I'm a little late to this pool party but it's worth a look anyhow, the Turkish Airlines Euroleague Epic Pool Dunk. The behind the scenes video is even better than the spot itself. jc-05.14.14

Cousins. Lovely. ms-05.14.14

Jumping Crocodiles in Slow Motion. Exactly what it says people. ms-05.14.14

A long teaser directed by Key & Peele's Peter Atencio for the upcoming TV show The Last Man on Earth. sd-05.13.14

"I feel particularly involved in helping make mistakes acceptable to studio heads and the audience even. By using them." A great interview with DP Conrad Hall. sd-05.13.14

Stumbled upon in searching for posts, one of my favorite The Office moments ever, Kevin's Famous Chili. ms-05.12.14

Mrs Dorothy Silkstone's cat accessories shop in Bedford, Bedfordshire, circa 1965. Obvs for DW. ms-05.12.14

Around the World in 360 degrees- 3 year Epic Selfie. ms-05.12.14

Lomokino and Lomokinoscope at Fab. Analog filmmaking and viewing kit. Sweet. jc-05.08.14

Mark Malkoff seeks a deeper understanding of the enigmatic Johnny Carson by interviewing former Tonight Show employees and guests. bb-05.07.14

For MJ, 7 Godzilla facts that will make you King of the Kaiju. ms-05.07.14

A mix of 4K footage, hyperlapse and time-lapse, Budapest sure looks great in Joe Simon's film. Itching to go back. jc-05.06.14

Trailer for the film Night Moves. ms-05.02.14

What is a Photocopier? ms-05.02.14

Trailer for the new vampire mocumentary What We Do in the Shadows. mcj-05.01.14

"In the winter of 2014, three friends set out on a self supported ride, looking for nothing more than a truly genuine experience. The goal: to circumnavigate one of the most wonderful and wicked mountain ranges in the world - the Huayhuash, by bicycle." Huayhuash. ms-05.01.14

Gets pretty technical pretty quick, but it's always interesting to hear process talk no matter the process: "In Their Own Words," wherein "cinematographers discuss their lighting techniques and go-to instruments." sd-04.30.14

Star Wars: The Bad Foley Edition. ms-04.29.14

Maxim Zhestkov's Jupiter II. Also, the "making of" video is slick. jc-04.29.14

"A poem, a postcard and a love letter bundled up in one short film shot on the streets of Mumbai." The Bombay Highway Code by David Baksh. Sublime. jc-04.24.14

A familiar style, but made extra impressive by the sheer volume of work these editors had to slog through: Nike's cricket spot, "Make Every Yard Count." An interview with director Senthil Kumar, here. sd-04.24.14

"If you really analyze a great film, it can teach you how to make a film, and Chinatown is one of the best blueprints of all..." —Steven Soderbergh. Right on. jc-04.22.14

If you're in Alamogordo, NM, on Saturday, you can help dig up Atari's long-rumored stash of E.T. game cartridges. Even though they're probably in Sunnyvale, CA. bb-04.21.14

Portlandia's Kickstarter Film Awards. sd-04.17.14

As of this morning, British Pathe has posted it's entire collection of 85,000 hi-res films to YouTube. Where to begin? How about 10 Tragedies Caught on Film or, on a lighter note, a 1966 Jet Pack demonstration. jc-04.17.14

The poster is just ok but the line-up looks great for Cannes 2014. Most anticipated, Map to the Stars, directed by David Cronenberg and JLG's Adieu au Langage in 3D. Really. jc-04.17.14

"Nobody wanted to sponsor a show that made fun of products that were advertised on TV, like car manufacturers." Too bad. The little-known Mad Magazine television special from 1974. jc-04.15.14

A great ad and animation about film editing: The Editor. sd-04.14.14

Zulkey guests on Rob Walker's The New Old Thing series, talking about Rolie Polie Olie. sd-04.11.14

Hey la, hey la my boyfriend's back. ms-04.11.14

Ben Kay asks, "How does Lurpak keep making the same ad so differently and beautifully?" The answer is: their agency hires awesome directors, like the infallible Dougal Wilson who made this one: "Adventure Awaits." sd-04.11.14

Lil Spidey. jc-04.10.14

Tiny Sydney. ms-04.09.14

Blixa Bargeld is making risotto. All cooking shows should be this. sd-04.09.14

Promo for Sony 4K featuring eight million flower petals. jc-04.09.14

There goes 15 minutes of my morning. The Birth of the Lightsaber. Via Tested mcj-04.08.14

The making of FFC's One from the Heart. jc-04.08.14

A visual love letter to our fair city. ms-04.07.14

Kottke on "Slow TV." We made some of that ourselves, six hours and 21 minutes of The Stars and Their Courses. jc-04.04.14

Crazy cool. The Navy Parachute Team jumps into the Padres' home opener and gives us a front row seat. Via Roosevelts. ms-04.04.14

"We spent a combined 45 days in the park capturing the images in this video." Yosemite National Park in time-lapse as captured by backpackers Colin Delehanty and Sheldon Neill. Via Veerle. jc-04.03.14

Trailer for Lucy. It feels like it's been forever since we had a super dumb, super fun film that Luc Besson himself directs. All for it. sd-04.03.14

News about the short film, The Sandstorm, shot in secret in Beijing and starring dissident artist Ai Weiwei. sd-04.03.14

A fun visual effects demo reel from Hammerhead. sd-04.01.14

Ian Failes' great behind-the-scenes article and video on the biggest car stunts from Need for Speed. jc-04.01.14

"The field is a giant sandpit with a narrow slit of a goal running the width of each end. Twenty-seven players make up each team, and the ball can be hit with feet or hands. Fight tactics such as punching, elbowing and martial arts techniques are all allowed, but kicks to the head are forbidden, as are fights of two or more against one." ms-04.01.14

Opening Day, a sweet short doc on the Gotham Baseball Club, by David Sutton. jc-03.31.14

Do It For Denmark! jc-03.31.14

"The term 'red line' implies the color of the line to be red." The Expert. Funny video, and true. jc-03.31.14

A brilliant edit by Everything is Terrible: "Noah and His Floating Zoo." sd-03.28.14

Tiny Worlds. ms-03.28.14

FotA Nathan Rabin reviews the film that's been of some fascination around CP lately: "Yes, There's an Easy Rider Sequel, and Yes, It's Awful." sd-03.28.14

Mr. Magoo-gle glass goes for a stroll. ms-03.28.14

Fireflies timelapsed. jc-03.27.14

City On The Make, tiny filmed moments from around the great city. Via Gapers Block. jc-03.27.14

Great interview with Matt Wolf, director of the documentary Teenage. sd-03.26.14

This is Generic Brand Video from Dissolve. Only brilliant. jc-03.25.14

Mysterious found footage offers a rare glimpse of 1940's Chicago. ms-03.25.14

B.A.S.E. Jump from the Freedom Tower at 3 a.m. on September 30. 2013. Holy wow. ms-03.25.14

Travel is. ms-03.24.14

Not for the faint-hearted, or BB or SD. Lights Out. ms-03.21.14

Wes Anderson / Centered. ms-03.18.14

Related to the last, A Subversive St. Patrick's Day Classic: How John Ford Fought McCarthyism with The Quiet Man, by Ben Schwartz. jc-03.17.14

Original trailer for John Ford's The Quiet Man. jc-03.17.14

Related to the last, If I Should Fall From Grace, the Shane MacGowan Documentary. Wow. jc-03.17.14

Busk is a short, social issues and subcultural music documentary, following five musicians as they busk in the arteries of the NYC subway system--Persevering to display their talent for income, sustenance, and a means to work, the busker's experiences are portrayed through interviews, and live performances on the subway platforms." ms-03.17.14

Thrillers from the 1970s. An excellent list. jc-03.17.14

A short film exploring the tragically, now-defunct relationship behind the most respected type design studio in the world, "Font Men". ms-03.14.14

"Not that anyone inside the Alamo Ritz seemed to care either way. They were too busy offering a standing ovation to the film and its director. A couple of middle-aged men, unable to contain their excitement, actually hugged each other." So you know what they are talking about. Gah! Cannot wait. ms-03.13.14

Also, Walter Murch on film editing and the "Rule of Six." jc-03.13.14

"I like to think this is sort of a cross between a short-order cook and a brain surgeon." Related to the last, a 2005 All Things Considered interview with Walter Murch. jc-03.13.14

Kottke on the trailer for Particle Fever, a new doc on the discovery of the Higgs boson, edited by CP hero Walter Murch. jc-03.13.14

Trailer for the documentary Mistaken For Strangers. ms-03.12.14

"The story of IT manager Rick Baird's legendary round of perfect putt-putt golf, only the third score of 18 in the Professional Putters Association's 50-year history of putt-putt tournament competition." Putt-Putt Perfection. ms-03.11.14

Coming in April and starring Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thorton, here are some teasers for the FX series Fargo. Via The Awesomer. ms-03.10.14

"Macao / Macau is the Chinese Las Vegas and lies on the western side of the Pearl River Delta across from Hong Kong. It is the world's biggest gambling centre since 2006." ms-03.07.14

"This is not orange. This is cadmium." Must see. Video of Steven Heller and Radislav Sutnar discussing aspects of the life and work of iconic 20th century designer Ladislav Sutnar. jc-03.04.14

Trailer for The Retrieval. ms-02.28.14

Icons for every Best Picture winner since the inception of the Academy Awards. dw-02.28.14

"It was clear the line between Twin Peaks costumes and the regular winter dress of Chicago twentysomethings can be difficult to discern." bb-02.27.14

Related to the last: Square One TV is dedicated to all things about the show, and here's all the information you could ever need on Mathnet, the show within the show. sd-02.27.14

Do you know your Japanese Movie Monsters? ms-02.25.14

Related to the last, the trailer for one of my favorite monster movies ever, Matango: Attack of the Mushroom People. Based on this short story. ms-02.25.14

Trailer for the Mike Judge HBO comedy, Silicon Valley. ms-02.25.14

"We attach the microphone to the arrow as it flies through the air." The Ranch Where Star Wars Exploded, a video on Skywalker Sound from the NYT. jc-02.25.14

The Green Bean Peanut Exchange has been busy lately, expanding its offerings. sd-02.24.14

Brilliant social experiment / PSA demonstrating that "you're more likely to help someone right in front of you than someone far away whose pain is more abstract." Would You Help A Freezing Child? Beautifully done. Via AdFreak. jc-02.20.14

My family is on a Roald Dahl bender lately, his story "Man from the South" will be familiar to Tarantino fans, but it's better with Steve McQueen and Peter Lorre. bb-02.20.14

Mise En Scene & visual themes of Wes Anderson. ms-02.20.14

Apropos of nothing, Nobody Expects The Spanish Inquisition. jc-02.19.14

A nice peek behind the curtain as Martin Scorsese and Thelma Schoonmaker prep for music editing on Goodfellas. Via Cinephilia. jc-02.19.14

"The festival's team bought a Philips 35mm projector and took it apart in order to rotate the shutter housing and filmgate by 90 degrees. They then rebuilt the rest of the projector around the modifications." Josh Lowensohn on sideways cinema. jc-02.18.14

"Like many people, I've had a longer relationship with this movie than I've had with anyone not actually related to me." John Patterson on The Godfather Part II. jc-02.17.14

Re-link for Valentine's Day, my favorite love story ever, Danny and Annie. ms-02.14.14

Related to the last: the portfolio of the directing team, Us, also known as Chris Barrett and Luke Taylor. Their music vid for Wiley's Numbers in Action is particularly fun. sd-02.13.14

Terrific spot for the Sunday Times, wherein six icon pop-culture images are recreated in 50 seconds: "Icons." The making of, here. sd-02.13.14

Stormscapes from the Great Plains, spectacular footage shot by Nicolaus Wegner. Via Kottke. jc-02.13.14

So you know, how to make emergency crampons for ice and snow. This would have been helpful when we went Above the Sun. ms-02.13.14

So weird, but that is exactly why I like it. ms-02.12.14

Please don't suck. Please don't suck. Please don't suck. ms-02.12.14

For Jenna, Frozen Tundra. ms-02.12.14

Zulkey's interview with John Levenstein, writer and producer of such shows as Arrested Development, Kroll Show, and Portlandia. sd-02.07.14

"I have compiled all 100 instances where the 'frame within the frame' technique is used in The Ipcress File. Some are subtle and some are audacious. This style was considered so arrogant by Billy Wilder that he famously said 'Furie couldn't shoot a scene without framing it through a fireplace or the back of a refrigerator.'" —Vashi Nedomansky. Via Cinephilia. jc-02.07.14

Nike Air Max shoes deconstructed by ManvsMachine. Check other projects by the London studio, especially this lovely set of idents for 4seven. jc-02.06.14

As Jay Leno signs off tonight, I cannot help but be reminded of the amazing sendoff given to Johnny Carson by the incomparable Bette Midler. ms-02.06.14

Trailer for the documentary The Last of the Unjust. ms-02.05.14

The terrifying directors cut of a commercial for the My Buddy and Kid Sister line of toys. sd-02.04.14

Looks great. This Is Not A Conspiracy Theory, the first episode of a new subscription video series by Kirby Ferguson. jc-02.04.14

Brainstorm Digitial's visual effects highlights for The Wolf of Wall Street. Crazy how many shots you'd assume wouldn't have effects have, instead, lots and lots of them. sd-02.04.14

"In Scotland, folk songs serve as memories, of places and the dead who once inhabited them." When the Song Dies. Via MeFi. ms-02.04.14


The Gap. ms-02.03.14

The two-minute-long epic local TV spot that ran during the Super Bowl last night in Savannah, GA: "Casino's Law." sd-02.03.14

For BB: a great interview with cinematographer Robby Muller who shot Jarmusch's Down by Law. sd-01.30.14

If you've been wondering what all that sobbing is about, on the internet the last 24 hours, here's your answer. The Fault In Our Stars trailer. jc-01.30.14

I was out yesterday, but I see Fresh Signals about Russian math textbooks and the Coen Brothers, which compels me to repost this. bb-01.29.14

The music vid for Holly Herndon's Chorus, which Daniel Bremmer describes as: "If Laurie Anderson had a baby with k10k, and that baby was really into Autechre, this would be it." sd-01.28.14

Related to the last, The Directors Guild of America site has a great feature called Drawing Board which collects interesting storyboards from film history. See the boards by Alex Tavoularis and Tom Wright for the the Valkyries sequence from Apocalypse Now. jc-01.27.14

Storyboards for Alien, drawn by Ridley Scott. Via Cinephilia. jc-01.27.14

"Cloud City on a Shoestring." A great piece on Key and Peele cinematographer, Charles Papert. sd-01.23.14

Chaplin's sublime City Lights, from 1931, is digital restored from a 4K film transfer by Criterion. Related: See this feature Shooting City Lights. 342 takes! jc-01.22.14

Quick, interesting video of Ridley Scott talking about the making of Apple's "1984" spot which debuted 30 years ago. jc-01.22.14

The Steven Soderbergh Hand Held App. "Think about it: as his career fades, someone is going to have to take his place, so why shouldn't it be you?" sd-01.21.14

FotA Nathan Rabin highlights a bunch of documentaries you're likely eager to see that he just recently watched at Sundance: "The Good, the Bad, and the Coming-of-Age." sd-01.21.14

Alec Guinness on Star Wars from a 1977 interview with Michael Parkinson. jc-01.21.14

"The locations captured ranged in temps of 100 degrees to -9 degrees and in elevations of 12,000 feet to 225 feet below sea level. It took over 15,000 captured still images to make this video." Journey Part 1, by Andrew Walker. Fantastic. jc-01.21.14

If for some strange reason you wanted to watch a prequel to Easy Rider, you could do just that, right this second: Easy Rider: The Ride Back. A couple minutes in and this already has the makings of the next The Room. sd-01.17.14

A must read from The Dissolve: "An Oral History of Hoop Dreams, 20 Years After Its Premiere." sd-01.17.14

"'We worked very much like a small film crew,' Jonze explains. 'Just one small monitor, which didn't have a color-corrected image or anything, for me to check framing.'" Talking to Hoyte van Hoytema about the lo-fi shoot for Her. sd-01.17.14

Famous movie quotes as charts. dw-01.16.14

"Fiction books is one of my favorite kinds of books." A clip from They Came Together, David Wain's latest film. Can't wait. sd-01.16.14

A Fred Armisen mocumentary, The Clash: The Last Gang in Town with Mick Jones and Paul Simonon. jc-01.16.14

MJ and I had a long discussion about The X-Files yesterday and both of us agreed that Post-Modern Prometheus was our favorite stand-alone "monster" episode. I still maintain that Home was one of the creepiest things I've ever seen on tv. ms-01.15.14

Listening to the radio at night still reminds me of this 80s Robert Klein bit. bb-01.14.14

BBC Winter Olympics Promo Trailer. Fab. jc-01.14.14

The Way of the Dodo. ms-01.13.14

Slow-Motion Spice Bag Explosions Synchronized with Music. Bam. Also, check this behind the scenes video. jc-01.13.14

"I'm an actual nerd." jc-01.10.14

Wes. ms-01.09.14

The Making of Raiders of the Lost Ark, 1981 PBS special. A bit cheesy but still... Via Cinetropolis. jc-01.09.14

For KG, a graphic showing Everywhere the Simpsons Went. ms-01.09.14

Trailer for the documentary The Galapagos Affair: Satan Came to Eden. ms-01.08.14

The Star Wars Despecialized Edition (where all of the 2004 stuff was removed) gets remastered and rereleased. sd-01.07.14

"Speaking of which, what happens when someone skims off a cash register at my strip club?" ms-01.07.14

Sixth Element. Full screen is best. ms-01.07.14

"Or, if it's a Nicholas Sparks movie, it's a close-up of two people about to kiss." WTF Happened to Movie Posters? ms-01.06.14

Good news everyone! Death Race 2000 is now on Netflix. mcj-01.03.14

"This video was shot entirely with a GoPro Hero 3 camera inside of different fish bowls." ms-01.03.14

For BB, ESPN's first FIFA 2014 World Cup spot. ms-01.02.14

Sherlock fans, go nuts for the new mini-episode. Cannot wait. ms-12.27.13

Official Star Wars tumblr. jc-12.19.13

So great. An incredible year in the life of the Royal Albert Hall. Via Things. ms-12.18.13

"I think I'm a flawed candidate." Trailer for Mitt, a new doc from Netflix. jc-12.18.13

A fun, terrible review in the LA Weekly that starts with a great headline and gets better from there: Saving Mr. Banks is a Corporate, Borderline-Sexist Spoonful of Lies. sd-12.17.13

Misunderstood, my favorite Apple spot in years. jc-12.17.13

This year's Hollywood Black List has been released. The list consists of the most liked unproduced screenplays in Hollywood. #13 should catch JC's eye. Via MeFi ms-12.17.13

85 years of the projection booth in movies in 12 minutes. A film by Joseph O. Holmes who chatted with Philippe Theophanidis at Aphelis. jc-12.16.13

Related to the last, the trailer for Berberian Sound Studio. jc-12.16.13

The Dissolve's Worst Films of 2013. sd-12.13.13

Trailer for the documentary Finding Vivian Maier. ms-12.12.13

The Bicycle. ms-12.12.13

Brendan O'Connell is Blocking the Bread Aisle. ms-12.11.13

"What follows is a scene that is almost shot-by-shot, cut-by-cut quoted in full, as Martin and Ethan, and Luke arrive home to find their homes razed, pillars of smoke billowing across the desert landscape, and their families murdered in cold blood." An insightful post at Kitbashed on What Star Wars owes to The Searchers. jc-12.11.13

Hauntingly beautiful, Winter. Full screen is best. ms-12.10.13

Our Drone Future, an amazing video by Alex Cornell using a combination of Phantom Drones, After Effects, GoPros, and a liberal interpretation of FAA regulations. jc-12.10.13

"His reservoir of elaborate contraptions that mutated simple tasks into madcap feats of ingenuity made Rube Goldberg rich and famous." Inside the Book: Rube Goldberg, sweet video from the NYT. jc-12.10.13

Trailer for the Wachowski's Jupiter Ascending. jc-12.10.13

Wyoming Wildscapes II. ms-12.06.13

So great, 2013 Movie Trailer Mashup. ms-12.06.13

As everyone is excited by the live Sound of Music tonight, you can watch a streaming version of the last big live TV event: Stephen Frears' 2000 remake of Fail Safe, staring George Clooney, Richard Dreyfuss, and Harvey Keitel, among a whole host of others. Still holds up. sd-12.05.13

Looking forward to arguing this one at the bar, Jordan Hoffman ranks the Coen Brothers films. jc-12.05.13

A short documentary film that recalls the past importance of phone boxes in Irish life. ms-12.04.13

Restless Nights. ms-12.03.13

Kitbashed on the use of wide lenses for long shots and 1:42.08 to Qualify, George Lucas' 1966 student film. jc-11.27.13

"I take the pun-tastic name from Bob's Burger of the Day chalkboard and I come up with a recipe for it." The Bob's Burgers Experiment. sd-11.26.13

Famous DP (and former Chicagoan) Janusz Kaminski directs 11 short and often quite silly vignetts for the NY Times feature "Making a Scene." sd-11.26.13

Video on director Christopher Nolan and how painter Francis Bacon inspired his Dark Knight Batman trilogy. Via Scott Macaulay. jc-11.26.13

A look at how a Canadian town is teaching polar bears to fear humans in order to save them. ms-11.25.13

Just in case there is a Doctor Who fan out there that doesn't know, Day of the Doctor premiers tomorrow with a worldwide simulcast. Enjoy it. Nerds. mcj-11.22.13

Toy company Goldiebox wants to encourage girls to pursue engineering and created this fantastic ad to help them get the message out. ms-11.20.13

Related, a couple minutes from Gilliam's new The Zero Theorem. jc-11.18.13

"I think this is the seventh time. Lucky seven, maybe. We'll see if it happens. This is kind of my default position, going back to that. I actually just want to make it and get rid of it. Get it out of my life." Look out windmills, Terry Gilliam is mounting another charge. jc-11.18.13

Trailer for Thunder Soul: The True Story of Conrad Johnson & The Kashmere Stage Band, perhaps the greatest, and certainly the funkiest, high school marching band of all time. jc-11.14.13

Kaleem Aftab on 8K digital filmmaking. Holy shit, this will make our 4K The Stars and Their Courses (which hardly anyone can see at full resolution) look positively blurry. jc-11.13.13

Happy Veteran's Day! Here's Snuffy Smith in Hillbilly Blitzkrieg! (1942). Via the Comics Curmudgeon. You're very welcome. bb-11.11.13

@Blockbuster: "Last day to rent a movie from a Blockbuster store is this Sat, Nov 9. What will your last rental be? #BlockbusterMemories" Predictably, most replies aren't too misty-eyed. bb-11.08.13

The 12 films that most influenced John Sayles, a great list and smart commentary, from Tasha Robinson for The Dissolve. On The Third Man: "That whole movie is really like a great rock song where there is not a note out of place." jc-11.08.13

The Onion Looks Back at The Shining. sd-11.06.13

Who makes Major League Baseball schedules? "For almost a quarter-century it was the husband-and-wife duo of Henry and Holly Stephenson, two math and computer whizzes who did it all with nothing but a pencil and a piece of paper." A new 30 for 30. jc-11.06.13

Fun technical writeup from SNL's DP Alex Buono on shooting their recent Wes Anderson parody. sd-11.06.13

An excellent collection of links about CP hero Walter Murch can be found in this Cinephilia post, including Michael Sragow's interview about sound design for Apocalypse Now. jc-11.06.13

The Chicagoans, a short film series collaboration between Groundfire Pictures and writer and FotA, Anne Ford. sd-11.05.13

Really great, detailed piece on the visual effects behind Gravity. jc-11.04.13

Light Goes On. ms-11.01.13

The Lego Movie trailer. Uh-oh. jc-10.31.13

The fun, simple music vid for Best Coast's I Don't Know How. Kindred spirits to the Mike Mills classic? sd-10.31.13

The Most Quoted Man in News. ms-10.30.13

Beautifully shot, slightly creepy music vid for Greta Svabo Bech's Broken Bones. sd-10.30.13

"A silent film made in 1925 by the Federation of British Industry." Oxford University Press and the Making of a Book. Wonderful. Via MeFi. ms-10.29.13

Windy City Nights. Thanks Dad. ms-10.29.13

New trailer for the upcoming HBO series True Detective. High hopes for this. ms-10.28.13

Clever ad for Honda. ms-10.25.13

Trailer for the film The Motel Life. ms-10.25.13

El Cielo de La Palma. ms-10.25.13

Primordial. Full screen is best. ms-10.23.13

The Birthday Boys Season 1, Episode 1, "The Garage." So great, looking forward to lots more of this. jc-10.23.13

Lovely, Geology of Shoes. ms-10.21.13

The Mystery of Flying Kicks. Via Lost a E Minor. ms-10.21.13

Footage from last year's Red Bull Stratos jump, full screen is best. ms-10.18.13

Your probably don't want to venture deep into YouTube. jc-10.18.13

The Wes Anderson Collection Chapter 2: Rushmore. ms-10.18.13

"Beginning simply as a low-budget babysitter-stalking movie, it has spawned six sequels, a remake, a sequel to the remake, and a movie that has nothing to do with anything but is still worth talking about. As we near the holiday that bears its name, it's time to take a look back at the one, the only Halloween." dw-10.18.13

Just rewatched Blade Runner last night. Aside from holding up remarkably well, this death scene has got to be one of the best ever committed to film. mcj-10.18.13

Tesco has a series of great ads for their new Hudl tablet. Some of my favorites include Age Booth, Sausages, Makeup, and Grandma Dancing. ms-10.17.13

Whoa. Deltron 3030 on Letterman this week. The Automator looks good in a tux. sd-10.17.13

Kill Your Darlings' John Krokidas on "5 Things First-Time Directors Aren't Told." sd-10.17.13

Storyboard art for the Apocalypse Now Air-Cav "Ride of the Valkyries" sequence. jc-10.17.13

"During Speed Week of 2013, Shunji Yokokawa and his two man crew from Japan, traveled to the Bonneville Salt Flats to break a world land speed record." ms-10.14.13

Ever wonder what it would be like to be chased by a herd of angry bulls? Here you go. ms-10.11.13

For Spencer, trailer for Dear Mr. Watterson: A Exploration of Calvin and Hobbes. ms-10.11.13

Great Danny Trejo story at Grantland but you might prefer his backstory in his own voice on How Did This Get Made?. bb-10.10.13

We have chocolate cake in the office, much to everyone's delight/chagrin, which reminds me of this Chocolate Cake. ms-10.10.13

From Cinephilia and Beyond, an interesting batch of viewing and reading on Michael Mann, about his taking his TV movie, LA Takedown, and re-making it as Heat. Via Atencioblog. sd-10.10.13

"Using locked-off shots, I rebuilt the geometry of the scenes, buildings, and streets to create virtual camera moves that brought the scenes to life in a hyperreal way." A look at Anthropocene, an installation at the Time Warner Center, made by director Marco Brambilla and the effects house, The Mill. sd-10.10.13

Trailer for the documentary Mile...Mile & a Half: A Journey Along the John Muir Trail. sd-10.08.13

An interview with Quim Cardona, the original inspiration for the character "Telly" in Kids. sd-10.08.13

Related to the last: the documentary Sandwiches That You Will Like. Here's a clip. sd-10.08.13

Click, Baby, Click! ms-10.03.13

In this time of intense political debate, I think we can all agree that Democrats got at least one thing right. bb-10.01.13

"The resulting machine works with the rotation of two screens placed back to back, creating a three-dimensional animated sequence that can be seen at 360 degrees. Due to the persistence of vision, the shapes that appear on the screen turn into kinetic light sculptures." Full Turn by Benjamin Muzzin. Via Jason Kottke. jc-09.30.13

My teeth hurt this is so sweet. ms-09.25.13

"Later when he saw the film with an audience in a theater he understood why. Eight hundred people tipped their heads to the side to try to see Gordon around the doorjamb." The making of Rosemary's Baby, an excerpt from Roman Polanski: A Retrospective, by James Greenberg. Via MZS. jc-09.24.13

The Last Thing You See. Full screen is best. Via The Awesomer. ms-09.24.13

"Is that me? Was I singing?" ms-09.23.13

Alone Time. Make sure to watch to the end. sd-09.23.13

Plain Sight, an interesting experimental film that slices landscapes. jc-09.23.13

Director Peter Atencio on shooting the Les Mis sketch for Key & Peele. Also, a nice interview with him, here. sd-09.20.13

Funny or Die's great ripping apart of the latest painful Chipotle ad. Next they should take on that ad for the Thai cell phone company that has everyone all weepy. sd-09.20.13

Gioacchino Petronicce's stop motion ode to photography: Pictures. Terrific sound design as well. sd-09.20.13

"That makes no logical sense. If Buzz doesn't think he's a toy, why does he fall down every time a human being comes in the room? Shouldn't he continue to walk around and go about his Space Ranger business?" A very good question. jc-09.19.13

Phil Hartman on The Dating Game (starts at 10:00). bb-09.18.13

Wish all political ads could be like this one. ms-09.17.13

Ghost of a Smile, a beautifully shot, hard-edged, unsettling short film directed by Simon Bonde & Peder. jc-09.17.13

Trailer for the documentary on Lella & Massimo Vignelli, Design is One. ms-09.17.13

As one commenter says, "A beautiful way to find home." Indeed. American Value: Herb Dishman. ms-09.16.13

The best city council campaign television ad of all time. jc-09.13.13

A two minute Dewars spot featuring the words of Charles Bukowski, Live True is artfully shot and voiced. Via Dissolve. jc-09.13.13

Drone's eye view of Burning Man 2013. Via The Awesomer. ms-09.11.13

More single-take fun with the Movi camera rig, this time in a promo for Burton. A behind the scenes, here. sd-09.10.13

Well, if the trailer is any indication, it's HBO's next smash hit. Trailer for True Detective. ms-09.09.13

Quick, interesting video of Ridley Scott talking about the making of Apple's "1984" spot. jc-09.05.13

Related to the last. Is it wrong to fall in love with a woman sipping juice in a robot suit from 80 years ago? This, from the set of Fritz Lang's 1929 classic Metropolis, might just be the best motion picture production still ever, jc-09.04.13

A Letter From Fred. Gah, where did all that dust come from all of a sudden? ms-08.28.13

Jamie's excited about the limited theatrical run of The Harder They Come. It's a must-see, sure, but for my money Rockers is better. Watch 'em both and get back to us. bb-08.27.13

Here are three early Martin Scorsese short films from his time at NYU, and three from Edgar Wright from even earlier in his career. sd-08.26.13

Teaser for Pompeii. sd-08.26.13

I Forgot My Phone, by Charlene deGuzman, directed by Miles Crawford. Amen. jc-08.26.13

Interesting use of a motion control camera rig in this music vid for Pezet's Slang 2. sd-08.23.13

"I don't think of the joke and then say it. I say it and then realize what I've said. And I laugh at it, because I'm hearing it for the first time myself." What Woody Allen has learned jc-08.23.13

Hollywood visual effects specialists choose their favorite visual special effects. I think I'm with Dan Glass. Via Kottke. jc-08.23.13

"Because if there's one thing that unites the apocalyptic film fantasies of the early 1970s, it's this: Whatever brings it all to an end, it's going to be all our fault. (Also, Charlton Heston will probably be involved in some way.)" Keith Phipps, on The Laser Age. jc-08.21.13

Sharks Make Movies Better. So wonderfully dumb. sd-08.19.13

Breaking Bad
Arrested Development
Breaking Development mcj-08.15.13

Ryokou, a doc on elite track cyclist Shane Perkins. "Just ride the bike and win." Spectacular cinematography. Via Veerle again. jc-08.14.13

Nebraska!? Nebraska! sd-08.13.13

A look at the freeD system installed in Yankee Stadium, capturing Bullet Time-esque shots at home plate. Soon to be installed for football as well. sd-08.13.13

"Dolly Parton said, very sweetly, 'I'm sorry, I don't understand the idea and I don't feel comfortable doing something I don't understand.'" Zulkey interviews writer Brian Stack on how Conan sketches are chosen and written. sd-08.13.13

"We'll be dancing for the rest of our lives, so objectively where is the worth?" The Too Philosophical Pop Song. sd-08.13.13

Gravity. ms-08.13.13

Related to the last: the classic Spike Jonze short, How They Get There. sd-08.13.13

The Mystery of Flying Kicks, a short doc that tries to answer the age-old question of how and why you see shoes wrapped around telephone lines. sd-08.13.13

Fun music video from Motion Theory director Grady Hall: Capital Cities' Safe and Sound. sd-08.12.13

The crushing short doc by Werner Herzog, commissioned to document the effects of accidents caused by texting while driving: From One Second to the Next. sd-08.12.13

Requiem for Romance. ms-08.12.13

The brilliant Centrifuge Brain Project. So well done. sd-08.08.13

Trailer for the documentary about the Rwandan cycling team: Rising From Ashes. sd-08.08.13

Some early stills from the CBGB film (how often have actors portrayed the band Television?!). A behind the scenes clip, here. And here's the troublesome trailer, which makes the film look a lot worse than it likely really is. sd-08.08.13

Fun spot for NBC Sports: An American Coach in London. sd-08.08.13

Target is killing it this year with some really great back-to-school ads, Volcano , Flex Arm Hang , Music Class and Bike Ride. Major nods to Mr. Anderson, of course. ms-08.08.13

John Berkey and The Mechanical Planet and the origins of The Deathstar. See also his B-Wing starfighters. jc-08.07.13

Blake and Drain. Via The Awesomer. ms-08.06.13

Geoffrey Franklin makes wood and leather bicycle accessories by hand. A lovely film by Tristan Stoch. jc-08.06.13

"Over the course of three months I journeyed with a friend through 36 cities in 21 countries with the ambition of capturing some of the greatest European structures in a new and unique way." NightVision. ms-08.06.13

Bah. Can't forget about Writing to Reach You either! sd-08.05.13

That last post, of course, requires the posting of the other great Travis music vids in order of favorite-ness: 1) All I Want to Do Is Rock, 2) Closer, and 3) . Okay, we'll also throw Sing in there too, just because it's a good song. sd-08.05.13

Beautiful music vid for Travis' Moving, shot using a projector, a chilly day, and the band's breath. Directed by Wriggles & Robins. sd-08.05.13

Gah! Live Panda Cam! ms-08.05.13

Just randomly ran into a review of Manborg, and now I have no other choice but to see Manborg. sd-08.05.13

"It's the first camera ever that I have used that captures exactly what I see with my own eye." The first publicly-available footage from the new RED Dragon camera has been released and it's jaw-dropping. sd-08.05.13

Woody's all-time top ten is pretty solid. jc-08.02.13

This is the end. Christian has the final word on MGM movies from 1925 to 1970. So sweet. jc-07.31.13

Trailer for The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, wherein director/star Ben Stiller channels his Wes Anderson. Written by local screenwriter, Steve Conrad. sd-07.30.13

What is Neorealism?, a brilliant video essay comparing Vittorio De Sica's Terminal Station and the US version, recut by David O. Selznick, Indiscretion of an American Wife. sd-07.30.13

Anthony Powell's Antarctica: A Year On Ice premiered last week to rave reviews. How long do we need to wait until it makes it up to this hemisphere? sd-07.30.13

The marketing for the new film A Field in England features a "masterclass," which explores the entire production process. The trailer is great too. Via Cinephilia. jc-07.29.13

Movie posters recreated with Comic Sans and clip art. sd-07.29.13

Scripts based on TV spots, explaining what happens after that :30. Ad-ditional Fiction. Via Ben Kay. sd-07.29.13

Adam and his Dad take a Himalayan Adventure. Via The Awesomer. ms-07.29.13

The Beach Captain. ms-07.26.13

Reddit user blue_tidal posted this super creepy true tale and filmmaker Michael Evans made it into an even creepier short film. Via The Awesomer. ms-07.25.13

Night on Earth. sd-07.25.13

"From November through to February, the town of Viganella is in permanent gloom. The mountains to the south block the low winter sun and for almost three months, there is no place in Viganella that gets any sunlight. Pierfranco is going to change this." Trailer for The Mirror (Lo Specchio), a film by David Christensen. jc-07.24.13

Trailer for the documentary The Machine Which Makes Everything Disappear. ms-07.23.13

Japanese Posters of David Lynch Films. sd-07.22.13

A look at two-color film processing in Soviet-era Russia: "Comrade, Life Does Not Have to be So Gray." sd-07.22.13

"Young entrepreneur Andy Didorosi believes that the way to Detroit's new era depends on better leadership and a solid connection between the city and the suburbs. So when the city in 2012 axed its plans to build the M-1 light rail, the transit solution that would've bridged that vital connection, Didorosi was mad as hell. So what's an angry young man in this situation supposed to do? Well, Didorosi bought a bus, had a local artist trick it out with a wicked mural, and he started The Detroit Bus Company." ms-07.19.13

Zulkey's interview with Jordan Vogt-Roberts, director of The Kings of Summer and longtime FoTA. sd-07.19.13

MS, your post reminded me of this scene from The Thing. mcj-07.18.13

Niagara Falls, from a GoPro camera mounted on a remote control helicopter. Fab. Via The Loop. jc-07.17.13

The Photo Man. Via Feature Shoot. ms-07.17.13

"Every year, Americans bury enough metal in the ground to rebuild the Golden Gate Bridge, says Vashon Island coffin maker Marcus Daly. His simple, handcrafted wooden coffins are an economical and environmentally friendly burial alternative. But Daly believes a coffin's most important feature is that it can be carried. Here's why." ms-07.15.13

Trailer for the documentary about the Nintendo Power Glove: The Power of Glove. sd-07.12.13

David Fincher's spot for Calvin Klein. sd-07.09.13

Go Fug Yourself has delivered the penultimate scene-for-scene discussion of Mannequin, for which the world will be forever grateful. sd-07.09.13

That Franz Ferdinand music vid MS posted is a better version of Liz Phair's Why Can't I?, from the era when everyone decided to turn against Liz Phair and Phil Harder was still directing music videos. sd-07.09.13

"Alfred Hitchcock liked to call it the "MacGuffin" — the mysterious object in a spy thriller that sets the whole chain of events into motion." Open Culture on a sweet animated explanation. jc-07.09.13

The Photographer Series tells the stories behind some of skateboardings most epic images and the dudes who made them. ms-07.09.13

Current Fresh Signals guest editor and total genius entertainment mastermind Steve Gadlin unveiled another amazing project today. bb-07.08.13

Juliette Danielle, the Lisa in "You're tearing me apart, Lisa!" on life after The Room. sd-07.02.13

Duck Sauce is one of those bands that seems to exist solely so that great music videos can be made. Their new single It's You. sd-07.02.13

If you only watch one episode of Miami Vice at work today, make sure it's Out Where the Busses Don't Run. (It's guaranteed Phil-Collins-free) bb-07.01.13

When The Thing Became John Carpenter's The Thing, the backstory on the making of the movie. "Anyone messes with me and the whole camp goes." Via Adam Savage. jc-06.28.13

Jim Jarmusch's 5 Golden Rules (or non-rules) of Moviemaking. sd-06.28.13

Exploding Actresses. Beautiful use of anticipation and reaction shots. sd-06.28.13

Dr. Easy, a haunting new short film by Shynola, serving as a prologue for an adaptation of the novel The Red Men. If there is any justice in this world, there needs to finally be a Shynola feature film. sd-06.28.13

Nice short doc about NY's The Lemon Ice King of Corona: Birth of the Cool. sd-06.28.13

Shh-Cago: Episode #37. sd-06.27.13

Beam Me Up, Joey. ms-06.26.13

Think I can make this work on the deck. ms-06.26.13

Just look at her smile. Gah, where did all that dust come from all of a sudden? ms-06.25.13

TV writer Ken Levine found some old Cheers outlines from when he was on staff at the show. Here's what they looked like, before being turned into proper scripts. sd-06.25.13

The South African firm Muti created these travel posters based on movie locations for the movie theater chain Ster-Kinekor. sd-06.25.13

Fantastic music vid for Gesaffelstein's Pursuit, directed by Fleur & Manu. Feels like there are some Kubrick nods in here. sd-06.25.13

This year's Cannes winners in Film and Film Craft. Any excuse will do to relink Dumb Ways to Die from Australia. jc-06.25.13

After our Night Sky video, maybe SD and I have a future shooting Norwegian television documentaries. bb-06.24.13

Wings Over Venice. Lovely. Via The Awesomer. ms-06.21.13

Smartphone PSA. Bravo. sd-06.20.13

James Gandolfini on "Inside the Actor's Studio." jc-06.20.13

Dynamic target tracking. "This camera system can track very fast moving objects, keeping them in the center of the screen at all times." Via Things. jc-06.20.13

Bryan Cranston is ready to insult you on Reddit now. sco-06.19.13

Trailer for Computer Chess mockumentary. Look good and weird. jc-06.17.13

"I have a small story about superglue that is kind of interesting..." ILM Modelmakers Share Star Wars Stories, by Wesley Fenlon for Tested. jc-06.14.13

Looks like some people are going to have a surprise new favorite M Night Shyamalan movie. sco-06.12.13

The Desolation of Smaug trailer is up. jc-06.11.13

Girls season 38 proves rompers don't get any better with age, not even on Laraine Newman. sco-06.11.13

A great behind-the-scenes look at my favorite pickle company, The McClures. Seriously, I could eat an entire jar of the spicy pickles all by myself, so good. Via Cool Material. ms-06.10.13

Film the kids jumping in leaves in slow motion and then play it backwards and you get something pretty great and otherworldly: Fall in Reverse. sd-06.10.13

Tech Noir- Cinemagraphs of living movie stills. Fab. Via My Modern Met. ms-06.06.13

Ethan Hawke tells the internet how to buy an island. sco-06.06.13

Aaron Sorkin's office is gorgeous, but shouldn't it be filled with treadmills? sco-06.05.13

Tasha Robinson tries to make a case for George R.R. Martin as a hopeless romantic, despite all the horror. sco-06.05.13

Vintage Jeans Commercials. Fabulous, via WFMU. jc-06.04.13

I love random discoveries. Check this interesting essay on Apocalypse Now, Kurtz's Dossier and The Art of Narrative. jc-06.04.13

Where have all the wildlings gone? A graphic tribute to Game of Thrones by Nigel Evan Dennis (spoilers). dw-06.03.13

Fitzcardboardaldo is an all cardboard version of Herzog's Fitzcaraldo. Fabricated, shot and edited by Robin Frohardt. Check the 'making of' video too, "The Corrugation of Dreams." jc-05.31.13

Learn Guitar With David Brent. Deliciously awkward as ever. ms-05.30.13

Fun promo for Applegate meats: Hot Dog & the City. "20 hot dogs in 90 seconds." sd-05.30.13

A blow by blow of Airplane! and the non-funny film that inspired it. Via videothunder. esm-05.29.13

Trailer for the documentary about racing in the Midwest: R/C Racers. sd-05.21.13

A Grizzly ate his GoPro. ms-05.21.13

A lovely collection of time-lapse videos of our beloved city. ms-05.21.13

If you're anything like BB and me, you are anxiously awaiting Sunday's premiere of the new season of Arrested Development. Luckily for all of us, NPR has this wonderful guide to all the running gags from the first 3 seasons. mcj-05.21.13

9 Film Frames is an attempt to showcase a film by using only 9 of its frames. dw-05.17.13

"Ginger Baker is a motherfucker, that's it. He personally is what drums are all about." -Stewart Copeland. Trailer for Beware of Mr. Baker doc. jc-05.17.13

Trailer for the documentary A Band Called Death. ms-05.17.13

Can't imagine they haven't been running this same sort of ad since at least the 1960s, but it's still a lot of fun: Oklahoma's 2013 tourism spot. sd-05.15.13

Peru & Bolivia. ms-05.15.13

If you're desperate for more information on the Arrested Development reboot, here's a little bit of camera nerdery on what they shot the new series with. sd-05.15.13

"It's like a beautifully dusty old postcard you'd find in a junk store, but moving." London in 1927. Lovely. Via Lost at E Minor. ms-05.14.13

Put your hands in the air for yogurt! First Taste. ms-05.14.13

"Frenchie has owned Frenchie's Gym, in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, for 36 years. The neighborhood keeps changing, but Frenchie's not going anywhere." ms-05.13.13

Set aside the next twelve and a half minutes to watch Steven Benedict's analysis of "Steven Spielberg's Techniques and Themes." sd-05.13.13

The Spokesman, a documentary about an Australian man who "collects one bicycle from each developmental epoch for future generations to enjoy, a kind of time capsule." Via Doobybrain. sd-05.13.13

"His front garden is a giant lake, brimming with 9lb trout; his neighbours are wedge-tailed eagles and possums and tiger snakes This is a day in Phipps beautiful, quiet world." Via My Modern Met. ms-05.13.13

When did Michael Bay projects start getting so appealing? Trailer for the upcoming Bay-helmed show, The Last Ship. sd-05.09.13

If one were to play matchmaker to creepy spokespeople for tech companies, it would only make sense to pair this guy from Thinglist with the Palm Pre woman. sd-05.09.13

"If you want to go see a movie about a guy sitting in front of his computer in a burnt-out chapel waiting for a phone call that gives meaning to his life, that's the one for you!" Terry Gilliam on his new movie The Zero Theorem and lots of other subjects. jc-05.09.13

Ad for Robinsons Drinks: Pals. Where did all that dust come from all of a sudden? ms-05.09.13

Christopher Moloney's FILMography puts the film back in the location. jc-05.06.13

Does your favorite film pass The Bechdel Test? bb-05.03.13

The Rules of Terror in Horror Movies mcj-05.03.13

"From a handicapper that's real sincere." Fugue For Tinhorns. jc-05.03.13

The trailer for Sarah Silverman's French noir film from the '60s is out. Tres bon. jc-05.02.13

For SD, Law & Order's fake websites. ms-05.02.13

"Project Kronos is a documentary film set in the not too distant future, following a mission to achieve interstellar space travel. As the mission unfolds with extraordinary results, the scientists find themselves dealing with a much bigger agenda." ms-05.01.13

Wes Anderson and Brad Pitt channeled Jacques Tati in two spots for Softbank in Japan, 2009. jc-05.01.13

The story behind the "ghost helicopter flyover" from the opening sequence of Apocalypse Now. More from Cinetropolis. Via LaFamiliarFilm. jc-04.30.13

Fun promotional film for the software company, Red Giant: Spy vs Guy And here's Nick's write up about Greyscale Gorilla's involvement in the project. sd-04.29.13

BB and I are both psyched for this flick. Check out the trailer for The Ghastly Love of Johnny X. mcj-04.29.13

Fun with FY Behind the Scenes. Did you know American Graffiti was shot in sequence? jc-04.29.13

Music vid of the moment, particularly among those featuring human heads used as bowling balls: Two Door Cinema Club's Handshake. sd-04.29.13

A 1998 documentary about the closing of Kai Tak airport in Hong Kong. sd-04.29.13

The new spot for iPhone feels very Malick-ish. jc-04.26.13

Nice, Chicago Screenshots from film and television. Via Jessa Crispin. jc-04.26.13

"From its exuberant early scenes, Heaven's Gate is an intensely melancholic movie. Loss looms over all of it." Related to the last, Giulia D'Agnolo Vallan on HG for Criterion. jc-04.26.13

Nice summary post from Cinephilia on various articles and videos relating to the rerelease of Michael Cimino's Heaven's Gate. jc-04.26.13

A behind-the-scene peek at how the world of the film Oblivion was created. ms-04.26.13

Trailer for the documentary Deceptive Practices: The Mysteries and Mentors of Ricky Jay. How soon can this come to Chicago and how many tickets can I buy? sd-04.25.13

If ever there was a link worthy of our "Film and Television" category, this is it: Twin Peaks meets The Shining. Via Chris Glass. bb-04.24.13

An archive of all of the raw footage, shot over the course of four years, that went into the documentary about public housing in Chicago, Voices of Cabrini. Via Gapers Block. sd-04.23.13

Lone Ranger trailer. Hmm. jc-04.23.13

The phenomenon when two opposing studios release essentially the same movies at the same time (it happens more often than you likely remember). Twin Movies. sd-04.23.13

A fun reel for the aerial videography company, airV8. sd-04.23.13

Midnight Barcelona. ms-04.22.13

"What happens when you send something by mail? What happens in between you sending it of and someone else receiving it? What people and processes are involved and how many steps does it take?" Stick a camera in a box and find out. sd-04.19.13

After a year or two of teasers and trailers, here's the full-length short film based on Shepard Fairey's time as a student at RISD: Obey the Giant. Occasionally a little heavy handed, but beautifully shot. sd-04.19.13

Stills from films and their corresponding color palettes, Movies In Color. jc-04.19.13

A promo for the Phantom Flex4K camera, shooting at 1000fps. sd-04.18.13

There is certainly some thing to be said for consistency, The 20th Century Fox logo through the years. jc-04.17.13

Alex Cox's Repo Man finally gets the Criterion Blu-Ray treatment, along with a fantastic explanation of its importance. bb-04.17.13

Great, fun music vid for When I'm Gone, the song from the film Pitch Perfect. sd-04.15.13

Interesting to re-watch this compilation of all seven spots from AT&T's 1993-1994 'You Will' campaign (directed by David Fincher, no less) and see how much has panned out, what missed the mark by just a bit, or things that are still entirely future-y. sd-04.15.13

Relink. The Quiet City: A Portrait of Paris In Winter, a film by Andrew Julian. jc-04.15.13

We've All Been There. ms-04.12.13

Rest in peace Jonathan Winters. Two of his greatest roles were in The Loved One from 1965. "I tell you, Will, he can put them in orbit." jc-04.12.13

Trailer for the documentary Archiculture, about architecture and design education. sd-04.12.13

Info on the American premiere of artist Takashi Murakami's feature film, Jellyfish Eyes. A trailer, here. sd-04.12.13

A nice, hyper batch of motion graphics, in very spring-like pastels no less: Who is _yi.? sd-04.12.13

Great vibe, terrific copy, perfect voiceover, swell track. Four stars for Illusions (Part One), written and directed by Samm Hodges. jc-04.11.13

For this one, are you thinking "Big Heads Over Tiny People on a Beach" or "Big Block Font Right Over the Face"? Either way, if you're designing a movie poster, it's likely already been done (and more than a few times). sd-04.10.13

"The conceit of having the thing that's on your mobile phone actually with you..." A recent spot for Facebook kicked off this great rant from Ben Kay. sd-04.10.13

There have been very few sources of intra-office tension at Coudal HQ over the last 20 years, but the debate as described in the last two paragraphs of this story has been one. kg-04.09.13

The stories of five birds driven to extinction in modern times and sculptor Todd McGrain's project to memorialize them. The film follows the road-trip that McGrain and his brother-in-law take as they search for the locations where the birds were last seen in the wild and negotiate for permission to install McGrain's large bronze sculptures there. In conjunction with Earth Day, it's being broadcast by American Public Television on over 200 public television stations this month (airing on WYCC in Chicago at 21:00CT Mon., April 8). ab-04.08.13

Spectacle: The Music Video is the first museum exhibition to celebrate the art and history of the music video. From early examples of music in film to the work of music video masters such as David Bowie and Madonna and contemporary artists such as The White Stripes and Kanye West, the exhibition reveals the enormous influence music videos have had on contemporary culture over the past 35 years. ab-04.08.13

"This film [Fellini's 8 1/2], shot on a video camcorder of some sort, is a testament to the prowess of stupidity." 10 Great Films and Their One-Star IMDb Reviews. sd-04.05.13

John Wray explains why Toy Story and The Walking Dead are essentially the same thing. sd-04.05.13

Kogan on Ebert, "A critic who had the soul of a poet." jc-04.04.13

A reel of aerial shots of the Bay Area. sd-04.04.13

Another great spot from Lurpak: "The Cook," from director Scott Lyon and famed DP John Mathieson. sd-04.04.13

Wow. Trailer for A Single Shot. ms-04.03.13

The Quiet City: Winter in Paris. Full screen is best. ms-04.03.13

Wayne and Schuster's Shakespearian Baseball Game. sd-04.01.13

Sometimes you run across a plaque and just don't know what emotion you're supposed to feel about it. sd-03.28.13

Given that Edie Windsor has been so prevalent in the news this week, recommending the great documentary about her and her partner's lives together, Edie & Thea: A Very Long Engagement, seems like a good idea. sd-03.28.13

"If somebody manipulated my image that much, I wouldn't even turn up. Because sorry, cinematography? Really?" Coming to this a little late, but here's DP Christopher Doyle's expletive-heavy, spot-on response to Life of Pi winning an Oscar for cinematography. sd-03.25.13

"So I went to L.A. to discuss the show and how he wanted to deal with the visuals, and the first thing David said was, 'We're going to shoot this with minimal equipment and really fast.'" A great, technical discussion with DP Eigil Bryld, about shooting House of Cards. sd-03.22.13

"An entire year, 1 driver, 1 van, plenty of hitchhikers, 1 huge country, 7 states, more than 30 thousand kilometers, 1 camera and a lot of fun." ms-03.22.13

Related, the trailer for Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby, which will open the festival. jc-03.22.13

"The first rough cut was 4 and half hours long and the final cut of the film is 1 hour and 52 minutes. Many scenes and entire subplots were dropped completely during the editing process." The lost scenes of FFC's The Conversation. Via Cinephilia. jc-03.20.13

Breaking the Fourth Wall. ms-03.19.13

For R and J, this is the commercial you were looking for. ms-03.18.13

Ben Burtt talking about the prototype Boba Fett armour being worked on before Empire. jc-03.18.13

Interesting short film on fashion blogging and street style stars, Take My Picture. ms-03.15.13

The Ellington Kid. ms-03.14.13

Related to earlier. Beautiful Decay on The Lebowski Cycle. "A series of paintings and drawings exploring layered narratives, using masterpieces of western art and the Coen Brothers' film The Big Lebowski as a point of departure. More images and references from the artist, Joe Forkan. jc-03.14.13

A documentary on Making The Big Lebowski. Via Cinephilia. jc-03.14.13

So you know, there is a Kickstarter to fund a Veronica Mars movie. ms-03.13.13

A great way to start the week, Peter Sellers in the end-credit sequence from Being There. Try not to smile. jc-03.11.13

Fantastic, Trans-Mongolian: A Long Train Journey. Full screen is best. ms-03.11.13

Daniel Kleinman "took over the dream job of becoming the next Bond title designer from veteran designer Maurice Binder with GoldenEye in 1995." jc-03.11.13

The Art of Steadicam. ms-03.08.13

The trailer for the second season of The Gorburger Show. sd-03.05.13

Star Wars nesting dolls. dw-03.04.13

"The idea of this blog was to show you the canvas. To give you insight and hopefully a greater appreciation of what a VFX artist sees every day." Before VFX. "So, sorry to disappoint, but you won't be seeing any 'After VFX' images on this blog." sd-03.01.13

Trailer for the documentary, 12 O'Clock Boys, about the notorious urban dirt-bike gang of Baltimore. sd-03.01.13

"But what makes this film so special? Salerno contends he got 'over the wall.' But he would not elaborate on exactly what that means." Shane Salerno's long-gestating J.D. Salinger Documentry set to air on PBS' American Masters. jc-03.01.13

A Day in a Life John Lasseter, head of Pixar. Via Cinephilia. jc-03.01.13

A look at the sign shop in Queens that makes all the signs for New York City. Via The Awesomer. ms-02.28.13

A great, technical piece about shooting Portlandia. sd-02.26.13

The Dirk Diggler Story, the 1988 short film an 18 year-old Paul Thomas Anderson directed, which he later turned into Boogie Nights. sd-02.26.13

Mark Seal's fantastic piece in Vanity Fair about taking a look 20 years back at "The Making of Pulp Fiction." sd-02.25.13

Once again, it looks as if the Academy has snubbed Fatal Deviation, the "most epic Irish martial arts movie of all time." What a shame. sd-02.24.13

For those outside of Chicago: here's what Billy Corgan's been up to. sd-02.21.13

Trailer for the documentary Finding Vivian Maier. jc-02.18.13

Local note, the 70mm Festival kicks off tonight at the Music Box with Vertigo and 2001. Too bad JC is on the other side of the planet. dw-02.15.13

Nicely made spot for Volkswagen: "Mask." sd-02.15.13

Each band member is on a Photoshop-esque layer in this interactive music vid for Tanlines' Not the Same. sd-02.14.13

Every year for the last decade, I've made a short film for Valentine's Day for my wife. Here's this year's, now including my son in the dumbness. sd-02.14.13

Cole, along with his brother and his grandfather recently spent a few weeks in Peru. ms-02.13.13

A pointless argument about getting lunch, using a pair of drum kits. Drum-Off. sd-02.12.13

Tony Millionaire's new Father Ted DVD covers. jdr-02.12.13

Not your average camera test, Incendia. ms-02.11.13

Nicely art directed music vid with good use of solid colors and strange props: Gramme's Too High. sd-02.08.13

Ridley Scott's annotated and illustrated personal shooting script from Alien. jc-02.08.13

Dramatic Aurora Borealis. Iceland - Time-lapse of a Winter Fairytale. ms-02.08.13

After the well-made Super Bowl ad from Dodge ran, it's been interesting to learn that state agriculture departments and farm bureaus have been putting together similar pieces for years. Here's from Arkansas and here's Utah's Dept. of Agriculture's. sd-02.06.13

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Ladies and Gentlemen..." Die Hard: The Musical, as sung by Alan Rickman. sd-02.06.13

The Super Bowl Ads You Didn't See. Skip the Quill one, but the Old Milwaukee spot is as good and as weird as the rest in this ongoing series. sd-02.05.13

"You were alive this morning when the sun came up, let's stay that way." ms-02.05.13

Ultra high-concept technology horror television anthology Black Mirror has a new trailer for season two. jdr-02.04.13

Some background on the Ram Trucks' "So God Made a Farmer" spot from last night. jc-02.04.13

The Golden Sea. ms-02.04.13

Celestial movement at human speed. A spectacular film of a moonrise in real time. jc-02.01.13

Trippy, collage-based music vid by Cyriak for Bonobo's Cirrus. More info on the new Bonobo album, The North Borders, here. Can't wait. sd-02.01.13

Creative Review on The Gunn Report's five best spots of 2102. Love "The Bear." jc-01.31.13

Ben Kay get the conversation going early about the "is it racist and if so, how racist?" Super Bowl commercial from Volkswagen. In the end, Ben's assessment seems pretty spot on: "Borderline racism I can take, but lazy, unamusing borderline racism? Why bother?" sd-01.30.13

A Day in India. ms-01.30.13

A fantastic interview with Steven Soderbergh about nearly everything, including a little snippet about his plans to re-cut and re-shoot a new version of Kafka. sd-01.28.13

The most wonderful, bizarre thing you'll see all week: Screaming Pool. Via Atencioblog. sd-01.25.13

Trailer for the Coen's Inside Llewyn Davis. jc-01.24.13

Looks like a cross between Die Hard, Air Force One and that level from one of the Call of Duty games: the trailer for Olympus Has Fallen. sd-01.23.13

Related to the last. "Little Eddie the Boots snorted. 'Yeah? Well, he don't know squat about westerns. You see the knock he put on Shane?" I suppose it's a good time to revisit a classic Royko column on the subject. jc-01.23.13

At the risk of starting the whole "Top 10 Westerns" debate again... John Carpenter's list is pretty solid. jc-01.23.13

A battle for the best Chappelle Show sketch ever, by Rembert Browne for Grantland. Right on. Now excuse me while I go watch all 64 contestants again. jc-01.22.13

"...we have gone from a world in which we couldn't possibly fake a landing on the Moon but we went there for real to a world in which we are no longer going to the Moon but we can easily fake it. jc-01.22.13

Scripts for Oscar nominated films. jc-01.22.13

Key & Peele director Peter Atencio interesting write up on fighting a network over including laugh tracks. sd-01.21.13

Our SD's short documentary profile of the Uptown Poetry Slam at the Green Mill, the birthplace of the poetry slam movement and the phrase itself. bb-01.21.13

Norwegian director Kristoffer Borgli's short film about killing time while being locked in a public pool: Real Life Exp. Via Doobybrain. sd-01.21.13

Nothing new here (years ago Wakiza Gamez and I recorded a version of Britney Spears' I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman using the same technique), but it certainly is fun: the Fresh Prince theme song, Google Translated. sd-01.18.13

The trailer for Dmitry Vasyukov's four-hour Russian television documentary Happy People before it was re-tooled, overdubbed (?!?!), and re-narrated for Werner Herzog's co-directed, feature-length Happy People. sd-01.18.13

Too much fun. Real Skifi, a Finnish web series full of urban skiing, each episode opening with a sketch before getting into the tricks. sd-01.18.13

"It was just that we liked the sound of the word- there's no hidden meaning." The Coen Brothers chat about Fargo. jc-01.18.13

Trailer for Shark Bites, a puppet-based web series about a dude and his shark roommate. mm-01.17.13

What happens when a sound cue gets too zeitgeisty: BWAAAHHHH: The Inception Sound Sitcom. Via Atencioblog. sd-01.17.13

A handful of insane and fun network promos for Space Shower TV, an MTV competitor in Japan. sd-01.17.13

"Sting ray double-sided Scooby snack!" Yes I know this is everywhere but there's a good reason for it. Try not to smile, A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL. jc-01.16.13

In reaction to the controversy surrounding Zero Dark Thirty, FotA Keith Phipps writes in the Atlantic about how the film isn't the first to play politics in the holy land. "For example: the '80s." sd-01.15.13

Path of Beauty. ms-01.15.13

A fun spot from ESPN about English slang and two soccer teams from Manchester: "Born Into It." sd-01.15.13

Two teenagers spent two years making a live action Toy Story. ms-01.14.13

Moonwalk. Gorgeous. ms-01.10.13

You know what? I think I'll go back to school. ms-01.08.13

Fun, weird spot by DDB for the NY Lottery: "Thumb Wars." sd-01.08.13

Les Miserables plot summary in emoji. jc-01.08.13

Trailer for Downloaded, a documentary about the rise and fall of Napster. sd-01.07.13

"This video is to show people what it is like to fight fires, and what firefighters across the nation do every day." 2012 A Year On My Lid. Via Cynical C. ms-01.07.13

"The original concept was to interview 14 children from diverse backgrounds from all over England, asking them about their lives and their dreams for the future. Every seven years, renowned director Michael Apted, a researcher for Seven Up, has been back to talk to them, examining the progression of their lives." Trailer for the documentary 56 Up. ms-01.04.13

William Shatner tweeted an astronaut and he replied from space, as in OUTERSPACE! We live in the future! mm-01.04.13

David Hudson's 12 of 12. jc-01.03.13

For MS: a whole bunch of non-information about the recent, possibly-fake buzz about Twin Peaks' return to television. sd-01.02.13

Movie Mimic. Recreating a shot from a film in the same spot it was filmed at. sd-01.02.13

Trailer for the documentary Landfill Harmonic, about making musical instruments from objects found in landfills in Paraguay. Via Doobybrain. sd-01.02.13

PopSci's picks for the sloppiest sci-fi movie science violations of 2012. ms-12.31.12

Roger Ebert gives us his picks for the Top Movies of 2012. ms-12.31.12

2012: The Cinescape. ms-12.29.12

Relink. Helmet Oddity, a supercut of space suit helmets. jc-12.28.12

Caught Mapping, "how road maps are drawn, field-checked and printed" from 1940. sd-12.20.12

A second, more complete trailer for Antarctica: A Year on Ice and more info on its release outside of bottom of the planet. sd-12.20.12

"Assuming Harry doesn't lose the hand completely, he will almost certainly have other serious complications, including a high risk for infection and 'contracture' in which resulting scar tissue seriously limits the flexibility and movement of the hand." A professional weighs in on "Diagnosing the Home Alone Burglars' Injuries." sd-12.20.12

Trailer for the film that finds Michael Bay filming without robots and CGI (but still likely lots of explosions): Pain & Gain. sd-12.20.12

Original storyboards from Blade Runner. Via Cinephilia & Beyond. jc-12.19.12

Related, FFC on the Merv Griffin Show in 1979. jc-12.19.12

Terrific video of FFC interviewing screenwriter John Milius about Apocalypse Now and other topics. jc-12.19.12

Corey Rich's sample remote control helicopter footage from Trango Tower, Pakistan. Holy smokes. jc-12.18.12

ÜberConference takes quite a decidedly different approach to a mobile app launch video. jc-12.18.12

Music vid for The Killers' Here With Me, directed by Tim Burton and apparently based on the 1935 Peter Lorre film, Mad Love. sd-12.17.12

Trailer for SmashTV's Memorex. Not so much a conventional movie, but more of an insane, long-form experiment with footage "culled from over forty hours of 80s commercials pulled from warped VHS tapes," and set to music by LA Vampires, Boards of Canada, and more. sd-12.17.12

The University of Chicago is trying to get to the bottom of who sent this letter to Indiana Jones, perhaps its most famous fictional alum. Thanks Claire. sd-12.13.12

Photos from the making of The 400 Blows and Francois Truffaut's notes on naming the film. Via Brendan Dawes. jc-12.13.12

"Clive Buckle is being questioned about the murder of his wife. Interrogation brings back a slew of memories, some good, some bad...some sexy. The police are convinced he did it, they just need a weapon; but Clive's saying nothing." The Girl Is Mime. ms-12.13.12

Related, the 1977 theatrical trailer for Sorcerer. jc-12.11.12

A blog dedicated the vastly underrated William Friedkin film Sorcerer. Also, dig the killer Tangerine Dream soundtrack, especially the last cut, Betrayal. jc-12.11.12

"What was I supposed to do, just let 'em die?"
Trailer for Man of Steel. mcj-12.11.12

"The last film ever produced by the legendary John Ford was a work of propaganda commissioned by the United States government in support of the Vietnam War." The full-length Vietnam! Vietnam!. However, "accounts vary as to the extent that Ford was actively involved in the production." sd-12.10.12

The Godfather Business, by Mario Puzo for Vanity Fair, 2009. Fascinating piece on how the films got made. jc-12.08.12

Related to the last Advise and Consent featurette. A great, great film, including Charles Laughton's last performance. jc-12.05.12

"I have a secret investor that has infinite money. I learned what I learned from my three smaller films, and wanted to write a bigger film. I've been writing it... My story is set in New York. I have a first draft. I'm really ready for a casting phase. Movies are big in proportion to the period. It starts in the middle of the '20s, and there are sections in the '30s and the late '40s, and it goes until the late '60s." —Francis Ford Coppola. jc-12.05.12

John Waters' favorite films of 2012. ko-12.04.12

Twelve questions (give or take) with Woody Allen. ko-12.03.12

The Real Thing, a short doc on the "re-imagining of a classic Mustang by way of an extremely rare and powerful motor built specifically for legendary racer Mario Andretti's 1969 Can Am series race car." Boss. jc-12.03.12

Every Apple TV Ad Ever Made ms-11.30.12

The Harder They Come on Hulu. So great. Classic cover art too. jc-11.29.12

Matt Brennan on Cimino's Heaven's Gate, Catastrophe or Classic? I vote classic. jc-11.27.12

So you know, how to make food look irresistible on television. jc-11.27.12

Behind the scenes of the visual effects for Skyfall. jc-11.27.12

Everything you ever wanted to know about "Foley Artists' is right here, courtesy of Albert Brooks. "Space floor!" Via Earl Pomerantz. jc-11.26.12

Spoiler Alert! James Bond is a Time Lord. mcj-11.26.12

Cameras, lenses and clapperboards all up for auction from the estate of the incomparable Sven Nykvist. Via Things. jc-11.26.12

This week's noted Japanese television commercials. Just great. jc-11.26.12

Relink. Annotated images of videophones in film by Joe Malia. Highly recommended. jc-11.21.12

A nice spot from a local bank in Colorado Springs, but an even more interesting, side-by-side look behind the scenes. sd-11.15.12

A short film showing how sriracha gets made. sd-11.15.12

Great time lapse video, China: Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. Brings back fond memories of an amazing dinner cruise around Shanghai harbor. ms-11.13.12

An interesting way to market the new Toyota GT86: "White Trash Beauty." Directly by Arnaud Uyttenhove, mildly channeling his inner Harmony Korine. sd-11.13.12

The UK apparently gets started extra-extra early with their epic holiday ads. Here's the best thus far: Morrisons' "For Your Christmas." Via Ben Kay. sd-11.13.12

Anthony Bourdain doesn't particularly care for product placement. sd-11.13.12

Trio (of Da Da Da fame) made a feature film in 1985: Drei gegen Drei. Come on, Criterion, we NEED this. bb-11.12.12

Our SD has continued to enlist his two-month-old son to do his artist bidding, most recently this strange "art film," starring his baby. bb-11.09.12

Wes Anderson's Star Wars: Episode VII Audition Tape. sd-11.09.12

Trailer for World War Z. sd-11.09.12

A series of limited edition recreations of various posters and other artwork made by Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima for the Harry Potter films. sd-11.09.12

'Tis the season and that means the release of this year's John Lewis Christmas commercial. After 2011's terrific effort, this one is also directed by an all-time favorite, Dougal Wilson, who is clearly incapable of not being consistently amazing. sd-11.09.12

Get well soon, Svengoolie. Chicago (and Berwyn) need you! bb-11.05.12

"This is the story of what a local news team has to go through to get their story on the air. In this case, the story is Hurricane Sandy, the biggest storm to hit the east coast in recorded history." The First 36 Hours. ms-11.05.12

Air New Zealand embraces its country's identity as Middle Earth with this Lord of the Rings/Hobbit-focused safety video, complete with a Peter Jackson cameo: "An Unexpected Briefing." sd-11.01.12

Gets fairly technical fairly quickly, but should remain interesting for even non-camera buffs: a write up on DP Roger Deakins shooting Skyfall, the first Bond film shot digitally (though still remaining adherent to practical effects). sd-11.01.12

Help Jason Dummeldinger Kickstart his Between the Lines series of narrative re-enactments of forgotten stories of baseball. bb-11.01.12

The official trailer for Sightseers. dh-11.01.12

13 horror posters far scarier than their movies. mcj-10.31.12

Watched Gerhard Richter Painting last night. Highly recommended. jc-10.31.12

Look out behind you, Steve McQueen! A supercut of big stars in their early horror roles. Via Flavorwire dh-10.30.12

Behind-the-scenes photos from some classic horror films. dh-10.29.12

Wish that we had one of these in real life, Adobe's BS Detector. ms-10.26.12

Seven ordinary things in extraordinary slow-motion. jc-10.26.12

What do you get when a Chinese real estate tycoon writes and co-finances a $130 million epic film about a mermaid war, and almost everyone originally involved in the production drops out? Empires of the Deep, dh-10.24.12

Comedy Central has just posted a preview of their upcoming animated sitcom based on the Koch Brothers: Gajillionaires. dh-10.23.12

Refound this while looking for something else. An article From Vanity Fair about a group of Mississippi kids who made a shot-for-shot remake of Raiders of the Lost Ark. jc-10.23.12

Petrol-Food-Beer. ms-10.19.12

Save the Date is a new film starring Lizzy Caplan and Alison Brie, and was co-written by graphic novelist, Jeffrey Brown. Here's the trailer. dh-10.19.12

No photos, of course, but hot on the heels of the Cloud Atlas premiere, a fun, written tour of the Wachowski siblings' studio in Andersonville. sd-10.19.12

Open Culture on a long-lost Dutch documentary on the making of Empire Strikes Back. jc-10.19.12

Relink. "My hovercraft is full of eels" in many languages. Fantastic resource located by Bill Keaggy. Confused? See this. jc-10.19.12

Relink. "My hovercraft is full of eels" in many languages. Fantastic resource located by Bill Keaggy. Confused? See this. jc-10.19.12

Less than a week after its debut, the sci-fi short film, True Skin, has been bought by Warner Bros. and will be turned into a feature film. dh-10.18.12

Time-lapse of space-shuttle Endeavour, Mission 26, heading home. Spectacular. Via Cameron. jc-10.18.12

The cult anime series, Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad, has been posted in its entirety to YouTube by its American distributor. It's a great coming-of-age story about a painfully shy teenager who joins a band, and discovers himself. It also features one of my favorite title sequences on television. dh-10.17.12

In 2008, Dean & Britta (formerly of Galaxie 500 and Luna) were commissioned by The Andy Warhol Museum to create a soundtrack for Warhol's screen tests. The resulting songs are finally available as digital downloads and as a limited edition CD on their site. dh-10.17.12

Vintage Workwear discusses the period costumes of Moonrise Kingdom, and how Wes Anderson came to borrow his boots. dh-10.17.12

"I'm curious what makes you so curious?" Django Unchained trailer #2. jc-10.17.12

Comedian Greg Hess and myself have just wrapped the final chapter of the Max Gerber saga. Here's part two, filmed last winter, and the original. sd-10.16.12

Natural Phenomena. Lovely. ms-10.16.12

Pilgrimage, a silent short by Werner Herzog, chronicling Mexican and Russian Pilgrims. Via WFMU. dh-10.15.12

Beautifully shot short film about painstakingly recreating the poster that inspired John Lennon to write "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite": Lennon's Poster. sd-10.12.12

Remember that cool title sequence that preceded HBO films in the '80s? This is how they built it. Via Kirsten Lepore. dh-10.12.12

Fascinating trailer for the documentary Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters. ms-10.11.12

Summer Barcelona. ms-10.11.12

Trailer for Men at Lunch, a documentary about trying to uncover the identities of the workers in the famous, semi-fake "Lunch Atop a Skyscraper" photo. sd-10.11.12

A preview for the already spot-on TED parody: Onion Talks. sd-10.11.12

Pixar's Lee Unkrich on his obsessive love of The Shining, and the various nods to it found in Toy Story 3. dh-10.10.12

Related to the last: while a great review of the final Mitchell and Webb sketch, it also seems like maybe the reviewer didn't quite get the brilliant joke, set up in the episode before. It's "the Blackadder ending." sd-10.09.12

The Serial Optimist explains why Mitchell and Webb's genuinely funny sketch, "Old Holmes," might also be "the saddest five minutes of television [he's] ever seen." dh-10.09.12

"Warm young bodies will feed his hunger, and hot, fresh blood his awful thirst!" So you know, for the ninth year running Not Coming celebrates 31 Days of Horror. jc-10.09.12

Apologies to BB and I know it has been linked up everywhere but it is still great, the Ohio State Marching Band's amazing half-time show. ms-10.09.12

I said to my boy Spencer, "This is so great." He said, "and so unsafe." jc-10.08.12

Try not to smile. ms-10.08.12

The new film, Jack and Diane, features sequences animated by the Quay Brothers. Here's the trailer. dh-10.05.12

A-ma-zing. Scene from Bollywood Jaws. Via Cynical C. ms-10.04.12

Berlin Hyper-lapse. ms-10.03.12

Not exactly related to the last couple posts, except in spirit. jc-10.02.12

The latest music vid from Japan's preeminent robot-walking pop group: Genki Sudo's Permanent Revolution. sd-10.02.12

Very Little Stars by Ben Wiggins. Fab time-lapse compilation with camera movement, tilt-shift and a whole bag of tricks. Via Andrew Sullivan. jc-10.01.12

Filming in McDonaldland, 1970-1988. dw-09.28.12

In case you missed it, the ever-reclusive local filmmakers, Lana and Andy Wachowski, gave their first live radio interview on Steve Edward's final Afternoon Shift show. sd-09.28.12

Relink. "1. Record for 20-30 mins. 2. Go frame-by-frame and grab pieces of the road that aren't obstructed by a car. Eventually, you will have every piece of the road. 3. Put the static image of the road in with the moving background." From Ross Ching, whose Running on Empty is just magical. jc-09.28.12

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... oh, just watch it yourself. Via Cynical C. ms-09.27.12

It feels like this story gets written every six months or so, but it's always fascinating: Businessweek's "Branded for Life," about the actors who become long-term spokespeople. sd-09.27.12

Watched the bewildering mess that is The Avengers last night and agree with everything in the Honest Trailers version. sd-09.27.12

All in for D. Rose. Excellent Adidas spot from director Stacy Wall and 180 Los Angeles. When does basketball start again? jc-09.26.12

A great spot for Midttrafik, a Danish bus company who made the smart choice to listen to their ad agency about making a very silly ad. sd-09.26.12

Fellini on Fellini, A Director's Notebook, 1969. Via Cinephilia. jc-09.25.12

From the mid-80s, a presentation pilot for a show about video games that never went to air: Wired In. Featuring brief appearances by Lily Tomlin and Bill Murray. sd-09.21.12

Saw Indie Game: The Movie last night after seeing the filmmakers, James Swirsky and Lisanne Pajot, at XOXO last weekend. Four stars. jc-09.21.12

Bill Murray. Exactly what it says on the tin. bb-09.21.12

Wonderfully stupid sketch from the upcoming new season of Key & Peele: "East/West Bowl." sd-09.21.12

An afternoon trip inside the seedy underbelly of a Brooklyn neighborhood: Forgotten Squat - The Gowanus Bat Cave. Via Doobybrain. sd-09.21.12

"As far as I am aware we are the first prep school to do a full feature-length film." Seventy boys from the Tower House School made their own version of The Hobbit. Check the trailer here. More info here. ms-09.21.12

Related to the last, notes on The Tin Drum re-release (pdf) from Schlöndorff and from the book's author, Günter Grass, plus excerpts from the filmmaker's shooting diary. "...we must compose the images that the reader sees. A memorized Danzig, evoked by signs." Can't wait. jc-09.19.12

Annie Hall locations, then and now. Thanks Michael. jc-09.19.12

Hobbit trailer. jc-09.19.12

The music is maybe a touch too dramatic given the subject, but you can always just turn it down when enjoying this collection of time lapse videos shot in Nebraska over this past summer. sd-09.18.12

With Ken Marino's recent Burning Love for Yahoo and now Joe Lo Truglio's Escape My Life for Ford, we are apparently in the golden era of branded web series staring members of The State. sd-09.18.12

Wilson Webb's great photos for W from the set of Gangster Squad. This shot is tremendous. sd-09.18.12

Great spot for St John's Ambulance. Stick with it to the end and absolutely don't watch it via YouTube, where they give away the whole concept in the title. sd-09.18.12

Not my favorite of the bunch for John Lewis from over the years, but beautifully shot and edited and certainly still a better spot than 99.9% than most anything else on TV: "Never Knowingly Undersold." sd-09.18.12

Max Gadney on in-screen sports graphics and their potential application across other fields. jc-09.18.12

Based on the trailer alone, it's going to be hard to beat this one for best documentary of the year: Chasing Ice. Wow. sd-09.14.12

For camera people like me who have been eagerly waiting to tinker with this thing: Philip Bloom's great review of the BlackMagic Cinema Camera. How long before one of these lands here at CP? sd-09.13.12

The Unofficial Downton Abbey Cookbook, from Lady Mary's Crab Canapés to Mrs. Patmore's Christmas Pudding. dw-09.11.12

Lincoln teaser. Hmmm. jc-09.11.12

Great short documentary about director Chris Cunningham. Somehow it's always a bit unsettling when a person who makes really, really dark things sounds like just your typical average Joe. sd-09.07.12

Trailer for the 50th anniversary 4K restoration of Lawrence of Arabia. Can't wait. jc-09.06.12

"It's democratized the process of creating beautiful images. It used to be just people who know how to use cameras." Portrait of an Instagram Artist. sd-09.06.12

So fun, test hoverboard footage from Back to the Future 2. Thanks Stan. jc-09.05.12

Choreography for green plastic army men, by David Fain. Via Change the Thought. jc-09.04.12

For BB: the cleverly animated Dubstep Dispute. sd-09.04.12

Part short film, part camera test for RED, part reel addition for Ridley Scott's son Luke: Loom. Sadly, not connected to the great, early-'90s Lucasfilm game of the same name. sd-09.04.12

"For many of the guys that work here, the restaurant is like a second home - some of them have been slinging burgers, making shakes, and waiting on customers at this location for decades." Prime. ms-09.03.12

Two sneak peeks that have me psyched for the third seasons of Wallander and Downton Abbey. ms-09.02.12

"In my mind, the movie had made a turn I wouldn't alter - it curved up the river. I chose to go with a stylized treatment, up the river into primitive times - and I eliminated everything in the script that didn't take you there." Following up from yesterday, another FFC interview, this time from 1979 in Rolling Stone, right after the Apocalypse Now production. jc-08.31.12

Related to the last. Jim Emerson's Opening Shots Project. And to tie it back to FFC, The Conversation. jc-08.29.12

"Somehow I haven't done (in cinema) what I always dreamed of doing, and am ever hopeful that now I'll be in a position to accomplish that. I wish to write something big and as full of emotion as I feel I am. I am learning so much about writing and am hopeful that I am on the verge of accomplishing this goal. I wonder if when I get all this done, if I'll be able to take the leap beyond melodrama and stand back and say to my incorrigible imagination, how can I take this to a level not like the movies I grew up with, but beyond that? I want to make a film that breaks your heart, but I've never done it." Mandatory reading. A great interview by Anisse Gross with Francis Ford Coppola at The Rumpus. jc-08.29.12

"Shot by my grandfather on his Bell & Howell Filmo using 16mm Kodachrome film stock. This footage was taken a year after the California theme park opened." Home Movies at DisneyLand- 1956. Fab, via MeFi. ms-08.29.12

Little Bangalore. ms-08.28.12

"I don't believe in decorative titles — neato for the sake of being neato. I want to make sure you're going to get some bang for your buck. Titles should be engaging in a character way, it has to help set the scene, and you can do that elaborately or you can do it minimally." Art of the Title's extended interview with David Fincher. jc-08.28.12

The Hunger Games/Lana Del Rey parody SD shot and edited for Holly Laurent just crossed the million view mark. Yowza. jc-08.28.12

NightFall. ms-08.27.12

Comedy Life Lesson: Bill Hader on props perception. One man's preparedness is another man's crutch? Via Mamalingo. ak-08.27.12

Trailer for the documentary The Waiting Room. ms-08.23.12

50 Years of Bond girls in all their glory by Arina Orlova. dw-08.23.12

"Shouldn't everybody be on the Internet?" Yes! ms-08.17.12

Gah! Bootlegged trailer for the new season of Downton Abbey. Us folks in the USA have to wait until January, boo. ms-08.17.12

So you know, a guide to all of Hitchcock's film cameos. ms-08.13.12

Today in history, Sir Alfred Hitchcock was born. ms-08.13.12

In the wake of a tragedy: an eye-opening documentary about Sikh war heroes, from the BBC. ak-08.07.12

The Armoire. ms-08.07.12

"He kept it hidden, fearing, he said, that it otherwise might have been destroyed." Nearly two decades after the actor's death, the director of River Phoenix's final movie, Dark Blood, has finished the film and will begin screening it next month. dec-08.03.12

The sound and music of The Dark Knight Rises. ms-08.03.12

An introduction to what should be an interesting series of timelapse tutorials. I'm assuming Step 1 is going to be "Move to somewhere that's very scenic." sd-08.03.12

Faces: 105 of Cinema's Most Beautiful Close-Ups. jc-08.02.12

"Getting a crush on your science teacher based on the way she gingerly takes care of guinea pigs" and 238 other issues tackled by Degrassi over twelve seasons, as painstakingly assembled by FotA, Margaret Lyons. sd-08.02.12

Not quite sure why I like it, but I do. ms-08.02.12

Paris in Motion. ms-08.01.12

As any die-hard trekkie knows, if you are wearing a red shirt and beam to the planet with Captain Kirk - you're gonna die. dw-07.30.12

Discovering Dad, Terry Gilliam's daughter digs through his personal archives for treasure. Via Scott at Filmmaker Mag. jc-07.30.12

NBC 5 Chicago's new World of Chicago promo campaign by Scott English and Victor LaPorte features a lovely voiceover track from the unstoppable Rick Kogan. Bravo. jc-07.28.12

Nike's Olympic ad: "Find Your Greatness." Full screen is best. ms-07.28.12

My Mans: An hysterically funny Comedy Central pilot by Chicago comedians Andy Miara, Mark Raterman, and Tim Robinson. tl-07.28.12

First official trailer for Ang Lee's Life Of Pi. jc-07.25.12

I forgot how cool the Soylent Green title sequence is, and how strange and out of character it seems, relative to the film itself. jc-07.24.12

Our SD directed and animated this music video for comedian Natalie Kossar: Stereotype, which also co-stars another, equally funny lady, Cameron Esposito. bb-07.23.12

John Cleese shills for Direct TV in the best possible way. ms-07.23.12

Like a more contained version of directing team Happy's famous Jane Lloyd short film, Ramon & Pedro's Le Miroir tells the story of a life through a bathroom mirror. A fun making-of here. Via Doobybrain. sd-07.20.12

From the AT&T archives, from 1963, one of the first computer-generated films. sd-07.19.12

Probably a good chance of getting some pushback and even threats from the super fans, but here's my review of The Dark Knight Rises. sd-07.19.12

Great spot by Channel 4 for their broadcast of the 2012 Paralympic Games. "Meet the Superhumans." Some really stellar, and often surprising, editing work in there. Via Ben Kay. sd-07.18.12

Checking... nope, still not sick of tilt-shift videos. Sweet Spain. ms-07.18.12

Trailer for Sleep Walk With Me. ms-07.17.12

Well-written, beautifully shot spot, and decidedly understated for a product of its kind: "Susan Glenn." Also some quality use of Kiefer Sutherland. Via Ben Kay. sd-07.17.12

Google street view has reached Scott's Hut on Ross Island, which is exactly as depicted in the Natural History Museum of London's Scott's Last Expedition exhibit. So cool. Via @polarben ms-07.17.12

The Tournament of Nerds is a no-holds-barred wordfest between iconic nerd and pop-culture characters. dw-07.16.12

For MS: a Community Gag Reel shown at Comic-Con. sd-07.16.12

"We're going to cycle seven Volcanos..." Java, a lovely film from Rapha. Lots more here. Thanks Paz. jc-07.16.12

"Never mind what time it is, what f***ing day is it?" The Independent raises a glass to toast Peter O'Toole, collecting some of his finest drinking stories all in one place. sd-07.13.12

Time for DW to make a road trip, our pals at the Walker Art Center are hosting their first ever Internet Cat Video Film Festival. ms-07.13.12

Killer Shoes, an unofficial music vid for Kap Bambino's Devotion, by directing team Norton. sd-07.12.12

Robbie by Neil Harvey was created from NASA archival footage. "Harvey, through editing and the writing of Robbie's monologue, constructs a touching, powerfully elegiac narrative around his robot main character." —SotW. jc-07.11.12

Last one. In 1970, when Apocalypse Now was initially released in 70mm, the credits were in a printed program and did not appear on screen. I was at the McClurg Court Theater for the first showing, got the program, and have no idea what happened to it. Sigh. jc-07.10.12

Related again, This, from the set of Fritz Lang's classic Metropolis, might just be the best motion picture production still ever, "There can be no understanding between the hands and the brain unless the heart acts as mediator." jc-07.10.12

Related to the last, a batch of great behind the scenes photos of Fritz Lang productions. sd-07.10.12

So you know. "This is my method for transferring 8mm footage using the Canon 5Dmk2 in real time." Gorgeous results from James Miller. jc-07.10.12

The five favorite films of lots of people. jc-07.09.12

A behind the scenes look at prepping a car for an explosion for a scene in an independent film. Via Doobybrain. sd-07.09.12

The Tour De Francis. A normal guy on a basic bike rides the Tour de France route in a series of films by DLKW Lowe for retail chain Halfords. Smartly done. jc-07.09.12

Unexpected bonus to being in London: excellent first episode in the new third season of BBC's brilliant Wallander. Crap. Now I'll have to wait until the fall to get the rest of the series in the US. ms-07.08.12

Shotopop distills the internet in a film to open the Webby Awards. Fab. Also, check tons more of their work on their site. Via Yewknee. jc-07.06.12

Reverso by ArtFx. Barney is an average guy, with one important exception. Via Short of the Week, the newest member or our advertising network for design, web and creative professionals, The Deck. jc-07.03.12

Great trailer for the Stuart Roy Clarke exhibition, Homes of Football, which chronicles the last 20 years of the photographer capturing soccer fan culture. It's also one of the first exhibitions at the National Football Museum, which opens in Manchester this Friday. sd-07.02.12

This is either awkward and cringe-enducing, or earnestly great. I think I'm going to side with the latter. Baron Davis to NYers: Heads Up! sd-07.02.12

A last minute trip for SD. Gallery 1988 in LA is hosting an Arrested Development tribute exhibition this month with tons of art celebrating the Bluths. dw-07.02.12

Relink because it is great, John Nese loves Soda Pop. ms-06.29.12

The trailer for Dredd is already helping to bury any and all memories of Rob Schneider. sd-06.28.12

Two Little Girls Explain The Worst Haircut Ever. So flipping great. ms-06.28.12

Great feature on the sound design for Brave. jc-06.28.12

Crazy. A trailer for Frankenweenie, a full-length, animated remake of Tim Burton's career-establishing eponymous 1984 short film. sd-06.27.12

Trailer for Lucas Brunelle's Line of Sight, a documentary on the worldwide underground bicycle messenger racing scene. Via Chris Fato. jc-06.27.12

Not sure how this recent trend of artsy films starring motion control camera rigs got started, but I'm all for it. Here's the latest: Bot & Dolly. sd-06.26.12

"This slo-mo is a lot slower than usual." Droplet collisions at 5000fps. jc-06.26.12

Love everything about this music vid from 1983: Yello's I Love You, directed by the band's co-founder, Deiter Meier, whose site I'll be lost in for the rest of the afternoon. sd-06.25.12

Insanely psychedelic music vid of the moment: Trumpeter Swan's Fools Parade. sd-06.25.12

Jason Ruiz's Sister Act w/ Director's Commentary. Via Atencioblog. sd-06.22.12

Trailer for the French film Unforgivable. ms-06.22.12

A 1978 promo from Steve Martin to encourage Warner's sales staff to help move his record. sd-06.21.12

A video tour showing the devastation in the city of Homs in Syria. ms-06.21.12

Trailer for the documentary The First 70 about the tragedy and shame of California's proposed closure of one quarter of its state parks starting next month. sd-06.21.12

Night Skies. Full screen is best. ms-06.21.12

Matt's Back! ms-06.20.12

A short Criterion film on restoring Chaplin's The Gold Rush. jc-06.20.12

Who was cooler than Billy Wilder? No one, that's who. jc-06.20.12

For a promo for the show, the opening of Futurama, made by hand. sd-06.20.12

From lighters to punches, the sounds of Mad Men, Season 5. ss-06.19.12

Trailer for Hara-Kiri. ms-06.19.12

Cascades, Craig Ward's video for British composer Ryan Teague, "using electromegnetic fields, sub zero temperatures and 2000 volts of electricity." Via Andrew Sullivan. jc-06.18.12

Related to the last: now I have to spend the rest of the day watching everything Johan Renck has ever directed. Trivia: the band The Killers got their name from his great music vid for New Order's Crystal. A fun callback to that vid from this 2007 show). sd-06.15.12

Symmetry is a brilliant film by Everynone, which won a Grand Prize at the recent Vimeo Awards. Via The Fox Is Black. jc-06.15.12

Yes, of course we're relinking this in honor of Bloomsday tomorrow. Again. Pitch 'n' Putt with Joyce 'n' Beckett. jc-06.15.12

"Nichol has caught the man right at the moment that the well of self-justification runs dry..." Sunshine, a documentary short by Doug Nichol about an American advertising producer in Shanghai. Excellent. Thanks Pop. jc-06.14.12

Existential Star Wars. ms-06.14.12

A nice mix of the light and the dark: AdWeek's collection of 10 spots directed by Wes Anderson and another 10 by David Fincher. The latter's "Fate" for Nike is one of the best things ever shot. sd-06.13.12

Best literary reference in a giant nationalistic banner at Euro2012 goes to Ireland fans before their loss to Croatia on Sunday. bb-06.13.12

Initially hesitant, what with that exhausted concept of "kid stands in for musician in a hip hop music vid," but Danny Brown's Grown Up won me over in the end. Well shot and great casting. sd-06.13.12

New favorite web series: StereoTypes. Start with Are You a Hipster? and What Color Is Your Music? Via Doobybrain. sd-06.13.12

An early 60s promotional film for coffee. Via Brainpickings. ss-06.13.12

The AV Club's fun post about how reality TV isn't so interested in sharing the truth, which should be a surprise to no one: "HGTV's Totally Fake House Hunters is Still Totally Fake." sd-06.12.12

Trailer for the documentary Big Easy Express. ms-06.12.12

The Wire: The Musical is a quick laugh, but also a very real warning of what can happen when something you love gets turned into something horrible. Looking at you, the musical version of Julian Po. sd-06.12.12

The attractively violent music vid for Be Brave Benjamin's Devil Fool. sd-06.12.12

Nicely shot promo video for Chicago's Bike to Work Week, which we're currently right in the middle of. sd-06.12.12

The difficulty of being a film critic is that your early opinions might not wind up being shared by the rest of the world: Roger Ebert's Worst Reviews. How anyone could show their face after giving only two stars to Die Hard is a testament to his confidence. sd-06.11.12

A pretty amazing way to spend a Sunday evening: Monty Python and the Holy Grail staged by a bunch of kids in my neighbor's backyard. bb-06.11.12

A look at the filming locations for director John Hughes' films. Via Things. ms-06.08.12

Anthony Powell is nearly finished with the film we've been eager to see for years now. Here's info on, and the first trailer for, Antarctica: A Year on Ice. sd-06.07.12

And follow by a trailer for the new Zemeckis film: Flight. Nice to see him taking a once-per-decade break from the motion-capture animation. sd-06.07.12

Trailer for the new Tarantino film, Django Unchained. sd-06.07.12

To help educate people who don't understand how you're supposed to hold a camera, a PSA about Vertical Video Syndrome. sd-06.07.12

What would a support group for '80s video game bad guys look like? The trailer for Wreck-It Ralph answers that question. ss-06.06.12

If you have 40 minutes to spare: a "complete and uncut" version of Italian Spiderman. Reminds you what a crime it is that Danger 5 hasn't started airing here yet. sd-06.06.12

Montreal in the 60's. Sweet film assembled from archival footage by Jimmy Deschenes. Via The Accidental Optimist. jc-06.06.12

If Leeroy Jenkins's exploits were dramatized as a Bourne-style heist film, it might look like this. ss-06.05.12

"An intimate portrait of Omar, a 17 year old stranded in a refugee camp since the 2011 war in Libya. The film offers a unique perspective of one person amongst thousands waiting for a chance to start their life again in a safe country." A Life on Hold. ms-06.04.12

The first three episodes of Burning Love launched this weekend. sd-06.04.12

Jay Cheel's fun, short documentary: The Politics of Competitive Board Gaming Amongst Friends. sd-06.04.12

Nick on seeing his City Kit plugin being used in The Avengers. sd-06.01.12

So you know, how Steadicams work. jc-05.31.12

Of course it's another "based on true events" history movie, inflating things that weren't historically all that significant or didn't happen quite so dramatically, like The King's Speech and Frost/Nixon, but hard to deny the pull of seeing Bill Murray as FDR: Hyde Park on Hudson. sd-05.31.12

The Golden Gate Way. ms-05.31.12

From a recent presentation at the FMC Conference in Stuttgart, Mikros Image breaks down SFX sequences from a promo short for Ghost Recon Alpha. People who like this sort of thing will find this exactly the sort of thing they like. jc-05.31.12

The music vid for Naive New Beaters' Jersey features the dangers of the most exciting Olympic sport. Via Doobybrain. sd-05.30.12

For SD: a supercut of every spell in all 8 Harry Potter movies. ms-05.30.12

"Hey after a 16 year break I'm shooting sketch comedy again. Keeping with tradition, this was shot on Hi8." Keith Schofield's Dinner for Two. sd-05.29.12

Re-link, If We Don't, Remember Me. ms-05.25.12

Video of Ridley Scott on storyboarding and creativity. jc-05.25.12

Can you name the movies whose titles begin with the letter "L" by their picture? dw-05.24.12

Trailer for P.T. Anderson's The Master. Looks great. jc-05.21.12

Sometimes, a new friend is good. Sometimes, there are limits. ms-05.18.12

Ben Kay can't figure out Nike's ad for Euro 2012. We're completely stumped too. sd-05.18.12

Sounds of Aronofsky. ms-05.18.12

The DP Reel of Anson Fogel, who shot the gorgeous Colorado tourism campaign that's currently running. A behind the scenes on those spots here. Via Denver Egotist. sd-05.17.12

Terrific spot from Droga5 Australia and director Matt Devine: "Moreing." sd-05.16.12

Director James Winters' tribute to MCA: Sabotage starring kids. sd-05.16.12

Ben Kay on a recent, and growing tiresome trend in commercials: "It's Another 'Through the Ages' Ad." sd-05.14.12

An animatronics reel from a designer who worked at the Jim Henson Creature Shop. Via Doobybrain. sd-05.14.12

A short documentary about bike messengers in Brussels, Brussels Express. ms-05.14.12

The Mike Birbiglia short film from the This American Life live show. sd-05.11.12

Still Stile takes a handful of frames from films and offers up commentary on "the beauty of well composed cinema and style elements used to provide the perfect still image." Had forgotten how much I liked the decidedly-70s look of The Eiger Sanction. sd-05.11.12

Nicely shot promo for Harley-Davidson, Butch Walker, and the Black Widows: The Ridebook: The Prohibition Tour. Via Doobybrain. sd-05.11.12

"Turbulence forced the crew to take a break from filming during one especially bumpy section over Iceland." Shooting an entire short film (and/or commercial for Virgin) aboard a series of airline flights. sd-05.10.12

Video of, and footage shot with, the very rare and absolutely gigantic 6mm f/2.8 Fisheye Nikkor lens. Turn the volume down to avoid the overly dramatic music. Via Doobybrain. sd-05.10.12

Related to below: Ruben Fleischer took a photo a day on the set of Gangster Squad as he was directing it. sd-05.10.12

"Every castle's built on a pile of bones." Trailer for Gangster Squad. jc-05.10.12

Hal Ashby's Harold and Maude has been restored and will be released by Criterion in June. Dig the cover by Jordan Crane. jc-05.10.12

"Roman Polanski's next film will be political thriller D, based on the notorious Dreyfus Affair." Yowza. jc-05.09.12

CP+B, Hungryman, and director Hank Perlman have been doing a stellar job with the new Kraft Mac & Cheese campaign. Their latest, "A Father's Lesson," borrows from a familiar and often parodied PSA. sd-05.09.12

Interesting piece in the Guardian about 56 Up, which continues its seven year cycle and begins airing on the BBC next week. sd-05.08.12

Two trailers for The Campaign and/or political ads for and against heated rivals. sd-05.08.12

Trailer for I Know That Voice, a documentary about the actors behind some very familiar voices. Via Beer or Kid. sd-05.07.12

Zulkey's interview with Keegan-Michael Key from Key and Peele. sd-05.07.12

So you know, how a bicycle is made. Thanks Marshall. jc-05.04.12

Sunday!. ms-05.04.12

FotA Joe Avella's first feature film is now available to watch in its entirety: Master of Inventions. sd-05.03.12

Looking forward to this Ken Marino-directed and starring web series, Burning Love. sd-05.03.12

In ranking techno-yodel songs about chickens, I'd have to say Takeo Ischi's New Bibi Hendl is probably my favorite. sd-05.02.12

Nicely art directed and scored spot for Thinkbox: "Harvey and Rabbit." sd-05.02.12

Venice in a Day. Fab. ms-05.02.12

Melvin the Machine, the world's smallest Rube Goldberg contraption. Nice nod to Tati as well. sd-05.01.12

And Introducing... A collection of famous actors' film debuts. sd-05.01.12

Shot-for-shot break down of all the new alien monsters in Ridley Scott's Prometheus, from io9. jc-04.30.12

A new Russo-Ukrainian movie retells the story of the Ukraine's most famous and often cited soccer match, which never really happened. sd-04.30.12

In no particular order, the 15 Best Baseball Movies according to The Art of Manliness. mcj-04.30.12

Kim ll-Sung's Birthday Party. ms-04.27.12

For DW: 56 episodes of Star Trek at the same time. ms-04.26.12

"It's a ballet between so many different people." Some great quotes and advice about filmmaking from David Fincher. sd-04.25.12

"A montage of unique dolly shots from the films of Spike Lee." Had no idea he used that "actor stands on the dolly" shot so often. Thanks Henry. sd-04.25.12

1988 mockumentary on Eugene Levy's legendary SCTV comedian, The Enigma of Bobby Bittman. jc-04.25.12

Stupidity Captured at 2500 fps. sd-04.24.12

Nicolas Cage performs John Cage's 4'33". sd-04.24.12

Local NPR affiliate WBEZ asked if I'd help shoot a couple of online pledge drive films, while forgoing the age old advice to never work with children or pets. For the first in a series, here's Wait Wait Don't Tell Me starring cats. sd-04.24.12

"Invincible." In 1981, Philip K. Dick wrote this letter to producer Jeff Walker after seeing a bit of Blade Runner on television. jc-04.24.12

A love letter to Coney Island. ms-04.21.12

Trailer for David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis. Via David Hudson. jc-04.20.12

Sergio Leone's epic Once Upon A Time in America is getting even more so with a new four and half hour cut due to screen at Cannes. Background at Film Forum. jc-04.18.12

Rob Zombie and Clint Howard have finally found a project to collaborate on: this spot for a pest control product. sd-04.18.12

Orson Welles on the great gift of ignorance. Via Ben Kay. sd-04.18.12

Trailer for Marley. jc-04.18.12

Nature by Numbers, a short film by Cristóbal Vila. jc-04.18.12

"I would like to express gratitude, to those who created me." Happy Birthday David. Great sequence for Prometheus. Via David Hudson. jc-04.18.12

Fun spot for the new IKEA television. sd-04.17.12

BB and I have been talking since last night about the newly introduced Blackmagic Cinema Camera, which we will likely be lusting over all the way out to July when it's released. Sample footage, here. sd-04.17.12

DoubleOh DoubleOh Bond supercut. Ha. Via Sly Oyster. jc-04.17.12

"Bill, honey? This is Sandra from Woody Allen's office. Woody wondered if you'd like to be in his new movie?" My Stardust Memories by William Zinsser. jc-04.17.12

Some behind the scenes footage from a press kit of Steven Spielberg directing Jurassic Park. sd-04.16.12

15 television shows, 3 icons each, start guessing. Clipped from Quipped. jc-04.13.12

"It was very quiet all the time because the trees needed to focus on their lives." Growing is Forever, a film by Jesse Rosten, written by Kallie Markle with music by The Album Leaf. Sublime. jc-04.11.12

"The question Scott began this film wanting to answer, which Alien's sequels hadn't explored, is best put in his own words: 'Who's the big guy in the chair?'" Tim Robey previews Prometheus. jc-04.10.12

Try not smile. Caine's Arcade. jc-04.10.12

Chris Pritchard kicks off a series of time-lapse films called "Places in Time" with this gorgeous love-letter to the greatest city in North America. jc-04.10.12

Craig Robinson and Nick Offerman trade jabs over the Cubs and Sox. While we love Ron Swanson as much as the next design shop, we're siding with Darryl on this one. sd-04.05.12

Funny series of spots from the Sierra Club, Mr. Coal Guy, starring John Ennis of Mr. Show and How to BBQ a Man fame. sd-04.04.12

Mike Schneider: Professional Fingerboarder. Via Doobybrain. sd-04.04.12

The trailer for the new film from Ken Loach looks great, The Angels' Share. jc-04.03.12

Rear Window Timelapse. Via MeFi. ms-04.03.12

Here's why I stopped going to his barbecues: music vid for David Lynch's Crazy Clown Time. Not safe for work, or really much of anywhere, including your brain. sd-04.02.12

I Am John Wayne. ms-04.02.12

Archipelago Cinema was a floating auditorium for Thailand's Film on the Rocks Festival held last month. dw-04.02.12

Evan and Gareth Save the World!, a great pilot from 2010 that MTV ultimately passed on, which is a terrible tragedy. sd-03.30.12

"Time and again, it seems, the strange power of Conrad's text - 'the dark cloud of genius,' as Banner puts it - has tempted film-makers up river and run them aground." Tim Robey on the first performance of Orson Welles' screenplay for Heart of Darkness, this weekend in London. jc-03.30.12

A colorful dance number with lots of costume changes in this music vid for OK Go's Skyscrapers. Like a lo-fi version of this great spot from last year. sd-03.30.12

All of the Batman window cameos. sd-03.29.12

Nicely made spot for Land Rover. MS, you won't like the ending. Via Ben Kay sd-03.29.12

A great time-lapse film, shot from the top of the Hancock building, of last Sunday's fog here in Chicago. Made by FotA Craig Shimala. sd-03.29.12

Tim Sessler's Bending Sounds is a film cataloguing the sounds of the NYC subway system. Beautifully done. Via Explore. jc-03.28.12

Movies as Code. Always nerdy, occasionally great. Via This Isn't Happiness. jc-03.26.12

What if the most scary 80s film horror characters were alive now? dw-03.26.12

Hullaballoo on Battle of the Network Stars. Or is it a brouhaha? bb-03.26.12

Fun use of what's become a visual fx standard: Frame of Mind. sd-03.26.12

Easily the best Nike soccer spot ever, and that's saying something. jc-03.23.12

Key & Peele director Peter Atencio's great write up on shooting one of the weirdest sketches of the season, "Baby Forest Whitaker." sd-03.23.12

An Australian show about super spies in WWII, as shot in the 1960s and made by the creators of Italian Spiderman? Someone explain to me why this show isn't airing in the US?! The trailer for Danger 5. sd-03.23.12

Maybe a little too saccharine sweet for my tastes, but very well-animated none the less. A spot by Wes Anderson and Laika/house for Sony: "Made of Imagination." sd-03.23.12

Editor/animator/Canadian J-Scott asked his American co-workers to explain the basic elements of his favorite sport: Hockey 101. Via Doobybrain. sd-03.23.12

Stroboscopic exposures of Alfred Hitchcock directing Shadow of a Doubt. From Life Magazine in 1942. Via The Daily Mubi. jc-03.23.12

A more positive follow-up to their great Final Cut bit, the editing staff at Conan have made this film about Premiere. Nerdy editing jokes abound. sd-03.22.12

Some clever packaging for the Blu-ray edition of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. sd-03.22.12

Anthony Powell's time-lapse of the annual supply ship's arrival at McMurdo Station in Antarctica. The weather's been warmer this year, so instead of unloading on the usual floating ice pier, they had to build a temporary one from scratch. sd-03.21.12

David Hudson on Casablanca at 70. A digital presentation of a newly struck print of the film is playing all over the country tonight. jc-03.21.12

All of the bit players from every episode, all in one place: Law and Order: Acting Reel Unit. sd-03.21.12

Ladies Love The Mylar. So great. jc-03.20.12

Gavin Rothery finds himself "getting a bit obsessed" over the new Prometheus trailer. jc-03.20.12

Photoplay Films' The Black Hole. Nice. jc-03.20.12

"I am recording 1 second everyday for the rest of my life... this is me at age 30." —Cesar Kuriyama. jc-03.16.12

Peter Jackson's Hobbit production video blog. jc-03.15.12

A fun mash up of submitted dance clips for the music vid for Graham Coxon's What'll It Take. Is that the courtyard from Peep Show? sd-03.14.12

Andrew Huang's Slamdance-winning short film, Solipsist, could also be titled "Hey Bjork, I'm available to direct your next music video." sd-03.14.12

Some gorgeously rendered CGI automotive carnage in Philippe Gamer's short film The Chase. Via Doobybrain. sd-03.14.12

Related to the last. Access Main Computer File. jc-03.13.12

You were just looking for some M.A.S.H. animated gifs, amirite? You're welcome. bb-03.13.12

"...watching Napoleon on a TV screen is akin to watching Lawrence of Arabia or Titanic on an iPhone." Abel Gance's landmark film has been restored by Kevin Brownlow and will be screened in April. I saw the three-screen projection with a live orchestra at The Chicago Theater years ago. Local note for the Bay Area. Go. Trailer. jc-03.13.12

Everything is Terrible's epic (and bizarre as ever) television spectacular: The Golden Girls Return from Space Mountain. Featuring a star-studded cast of hundreds. sd-03.08.12

Nicely made spot for the video game MLB 12: "Cubs Win." We here at CP sorta prefer the real thing, but maybe that's just us. sd-03.08.12

Some great animation (on the streets of Chicago, no less) in this music vid for Cool Kids' Rush Hour Traffic. Via Doobybrain. sd-03.08.12

An audio collection of Godzilla Roars 1962-1975. Via Doobybrain. sd-03.06.12

A great wrap photo from the set of Tom Tykwer's and the Wachowski's adaptation of David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas. Guessing that set is from the final chapter. sd-03.05.12

Dustin Lance Black's play 8, about the 2010 battle over California's Prop. 8, was streamed live this weekend and can now be watched here. Directed by Rob Reiner and starring nearly every celebrity in Los Angeles. sd-03.05.12

Twelve film title designs that Criterion loves. Yeah, us too. jc-03.03.12

Clever animation and even better sound design in this rorschach Star Wars spot for an exhibition in Montreal. sd-03.02.12

BBH London's epic spot for The Guardian, retelling a fairy tale through the eyes of a news outlet: "Three Little Pigs." sd-03.01.12

A great short film "chronicling the life and times of famed Soviet submarine commander, and hapless werewolf, Captain Alexei Ovechkin." Red Moon. sd-03.01.12

"Sure they drink and snark and sometimes have strip poker sessions, but they take virtuousness just a seriously as our friends in Downton Abbey." A nice Whit Stillman primer for the uninitiated. sd-02.29.12

OMG! You guys! The Avengers trailer! And already there's a parody! bb-02.29.12

In 1975, ABC produced a version of the failed 1966 Broadway musical It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Superman!. Here it is condensed down to three minutes. sd-02.27.12

Stenop.es. A series of films using camera obscura to project the city outside into apartments around the world. Thanks Henry. sd-02.27.12

From the new web series Practice & Shape, this nicely shot profile of longtime FotA, Jay Ryan. sd-02.27.12

"There are many people who dislike the prequel trilogy so much that they don't even consider watching them. On bad days, I'm one of those people, but on good days I see some value in the prequel trilogy, even though I consider them inferior in virtually every way." Rod Hilton's Star Wars Suggested Viewing Order. Via Mefi. jc-02.27.12

FotA Waki Gamez has started making commercials for his family's business, the music rehearsal space empire that is Francisco Studios. And of course the spots involve squid, zombie pets, and the Kraken. sd-02.27.12

Holy Cow, a skate video shot in South Asia. Via Doobybrain. sd-02.24.12

Nicely shot promo, directed by Kim Gehrig, for Mark Ronson's 2012 Olympics/Coca-Cola song. sd-02.23.12

Jascha's "Limited", a music video remixing 2001, Moon, Robocop, Tron and Wargames footage. jc-02.22.12

"Shot over the course of a week in Mendocino County, Morongo Valley and New York City, the film is a dark, but beautiful meditation on a wayward soul's pursuit of peace." Rest. ms-02.22.12

For MS: printable Downton Abbey Paper Dolls. sd-02.20.12

Ben Kay on Sony's remake of its own commercial, the classic spot, "Double Life." sd-02.20.12

Gorgeous. Light, by Sunday Paper. Via ISO50. jc-02.20.12

For Presidents Day, our television spot for America's greatest leader. jc-02.20.12

"Downton Abbey" Anachronism Watch, questionable lines from Season Two. Via Language Log. jc-02.17.12

L.E.D. Surfer, a film by Jacob Sutton. The best thing you'll watch this month. Via Colossal. jc-02.17.12

Finally! The first trailer has been released for Whit Stillman's Damsels in Distress, as well as its first poster. April 6th can't come soon enough. sd-02.15.12

Matt Morris' great documentary about the 88-year-old Bermuda resident, Johnny Barnes, who spends 6 hours every morning at a corner waving hello at drivers: Mr. Happy Man. Via Doobybrain. sd-02.14.12

Overshadowed by the Grammys last night, here are the winners for the 2012 Bafta Awards. ms-02.13.12

Trailer for the documentary Gerhard Richter Painting. Thanks Jamie. sd-02.13.12

Trailer for Beyond The Black Rainbow. Via ISO50. jc-02.13.12

To test out a new camera, Kevin Ritchie shoots some haunting footage of the long-abandoned Eastern State Penitentiary. BB, you'll want to watch the version with the ISO data. sd-02.10.12

Related to the last: playing the nuns in the Afri Cola spot are Petula Clark, Marianne Faithfull and Alice Vatters. jc-02.10.12

"...so I think I just thought, Well, that was fine. I didn't know my entire generation was getting angry." 13 Writers Remember Their First Date With Jar Jar. Via one of those writers, Kurt Loder. jc-02.09.12

Related to the last: Joe Estevez's constantly impressive and ever-growing IMDb page always leads to great new finds, including one of his latest roles, appearing as Doctor Spine Sr. in the film Doctor Spine. I also wouldn't mind seeing him as the Prime Minister of Canada in First Dog. sd-02.09.12

Kodachrome 2010, "a documentary look at the first color film and the last lab in the world that processed it." Via Doobybrain. sd-02.09.12

Werner Herzog talking about anything is great. Werner Herzog on Chickens is perhaps the best. sd-02.08.12

Sweet little film about kids, soccer and a little island south of Thailand. jc-02.07.12

Terry Gilliam's 10 Lessons for Directors Today. sd-02.07.12

The trailer for the HBO film Game Change will likely make you pine for the simpler times of mid-2008. sd-02.07.12

FotA and Second City regular, Holly Laurent, mashes together two current pop-culture phenomenons in Lana Del Rey's Hunger Games. sd-02.07.12

Truffaut @ 80, by David Hudson. jc-02.07.12

The man who makes me swoon gives us his Oscar picks. ms-02.06.12

Wes Anderson: From Above. ms-01.31.12

A teaser for Bones Brigade, the latest skateboarding documentary by the director of Dogtown and Z-Boys. Thanks Jamie. sd-01.31.12

Sort of a cross between Heathers and Natural Born Killers, the trailer for Bobcat Goldthwait's latest film, God Bless America. Sure to generate some heated press. sd-01.30.12

Longtime FotA Steve Gadlin, creator of such projects as I Want to Draw a Cat for You and Two Film T-Shirts, will be appearing tonight on ABC's Shark Tank, where he's set to pitch more of his very sound business ideas to venture capitalists. Here's a preview. sd-01.27.12

Trailer for Wild in the Streets, a documentary about the game of Shrovetide, which is still played in a small British village and is sort of like a football/rugby hybrid, but with thousands of players and spread across two very brutal days. sd-01.26.12

No matter your political preferences, here's an interesting look at the writing of the State of the Union Address. sd-01.26.12

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore. ms-01.25.12

Spend the day at Downton Abbey. Via Jezebel. ms-01.25.12

"We are dedicated to screening films with the best materials available, and for me, DVD is a domestic rather than a professional medium" The War Against 35mm, by David Jenkins. jc-01.25.12

Shynola makes a surprising and impressive turn by going almost entirely live-action for their music vid for Coldplay's Paradise. Infinitely better than the previous vid for the same song. sd-01.24.12

Yosemite HD. Full screen is best. ms-01.24.12

Really? A phone over R2D2?!? *Sigh* #Youarenotafriend
-ofmine. ms-01.24.12

For KG: the Many D'ohs of Homer Simpson. ms-01.20.12

A Short Film About Ice Fishing. ms-01.20.12

Uh oh. Been out for less than 24 hours and that Volkswagen Super Bowl teaser spot we posted yesterday is already generating some controversy over where they got the idea to dress a greyhound as an AT-AT. sd-01.19.12

Dogs barking the Darth Vader theme from Star Wars in this teaser for Volkswagen's Super Bowl spot. As a greyhound owner, I implore you to stick around until the very end. sd-01.18.12

A short, interesting history of George Lucas' repeated claims to be quitting the business to start making art films. sd-01.18.12

"I can think of few other films that struck such awe, and now inspire such vitriol." Natasha Vargas-Cooper's great revisiting of American Beauty, 12 years after its release. sd-01.18.12

Combine Rutger Hauer's narration, some fun copy, and beautiful shooting by an all-time favorite music vid director, Dougal Wilson, and you get this great commercial for butter. sd-01.17.12

"Best Original Song: You Sunk My Battleship. Lyrics by Liam Neeson. Music by U2." A collection of For Your Consideration ads that will likely never appear in the pages of Variety. sd-01.17.12

The music vid for Modeselektor's Evil Twin. Like Spy vs. Spy, but with monkeys. sd-01.13.12

Hilarious because it's true or just really funny because it was written and compiled by FotA Richard Rushfield? "A Complete List of All the Annoying Things in the New Wes Anderson Trailer." sd-01.13.12

If things don't work out with the Swedish DP you'd originally hired, it's nice that your backup used to be an assistant to Sven Nykvist. An interesting technical look at shooting The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. sd-01.12.12

The line that launched a million references: "I love the smell of ______ in the morning." Thanks Jamie. sd-01.12.12

Trailer for the documentary about the disbanding of LCD Soundsystem: Shut Up and Play the Hits. ms-01.12.12

"After flooding the ice in Rossland for 40 years our beloved 1972 Ford 3000 tractor is being retired. This is his story." Just lovely. ms-01.11.12

A critique of the fashion world that could have been ham handed, à la those Dove ads from a couple years back, but is instead pretty funny, if just for the spot-on design parody: Fotoshop by Adobé. sd-01.11.12

Bond @ 50. jc-01.11.12

Yowza. The 1934 Chicago World's Fair, in Technicolor. Via Gapers Block. jc-01.11.12

"This is the perfect opportunity for a Carl Sagan quote: 'Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.'" Cassini Mission, a film by Chris Abbas. Via Gavin Rothery. jc-01.10.12

Airplane! and The Naked Gun director, David Zucker, returns to his home state to direct this spot promoting Wisconsin tourism. sd-01.10.12

Some great time lapse of the largest city north of the Arctic Circle: Murmansk in Motion. Via Doobybrain. sd-01.09.12

"One afternoon, two brothers got together and watched some old home videos... and decided to do DVD commentaries." Adventures in American Filmmaking #147, jc-01.06.12

Photos of the brightly painted former military barracks outside of Taiwan. Video here. sd-01.06.12

Take the Downton Abbey Personality Quiz and see which character you most resemble. ms-01.06.12

Mr. Chow's Symphony, The Eccentric Restaurateur Reveals His Search for Perfection. Via The Fox Is Black. jc-01.06.12

"There are times in life when being tough comes in handy." Vinnie Jones teaches CPR. sd-01.05.12

Trailer for Jiro Dreams of Sushi. Via Segura. jc-01.05.12

Shot-by-shot comparisons of Raiders and scenes from 30 different adventure films made between 1919 and 1973. Fabulous. jc-01.05.12

Pingu's The Thing. Via MeFi. ms-01.04.12

"So you think you know something about Iowa? F*&k you." Iowa Nice, a "response to national media coverage of our beloved home state." sd-01.03.12

Putting GoPro camera in a dishwasher is neat and all, but it's hardly comparable to our patent-pending RinseCam 9000, which we used a few years back on the Keywasher experiment. sd-01.03.12

Moscow. ms-12.29.11

Stephen Wildish's 1980s Film Alphabet. How many films do you recognize? dw-12.26.11

Surprisingly, this seven part musical by two of the members of Rancid is enjoyable and well-shot: Tim Timebomb's Rock N Roll Theater. Certainly better than anything Green Day and Sam Bayer have ever cooked up. sd-12.23.11

Trailer for In Darkness. ms-12.22.11

Some great Robert Capa photos from the set of Hitchcock's Notorious, specifically from that great swooping camera party scene. sd-12.21.11

The Making of Enchanted Forest for FedEx, by Psyop. Here's the spot. jc-12.21.11

Trailer for Keloid, a short film by Big Lazy Robot VFX. Very smart and intriguing. If they Kickstart this I am in, and not just for the analog Nagra tape deck porn. Via Motionographer. jc-12.21.11

Inspired by the book Mountains Beyond Mountains, a cleverly interactive music vid from Arcade Fire and director Vincent Morisset: Sprawl II. The more traditional, non-interactive version is good too. sd-12.20.11

Whatcha doing? Just going for a little bike ride. ms-12.19.11

Muppet Robot Wiki. 80s Robot was pretty great, but my fave Muppet Robot is still Dudley Moore's M.A.M.M.A. bb-12.19.11

Impressive video of pogo stick tricks. sd-12.19.11

2011: The Cinescape. ms-12.17.11

Trailer for the Improv Everywhere documentary. sd-12.16.11

The nominees have been selected for the annual Antville Music Video Awards. Even if you don't vote, it's a nice recap of some of the best vids of the year. As a devout Megaforce fan, Is Tropical's The Greeks is clearly the best pick for Video of the Year. sd-12.15.11

A film about the early days of auto racing in Italy in the 1920s, made for Ferrari World in Dubai: Copa di Sicilia. Via Denver Egotist. sd-12.15.11

"If Spielberg deserves to be called a master of audience manipulation, then this is his signature stroke. You can't think of the most iconic moments in Spielberg's cinema without The Spielberg Face." Sounds funny, but it's a great watch and/or read. sd-12.14.11

Great short doc about a piano parts salvage shop in Paris: La Mer de Pianos. Via Doobybrain. sd-12.14.11

Happy promo film for Tattly, by the crew at Made By Hand. Try not to smile. jc-12.14.11

Apropos of nothing. Shooting Barbarella. jc-12.13.11

Vanity Fair visits the set of Downton Abbey. Season two starts in January. Cannot wait. ms-12.12.11

Beautifully shot opening sequence to the film Bunraku. sd-12.12.11

Fun spot for Canal Digital: "The Man Who Lived in a Film." sd-12.12.11

While at Partizan working as an intern, Steven Briand made this impressive animated short film: Proteigon. Via Doobybrain. sd-12.12.11

Need a little jolt of energy? Jan Pehechan-Ho (Let's Get to Know Each Other) by Mohammed Rafi. Posted as a response to the Heineken "Date" spot. jc-12.12.11

Bad Sex on Film Awards from Flavorwire. Via Kurt Loder. jc-12.09.11

Iceland, The South Shore by Tom Mitchell. Moody, desolate, cold. Just how I like it. jc-12.09.11

"No, no, no. just say 'crisis.'" A different sort of School Portrait, a film by Michael Berliner. Charming. jc-12.08.11

As Jeffrey just tweeted, "116 seconds of awesomeness." jc-12.08.11

Reviews and commentary on Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy collected by David Hudson. jc-12.08.11

Filmmaker Jonathan Yi was given a pre-production model of a new camera and was asked to make a video reporting his experiences. He did, but in the form of a semi-parody of other camera test videos. Because of this, he writes, "Canon, not thrilled with my sense of humor, does not credit or condone this video." Via Doobybrain. sd-12.07.11

Relink. Jalen Testerman and Lil Demon directed by Tony Kelly. I thought I'd never say these words in reference to American Apparel marketing. Smart. Tasteful. Totally engrossing. Via Matt Trigaux. jc-12.06.11

Traffic in Ho Chi Minh City. ms-12.05.11

A demo for the new Canon EOS C300 that includes a "grumpy focus puller," "Joe Bow CEO," and an "uncomfortable woman and creepy man." Plus lots of cool tech notes too. Via Matt Haughey. jc-12.05.11

Finding Oregon. Full screen is best. ms-12.02.11

Criterion has asked dozens of people to list their Top 10 Films from the catalogue. Some interesting selections can be foound from Wes Anderson, David Hudson, Whit Stillman and John Bailey. jc-11.29.11

Surfing in Fiji. ms-11.26.11

"THR: What do all of you do when you're not writing? Dustin Lance Black: I do some drinking." An interesting conversation with six high-profile screenwriters, including Aaron Sorkin, Pedro Almodovar, and Steven Zaillian in the Hollywood Reporter's Writer Roundtable. sd-11.23.11

Raiding the Lost Ark is an in-depth, fan-made "Filmumentary" on the making of the 1981 film. jc-11.22.11

"If you take a young Long Island Italian guy and give him endless possibilities, then you'll see what kind of crazy things I did in the course of my career." FFC on Fresh Air. Audio up later today. jc-11.22.11

Nicely animated music vid for MGMT's All We Ever Wanted Was Everything. Thanks Jamie. sd-11.22.11

Another TG birthday link: The Crimson Permanent Assurance. jc-11.22.11

Related. Terry Gilliam explains "derivative" to a child by using Roland Emmerich as an example. jc-11.22.11

Address is Approximate. ms-11.21.11

The man who makes me swoon has a new show. ms-11.21.11

Local note. My 11-year-old son and I had an appointment with Dr. Jones on Saturday at The Music Box. Raiders is showing there this week. The new digital restoration is superb. Here's some background and conversation on the film's 30th Anniversary. Everything Ebert said then (and again later) is still true today. Big fun. jc-11.21.11

"I love listening to audio commentaries, because a lot of the time they can give you interesting insights from actors and directors about on what goes on behind the scenes. Other times, such as this, someone will completely miss the purpose of an audio commentary." Via Doobybrain. sd-11.21.11

Quint from Ain't It Cool has filed reports from Hobbiton during filming. One, Two, Three. jc-11.21.11

Related to the last, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy featurettes that include B-roll shot by Harris. Can't wait for the film. jc-11.21.11

OMG! Cameras Everywhere! is a non-profit run by music video directors and producers, which hosts a week-long free filmmaking workshop for kids in Los Angeles. A couple of the music vids the kids made this summer have been released and they're great (start with Correatown's Play). sd-11.18.11

For MS: three posters created for the effort to keep Community on the air. sd-11.18.11

The film itself is a bit like a present-day Take On Me, but the soundtrack by Air is great in this promo/short film for Cartier: Painted Love. sd-11.17.11

Ben Kay's thoughts on the mostly-commerical-directing director Tarsem, whose latest film, Immortals, was called "the best looking awful movie you will ever see" by Roger Ebert. Kay links up his great 1992 spot for Levis (and a far more optimistic retelling of a John Cheever classic). Don't think I'd ever seen that one before. sd-11.17.11

"Ah one, ah two, ah three, four, five, six. SIX?" jc-11.17.11

We'd posted the original Turbo Encabulator instructional film earlier this year, but if you're still having trouble getting your current to reverse within your universal phase detractors, here's a more recent update from the good people at Rockwell Automation and another from Chrysler. It's probably your fluorescent score motion that needs looking at. sd-11.16.11

Documentary, Final Marks: The Art of the Carved Letter, carved on headstones that is. jc-11.16.11

Director Jonas Akerlund has been busy. He's brought Rammstein out into the sun for Mein Land and helped Duran Duran go full-on supermodel for the epic, 9 minute-long Girl Panic! sd-11.16.11

John Lewis' latest holiday spot. Touching, expertly shot and wonderfully cast. sd-11.16.11

The Song of Lunch, a film from PBS Masterpiece starring Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman. jc-11.16.11

"Lower Manhattan's 60 Hudson Street is one of the world's most concentrated hubs of Internet connectivity. This short documentary peeks inside..." Bundled, Buried & Behind Closed Doors by Ben Mendelsohn. More from Maria Popova. jc-11.16.11

Beautifully shot promo staring professional skateboarder Chaz Ortiz, yet features far more Steadicam work than skating footage: Go All Day. sd-11.15.11

Astronauts falling on the moon. Nuff said. jc-11.15.11

Trailer for The Hunger Games. dw-11.14.11

Sam Smith's poster for a screening of Man With a Movie Camera. Here's Vertov's classic silent film from 1929. jc-11.14.11

An art print full of icons representing The Films of Williams James Murray. Via Public School. dw-11.11.11

If you're a filmmaker or a cinephile, it's likely that, for years upon years, you've been aware of Alfred Hitchcock's "bomb under the table" example of how to create cinematic tension. Yet I think this is the first time I've ever seen footage of him giving that very talk. sd-11.11.11

An interesting argument from Natasha Vargas-Cooper: Why Casino is Better Than GoodFellas. sd-11.11.11

Related to the last, the prologue of F&A. If you've never seen it, put on your headphones and give yourself a gift of seven minutes. jc-11.10.11

"That's how it is. One is old and a child at the same time." Criterion releases a new box set of Bergman's Fanny and Alexander. Included is a "making of" doc, previewed by Paul Arthur. jc-11.10.11

Two great animated spots for the Royal Canadian Mint. sd-11.10.11

Didn't realize that Whit Stillman had directed an episode of Homicide in 1996. It's called The Heart of a Saturday Night (featuring Chris Eigeman, no less) and it's available to watch, here. I know what my plans are for tonight. sd-11.10.11

A Guy Fawkes Day fireworks show and bonfire, as told in reverse. sd-11.10.11

Nice to see director Ace Norton is still in top form in delivering nicely art directed weirdness: Foster The People's Call It What You Want. sd-11.09.11

What lottery commercials look like in Spain. Via Ben Kay. sd-11.09.11

Lots of ink spilled in this music vid for Los Elegidos. Via Doobybrain. sd-11.09.11

Tangentially related to the last. 44 seconds from Love and Death. jc-11.09.11

The Color Machine's latest film, Khoi Vinh talks about "the grid" and structure for design. Lovely. jc-11.09.11

A series of fun commercials for the Drake Hotel General Store in Toronto. If it looks like the sort of place that would carry Field Notes, it's because they do. sd-11.08.11

Since 1976, MTA Bridges and Tunnels' Verrazano-Narrows Bridge has been the starting point for the New York City Marathon. MTA congratulates the over 47,000 participants in this year's marathon. Awesome. ms-11.08.11

A graduation project about The History Of The Title Sequence and the designers behind them. nic-11.08.11

The wonderfully weird short film, Gumbel. sd-11.07.11

Chop Cup by the filmmaking collective weareom. Via Doobybrain. sd-11.07.11

Take the "time-slice" visual effects concept from The Matrix and then install it on a boat. Yowza. jc-11.07.11

Full screen is best, Afghanistan-Touch Down in Flight. ms-11.05.11

Love the alternate poster for Soderbergh's Haywire. Trailer. jc-11.04.11

Making-of Analytische Serigrafien. Stefan Guzy and Bjorn Wiede screen print with various and unexpected substances. A film by Reign of Art. jc-11.03.11

"The colonies or hives in which we arrange, display and support our lives." Ebert on Urbanized. jc-11.03.11

NatGeo time-lapse of a dam being "removed" from the White Salmon River in Washington State. Filmed by Andy Maser and Steve Stampfli. jc-11.03.11

Trailer for Studio Life's visit to Magnetic North & Beep Industries. jc-11.03.11

From Lomography, the Lomokino, movie camera that shoots short, creative movies on 35mm film. ms-11.03.11

For SD, an infographic tracking Michael Bay movie explosions. ms-11.03.11

PBS will air Steve Jobs - One Last Thing this evening. dw-11.02.11

From the same guy that brought us Keep On Walking, a new montage, God's Eye View. ms-11.02.11

A Year in New York. Lovely. ms-11.02.11

An update for anyone who has seen FotA Gary Hustwit's fab film Urbanized, the ridiculously charismatic mayor of Bogota, who almost stole the movie, has unfortunately, lost his bid for re-election. ms-11.01.11

These make me so happy, Genki Sudo's latest 2012. Previously, New York, Machine Civilization. ms-10.28.11

The deliciously horrifying title sequence from Delicatessen. jc-10.28.11

Gavin Rothery's Spaceships that were almost other spaceships #3, The Eagle Transporter from "Space 1999." jc-10.28.11

For All Hallows. Don't Look Now trailer. My review of Roeg's 1973 film. "Very scary plus Julie Christie." Peter Bradshaw's review. jc-10.28.11

Teaser trailer for the film starring Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher, The Iron Lady. ms-10.28.11

Framed. ms-10.27.11

Related "Warriors, come out to play..." jc-10.26.11

"Somehow in the belly of the great commercial engine of Hollywood, I had managed to get some things through that were not going to be conventional product. Whether they're good, bad, or indifferent, I have to leave to someone else." Walter Hill on The Warriors and The Driver. Via Mubi. jc-10.26.11

British singer Will Young proves once again that he's incapable of making anything less than a stellar music vid: Come On, directed by Chris Sweeney. Now excuse me while I watch Young's Who Am I? for the millionth time. sd-10.25.11

Trailer for the documentary Burn: One Year on the Front Lines of the Battle to Save Detroit. Here's a clip from the film using helmet cams on firefighters in the middle of a house fire. Via Doobybrain. sd-10.25.11

Fun, beautifully edited promo for the new model of the GoPro camera, featuring lots of people doing things I'll never even want to attempt. sd-10.25.11

One more. Laurence Olivier. jc-10.25.11

Related to the last, Kenneth Branagh. jc-10.25.11

60 Years of Cinema (in 40 Seconds) via Daily Mubi. jc-10.24.11

Related to the last. The cast of Peter Jackson's The Hobbit. Stephen Fry as Master of Lake-town! jc-10.24.11

Cute stop motion film directed by Spike Jonze and Simon Cahn: Mourir Aupres de Toi (To Die By Your Side). sd-10.24.11

The camera moves too often to be an outright homage, but many of the scenes in this music vid for The Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble's Pretend seem like they'd be right at home being compared to the work of CP hero Roy Andersson. sd-10.21.11

Preserved in Tripod amber: a 2004 plea by a wonderfully insane man named Lorenzo to rebuild the set of Little House on the Prairie, as referenced in Wendy McClure's amazing book about Laura Ingalls Wilder. jse-10.20.11

Cool film on the making of the zoetrope based title sequence for "Holy Flying Circus," a BBC Python doc I can't wait to see. jc-10.20.11

Trip Print Press & The Making Of FreshSox. A beautifully shot profile of letterpress artisan Nicholas Kennedy in Toronto. Somehow I think he and Dan Barron of Flywheel Letterpress would have a lot to talk about. jc-10.20.11

Criterion's One Scene feature. A great idea, check the one by Brian K. Vaughan from Brazil. Can't wait for more. Via Khoi Vinh. jc-10.19.11

That's a lot of Abed. Community megafan ingeniously syncs up all seven timelines from last week's episode. jse-10.18.11

"I've actually reached the point of not believing I'll ever make a film again. I am reminded by my wife that I always feel like that. But the great thing about getting older is that your memory goes." —Terry Gilliam. jc-10.18.11

Clever, but sure to make for an exhausting Halloween: a Pixar lamp costume. sd-10.18.11

If we don't, remember me, "a gallery of living movie stills." jc-10.17.11

Quincy Jones played the cabbie in the opening credits and 7 other facts about The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air that Leslie Knope probably already knows. jse-10.14.11

Fantastic fan-made title sequence for The Adventures of Tintin. Via Ben Kay. sd-10.14.11

Trailer for the documentary about the effort to save the UK's oldest velodrome: The Best Seat in the World. sd-10.14.11

An odd but lovable new promo spot for Canal+ by BETC. jc-10.14.11

Liam Lynch's Goat Rap. The sets might look familiar if you've seen our Western State series. sd-10.13.11

Clever faux-3D in this music vid for Sparrow and The Workshop's Black to Red. sd-10.13.11

Related to the last: "Where the hell is my parachute?" jc-10.13.11

Music vid of the moment: the wonderfully weird You Don't Know by French Films, directed by Teemu Niukkanen. sd-10.12.11

"My favourite and preferred step between imagination and image is a strip of photochemistry that can be held, twisted, folded, looked at with the naked eye, or projected on to a surface for others to see." —Steven Spielberg. The Joy of Celluloid, from a book accompanying the current Tacita Dean installation at The Tate. Via Kurt Loder. jc-10.12.11

Internet Story, a film by Adam Butcher created out of bits and pieces of the web and a story of treasure and deception. jc-10.12.11

Ah, so that's how they do it. An animated explanation of the Mayfair Workshop process of crafting great music (if you've seen any of our films here at CP, you've undoubtably heard a bunch of their phenomenal work): The Music House of Tomorrow. sd-10.11.11

Fun and weird spot for Sony directed by Pleix: "HD Experiment." A nice look behind the scenes here. Via Doobybrain. sd-10.11.11

Can't wait to see the whole thing: a promo for a spot for a surf company shot using a GoPro camera array out in the ocean. sd-10.11.11

"Ringer is about the world's greatest horseshoe player." Geek troubadour Jonathan Coulton re-imagines the new fall TV shows based solely on their titles. jse-10.11.11

John Carpenter's The Thing: The Musical. ms-10.11.11

"[Jobs] walked into the the photo shoot and started moving the lights around. Then he picked up the phone and called the art director in New York and said he wanted to do something different." Remembering what it was like to photograph Steve Jobs. sd-10.07.11

The 1910 Great Flood of Paris recreated in modern day with CGI water: 5:46 am. Via Doobybrain. sd-10.07.11

Related to the last, a favorite sequence from Amarcord. jc-10.07.11

Steve Jobs narrates The Crazy Ones. jc-10.06.11

Relink. Nature by Numbers, a short film by Cristóbal Vila. Classic mathematical proportions and equations like the Fibonacci Spiral and the Golden Ratio in the natural world, and animated. Sublime. jc-10.05.11

OK MS, I'll bite. Mine is The Golden Age of Ballooning. jc-10.05.11

My fave MP sketch: World Forum. bb-10.05.11

Some really nice animation in this music vid for Monophon's Secret Island. sd-10.05.11

Try shooting underwater with a camera slider? Sure, why not? Via Doobybrain. sd-10.05.11

Unflinching Girl with the Dragon Tattoo poster. jc-09.30.11

The press kit (pdf) has been released for Damsels in Distress. Whit Stillman's director's statement and commentary about making the film are both terrific (starts about halfway through). sd-09.30.11

Tim Peters looks at the four films released between 1998 and 1999 that dealt with protagonists realizing they were living in an artificial world (The Matrix, Truman Show, etc.), as well as those that came before them and/or were inspiration or later inspired by, and tries to figure out what it all means in Conspiracy Gothic. sd-09.30.11

"...when it came to shooting the film in black and white, or employing long tracking shots rather than breaking up important scenes. As Welles reportedly put it, 'That's what separates the men from the boys,' and it's advice Bogdanovich clearly took to heart." David Hudson on The Last Picture Show. jc-09.29.11


Director Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland, 30 Minutes or Less) has been taking and posting a daily photo from the set of his latest, The Gangster Squad. sd-09.29.11

"I gave the studio a 2-1/2 hour cut! Can you imagine 2-1/2 hours of The Super? You'd shoot yourself in the (expletive) head!" Perhaps the greatest (expletive) interview with a film director ever. kg-09.28.11

Some good previews and behind the scenes info on Ken Burns' upcoming new documentary series, Prohibition. Nice to hear longtime FotA Jonathan Eig in there in this promo. sd-09.27.11

This should cover you for ringtones for a while: Brady Bunch incidental music by Frank DeVol. bb-09.26.11

The Cosmonaut. ms-09.23.11

As part of a promo for HBO, Duck Sauce remixes both their song and music vid for Barbra Streisand and turn it into Luis Guzman. Nearly as great as the original. sd-09.23.11

"Lovecraftian Cult Mythology meets kitchen sink in this music video for Three Trapped Tigers." BB, you'll love it because it stars Matt Berry. sd-09.22.11

Nicely written and beautifully shot (up until those last few cheesy, CGI-heavy seconds) spot for British Airways: "To Fly. To Serve." Love the era-specific film coloring. sd-09.21.11

A heavily stylized look at city life, shot by Alex Lee: Tokyo Slo-Mode. sd-09.21.11

More like this please. Jim Emerson analyzes, shot by shot and cut by cut, an action sequence from The Dark Knight. In the Cut. Excellent. jc-09.20.11

Trailer for the documentary about 1980s club owner Peter Gatien: Limelight. Via Doobybrain. sd-09.20.11

Just now found out that the new music vid for Wilco's Born Alone was directed by FotA and longtime collaborator of ours, Mark Greenberg. sd-09.20.11

Enigmatic trailer for Syndromes. I have no idea what is going on here, but I'm totally intrigued. jc-09.20.11

Some nice shots of Bergen, Norway in this music vid for Kings of Convenience's Me In You. sd-09.19.11

Everything you ever wanted to know about taking Star Wars back from George Lucas all in one Metafilter thread. jc-09.19.11

For DW: John Campbell's bizarre short film, Cats. sd-09.16.11

Finally an addition to Quicksilver for movies about bike messengers: the trailer for Premium Rush. sd-09.16.11

The Blade Runner Convention Reel from 1982, "specifically designed to circulate through the country's various horror, fantasy and science fiction conventions." sd-09.15.11

"There are lots of well-written films in the world; there are far too few well-spoken ones." Whit Stillman's Damsels in Distressed screened at the Toronto Film Festival this week and here's a collection of reviews. This discussion of it in the National Post is particularly good. sd-09.15.11

"You probably thought this deer was alive... Nope." Fabulous spot for Ojai Valley Taxidermy. Now that's advertising that sells. Thanks Jason. jc-09.15.11

Related to below and continuing a theme of printing with things not usually used for such things: Cornell Creative Machines Lab's 3D food printing experiments. sd-09.14.11

At the Osaka train station in Japan: temporary printing using a water fountain is the best way to describe it. sd-09.14.11

Cute Creta. ms-09.13.11

Early reviews and the trailer for FFC's Twixt. Looks great and nicely twisted. jc-09.13.11

Film School or No Film School? That's the question. sd-09.13.11

Undoubtedly what a CP paintball outing would look like: Saman Keshavarz directs this slick video game-style paintball match, shot in one take and (at times) 1,000 fps. sd-09.12.11

If you want to drive SD insane, just call something non-video-related "HD." Apparently he's not alone. bb-09.12.11

Johan Rijpma's experiment using rolls of tape and stop motion: Tape Generations. sd-09.12.11

Sweet 3D camera mapping scenes by Miklós Falvay from Motalko, a documentary about Hungary's first gas station. Via Laughing Squid. jc-09.12.11

"I thought we were just going to do do some testing and get some footage for NAB. The surprise was that Peter Jackson called in his army to shoot a short feature. There were over 200 people with uniforms, guns and airplanes." RED founder Jim Jannard has been posting bits and pieces of the camera company's history. sd-09.09.11

Old Timey Star Wars. dw-09.09.11

"I chose the invisibility cloak because it totally represents my way of life." Hogwarts Hipster. dw-09.08.11

Three brief clips from Whit Stillman's Damsels in Distress have found their way onto the internet. Love that first scene. sd-09.08.11

Soap bubbles, exotic ferrofluid liquid, macro lenses, and time lapse all come together in Kim Pimmel's Compressed 02. sd-09.07.11

Teaser trailer for the extreme skiing movie Attack of La Nina. ms-09.07.11

Fantastic: Roddy McDowall's Home Movies from the summer of 1965. Love his opening titles. Thanks Henry. sd-09.07.11

A beautiful remake, done in stop motion, of the Jonny Quest opening titles. Thanks Jamie. sd-09.06.11

For MS: with descriptions of "giving it a Sherlock Holmes-like stylized treatment" and "work in a musical number or two," things continue to not bode well for the potential Thin Man remake. The AV Club gets it right with: "Still no word on just how sassy the inevitably CGI'ed Asta will be. We will guess 'plenty.'" sd-09.06.11

Going to be watching this all day. Awesome music vid for the best song of the year: Madeon's Pop Culture (Dance Video). Also: drumming along with Madeon. Both via Doobybrain. sd-09.06.11

Future Noir, a compendium of Blade Runner images and ephemera. Via Things Magazine. jc-09.06.11

A look at London from the window of a bus. ms-09.06.11

The day before Hurricane Irene landed, director Peter Atencio tweeted "@Vimeo just declared a state of emergency, says a dangerous surge of NYC hurricane DSLR footage set to haunting music is only days away." His prophesy has been fulfilled. sd-09.01.11

The latest from PBS' terrific web series Off Book: an episode about the variety of Steampunk art. sd-09.01.11

This week's The Sound of Young America features an interview with Robert Popper, creator of the much-beloved BBC series, Look Around You. Thanks Claire. sd-09.01.11

Earlier this year, JC was counting down the hours until Terrence Malick's Tree of Life was released. Now it's my turn to eagerly wait for my favorite director-who-rarely-makes-movies to release his latest. The official site for Whit Stillman's Damsels in Distress has gone live (though with no content yet) and Whit Stillman.Org finally has some news to report after 13 long years of slowness. sd-08.31.11

Related to the last. How Not To Be Seen. You're welcome. jc-08.31.11

The story behind those MOVE, LEARN and EAT travel videos that were being passed around all over at the start of the month. Spoiler: they were actors and it was an ad. sd-08.31.11

Why couldn't commercials for kids products be as weird as this when I was younger? Cocoon. sd-08.31.11

Holy Wow. Full screen an absolute must: Teahupoo from the Phantom camera. ms-08.31.11

A fun spot for a new mall in London, tracing the last 100 years in fashion. Costume changes must've been exhausting. Via Denver Egotist. sd-08.30.11

"I combined everyday soap bubbles with exotic ferrofluid liquid to create an eerie tale, using macro lenses and time lapse techniques." Kim Pimmel's Compressed 02. jc-08.30.11

Trailer for an adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson's first novel: The Rum Diary. sd-08.29.11

The silent and strangely captivating short film Owners Outside of Their Businesses, which is exactly as it sounds. sd-08.29.11

Trailer for the Ralph Fiennes directed retelling of the Shakespeare tragedy, Coriolanus. sd-08.26.11

Nice song/footage for the end of summer: Bill Newsinger's Revolution. Via Doobybrain. sd-08.26.11

Related to below: DW, that The Ettes music vid is uncomfortably close to the 2007 promo for Hot Chip's Over and Over. There's also another music vid where they explain that the budget's been blown, almost with the exact same setup, but having trouble tracking it down. sd-08.25.11

Inspirational posters created from lines in The Wire: Wire Inspire. sd-08.25.11

Tal Moskovich's lo-fi tribute to his favorite dinosaur/film: Raptor. Though as FotA Dan Telfer explains, the Velociraptor was hardly the creature Jurassic Park made it out to be. sd-08.25.11

Everyone's favorite drunk Cubs fan, Colleen Henneman, has returned to offer financial advice and explain Wrigleyville history and culture. sd-08.24.11

Welcome to Planet Earth. ms-08.24.11

"Chris Crocker was bullied out of school in the 8th grade and was, by his account, raised on the Internet. Crocker's online videos have been viewed over 270 million times to date. He is arguably the first internet celebrity to cross over into mainstream media and is part of the first wave of young people coming into adulthood under constant self-surveillance." ME at the ZOO. dw-08.23.11

Apparently buying a fancy camera does not instantly make you a good filmmaker: An Open Letter to Canon. sd-08.23.11

Great visual essay by film scholar Matthias Stork: Chaos Cinema: The Decline and Fall of Action Filmmaking. sd-08.23.11

Duck Tron. sd-08.22.11

The 20th Century Fox theme loses some steam when played on a recorder. sd-08.22.11

For SD, you are going to need someplace to store all these DVDs. ms-08.21.11

Very stupid music vid of the moment: Total Ghost's Space Station. Reminds me a little of this odd Sparks' classic, My Baby's Taking Me Home. sd-08.18.11

Back to the Future screenwriter Bob Gale answers the age old question: "Is it ever explained why Marty McFly hangs out with Doc Brown?" sd-08.18.11

"I shot this timelapse montage from late 2010 through early 2011. One year in the making. My goal was to show the duality between city and nature." jc-08.18.11

One of the most fun documentaries I've seen all year, Winnebago Man, is now streaming for free. Well worth the time. sd-08.17.11

The absurdly fun spot for DC Shoes: Hollywood Megamercial, directed by Ben Conrad of Logan. sd-08.17.11

The worst wedding video ever? sd-08.16.11

Music vid of the moment: Seeed's Wonderful Life. Via Denver Egotist. sd-08.16.11

From FotA Greg Hess: I'm a Mac. sd-08.16.11

Great intro to an episode of PBS's ART:21, shot by William Wegman and starring Steve Martin. sd-08.16.11

Still related, a bit from my fave RWF film, The Third Generation. jc-08.15.11

Related to the last, terrific trailer for Fassbinder's recently rereleased and remastered 1973 sci-fi epic, World on a Wire. jc-08.15.11

Beautiful, mellow film for Edwin, a Tokyo denim brand shot in the French countryside by Benjamin Robinson. Brilliant all the way round, especially the music choice. Via Laura Austin. jc-08.12.11

Aaah, I thought SD was talking about the other magical-hat-based childrens' show. bb-08.10.11

Related to the last: here's the intro to Today's Special, which clearly was the inspiration for the 1987 film Mannequin. sd-08.10.11

For SD, BB, and DW, per our discussion on the kitchen just now, the show was called Lucan and here is the opening for the show. ms-08.10.11

Maria Popova on the nature film, Astonish Me from the WWF. jc-08.10.11

Would have found this awesome 15 years ago, but now only find it absolutely terrifying: music vid for Mega Secrets' Family Portrait, featuring found clips of teenagers playing with fire. sd-08.10.11

The excellent Daily Notebook from MUBI, an indispensable resource on film news, gets a clean new look and David Hudson back in the driver's seat. jc-08.10.11

"Even if you don't like Westerns, there are at least four or five that must be seen by any civilized person, and since John Ford indisputably made the finest of them all in that most profoundly American genre, one of his would have to be at the top." Peter Bogdanovich. Amen. jc-08.10.11

"I like the clarity of a cowboy movie. And in real life I almost never get shot so I like the clarity of that as well." John Moe's Ten Favorite Westerns. A solid list. Thanks fot that. jc-08.10.11

Even skateboard crashes are fun to watch when they're shot at 1000fps. Via Denver Egotist. sd-08.09.11

Crazy Walls, aka Room Full of Crazy, when a scrapbook is not crazy enough. Via Things Magazine. jc-08.09.11

Well shot footage from the recent hydroplane races at the Detroit APBA Gold Cup. sd-08.05.11

Trailer for the Steve James and Alex Kotlowitz documentary, The Interrupters. sd-08.05.11

Shut Up Little Man! jc-08.05.11

Lovely poster for Tomas Alfredson's Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. Also, a second trailer is out. Looks great, all the way round. jc-08.05.11

LA Light. Full screen is best. ms-08.05.11

Just received my $2.50, brand new copy of one of my favorite films, Julian Po, which has one of the worst, most deceitful trailers ever. Now I just need to track down a copy of the Branimir Scepanovic book it's based on and the 1982 Serbian film version and my collection will be complete. sd-08.04.11

"The tricky thing about horror trailers is that they tend to look good all the time, even if the movie itself ends up being incredibly stupid. Horror trailer editors need to be given a special award, but that's neither here nor there. Let's get to the trailers, shall we?" dw-08.04.11

Trailer for a documentary about the people who make television happen: Showrunners. Via Denver Egotist. sd-08.04.11

Lost Hitchcock film discovered in New Zealand. ms-08.03.11

The mountain of entertainment. An iterative study of the Paramount Television logo, shown in chronological order. Great. jc-08.03.11

Sure, it ruined a couple of cameras, but the footage was definitely worth it: NYC as seen from underneath a skateboard. sd-08.02.11

"Henceforth, in no order of favorites did Drowning Machine call out her ten favorites." jc-08.02.11

An ongoing discussion. "Conclusions? I like revisions of the genre rather than embodiments of it." Kevin Smokler's ten favorite westerns. jc-08.01.11

"I love that they have to use a random assortment of completely out of context behind the scenes footage to have enough to make the segment work." A bizarre local news review of Back to the Future wherein clearly the editor hadn't actually seen the film. sd-08.01.11

Since we seem to be on a bit of a car kick this morning, he's another great short doc in the Depth of Speed series, this time about a beautifully restored VW bus. sd-08.01.11

JC and I are clearly looking for the same sorts of things but running into other stuff entirely. Here's a CBS network promo from 1979 featuring Johnny Cash singing that year's slogan, "Looking Good." sd-07.29.11

The Netflix Relief Fund. sd-07.29.11

Favorite film from last night's Chicago Short Comedy Film Fest was, by far, Work Place Drama by Various Artists Film. sd-07.29.11

Peter Atencio's thoughts about the music vid for Bryan Adams' (Everything I Do) I Do It For You reminds me of this conversation we had a couple of years back about the plot crisis caused by movie tie-ins. sd-07.28.11

A set of fun titles for the in-production documentary by Stefan Sagmeister, The Happy Film. sd-07.28.11

For SD, a decade of Ron Weasley looking dumbfounded. ms-07.27.11

The trailer for Tomas Alfredson's adaptation of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy looks great. jc-07.27.11

Interesting side by side look at the use of the same premise for a joke: the economically paced The Hitchhiker's Guide to Murder and the drawn out, but nice to look at 46 Miles. sd-07.27.11

What's the saddest movie in the world? According to scientists, it's the poorly reviewed 1979 film, The Champ. Via J-Walk. sd-07.27.11

If you've ever wanted to hear Suicide is Painless quickly turn into something decidedly painful, here's the opening to the short lived spinoff, AfterM*A*S*H. sd-07.27.11

Found accidentally while on the hunt for something else: the opening theme to the Canadian mystery/comedy show, Seeing Things. Made all the more weird if you've seen Scanners and remember its most famous scene. sd-07.26.11

Motion tracking technology has finally been put to its best possible use in this music vid for Fulton Lights' Staring Out the Window. sd-07.26.11

One of my all-time favorite movies, edited to show just the action, no sound, His Girl Friday- Between the Lines Edit. Via MeFi. ms-07.26.11

From the AV Club Pop Pilgrims video series, a visit to The Royal Tenenbaums house. jc-07.26.11

Genre De Vie, a documentary in progress about the social effects of the urban bicycle revival. sd-07.26.11

GI Joes, Zombies, blood, guts, and an homage to John Carpenter's The Thing? You had me at hello. Thanks Tomas! ms-07.26.11

"Once upon a time, on an ocean liner bound for New York, there was a very small stateroom occupied by a very large trunk. Here's how you build one of the greatest gags in cinema history, one step at a time." By Mike D'Angelo. jc-07.25.11

Interesting short doc on a internet meme: People's Champion: Behind the Battle. Via Waxy. sd-07.25.11

So wonderfully stupid: Planet of the Apes Party Fun Time. Via Atencioblog. sd-07.25.11

Jurjen Versteeg's clever and nicely shot graduation project: A History of the Title Sequence. Via Doobybrain. sd-07.25.11

Music vid of the moment: Shiho Nanba's Kodona no Kaidan. sd-07.22.11

Clips of the Fake Shemps used on the Three Stooges after Shemp Howard had passed away. Via J-Walk. sd-07.21.11

A sweet film by Itdrewitself that takes a look behind the scenes at UK graffiti zine Very Nearly Almost. Via MagCulture. jc-07.21.11

Quipsologies' Ten Worst Westerns. Awesome. jc-07.20.11

Gary Hustwit chimes in with his ten westerns. Westworld! jc-07.20.11

John Gruber adds his Top Ten Westerns. No Red River or Stagecoach. 4 x Clint. jc-07.20.11

Related to the last. My top 10 Westerns in no particular order. Today anyhow. McCabe and Mrs. Miller, The Searchers, Red River, Liberty Valance, Heaven's Gate, Stagecoach, Once Upon a Time in the West, The Wild Bunch, Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid, Blazing Saddles. jc-07.20.11

"Little Eddie the Boots snorted. 'Yeah? Well, he don't know squat about westerns. You see the knock he put on Shane?" I'm a bachelor without kids for the next couple days, which means it's a good time to revisit a classic Royko column to help with planning my evenings. jc-07.20.11

One long Steadicam take about the making of a film: Behind the Scene. sd-07.19.11

Weird. Had no idea they'd made a movie of an enjoyable book I'd read years ago, Round Ireland with a Fridge. sd-07.19.11

A new film by FotA Matt Ruby and Brooke Van Poppelen: Made With Love: Baked Parsnip Chips. sd-07.19.11

Epic new Spike Jonze vid for Beastie Boys, starring action-figures, Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win. Thanks Jamie. jc-07.19.11

Rhett and Link's great Harry Potter Song: Amazing finds them singing along to a video blog about the end of the series. sd-07.18.11

The wonderfully low-budget Pixar knock off, Car's Life 2, and tangentially related, The Little Panda Fighter. sd-07.18.11

DC time-lapse by Drew Geraci. Thanks Marshall. jc-07.18.11

Behold! Thorin Oakenshield. jc-07.18.11

Christopher Jobson of Colossal writes, "Check the trailer for a new documentary titled One Day on Earth, shot in every country in the world on a single day last October. The trailer alone has work from 90 filmmakers. Wowza." I'll say. jc-07.15.11

Also from the Movie Title Stills Collection, The typography of Jean-Luc Godard. Most are on YouTube, check out Une Femme est une Femme. bb-07.15.11

Finally. The End at Warner Bros, from Christian Annyas. jc-07.15.11

Hey Hollywood, if you are going to bring back bring back Godzilla, please oh please, bring back Mothra too? ms-07.14.11

A Day in the Life of Pixar's John Lasseter. sd-07.14.11

Philip Bloom's short doc about the Great Lakes Boat Building Company in South Haven, MI. sd-07.13.11

Broadway by Light, a short film by William Klein from 1959. jc-07.13.11

Six months in the making, a photography-themed, Rube Goldbergian setup from Toronto's 2D Photography. sd-07.12.11

If you're a fan of indie cinema back when it meant something, check out Jon Moritsugu's Terminal USA (1993), which has somehow ended up on Comcast On Demand this month. If you dig that, track down my fave, Mod F**k Explosion (1994). bb-07.07.11

Field of Dreams 2: NFL Lockout. sd-07.07.11

Reminds me a bit of a commercial we made years ago that involved wandering around Chicago, shooting in the middle of the night and then lots of masking work in post: the music vid for Cold Mailman's Time is of the Essence. sd-07.06.11

"In August 2010, French filmmaker Vincent Moon and Efterklang's 8 piece-live band met up on an island off the Danish coast. The objective was to shoot a film." Beautiful work and music and an innovative business model too. jc-07.06.11

Need a little energy to get going after the holiday weekend? Try The Godfather of Soup. Ow. Thanks Marshall. jc-07.05.11

Chicago By Boat: A Timelapse Journey, by Philip Bloom. Beautiful, via Gapers. jc-07.01.11

The cute and clever just barely overpowers the predictable and overplayed in this winner of the Nokia Shorts competition: Splitscreen: A Love Story. sd-06.29.11

Interesting idea if you love movies, Movie Pass. ms-06.29.11

"Should you choose to accept it..." Trailer for Mission Impossible 4, directed by Brad Bird. jc-06.29.11

Stuff about Ingmar Bergman. jc-06.29.11

Interesting. Just months after our Layer Tennis coin flip homage, VH1 is reportedly bringing back Pop-Up Video. You're welcome, America. sd-06.28.11

Great spot for the Melbourne International Film Festival: "Polish Cinema." sd-06.28.11

Definitely the first time we've ever linked a KFC spot in Fresh Signals, "One Big Family" from Bartle Bogle Hegarty, London. Via Adweek. jc-06.28.11

This hypnotic film on how to make a beet cake is beautifully shot, but I still don't want any beet cake. Via Doobybrain. sd-06.28.11

Director Chris Cunningham's audiovisual remix of Gil Scott-Heron's New York is Killing Me. sd-06.27.11

LWL70 sees iconic films and faces of the past reinterpreted and restyled by iconic illustrators of today. dw-06.27.11

The American West of John Ford, Via FFC on Twitter. jc-06.27.11

"I don't have a lot of time to spend talking to a man who don't see a good proposition when it's put to him." Edward Copeland on one of out all time-faves, McCabe and Mrs. Miller, on the 40th anniversary of its release. Via @thedailyMUBI. jc-06.24.11

Rare is the day you get to see jokes about editing software on TV, so enjoy: Final Cut Pro X on Conan. sd-06.24.11

Wilfred promos. dw-06.24.11

A clip from The Pelican Brief Project, wherein the band Candybox Violence composed an album to be synchronized with screenings of The Pelican Brief. sd-06.23.11

The next project from J.J. Abrams: Lens Flare: The Movie. sd-06.23.11

For MS and BB, Pottermore. dw-06.23.11

Zulkey's Sophie's Choice of '80s movies: Ghostbusters or Back to the Future? sd-06.22.11

Scenes from the Fixie! Picnic Weekend! fixed gear event held in Seoul last month. Via Doobybrain. sd-06.22.11

Related to the last, the fab SNL skit of NPR ladies and Alec Baldwin, Delicious Dish Schweddy Balls. ms-06.22.11

This year's edition of an ample supply of camera details: Zacuto's The Great Camera Shootout 2011. sd-06.21.11

50,000 Happy Birthdays ms-06.21.11

"He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy." Controversy over the initial release of Life of Brian to become a BBC drama. jc-06.21.11

Christopher writes, "Just thought you guys might dig this. It's like a Terrence Malick vacation video shot in Costa Rica. Seriously." Thanks for that. jc-06.17.11

In case you missed it: Axe Cop, Episode Four. Also, this fan-made, live-action version of the first episode is pretty great too. sd-06.17.11

Tony Rogers makes a music video for Father's Day: Call the Press and Send Their Best. Best to watch the behind the scenes first, so it all makes sense. sd-06.17.11

Stuxnet: Anatomy of a Computer Virus. ms-06.17.11

From the Buenos Aires office of Young & Rubicam, a fun short film about the perils of telling people that you work in advertising and how to fight back: The Counter Demoralization. sd-06.16.11

Trailer for Attack the Block. Thanks Jamie. sd-06.16.11

Related to BB's post below: the supreme weirdness of hearing a Pogues song in a Subaru commercial. sd-06.16.11

A great photo essay/documentary on Detroit's Floating Post Office. sd-06.16.11

Crispin's finale for Burger King. Stare at a spinning Whopper for long enough and you get one free. As Tim Nudd says, "it's almost advertising as punishment." Fun. jc-06.15.11

Trailer for A Certain Breed, a short film by Scott Smith and Fulton Market Films. Also see Scott's Ten, in which a man gets busy before breakfast. jc-06.15.11

"Drive, he said." jc-06.14.11

Fab title sequence for OFFF Barcelona 2011, created by PostPanic in Amsterdam. jc-06.13.11

The 10 most memorable '80s TV theme songs. dw-06.10.11

A smart film from Nate Burgos. Rare Book Feast #1: Herbert Bayer's Book of Maps. Via swissmiss. jc-06.09.11

Pizza Verdi. ms-06.09.11

A student project remaking the titles for 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Beautiful, via Quipsologies jc-06.07.11

The Alamo Drafthouse in Texas doesn't take kindly to people using cell phones during film screenings. A young woman apparently didn't get the memo resulting in this amazing new public service announcement that will now be screened before all "R" rated films. mcj-06.06.11

"At this point right now I think letting movies exist in the era, with all the flaws and all of the flourishes, is a wonderful way to mark time and mark history." Spielberg on digital enhancements for DVD releases and Jaws. Amen. jc-06.06.11

Fab 1978 Jeans West spot, starring skateboarder Ed Nadalin. Via It's Nice That. jc-06.06.11

George Lucas Strikes Back. ms-06.02.11

What an Astronaut's camera sees. ms-06.02.11

Manhattan in Motion. Full screen is best. ms-06.02.11

Remember that nighttime soap from the 70s and 80s, full of power, sex, and greed? You know, Little House on the Prairie? (I love this opening-credit meme.) wm-06.01.11

In response to an article in Newsweek calling it "a dying city," Grand Rapids, MI created this record setting lip dub using nearly everyone in the entire town. sd-05.31.11

Might be considered disturbingly violent if it weren't exactly how things are imagined at that age: Is Tropical's The Greeks. Directed by the always great Megaforce. sd-05.31.11

Following on the last: the short film Rapha Continental, about a racing team riding their bicycles across North America. Via Doobybrain. sd-05.31.11

Fun spot for Heineken: The Date. Directed by Fredrik Bond who has done some great work. sd-05.27.11

Ding! A new local commercial from Rhett & Link, along with the announcement of their behind-the-scenes show for IFC, Commercial Kings. sd-05.26.11

"Q: How should a director act in public? A: By no means act normal. Producers are convinced that no normal being can be a director." A fun and funny interview with silent film director Marshall Neilan on How to be a Motion Picture Director. sd-05.26.11

Peter Sellers performs "A Hard Day's Night" in the style of Laurence Olivier's interpretation of Richard III, 1965. Via Open Culture. jc-05.26.11

Lovely video shot at the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple in Utah at their annual Festival of Colors, Optimist. ms-05.26.11

Best Made Company Spring Interlude, 2011 near Longville, Minnesota. Watch it full screen. Ah, bliss. jc-05.25.11

Music vid of the moment: Yung Jake's Datamosh. Wonderfully silly. sd-05.25.11

Related to the last. Space floor. jc-05.25.11

Apropos of nothing. "..tell me, just what is it that you want to do?" jc-05.25.11

Peter Antencio asks, "Are ironic mockumentaries about plastic bags a trend? More importantly, does this mean Jeremy Irons and Werner Herzog would participate in a celebrity boxing match if it benefited the great plastic bag barrier reef removal effort?" sd-05.24.11

Posted without comment, other than it's destined for Rebecca Black-esque fame: a commercial for The Swedish Diet. sd-05.24.11

Joplin tornado from inside a walk-in fridge. Absolutely terrifying. jc-05.24.11

Watched HBO's Cinema Verite last night and it was terrific. WNET has lots of long clips from throughout the An American Family run. Now I need to watch Real Life again. sd-05.24.11

A very informative behind-the-scenes chat with Pierre² Lafauxxx, Head Desyner for Lady Gaga. sd-05.24.11

Footage shot by the Helicopter Service of Iceland of the country's latest volcanic eruption. sd-05.24.11

Milton Berle heckled by Henny Youngman and Statler and Waldorf. bb-05.23.11

MK12 produced the eerie opening titles for this year's FITC Toronto 2011 Festival. Via The Gorilla. sd-05.23.11

"The comedic irony that seems to be lost on all involved is that if you were seeing this PSA on a movie you had rented, it meant you had already rented a movie and did not need a PSA encouraging you to do the very thing you'd already done." sd-05.23.11

"My ambition with Dune was tremendous. They gave me all the economic means to do whatever I wanted." A scene from a new doc on the ill-fated 1974 production, Jodorowsky's Dune. jc-05.23.11

"...the American people are angry and want angry shows." Paddy Chayefsky's script notes from Network. jc-05.23.11

Trailer for Magic Trip: Ken Kesey's Search For a Kool Place. More on this film, assembled from hundreds of hours of 16mm shot in 1964, at Jambands. Via Open Culture. jc-05.20.11

Cute, low-budget batch of camera nerdery from a photography store in Calgary: Battle at F-Stop Ridge. Via AdFreak. sd-05.20.11

Either a scene from or a very unconventional trailer for the film that was a big hit at Cannes: Drive. Looks great. sd-05.20.11

Idea Grave, filmmaker Jesse Ewles' rejected music video treatments. sd-05.19.11

Six years before he made Heat, Michael Mann shot a very similar TV movie for NBC called L.A. Takedown. Here's the bank robbery / shootout scene. sd-05.19.11

A nicely shot spot for People for Bikes. Luckily, looks like it wasn't shot on a DSLR because that shining a laser pointer right into the lens terrified me. Via Doobybrain. sd-05.19.11

Local note: Layer Tennis qualifier Able Parris is presenting at an Independent Feature Project forum tonight at the Nightingale. bb-05.18.11

"Have you ever wondered in how many different episodes MacGyver has made an arc welder (answer: 3 times in episodes 6, 52, and 87)? Or perhaps you forgot about your favorite episode (season 1, episode 12) when Mac escapes via a casket that transforms into a jetski. And how many times has Mac made a diversion? In order to placate all of your MacGyver-related curiosities, we offer you MacRecipes." dw-05.18.11

"Once upon a daydream she dreamt so long ago a boy was made to dream upon ensconced upon her soul." Reverie. ms-05.18.11

Sarah writes, "This peculiar love story started when the bike and the sewing machine met at the peSeta shop in Madrid and the spark was instant. We designed a special mechanism to join them together to see what would happen." The Bicycle Cap. jc-05.17.11

Tintin trailer #1. jc-05.17.11

Recently linked and related to the last, Tonite Let's All Make Love In London. Peter Whitehead's swinging pastiche of music, art and everything else in 1967 London. Starring everyone. jc-05.16.11

Anthony Stern's trippy, groovy, wonderful short film San Francisco from 1968, with a soundtrack by The Pink Floyd. Via John Coulthart. jc-05.16.11

The plot of Inception as told through a folder on a desktop. sd-05.16.11

The beautifully shot, The Accidental Sea, "a short film about my favorite post-apocalyptic hell-hole, the Salton Sea" in California. sd-05.16.11

"In 2002, the military captured and imprisoned a supernatural entity." Trailer for Stormhouse. jc-05.13.11

Secret Cinema screened The Battle of Algiers in an underground tunnel in London recently. Here are some photos of the event. So cool. jc-05.13.11

Village Without Women, a documentary by Srdjan Sarenac. dw-05.12.11

MGM team picture, 1943. jc-05.12.11

When Mattel won't sell you the movie rights to Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots, you can apparently still make the film by just renaming it Real Steel. Thanks Jamie. sd-05.11.11

Some insightful observations about Thor from the Lazy Self-Indulgent Book Reviewer. jc-05.10.11

Instant Cinema, a new online platform for experimental film from René Dalder and designed by Folkert Gorter who previously collaborated on Space Collective. jc-05.10.11

Trailer for Troll Hunter. ms-05.10.11

Scenes from the 2003 Nigerian remake of Titanic. Via Cynical-C. sd-05.10.11

Unlawful Killing is a documentary about the murky circumstances surrounding the death of Princess Di. It premieres at Cannes next week but the filmmaker, Keith Allen, writes in The Guardian that it won't be screened in the UK anytime soon. jc-05.10.11

My review of Thor: The trailer for Super 8 looks pretty good. jc-05.10.11

For DW, best use of an Iron Butterfly song in a movie, ever. Manhunter. I do love that movie so. ms-05.09.11

This Laura Hadar spot for Nike is fun to look at, but the sound design and music is just stellar. sd-05.09.11

For DW, who just watched Dead Alive this weekend: the short animated film, Hambuster, which rivals in funny gruesomeness. sd-05.09.11

Related. Trailer for Renoir's 1939 Rules of the Game. jc-05.06.11

Related to the last. Top Ten Uses of Voice-Over in Film from Stylus. Umm, Blade Runner? jc-05.06.11

Kane at 70, by David Hudson and Richard T. Jameson's piece from 1971 at Parallax View. jc-05.05.11

Re-link because it is so great, The S From Hell. ms-05.05.11

Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, Manhattan and Chicago. Cityscapes. Full screen is best. ms-05.05.11

Related to the last. Perhaps the funniest scene ever shot about film post-production from Modern Romance. "I dunno, space floor?" jc-05.04.11

Jack Foley as in "Foley Artist." jc-05.04.11

Finally. Gelatin cubes dropped onto a solid surface and shot at 6200 fps. Via Mefi. jc-05.03.11

The Gamma & Density Journal's A Short History of American Cinematography, as told in rows and columns. Thanks Henry. sd-05.03.11

Art of the Title on the opening title sequence of Dinner for Schmucks and, per usual, the huge amount of work that went into making it. sd-05.03.11

Back for more Old Jews Telling Jokes. Priceless. jc-05.02.11

Really difficult, but posted without comment: the music vid for Social Distortion's Machine Gun Blues. sd-05.02.11

Absolutely loved The Fall. Hoping that Tarsem Singh's next film, Immortals, is better than it looks. sd-05.02.11

Thankfully the weather has finally turned because Chewbacca Hates Shoveling Snow. Via Dad's Big Plan. sd-05.02.11

Brilliant trailer for The Day He Arrives by Hong Sang-Soo. Check lots more trailers from Cannes 2011, collected by David Hudson at Mubi. jc-04.29.11

"No one watched more public access than we did and we all knew how to make it better, how to make it funny. We would make the best boring television KOCT ever saw." Danforth France's memories of working for a public access TV station in San Diego. sd-04.29.11

A favorite film from last night's South Loop Film Fest: Anna Krutzik's You Will Like This. sd-04.29.11

"The text was printed onto a Kodalith, which was backlit and shot at an angle to give the illusion of the text receding into the distance." An auction for the acetate "crawl" from Empire Strikes Back. Via Shaun Usher. jc-04.29.11

"I die!" Existential Star Wars (In French). sd-04.28.11

A handful of great behind the scenes photos from the set of the Beastie Boys' "magnum opus" Fight for Your Right (Revisited). sd-04.28.11

State Bicycle Co. takes a nicely shot ride through my hometown. Via Doobybrain. sd-04.28.11

"I would just like to meet this man personally and compliment him for his watermelon sized balls for I would have shat in my pants, drop the camera and probably die of heart attack. Just wait for it. ms-04.28.11

A look back at the work of Modernista, the Boston ad agency who recently closed up shop. sd-04.28.11

Arnaud Faure's fan-made, Tron-inspired music vid for Daft Punk's Derezzed. Via Doobybrain. sd-04.27.11

The A.V. Club's interview with Werner Herzog about his latest film and likely the first thing I'll finally see in 3D, Cave Of Forgotten Dreams. sd-04.27.11

Music vid of the moment: Manchester Orchestra's Simple Math. sd-04.27.11

Cute spot for Burt's Bees lip balm using the product as the sole medium for the stop motion animation. sd-04.27.11

The move against the Americanization of Akira so that it doesn't turn out like this. sd-04.26.11

An interview with the screenwriter of the new Fast and Furious film, Fast Five. mcj-04.26.11

Trailer for a documentary about the fixed gear bicycle and the community that has embraced it: Fixation. sd-04.26.11

Showreel for the amazing Universal Everything. Via Swiss Legacy. jc-04.26.11

Interesting interview with Francis Ford Coppola "on risk, money, craft and collaboration." sd-04.21.11

Music vid of the moment: Sue Scrofa's Who Do You Love uses some nice in-camera effects by manipulating the shapes of the bokeh circles. sd-04.21.11

The full, star-studded Beastie Boys short film, Fight For Your Right Revisited. sd-04.21.11

Music vid of the moment, nicely wearing its compositing and editing tricks on its sleeve: Wiley's Numbers in Action. sd-04.20.11

Tim Hetherington, director of the Oscar-nominated documentary Restrepo, was killed in Libya today. sd-04.20.11

Everynone's piece for WNYC's Radiolab, Symmetry. sd-04.20.11

Trailer for a documentary about New York accents: If These Knishes Could Talk. Via Doobybrain. sd-04.20.11

Found on the way to finding something else. The gorgeous trailer for McCabe & Mrs. Miller, Robert Altman 1971, cut to Leonard Cohen's "The Stranger Song." jc-04.20.11

The Best of Old School Star Wars Commercials. I remember that Energizer one running incessantly. sd-04.19.11

Related to the last. Ogilvy appearance on The David Susskind Show. jc-04.19.11

Syd Barrett Visits His Accountant. The most trippy thing is that he's paying taxes in the US. Via Peachfuzz. sd-04.19.11

Music vid of the moment: DeStorm's Famous Movies. An impressive, low-budget one take clip. sd-04.19.11

Interesting read about actor Paul Marcarelli: The Verizon Guy Gets His Life Back. sd-04.18.11

"I wrote a film about Death [The Seventh Seal]. It was excellent therapy," Cinematographer John Bailey, Ingmar Bergman on Fårö: A Testament. jc-04.18.11

Mubi on Michael Mann and David Milch's next thing, for HBO, Luck. jc-04.18.11

The three parts of SuperM Adventures, "inspired by Turkish trash movies of the '70s." sd-04.18.11

Apropos of nothing. The supermarket scene from The Stepford Wives, 1975. jc-04.18.11

Chaplin, in colour. jc-04.15.11

Photos from last night's unveiling of the new Final Cut Pro. sd-04.13.11

Beautifully shot music vid for Woodkid's Iron. Directed by Yoann Lemoine, who is also the sole member of the band. His other work can be seen here. sd-04.12.11

Many Steps. ms-04.12.11

For BB: a whole site dedicated to Supertrain, "one of television's biggest disasters of all-time." sd-04.11.11

And, of course, after that, then you have to post the Supertrain opening credits. sd-04.11.11

For BB and JC: the trailer for Score: A Hockey Musical, a film which features both Olivia Newton-John and Theo Fleury. Of course it does. sd-04.11.11

RIP Mr. Lumet. ms-04.09.11

While we're at it, here's the Jerzy Kosinski and Robert C. Jones' script for Being There which, of course, ends differently. jc-04.08.11

Related to the last. "Hal was out on location, miles from Hollywood. The last thing on earth he needed was to contact the home office to discuss the idea of Chance walking on water." How the last shot in Hal Ashby's Being There actually got made. jc-04.08.11

Phoebe Parsons' mix of hand-drawn animation, stop-motion and live action for her interesting and bizarre short film, The Fantastic Adventures of Cloudman. sd-04.08.11

Star Wars: The Musical. ms-04.08.11

Related to MKS' link below and always nice to have an excuse to post it: Fat Les' Vindaloo. sd-04.08.11

Made in Toronto, The Bookbinder, from Toronto Standard. Old-timey printing porn. Via Dan Wagstaff. jc-04.08.11

Mubi video of the day, The trailer for Lars von Trier's Melancholia. Wow. jc-04.08.11

Music vid of the moment. Seven Seconds on a Station Platform. The original idea was from Glide 2, a video by StraylightUK, jc-04.08.11

When Harry Met Sally 2. Cute. Directed by Billy Crystal's daughter, Lindsay. Thanks Jamie. sd-04.07.11

F*ck You. Pay Me. Fab. jc-04.07.11

Access Main Computer File. Images of interfaces in movies. Great. Via Mefi. jc-04.06.11

Little Scraps of Paper is a series of films directed by Tomas Leach "about how creative people develop ideas and thoughts and what they keep them in." Great work. Check the Brosmind and Oscar Narud episodes. jc-04.06.11

If you missed the Sunday premiere of AMC's fab new original series The Killing you can catch up by watching the first two episodes online here. ms-04.05.11

Two Ways Through Life. jc-04.05.11

A Tiny Day in the Jackson Hole Backcountry. ms-04.05.11

Posted without comment: the trailer for The Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Stan Lee's animated series. sd-04.04.11

A great promo for Video Toaster from the mid-90s, featuring narration by Ken Nordine. Just look at all those transition effects. We'll have to use it on the next Mr. Bedell tutorial. sd-04.04.11

An interview with Eric Gunther and Jeff Lieberman, the directors/choreographer's behind OK Go's latest "high demand concept" music vid. sd-04.04.11

Some concept art from Pixar's film for 2012, Brave. sd-03.31.11

Related to the last: a couple of great old spots for Tiger Games. sd-03.31.11

Another great batch of choreography from Genki Sudo in this music vid for Machine Civilization. Via Doobybrain. sd-03.31.11

Sander Houtkruijer's wonderfully absurd music vid for Jason Forrest's Raunchy. sd-03.30.11

Sweet, intriguing new poster for The Tree of Life. Also, a Tumblr feed and official site. jc-03.30.11

Kraft's Mac & Cheese spots based on tweets. Best part: most of them star Uncle Jack from Always Sunny. sd-03.30.11

13 great musical moments in Wes Anderson movies. ms-03.30.11

This is about as nerdy as it gets. bb-03.29.11

Through the Middle is an observational documentary, following the slow decline of an ageing barber and his business. ms-03.29.11

For SD, the top 10 beasts, creatures & monsters in SyFY Sci-Fi movies. ms-03.28.11

Aerial footage of the damaged Fukushima Nuclear power plant has been released. ms-03.28.11

Shoot it in stop-motion, add some glitchy music, light and color it well and you can make anything dramatic, even ice melting. sd-03.25.11

Star Wars Day of the Dead. dw-03.25.11

A music vid in the form of a fake movie trailer: The Black Keys' Howlin' For You. Flashy and lots of fun, but I still prefer the simplicity of their 10 A.M. Automatic. sd-03.25.11

Nearing the end of Ian Frazier's excellent book Travels in Siberia and just read a long portion about the joint Soviet-Japanese film, directed by Akira Kurosawa, Dersu Uzala. Here's the trailer and here's some good information on the making-of and the unfortunate poor quality of the transfers. sd-03.25.11

Related to the last. Juxtapoz Magazine visited Struggle. jc-03.25.11

Archive.org has just released author Roald Dahl's short-lived 1961 television series, Way Out. Love the opening. sd-03.24.11

Some beautiful footage in Ten Things I Have Learned About the Sea, "shot on marine vessel Portland Senator on the route from Los Angeles to Shanghai, in December 2008." sd-03.24.11

MS, this does not bode well: "Former writer for Alf and Bad Boys II hired to update The Thin Man." sd-03.24.11

Modern Times Forever, the longest film ever made, started screening last night in Helsinki. Not to worry, you still have 9 more days before it reaches its conclusion. sd-03.24.11

Related. ToL trailer. jc-03.24.11

Short doc about a woman enrolled in a parkour class. Via Doobybrain. sd-03.24.11

Just a little tilt shift surfing video on an early spring saturday in Scheveningen, The Netherlands. From Dough'nut. jc-03.24.11

The Physics of Skateboarding: Part 1, nice video with super slo-mo and general physics geekiness, by Already Been Done. Via Bldgwlf. jc-03.23.11

Tilt-shift Disneyland Paris. ms-03.23.11

Great clean beaches PSA out of France. Via AdFreak. sd-03.22.11

This music vid for Bedroom's Canco de l'alba feels like the serious, artsy version of this one for Beck and Charlotte Gainsbourg's Heaven Can Wait. The horse part from the first, at 1:52, would fit well in either. sd-03.22.11

The 2011 Quicksilver Surf team movie, Moments. Best at full screen. ms-03.22.11

"For Bernstein, his first choice was Al Pacino, an actor he much admired. 'But then I chewed it over,' Redford adds, 'and for some reason Dustin Hoffman seemed more like Carl in my mind's eye, so I called Dustin and asked him if he was interested. That was a very short phone call." Michael Feeney Callan for VF on the making of All the President's Men. Via Mubi. jc-03.22.11

Trailer for How to Make a Book With Steidl, a doc on legendary art publisher Gerhard Steidl. Via The Hansen Family. Thanks Jamie. jc-03.22.11

Speaking of Dougal Wilson, here's his great music vid for Temper Trap's Love Lost. sd-03.21.11

Sky Arts and the English National Opera commissioned three directors to make shorts based on opera pieces. Here's Dougal Wilson on The Barber Of Seville, Werner Herzog on O Soave Fanciulla, and Sam Taylor-Wood on Vesti la Giubba. sd-03.21.11

Director Keith Schofield has begun posting all of his treatments, shot lists, schedules and storyboards. Really interesting to see the planning behind his great work. sd-03.21.11

The Hobbit Blog. jc-03.21.11

Movie Titles in Movies, via Laughing Squid. jc-03.21.11

Agencia Loco, an insightful look into a modern ad agency by John Pace. jc-03.21.11

Music video of the moment, Matta, Release The Freq. Directed by Kim Holm. jc-03.21.11

Trailer for the documentary Ballhawks. Narrated by Bill Murray and still looks pretty interesting, despite being about the Cubs. sd-03.18.11

Clips from the documentary by Bill Daniel about the underground universe of hobo and railworker graffiti: Who is Bozo Texino?. More information on the film, here. Via 2 or 3 Things. sd-03.18.11

For BB, though don't let this give you any ideas for while your there and ruin your trip: Paris in 2,000 Images, a beautifully shot student project. sd-03.18.11

The film I made for this year's 20x2 at SXSW: Why Did You Do It? It's an absurd batch of nonsense. sd-03.18.11

Everything you need to know about Ireland can be found in Irish Spring commercials from the late-70s: it's all feats of strength, bad accents, showering outdoors and a guy always ready with a knife. sd-03.17.11

A few month after this great piece for Superchunk, Scott Jacobson directs the equally funny and silly Conversation 16 by The National. sd-03.17.11

Related to the last. Impossible cool. Bruce Lee's only television interview on The Pierre Berton Show, September 12, 1971. "Style is a crystallization, a process of continuing growth." jc-03.17.11

Still haven't seen Inception and now I don't need to, thanks to the cutout animation, Inception Done in 60 seconds. Part of a larger competition by the German branch of Jameson Whiskey. sd-03.17.11

Music vid with the largest deer wrangling budget of the moment: Matta's Release The Freq. sd-03.17.11

(notes on) biology. Thanks Thomas. jc-03.17.11

Music vid of the moment: Cut Copy's Need You Now. Directed by Keith Schofield, so you know it'll get wonderfully weird fairly quickly. sd-03.17.11

"After spending a long night in a dark, creepy warehouse full of mannequins, and many hours of spare time in front of your computer, this is what you get!" A film by Swedish sfx firm Upper First. Via Public School. jc-03.17.11

Music vid of the moment: the unsettling Never Let Me Go by The Human League. sd-03.16.11

Tim Wheatley's clever use of a bicycle tire: The Cyclotrope sd-03.16.11

A film I directed a few years back for a live show has finally been put up online: comedian Ken Barnard investigates how Wii Sports differs from real sports. sd-03.16.11

Taking a page from our overblown productions, a great, funny spot for the Swedish Armed Forces. sd-03.16.11

Puck is a caravan fitted out as a seven person cinema. dw-03.15.11

A Brief History of Title Design, a short film by Ian Albinson for a SXSW event last night. jc-03.15.11

A student documentary on the new sport currently sweeping New Zealand: Trike Drifting. Via Doobybrain. sd-03.14.11

Ten minutes in and it seems legitimately good: Girl Walks Into a Bar, the first feature length movie made for and released on YouTube, starring a number of name actors. sd-03.12.11

While planning one of the greatest music videos ever, Chemical Brothers' Star Guitar, Michel Gondry filmed his own prep work. sd-03.11.11

Copy, a crazy piece of motion graphics by Takahiro Yasuda. Via Doobybrain. sd-03.11.11

Really enjoying Shane Hurlbut's DSLR training videos. Fun aside: he's the guy Christian Bale was screaming at in that infamous recording from a couple of years ago. sd-03.11.11

Inexplicably, this does not appear to feature a laugh track... The trailer for Bonnie and Clyde vs Dracula mcj-03.10.11

Likely dangerous linking to this a couple hours before lunch: The Department of the 4th Dimension's campaign for AEG Europe, shows the un-making of a perfect dish. Beautifully shot and even better sound design. sd-03.10.11

On the way in this morning, I was wondering how awkward a sitcom would look like if you stripped out the laugh track. Of course, the internet is always ten steps ahead and already has lots of examples. This clip from Friends is one of the better edits. sd-03.10.11

FotA Steve Gadlin has gotten the head of WCIU to agree to air his game show pilot if he can get it financed and shot, so he's launched a Kickstarter campaign. Fingers crossed that he pulls it off. It's a great show. sd-03.09.11

New Firefox/Chrome plugin censors any references to Charlie Sheen. bb-03.09.11

A filmed conversation with the owner of Boise, Idaho's own, Wrecked Metals. Via Denver Egotist. sd-03.08.11

Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace in 3D gets an official release date. ms-03.07.11

Music vid of the moment: Stanton Warriors' Turn Me Up Some. sd-03.07.11

"My first experience was dreadful. I was sweating with fear." The short documentary, Kids on a Wire, about how children in a village in rural Nepal get to school each day. Beautiful, but terrifying. Via Arbroath. sd-03.07.11

Movie Barcode. Seems like a cousin to Brendan Dawes' Cinema Redux, except here you have all of a film's frames squished together horizontally. sd-03.07.11

Christian Mülhauser's video of the Northern Lights in Ravnastua, Norway. Via Andrew Sullivan. jc-03.07.11

A great student project, animating in kinetic typography, Conan O'Brien's farewell speech from The Tonight Show. Via Doobybrain. sd-03.07.11

Related to earlier posts, Stanley Kubrick, the exhibition at La Cinémathèque française. dw-03.07.11

Related to the last by only the word "Super", the trailer for, well, Super mcj-03.04.11

Sub City New York, a short film "about that moment in New York when you emerge from the subway and find yourself in a new and sometimes unexpected world." Sublime. Someone should make a film like this about coming up ramps into ballparks. Via Laughing Squid. jc-03.03.11

Har Mar Superstar appears as the devil in this quietly weird music video: La Sera's Devils Hearts Grow Gold. sd-03.03.11

Marc Isaacs' wonderful short film, Lift, and a great 2009 interview with him about this and his other films. Via Cynical-C. sd-03.02.11

West Wars, a project using action figures where Star Wars is redesigned as a gritty western film. sd-03.02.11

Definitely the thing for kids who are fans of Pee-Wee or Yo Gabba Gabba: Googy, episodes one and two. BB, your daughter is going to love this. sd-03.02.11

Finally a cause we can all get behind: Stop the Choddy. If you're not sure what a choddy is, watch this informative video and then do all you can to help erase this horrible form of advertising. sd-03.02.11

A slick animated spot for Mini's new concept car. sd-03.01.11

Time travel in popular film and tv, beautifully graphed. jc-03.01.11

See all of last night's Oscar winners here. ms-02.28.11

IFC has their picks for the 50 Greatest Opening Title Sequences of all Time. ms-02.24.11

The AT-AT deconstructed. dw-02.24.11

Artist Tacita Dean mourns over the death of 16mm film in Europe. sd-02.24.11

More Pierrot le Fou: Anna Karina and J-P Belmondo's "Ma ligne de chance." Bonus: Anna sings Serge Gainsbourg's "Roller-Girl" for her 1967 T.V. special. bb-02.24.11

The amazing, but never-released documentary Song Sung Blue, winner of both the Slamdance audience and jury prizes, is finally available on DVD. kg-02.23.11

A year later, they're talking about Tree of Life debuting at Cannes again. jc-02.23.11

A valuable PSA for parents: Talking to Your Kids About Star Wars. Via Cynical-C. sd-02.22.11

Robert Rodriguez's absurd five-minute long Nike commercial. Have we learned nothing in the four years since Pirelli's ten-minute John Malkovich epic? sd-02.22.11

A sneak peek at The Phantom Menace in 3D. Really makes all the dinosaurs come to life. sd-02.22.11

Trailer for the Japanese film, Space Battleship Yamato. Thanks Jamie. sd-02.22.11

"Bond titles are the definition of a successful marriage between craft and technique, and - if that weren't enough - the Broccolis have always had a knack for finding the right people for the job." An illustrated interview about the Quantum of Solace title sequence and GUI elements, with MK12 partner and creative director Ben Radatz. jc-02.22.11

"Renowned for their giant collaborative zen pop murals, Kami and Sasu's works combine elegant geometry with ebullient, uplifting colors." A video profile by Louis Mitchell. Via Wooster. jc-02.22.11

A panel of 150 film industry experts have chosen their picks for the 100 Best British Films. ms-02.21.11

A great spot from Australian production company Inspiration Studios: Sensible Digital Cinema. Via Doobybrain. sd-02.21.11

"The first of the films, titled So Real You Can Touch It, features shots of sizzling stereoscopic bratwursts on a barbecue." Nazi 3D Films From 1936 Discovered. Thanks Jamie. jc-02.18.11

Macro Kingdom by Clemento. Fab. jc-02.18.11

Mateusz Zdziebko's "gizmo-jam-session." Record and film basic stuff making noise. Mix and repeat. Via Fubiz. jc-02.18.11

When I first saw the spare and beautiful trailer for Béla Tarr's The Turin Horse I was curious, and now that the first reviews are coming in from The Berlinale I am totally intrigued. But keep in mind, my favorite Bergman film is Winter Light. So, maybe it's just me. jc-02.17.11

Discussed at lunch: Josh Owens' NYC Timelapse Sequences are all aces but the Times Square stuff is just breathtaking. jc-02.17.11

Old English's Breakfast at Tiffany's. Make sure to stick around for it. So well timed. sd-02.17.11

The Edge of the Earth, documenting a trip through Alaska's Gates of the Arctic National Park. Maybe the next expedition for DW and MJ, our resident explorers? sd-02.16.11

Lucky for us, Tom Guilmette was locked in a Vegas hotel room with a Phantom Flex. Via Andrew Sullivan. jc-02.16.11

Photographer Ryan Jackson explains how he shot 360-degree video of the world's largest dodgeball game. sd-02.16.11

Stargate Studios' Virtual Backlot Reel. Note, no green screen techniques were used in the filming of Above the Sun. Via Eric Zorn. jc-02.16.11

The drummer for the Colorado-based band Yerkish is moving away, so the rest of the group said goodbye the only way they know how: by releasing him back into the wild. Via Denver Egotist. sd-02.14.11

Der Konsument. If you can only watch one cute stop-motion film about a hungry octopus today, make it this one. sd-02.14.11

Trailer for and information on Float, a documentary about ultralight model airplane competitions. Via Doobybrain. sd-02.14.11

Spectacular opening sequence for film competition Kurzundschön (Short & Nice) created and produced by FeedMee Design of Cologne Germany. Must-see. Via iGnant. jc-02.11.11

I had the pleasure of directing a sequel to an all time favorite bizarre short film, Cook County Social Club's Max Gerber. Here's Max Gerber #2. sd-02.11.11

Lovely, enigmatic trailer for Pioneer. Via David Hudson. jc-02.11.11

Trailer for the documentary, Into Eternity, about Finland building the first nuclear waste repository, one that they hope will last 100,000 years. sd-02.10.11

Fantastic promo film for transmediale.11 for The Berlin Metro Station by Büro Achter April. jc-02.10.11

Star Wars Episode IV retold in Iconoscope. dw-02.10.11

If you love the Mini-Darth Vader VW spot as much as I do, then you'll get a kick out of these bloopers and deleted scenes. Via Brand Flakes for Breakfast. ms-02.10.11

John Hill catches the reuse of Groundhog Day footage as an establishing shot for the show The Good Wife. Strange. sd-02.09.11

Trailer for the documentary Bad Writing, featuring writers David Sedaris, George Saunders, Steve Almond, and many more. sd-02.09.11

A nicely shot, Michael Wolf-esque spot for Virgin Media. Also a fun repurposing of Madness' Our House. Via Ben Kay. sd-02.09.11

Eerie time-lapse videos of plants from Japan, collected by Pink Tentacle. jc-02.09.11

Music vid of the moment: Ben L'Oncle Soul's Soulman. sd-02.08.11

Star Wars Begins, a 13-part, fan-made documentary using bits of pieces from a variety of other documentaries, audio interviews, etc. Via Cynical-C. sd-02.08.11

Related to the last. Really. People are on fire in this montage, Viva Rebrand 2011, featured at Computerlove. jc-02.08.11

Hey Morgan Spurlock, that suit you're wearing to promote your latest film was already done and in a much more fashionable way back in the late 90s by The Art Guys and Todd Oldham. sd-02.07.11

The polished studio-produced piece The Cinematography of True Grit. Watch that, then this 34 minute conversation with Roger Deakins. Still the most humble man alive. sd-02.07.11

For BB: Keyboard Cat appears in Exit Through the Pet Shop. sd-02.07.11

The Glass Eye Maker, a short doc about being the last of a profession in the UK. Via Doobybrain. sd-02.07.11

"Nowhere in America does a stretch of pavement slice through a more vibrant and diverse cross-section of humanity than Chicago's Halsted Street." Halsted Street USA, a film by David Simpson. Via Andrew Abb. jc-02.07.11

"Sometimes the right words can be hard to find. Unless you're an Alabama fan." Nice work from WK. jc-02.04.11

A particularly fun episode of the Channel 101 series: Everything (Ep. 13). sd-02.01.11

"It's trash, but in concept at least, it has the potential of being gloriously transgressive trash." Zack Handlen watched Caligula on purpose for The A.V. Club. jc-01.31.11

A bizarre music vid for Seventeen Evergreen's Haven't Been Yourself by the experts of weird music videos, Encyclopedia Pictura (remember Grizzly Bear's Knife or Bjork's 3D adventure?). sd-01.31.11

"They absolutely hated the spot to a man... but left it to Jobs and Sculley whether to run it or not. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak saw the spot and offered to pay half the cost of running it out of his personal checking account." Chiat CD at the time, Steve Hayden on the making of Apple's '1984' Superbowl spot. jc-01.31.11

Sorry if you haven't had lunch yet. Epic Lurpak Butter spot by W+K London. Via Goodmorning & Goodnight. jc-01.28.11

Andrew Allen's beautifully animated short film The Thomas Beale Cipher, based on the famous unsolved code. Via Dad's Big Plan. sd-01.26.11

The History of Oakley, a short doc about how a small company making BMX grips turned into a giant sunglasses brand. More interesting docs by Defgrip here. Via Doobybrain. sd-01.25.11

SD guest directed the latest episode of The 53rd Ward, the web series following Alderman Ed Bus' run for mayor of Chicago: "My Dinner with Burton Natarus." bb-01.25.11

Orson Welles to John Huston, "It's about a bastard director... full of himself, who catches people and creates and destroys them. It's about us, John." Orson Welles's unseen last film, The Other Side of the Wind may be released. Via John Gruber. jc-01.25.11

Tim Pawlenty releases an action movie campaign trailer. You can't make this stuff up. jc-01.25.11

AIRPLANE!, back on the big screen for two days only. dw-01.25.11

Watched the excellent documentary about the Barnes Foundation last night, The Art of the Steal. Highly recommended. sd-01.25.11

The Oscar nominations have been announced. I'm torn between Winter's Bone and The King's Speech for best picture. ms-01.25.11

Short of the Week. jc-01.25.11

"This is a deep problem, which no amount of technical tweaking can fix." CP fave Walter Murch writes a letter to Roger Ebert explaining, in technical detail, why 3D sucks. kg-01.24.11

On Neil Diamond's birthday it's worth noting that the terrific, Slamdance-winning documentary Song Sung Blue will finally be released on DVD next month. See the trailer, read Ebert's review. kg-01.24.11

They Were There, a film for IBM by Errol Morris with music by Philip Glass. Splendid. Via Daring Fireball. jc-01.22.11

A favorite all-time music vid is Chris Applebaum's Closing Time by Semisonic (even Gondry's Sugar Water can't hold a candle to it). Hadn't thought to look up any background until now. Turns out, lots of details about the shoot on the band's site (near the bottom). sd-01.21.11

Four to the Floor, "the ever growing complete-ish collection of Channel 4 idents," including a couple great new ones. jc-01.21.11

Daniel Clowes' pulptastic packaging for Criterion releases of Samuel Fuller's The Naked Kiss and Shock Corridor, reminiscent of the "Interesting Productions" film posters in Clowes' Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron. bb-01.20.11

Write, cast and shoot your own film in Michel Gondry's Amateur Film Factory at the Centre Pompidou. dw-01.20.11

The very funny 3D No Glasses video, and the completely unnecessary explanation of why it isn't real (though still interesting). sd-01.19.11

For BB and DW: the band Best Coast teams up with I Can Has Cheezburger for their latest music vid: Crazy for You. sd-01.19.11

Peter Bradshaw "on the pity and terror" the little red coat from Nicolas Roeg's Don't Look Now still evokes. Via The Morning News. jc-01.19.11

You knew this already but, the sequel is rarely as good as the original, charted. jc-01.19.11

Related to the last: a shortened version of Mark Hogancamp's story also appeared on the "Going Down in History" episode of This American Life's TV show. sd-01.18.11

"After being beaten into a brain-damaging coma by five men outside a bar, Mark builds a 1/6th scale World War II-era town in his backyard. Mark populates the town he dubs Marwencol with dolls representing his friends and family and creates life-like photographs detailing the town's many relationships and dramas." Trailer. jc-01.18.11

FotA Jeff Rutzky reminds us all to check out Vanessa Gould's origami documentary Between the Folds on PBS' Independent Lens (or on itunes, amazon, or DVD). bb-01.18.11

Related to the last: had forgotten about the classic short, Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe. The full story, if you hadn't heard it before, here. sd-01.18.11

Trailer for the documentary about parking lot attendants: The Parking Lot Movie. sd-01.17.11

Dan Perri's Days of Heaven opening title sequence is featured at Art of the Title. jc-01.17.11

Henry Jun Wah Lee's beautiful Winter in Yosemite National Park. Via Doobybrain. sd-01.17.11

So you know, a brief history of conspicuous product placement in movies. ms-01.15.11

A very funny, short animated film about the frustrations of watching someone else use the internet: The Scrollwheel. sd-01.14.11

Cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki talks a bit about The Tree of Life to Steven Zeitchik. Hmm. jc-01.14.11

Trailer For The Great Bear, an Danish animated feature by Esben Toft Jacobsen. It'll be at Berlinale 2011. Via David Hudson at Mubi. Check this promotional still. jc-01.14.11

The Trashmaster, a full-length feature film made entirely inside the game Grand Theft Auto. The writing isn't so great, but it's very well directed. sd-01.13.11

"Nothing is impossible." FFC writes to Brando, 1976. jc-01.13.11

Nice set of links at Mefi to various time-lapse photography films from the Arctic and the Antarctic. If you only have time for one, check Anthony Powell's compendium, A Year on Ice. jc-01.13.11

The Director's Guild of America has announced their nominees for Outstanding Directorial Achievement for 2010. ms-01.12.11

While voiceover artist Ted Williams' rags to riches story is wonderful, 30 Rock fans will appreciate that the first spot featuring his voice also has an appearance by Sue LaRoche-Van der Hout. sd-01.11.11

Recently re-watched William Wegman's 1995 film The Hardly Boys in Hardly Gold and it's just as ridiculous and funny as ever. sd-01.11.11

Davis Silis and Marta Bobic are trying to make a short film called We Come From The Sea. It looks interesting and it's awfully hard for me to resist the Futura titles. Kicked. jc-01.11.11

So you know, a brief history of product placement in movies. dw-01.11.11

Nine month-old Edward's four hours of play in two minutes. jc-01.10.11

Jim Emerson's Exploding Head Awards 2010. jc-01.07.11

"Welcome aboard, this is Captain Tommy speaking, would you like fries with that?" ms-01.06.11

For SD, Police safety video. ms-01.03.11

Trailer for the recently unearthed Tron Holiday Special from 1982. sd-12.30.10

Ebert picks his best feature films of 2010. ms-12.29.10

Jamie Stuart's short film Man in a Blizzard, an homage to the classic Man with a Movie Camera, shot during New York's recent snow storm. sd-12.28.10

Videogum's best viral videos of 2010. ms-12.23.10

Epic. Riveting. Glorious. Dueling Cameras from Adam Lisagor and Noah Kalina. jc-12.22.10

Related to the last. Westway to the World Part 1 of 10. jc-12.21.10

Uh-oh. Could anyone really do a good TOBTM biopic? Movie to tell the story of The Clash. Via Kevin Smokler. jc-12.21.10

Music vid of the moment: Eskmo's We Got More. Thanks Fuzzy. sd-12.21.10

"It's crazy how a simple mirror filter can transform a video into something else." - Craig Shimala. jc-12.20.10

The White Sox's Ozzie Guillen attempts to shoot a holiday commercial. sd-12.16.10

Watched the The Tree of Life trailer now that it's up in beautiful HD at Apple. My faith in Malick is rock-solid. jc-12.15.10

On the Road with Bob & Bing. jc-12.15.10

One of our all-time favorite novels, Mikhail Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita, is being made into an animated film and Twitch has the trailer. Umm, well, jeez. Via The Dailey MUBI. jc-12.14.10

"Welles and his editor, Robert Wise, had assembled a 132-minute cut of the movie before the studio-ordained hacking began." Magnificent Obsession, David Kamp on the search for missing Ambersons footage. jc-12.13.10

Trailer for a short film by the Polish production company Platige Image: Paths of Hate. Amazing animation. Can't wait to see the whole thing. Via Denver Egotist. sd-12.13.10

I have a history of trying to endure pop-culture on repeat, but the Julie & Julia Project, wherein that film will be watched every day for a year, seems like a particularly heightened form of torture. sd-12.13.10

Fourteen Actors Acting. ms-12.13.10

"Oh, would you look at this! Look at it!" Via Doobybrain. sd-12.10.10

Created by Optimus for the AICP-Midwest Conference, Logonom explains how logos are made. sd-12.10.10

"Jesse Zanzinger took some water and oil, put it over Sesame Street's Pinball Number Count and filmed the results." I wholeheartedly agree with this statement, "Stop what you're doing and watch this full screen." jc-12.09.10

A perfectly ridiculous premise. Transformers: Dark of the Moon trailer. jc-12.09.10

Christen Carter of Busy Beaver and Andrew Mason of Groupon take a ride around Chicago in a Buick. jc-12.08.10

Thought of You, a very nice hand-drawn animation by Ryan Woodward. Via Doobybrain. sd-12.08.10

Music vid and song of the moment: the still great SoftLightes' Heart Made Of Sound. Need to dust off that old Incredible Moses Leroy album and give it a spin again. sd-12.08.10

FotA Sandy Marshall asked if I'd like to shoot a quick spot for one of his clients, a local self-storage company. So I got Wakiza Gamez to write some music and shot for an hour with two actors in a small storage unit, resulting in something that doesn't make a lick of sense: Strong Box: The Music Video. sd-12.08.10

"Scout lifts a crayon and sets in motion the quiet, unintentional roll of a marble and the wonderment of the examined life found in every moment, of every life." Stephen Franfurt's titles for To Kill A Mockingbird, score by Elmer Bernstein. Sublime. jc-12.07.10

Something's Lurking, yet another amazing spot from Psyop, this time for LG. Via Motionographer. jc-12.07.10

Yay. The trailer for Terrence Malick's Tree of Life is playing with Black Swan this weekend in theaters and Steven Zeitchik has seen it. jc-12.03.10

Fun spot for Logitech: "Bacon on Bacon." sd-12.01.10

"In 2005, David Arquette had a passion project that he (inexplicably) made into a Fox pilot called D.I.R.T. Squirrel, where he starred as a Squirrel-man hybrid crime fighter. It didn't get picked up because it made absolutely no sense and was unfunny in every way, unless you count ironically." sd-12.01.10

Every Anime Opening Ever Made. Via Doobybrain. sd-11.30.10

Cycles of Light, our pal Chris Pritchard's timelapse reel, "highlighting the neverending cycles of movement and light through the city and sky." Yowza. jc-11.29.10

Canon gives RED a run for its money with their 4k prototype. sd-11.29.10

Creative Review visits Mr Smith's Letterpress Workshop in South London. Watching this with our Wings film makes for a nice double feature on the art and craft of the process. jc-11.29.10

Some tests of Anthony Powell's homemade time-lapse dolly, shot around Christchurch, New Zealand. sd-11.24.10

Related to the last. H&T's best music vid: REM's Imitation of Life. Still have no concept of how long that must've taken to plan and/or choreograph. sd-11.24.10

"Game changing" trailer for the collection of short films and music videos by directing team Hammer & Tongs. sd-11.24.10

Information on and a trailer for the documentary LaPorte, Indiana by Objectified and This American Life editor Joe Beshenkovsky and FOUND's Jason Bitner. sd-11.24.10

Fun promo for a video contest from the 123 Klan for Fellastar toys. jc-11.24.10

"Storyboards are for cowards, for those who lack imagination, for those who are bureaucratic and nothing else on the set." A great interview with Werner Herzog. sd-11.23.10

Launch of the new web series by the sketch group Schadenfreude, The 53rd Ward, about Alderman Ed Bus' unlikely candidacy for mayor of Chicago. sd-11.23.10

Related to an earlier post, #MayTheForceBeWithKatie. Via Gapers Block. dw-11.23.10

Spray paint meets sheets of acetate in the colorful Aerosol Amoeba. sd-11.19.10

The great mini-documentary, Pinheads: The Story of the Pacific Pinball Museum. Via Doobybrain. sd-11.19.10

Beautiful short film/music vid that uses neon lights found in NYC, nicely set to Gorillaz' On Melancholy Hill. Via Doobybrain. sd-11.18.10

Music vid of the moment: the Converse-branded Didn't Know What Love Was. Bernard Sumner's deadpan at 1:36 makes the whole video. sd-11.17.10

Related to DW's link below: "Russia in 15 seconds" is from the film Belomorsk or Piranha Hunt. sd-11.17.10

Wonderfully horrible product placement in Days of Our Lives. sd-11.17.10

Spoiler alert! Stephen Kropp's Unstoppable. jc-11.17.10

Alex Roman's beautiful spot for Silestone, made all the more impressive when you learn it's 100% computer generated. Via Doobybrain. sd-11.16.10

Grand Prix trailer from 1966. Splendid. jc-11.16.10

Charming stop-motion film about stop-motion film, by Chloe Fleury. jc-11.15.10

Tom Ziegler saw the behind-the-scenes photo from Metropolis we recently posted, and it reminded him of this: Frankenstein between takes. sd-11.15.10

Alexis Milant's fingerskate video for Hermes. jc-11.15.10

"This is the way life happens, although we don't want to admit it. We build barriers with certain people, sometimes the people who mean the most to us, because the intimacy is too much, the fear of exposure is too overwhelming." Scorcese on Ingmar Bergman at Face To Face. jc-11.10.10

He was in only five films, but each one was nominated for Best Picture. A new HBO doc, I Knew It Was You: Rediscovering John Cazale. Via David Hudson at Mubi. jc-11.09.10

Never Say No To Panda. Never. jc-11.09.10

The trailer for Minka is totally captivating. A great story about a place and the various meanings of "home." Kick in to get it finished. Thanks Jeff. jc-11.08.10

For SD, Gary Hecker, Veteran Foley artist. ms-11.08.10

If you dig the classic printing action in our new film Wings, you'll probably really enjoy this trailer for Linotype. jc-11.04.10

The news department at San Diego's Channel 10 is having a rough morning. sd-11.02.10

Relink. The Sounds of Shoemaking, a lovely film from Esquivel. jc-11.02.10

Production footage from Tom Lowe's TimeScapes. Yowza. jc-11.01.10

Related to today's live Layer Tennis match, the horrifying title sequence from Delicatessen. jc-10.29.10

The original trailer for my all-time fave horror movie, Nicholas Roeg's Don't Look Now doesn't do it justice, but Ebert does. jc-10.29.10

"...all the feet/legs in the video are my own and I was filming this by an elaborate guerilla method of taking off one shoe, setting up camera, finding focus on that shoe, mark the spot and hop past the camera a few times." LIVE [NIKE], a beautiful, ambitious, film by Jim Campbell. Via Goodmorning & Goodnight. jc-10.28.10

Great, great movie still from Sharktopus. jc-10.27.10

Rejected! The old way. Via Gapers Block. jc-10.25.10

A lecture on the origins of modern visual narrative by Coudal Partners' hero Walter Murch, The Three Fathers of Cinema. Via another one of our heroes, Brendan Dawes. jc-10.25.10

Last year, I shot a quick pledge drive promo (too quick, judging from the quality) for WBEZ with the station's GM parodying Alec Baldwin's speech from Glengarry Glen Ross. Now Baldwin himself has appeared on various NPR stations doing the same. Even though my logic is flawed, I claim full credit. You're welcome. sd-10.22.10

Trailer for the big budget sequel to the Canadian cult classic Fubar. sd-10.22.10

Related. Movieline interview with Coppola coinciding with the the new Apocalypse DVD release. jc-10.21.10

FFC and writer John Milius chatting about where the title came from for Apocalypse Now. Via David Hudson. jc-10.21.10

Bits In Pieces, a short film by Joeri Pruys. All the effects are analog and lovely for it. jc-10.21.10

Seems timely. The Caligula trailer. jc-10.21.10

So great, Oops. ms-10.20.10

Really looking forward to this, the BBC One's modern adaptation of Sherlock Holmes. ms-10.20.10

Danny Cooke's video profile of David Smith, traditional ornamental glass artist. jc-10.19.10

Early and experimental films by Joel Fletcher. Amazing in a dreamy backyard sort of way. The time-lapse stuff is all right but Encounter is a must see. Thanks Crans. jc-10.13.10

Awesome title sequence from Gentlemen Broncos featuring "classic" sci-fi paperback covers. Plus an interview with director Jared Hess, including production elements and background. jc-10.13.10

A peek at some of the footage from the five weeks of shooting Back to the Future when Eric Stoltz was playing Marty McFly. sd-10.13.10

Vanity Fair has a look at some of the rare behind-the-scenes photos from the upcoming coffee table book on the making of Empire Strikes Back. ms-10.13.10

Screen captures of the instrumentation panels from the spaceship Leonov, from 2010. jc-10.11.10

Nice companion to that Uffie music vid below: Polish director Zbigniew Rybczynski's classic short film from 1980, Tango. sd-10.08.10

Local note. Classic Victory Auto Wreckers spot celebrates a 25th Anniversary. Via Gapers Block. jc-10.08.10

News that Ridley Scott is venturing in Philip K. Dick territory again, with plans to adapt The Man in the High Castle into a mini-series for the BBC. sd-10.08.10

Fun visual trickery in this music vid of the moment: Uffie's Difficult. sd-10.08.10

The First Movie. Mark Cousins took a projector and some cameras to a remorte Kurdish village where they've never seen a film. Via Heraclitean Fire. jc-10.07.10

Music vid of the moment: Cheveu's Quattro Stagioni. sd-10.06.10

Beautifully animated trailer by the Parisian collective B&C for illustrator Benjamin Lacombe's pop-up book Il Etait Une Fois. sd-10.06.10

"I made a movie that has a Dolph Lundgren trailer before it. I can die happy." Peter Atencio on what it's like to buy a copy of the first feature film you directed and then watch it on DVD for the first time. sd-10.06.10

Gorgeous short film about surf photographer Mickey Smith: Dark Side of the Lens. Via Doobybrain. sd-10.06.10

"Blerg: expression of frustration or defeat; derived from the name of a difficult-to-assemble Ikea product." New York's 30 Rock Glossary is essential if you're only just getting on board in Season 5. (p.s. what is wrong with you if that's the case?) pxj-10.05.10

Simon Pegg and Andy Serkis are Burke & Hare. I am already in line for this movie. pxj-10.05.10

The pulled spot for the 10:10 environmental awareness campaign that has everyone in the UK angry, due to its depiction of exploding children (fans of Gillian Anderson and David Ginola should avert their eyes as well). sd-10.05.10

As three astronauts trapped 200,000 miles from Earth fight for their lives, audience members seated in "Mission Control" must make the critical decisions necessary to bring the heroes safely home. dw-10.05.10

A short documentary on the San Francisco Fire Department's ladder shop, the only one of its kind in the US. Via Doobybrain. sd-10.05.10

A series of promos for the documentary Best Worst Movie. sd-10.04.10

Robot trailer. Mind blown. (Believe me, you'll want to know more, so here you are.) pxj-10.01.10

Dot, The world's smallest stop-motion animation character. ms-09.30.10

A bit technical at times, but for those who like this sort of thing, they'll like it a lot: a tour of RED Studios as they prepare for their next line of cameras. sd-09.28.10

Watched the documentary Wisconsin Death Trip this weekend and it's now become an all-time favorite. Inspired by Michael Lesy's 1973 book of the same name, it's the first feature by James Marsh who later made Man on Wire. sd-09.27.10

Trailer for the animated Australian film, The Lost Thing. More info here. Via Doobybrain. sd-09.27.10

After this weekend's season opener, Saturday Night Live has been accused of stealing a bit from Tim & Eric, who in turn probably swiped their idea from In Living Color. Or there was no theft at all and it's just pure coincidence. Thanks Jamie. sd-09.27.10

Related to Friday's Layer Tennis Match between Brian Taylor and Davin Risk, Steven Hill's Movie Title Screens Page. jc-09.27.10

Video profile of David A Smith, sign artist, glass embosser, craftsman. Via The DDC. jc-09.25.10

Posted without comment: a teaser pilot from 1990 for the never picked up show Dog Police. sd-09.24.10

Related to today's live Layer Tennis match, I give you the end. jc-09.24.10

Gettin' money with a mouse and wacom pen. mgr-09.23.10

An explanation of the business side of The Room by Patton Oswald and FotA Julie Klausner: The Veranda. sd-09.23.10

Axe Cop features stories by Malachai Nicolle (age 5) and art by Ethan Nicolle (age 29). Episodes one, two and three. If anything's worthy of a series, this is it. Some behind the scenes here. sd-09.22.10

Linotype: The Film is a documentary about Ottmar Mergenthaler's amazing Linotype typesetting machine and the people who own and love these machines today. ms-09.22.10

Totally great montage of cinema's top human villains. ms-09.21.10

"As you can see, it has the the production values of amateur porn, but with 37% less nudity." The debut episode of PaleoFuture.tv is all about food. ms-09.21.10

OK Go nails it again and steps up the one-shot difficulty by working with dogs: White Knuckles. sd-09.20.10

Color footage of Franklin D. Roosevelt with his family and at his third inaugural on January 20th, 1941. Via Doobybrain. sd-09.20.10

Sure to be next year's hit film of the summer: Horse Cop: Undercover. sd-09.20.10

Here's the very goofy film I made for Friday night's great 20x2 show. sd-09.19.10

Trailer for The Dilemma. Worth seeing if just for the cameo by CP film regular, Sandy Marshall, who we last worked with on the "Staying Late" spot for 37signals' Rework. He's also in the bizarre film I shot for tonight's 20x2. sd-09.17.10

It's a late December night in 1977 and before Athens, Ohio's WOUB signs off for the evening, they'd like you to meet some of the people at Public Television. sd-09.16.10

Adam West introduces the launch of Eyehole Paintings, "your greatest weapon in the war on crookery." sd-09.16.10

A short film preview/spot for popular axe company Best Made Co. demonstrating what their product does, in reverse. Via Doobybrain. sd-09.16.10

The Place for No Story, a documentary made in 1973 for KQED about California's coastline. Related: California Coastal Records Project, "an aerial photographic survey of the California coastline." Thanks Henry. sd-09.15.10

Music vid of the moment: Darwin Deez's Constellations, directed by the always great duo Terri Timely. sd-09.15.10

The Ting Tings channel the Blue Man Group (just without the makeup) for their new music vid Hands. sd-09.15.10

A short film, dance piece, music video hybrid: We No Speak Americano. Via Cynical-C. sd-09.14.10

Last walk around Mirror Lake. ms-09.14.10

Lightsabers? Check. Planet-sized weapon? Check. A robot that sort of looks like C-3P0? Check. Trailer for the 1979 Star Wars knock-off, Starcrash. sd-09.13.10

Dean Fred Julliard's message to incoming new students at College State University Tech: Welcome Freshmen. sd-09.13.10

Music vid of the moment: Royksopp's The Drug. No idea what any of it means, but I'm going with my first thought that it's a parody of the musician M.I.A. sd-09.13.10

Tokyo in time lapse. ms-09.13.10

Trailer for and information on the documentary: American: The Bill Hicks Story. sd-09.10.10

Got to talking to Jamie this morning about Truffaut's classic, L'Argent de Poche. Had never seen the trailer for it before. It's great. sd-09.10.10

You can see the joke coming a million miles away, but still manages to be a fun spot for Newsday's iPad app. sd-09.10.10

Cowboys, horses and drum 'n bass. mgr-09.10.10

Not sure it fit so well within the context of the goofy film itself, but on its own, Picture Mill's infographic credit sequence for The Other Guys makes for good watching. sd-09.09.10

Scott is seeing every summer blockbuster and reviewing each with a single photo of his face. Via Design Info. sd-09.09.10

Stills from Maurice Binder's title sequence from Thunderball. Here are his titles for Charade and a profile at M16. jc-09.09.10

"Do you ever imagine me naked?" "No, never." Intriguing trailer for Attenberg, directed by Athina Rachel Tsangari. Via This Isn't Happiness. jc-09.08.10

Related to Trumbull. The Blade Runner Hades Landscape sequence, and how it was created. So cool. jc-09.08.10

Murray, the first in Digital Kitchen's Unscripted series for BMW. Sweet, especially the art direction. jc-09.07.10

A fitting link for today: a fly-through of a computer generated classroom by Studio Aiko. Behind the scenes construction here. Via Doobybrain. sd-09.07.10

Music vid of the moment: Wentworth Kersey's Oxbow. Find the hidden phone number in it, text them with your address and receive a copy of their new album. Via Denver Egotist. sd-09.01.10

Trailer for Beijing Punk, a documentary that follows underground punks in China's capital city as it prepares for the Olympics. sd-09.01.10

Thanks to this bizarre music vid, now I know where the stuff I drink every morning comes from: Funginears' Tea. sd-08.31.10

Wanting to beat the studios to the punch, 54 different filmmakers have made The Footloose Remake. Here's the original for Scene 53 and here's the remake (give it a minute before it starts to veer ever so slightly). sd-08.31.10

Chris Milk's interactive music vid for Arcade Fire's The Wilderness Downtown. sd-08.31.10

Pretty to look at, but like with all perfume/cologne/fashion ads, don't pay any attention to the script or the story: Martin Scorsese's spot for Chanel. sd-08.31.10

A Star Trek: TNG casting memo surfaces after 23 years. dw-08.30.10

The book trailer for Oh No! (Or How My Science Project Destroyed the World). jc-08.27.10

Zero views, for a reason. jc-08.27.10

For MS to help cure her arachnophobia: a spider-based campaign in 3D put together by the Sky network to show off their new channel and potentially curb some fears. sd-08.24.10

"Those high tension power lines you see stretching out over the horizon in unpopulated areas, seemingly going nowhere? Not power lines at all but an electric fence to keep the beasts contained!" Teaser for Troll Hunter. dw-08.17.10

Lyrical Spread. Via What the Cool. ms-08.17.10

A fun/strange music vid with an even more bizarre short film stuck in the middle of it: John Grant's Chicken Bones. sd-08.16.10

So you know: Star Wars on Blu-Ray next year. sd-08.16.10

Tantalizing. jc-08.16.10

Related to the last. A documentary on the "unmaking" of Terry Gilliam's The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, Lost in La Mancha is highly recommended. It's as frustrating as the few minutes of the movie that made it to film are beautiful. Check this NPR interview with Terry Gilliam and documentary filmmakers Louis Pepe and Keith Fulton jc-08.16.10

Dodge responds to PETA's anger over casting a monkey in a recent spot by making him invisible in the re-edit. sd-08.15.10

Fab video from Radiolab and NPR, Words. Via Joyengine. ms-08.13.10

"Each piece is an artist's interpretation of a one-line [Law and Order] episode summary from the DirecTV program guide." bb-08.11.10

Rescuing our readers from the BB/SD Spacesuit whatever-it-is-thing they have going on, here is the trailer for Scott Pilgrim vs The World re-created using images from the original graphic novel. Awesome. ms-08.11.10

All this talk made me have to go back and watch the music vid for Spiritualized's Come Together, which is still an all time favorite. sd-08.11.10

A short Western, The Damage Done. ms-08.11.10

Davin Coburn's awesome video entry for the Museum of Science and Industry's 'Month at the Museum' contest. sd-08.10.10

GOOD magazine's latest transparency takes a look at education in America. ms-08.10.10

Hobbiton: Sheep 1, Hobbits 0. dw-08.09.10

For Mrs. BB. She does, in fact, jump her horse over his portable bubble. ms-08.06.10

"...hardly the utopian camaraderie we had expected. So we split. Went to the White Horse and had a couple of tall ones." Highly entertaining interview from The Paris Review with Strangelove, Easy Rider and The Loved One screenwriter Terry Southern. jc-08.06.10

Tumblingerstrabe. ms-08.06.10

More than a little meta, but some fun jokes and quality writing: the music vid inside a music vid for Bon Homme's Mother. sd-08.05.10

Just introduced to this last night by a friend from England where this is apparently a cult classic: Harry Enfield and Geoffrey Perkins' mockumentary Norbert Smith: A Life. sd-08.05.10

A manic, colorful mo-graf montage of Brand New School's work for Cartoon Network's new on-air branding. sd-08.05.10

Sorry MS: looks like the entire plot of Inception was lifted from the 2004 comic book Uncle Scrooge in The Dream of a Lifetime. sd-08.04.10

Watch out for Graboids. ms-08.04.10

Crossing an ice fall on Mount Everest as seen through a helmet camera. Via MeFi. ms-08.04.10

"Get Championy," a spot for K-Swiss featuring Kenny Powers. And a behind the scenes look at how he got the contract (headphones on for that one). sd-08.03.10

"We are the Bodycounters, we count bodies so you don't have to." ms-08.03.10

This fall, the Museum of Modern Art will open an exhibit, New Photography 2010 which will feature the work of four artists, one piece being the gorgeous short film directed by photographer Alex Prager, Despair ms-08.03.10

The show reel of cinematographer Tatjana Krstevski. Via Tiberio, who found her work while browsing the One Day on Earth project site. jc-08.02.10

A new trailer for the Coast Modern doc is up. Looks good. Thanks Marshall. jc-07.30.10

"In a lot of ways it's the most important way that design affects our lives on a daily basis--where you live and where you work and how you get there." The third film in Gary Hustwit's trilogy (Helvetica, Objectified) is about the design of cities and is titled Urbanized. Our pal Alissa Walker has the scoop for Fast Company. Yay. jc-07.29.10

"Second only to the film classic Last Tango in Paris in terms of its cutting edge cinemato- graphy and intriguing and highly original plot." User reviews on IMDB of My Little Pony: The Princess Promenade. sd-07.29.10

A flame thrower vs. a fire extinguisher, all in slow motion. With a combination like that, how could Dancing Pigeons' Ritalin not be the music vid of the moment? Via Doobybrain. sd-07.29.10

Bird's eye view of the filming of Transformers 3 on Wacker Drive in Chicago. Shot and edited by our pal, Chris Pritchard of the nation's most gracious hosting company, Tilted. jc-07.28.10

A couple of kids on Cape Cod in the 1970's make a Star Trek film. ms-07.27.10

Really fascinating look at the sound design for Inception. Saw it this past weekend and just loved it. It is the kind of film you need to see several times and then go out for drinks after and discuss incessantly. ms-07.27.10

Daniel Kasman's favorite Chaplin gag. jc-07.26.10

Trailer for the Australian claymation film Mary & Max. Via Doobybrain. sd-07.26.10

"Life In A Day is a historic global experiment to create the world's largest user-generated feature film: a documentary, shot in a single day, by you. On July 24, you have 24 hours to capture a glimpse of your life on camera." Here is the trailer, Life in a Day. Cannot wait to see how this turns out. ms-07.26.10

Sweet Gevorg Kerensky directed "Impossible is Nothing" spot for Adidas and a cool visual effects breakdown too. jc-07.26.10

Chicago icon Superdawg gets used as a music vid location for Kid Sister's Big N' Bad. Love the shots of the staff at 2:03. sd-07.25.10

"As far as my research shows, there were never any interviews with Douglass or with anyone who worked at his company, Northridge Electronics. The secrecy surrounding his work is Hollywood legend." Mike Sacks chats with Ben Glenn II on the history of the laugh track. Via Liz Danzico. jc-07.23.10

Trailer for the documentary Vincent: A Life in Color about Chicago's very own brightly-suited dancer. Opens this week at the Siskel Film Center. sd-07.22.10

An animated infographic trailer for the documentary Waiting for Superman. sd-07.20.10

An interview with director Sylvain Chomet about his new film The Illusionist and reanimating CP hero Jacques Tati. sd-07.20.10

Who knew? Impersonations by Kevin Spacey. jc-07.19.10

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back in MS Paint. ms-07.17.10

SD normally post these sorts of things but he is currently in Iowa so I am posting this for him, even though I really have no idea what this is. Sony introduces the world's first interchangeable lens HD consumer camcorder. Wow, cool. Anyone seen my stapler? ms-07.16.10

"...an unscientific point of view on the beginning and evolution of life... and how it could probably end." Big Bang Big Boom, an animated painted wall. Fab. jc-07.14.10

Improv Everywhere's Star Wars Subway Car. ms-07.14.10

Lovely ad for Dulux Walls. ms-07.13.10

Fun video games-meet-snowboarding video: Gnarcade. Via Doobybrain. sd-07.13.10

The folks over at Discovery Channel headquarters have an interesting way to promote Shark Week. ms-07.13.10

Like the best "best-of" lists, this one of 50 must-own DVDs is filled with ones you love, filled in with a few you likely have yet to. Via Large-Hearted Boy. cw-07.12.10

A list of the 10 most controversial horror movies (if you can bear to look). cw-07.09.10

"...it feels like Bergman was saying 'look how far we haven't come in 500 years.'" A quick note and screen grabs from Meagan Fisher, about one of my all-time favorite works of art, The Seventh Seal. jc-07.09.10

Local note: Transformers 3 will be filming skydiving scenes downtown this weekend. dw-07.09.10

Around the World in 80 Seconds. ms-07.09.10

What's black & white and anamorphic all over? This Distracted Globe, for the month of July. cw-07.08.10

A short documentary about Jay Shell's Subway Etiquette project. Via Peachfuzz. sd-07.08.10

ToL gets a PG13 rating which is no surprise. The news is that someone has actually seen the film. jc-07.07.10

A spot for Domino's, but also a nice look at the pains of photographing/filming food, which in days gone by, we've personally experienced more than a few of times here at CP. Via Doobybrain. sd-07.06.10

Small Streetlife. ms-07.06.10

"Produced for Maine Farmland Trust, an organization that works to preserve farm land in Maine for farming use, the films offer a glimpse at the many different types of farms in the state." Meet Your Farmer. ms-07.02.10

Piranha Bar's short film Avatar Days, in which players' in-game characters replace their real selves. Nice. jc-07.02.10

Related to the last: Playground Politics' Africa and North Korea. sd-07.01.10

Kids reenact the American Revolution. ms-07.01.10

Interesting, well-made branded documentary about Jack O'Shea, London's best butcher: I See Steaks in My Sleep. Not to be watched on an empty stomach. sd-07.01.10

The 100 greatest movie insults of all time. Via Slashfilm. ms-07.01.10

Music vid of the moment, made entirely from code and Twitter feeds: Robyn's Killing Me. It's also in 3D, so dig out those glasses you used to see the Ref last year. Via Denver Egotist. sd-06.30.10

100 classic Sci-Fi movies you can watch online for free. ms-06.30.10

"My name is Talky Tina and now you can buy me." sd-06.29.10

Ignacio Uriarte's bizarre yet transfixing film History of the Typewriter Recited by Michael Winslow. Via Doobybrain. sd-06.29.10

Meet Your Farmer, a great series of short films about farms in Maine. sd-06.29.10

The simple, quirky and beautifully shot music vid for MiCkey[3d]'s Paris T'es Belle. sd-06.28.10

Weather Tests, a sweet little experimental film project by Savas Ozay. Via Fubiz. jc-06.28.10

Adorable. AT-AT Day Afternoon. ms-06.28.10

It appears all is well in the Shire. ms-06.25.10

For SD, a Venn diagram showing where front doors were located on 1980's tv sitcoms. ms-06.25.10

"Last night I fell six stories and didn't splatter. Not a scratch." Leap. ms-06.25.10

Check this video of last night's storm in Chicago from Craig Shimala in which lightning strikes three of the tallest buildings in the city at the same time. Via @simplepretty. jc-06.24.10

The drummer from OK GO (Danimal) and the drummer for The Muppets (Animal) have a stare-down while Zach Galifianakis watches: "Danimal vs. Animal." dz-06.24.10

The fairly tame, yet interesting because it caused such an uproar, Jonathan Glazer-directed spot for Flake, which never aired and got the agency responsible kicked off the account. sd-06.24.10

Amazing home video of Honolulu, Hawaii on VJ Day August 14, 1945. Via Mental Floss. ms-06.22.10

A short documentary about booze, broads, and bowling. The Bowler. ms-06.22.10

So you know, 15 great movies that were never finished. ms-06.22.10

Kubrick vs Scorsese and Tarantino vs Coen Brothers. Via Jason Kottke, who's on fire lately. jc-06.21.10

The opening scene and credits to the pilot episode of the Ferris Bueller TV spinoff from 1990. Everything about it is uncomfortable. sd-06.21.10

For $200 you can be animated and have a speaking role in The Hit Squad, the world's first feature length pixel movie. dw-06.21.10

Stebs Schinerer wakes up and goes for a ride. jc-06.18.10

Refait (Replay) is a recreation of the last 15 minutes of a World Cup match between France and Germany from 1982, meticulously reshot in an urban French environment. Amazing. jc-06.17.10

Validation. ms-06.15.10

In memoriam of Mr. Dean who passed away Sunday, Who hasn't had their Jimmy Dean breakfast this morning? ms-06.15.10

"In March, we asked some of our pals to film their favorite tweets in 30 seconds or less. We had so much fun, we asked them to return for an encore." Yay. Twitter: The Criterion Collection, Vol II. jc-06.11.10

The elephant in the middle of the Glee club, by Christina Mulligan. Via Waxy. jc-06.10.10

Mark Bernath from WK Amsterdam, talks about their "Write the Future" spot. jc-06.10.10

Yellowstone can be a truly magical place. Death by Man. dz-06.09.10

Here's hoping tomorrow we have No Words. ms-06.09.10

Irregular Orbit has a great checklist of must-see film noir classics. ms-06.09.10

David Mamet's new short film Lost Masterpieces of Pornography. sd-06.08.10

Trailer for Norwegian Ninja. Yep. jc-06.08.10

For SD, The Making of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Quidditch, Invisibility cloaks, Sorting Hats, Flying Broomsticks, Magic! ms-06.08.10

Trailer for The Empire Strikes Back as it would have been in the 1950's. Via DRB. ms-06.08.10

Trailer for the absurd, Wes Anderson-esque skateboard film, Machotaildrop. sd-06.07.10

Adidas' Star Wars cantina spot. More technically interesting than genuinely entertaining. Also, why is Noel Gallagher there? sd-06.07.10

The Danish Film Institute's new comprehensive website dedicated to Carl Dreyer. A great resource. Via David Hudson. jc-06.07.10

The recurring film prop newspaper. kg-06.04.10

Excerpts from Todd Rainsberger's 1982 book James Wong Howe, Cinematographer. Howe shot just about every movie made from the early-20s to the mid-60s. Thanks Henry. sd-06.04.10

Everyone needs a Robocop action figure. But which!? bb-06.03.10

Had never seen this and it's brilliant: trailer from 1979's Real Life, Albert Brooks' best film. sd-06.02.10

The design-centric animation/puppetry in the opening video for The Show 'n Tell Show, which as it happens, has their next show this Sunday night. sd-06.02.10

I am. ms-06.02.10

Let's Color. jc-06.01.10

Better enjoy that Russian Hobbit because it looks like it's going to be a while before you see a new film version. jc-06.01.10

100 things you didn't know about The Empire Strikes Back. ms-05.27.10

Two of mankind's greatest inventions, together at last. iPad + Velcro. ms-05.27.10

So you know, how to crash Cannes. dw-05.25.10

Infosthetics on a series of lovely financial spots for BT. The post includes a "making of" vid. Work by Glue Society. jc-05.21.10

Local note, Something Better Somewhere Else, a film from our friends, written and directed by Ron Lazzeretti and produced by Ed Amaya, screens tonight and Monday at The Siskel. jc-05.21.10

Everywhere shortly. Nike's Write the Future World Cup epic, directed by Alejandro G. Inarritu, with a classic prog track from Focus. Best. Soccer. Spot. Ever. jc-05.21.10

I'm a 543621, and I know plenty of 546321s and 546312s and some other combinations too. But I don't know anybody who's number doesn't start with 5. Ars Technica looks back. jc-05.21.10

"High definition shouldn't just be a name for a resolution. It should mean the level of definition in the image is high." Devin Coldewey's great read about the trouble with camera claims: "When HD Isn't High Definition." sd-05.20.10

Music vid of the moment by the band who excels at making great moody ones: Husky Rescue's They Are Coming. Strange that all their music vids seem to involve cars: City Lights and New Light of Tomorrow. sd-05.20.10

Nice little stop-motion story for Olympus, Pen Giant. Via sodaly. jc-05.20.10

The Empire Strikes Back 1950. A "premake." Via Mefi. jc-05.20.10

For Lost fans, 14 casting tapes and a collection of deaths from the show. dw-05.19.10

"Over 1000 unique Federated commercials were created in four years. There were at least 6 new commercials produced every week." If I were in LA on June 15th, without a doubt I would be at Cinefamily's A Tribute to Shadoe Stevens. sd-05.19.10

"Will make you get back in the water. A reverse Jaws." Trailer for the award-winning documentary Pooljumpers: Catchers of the Ball. Spot on. sd-05.19.10

The thing in the distance. ms-05.19.10

FotA and Field-Tested Books contributor Randy 'The Ethicist' Cohen interviewed by Streetfilms about biking in New York. sd-05.19.10

"I don't make money. I make art." From an interview with Maxim Zhestkov, whose film Recursion is just about the coolest thing going. Hypnotic. Austere. Spectacular. jc-05.19.10

For BB and MS: Mozburger. "You are human and you need to be fed." sd-05.18.10

"I love you Winnie, love, your dad." ms-05.18.10

Music vid and razor scooter trick video of the moment: We Are Scientists' Nice Guys. Its confused subtitles remind me of Megaforce's excellent work on Metronomy's A Thing For Me. sd-05.17.10

FotA Ithamar Enriquez was asked to put together an ad for Arizona's Department of Tourism. sd-05.13.10

A short doc about product placement in films with some words by director Peter Atencio about his experiences with it in his first film. sd-05.13.10

An interview with director Jean-Pierre Jeunet. dw-05.12.10

Alexandre Dubosc's stop-motion film celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Annecy Animated Film Festival. Via Doobybrain. sd-05.11.10

"My life is beyond your comprehension." Confessions of a Hipster. ms-05.11.10

Did you know that the famous Vulcan salute was invented by Leonard Nimoy and based on a priestly blessing performed by Jewish Kohanim? More things you probably didn't know about Star Trek. dw-05.10.10

A new beginning of the end, by Christian Annyas. Also, you ought to check for new additions in his Movie Titles Stills Collection once in a while. jc-05.07.10

Thinking Is Fun, a film by Davis Silis. Futura Bold in all caps is fun too. jc-05.06.10

Music vid of the moment: the lo-fi one take Motus by Seb Martel directed by the always great Arno Salters. sd-05.06.10

An interview with Ken Nordine and tour of his home studio. sd-05.06.10

Michael Stipe interviewed at the Rocky Horror Picture Show in a St. Louis news broadcast from the '70s. Who knew Stipey was a Blue Oyster Cult fan? bb-05.06.10

Music vid of the moment, featuring some nice illustration/animation by Ben the Illustrator and Broken Antler, with narration by Isabella Rossellini: Maple Mountain Sunburst's LookListenFeel. sd-05.05.10

Phil Lord and Chris Miller's never-aired PSA, made for ABC in 1988: Brontë Sisters Power Dolls. So great. sd-05.05.10

Joss Whedon sings a song about director's commentary on DVD, Return to the Scene of the Crime. Utterly brilliant. ms-05.05.10

From the folks over at CHOW, an Obsessives about seeds. ms-05.04.10

Patrick Daughters directs this fun spot for the Washington Lottery. sd-05.04.10

The Black Keys don't want you to watch their latest music videos because they don't find them funny. Instead, watch our favorite of theirs: 10 A.M. sd-05.04.10

"I thought of that while riding my bicycle." Push Pull, a nice biking film combining footage from a jeep mounted camera and a sweet studio set-up. jc-05.04.10

A cool film from an EXPO past: Impresssions of EXPO '67. ksc-05.03.10

"This is not cinema. This is the anesthetic aesthetic of the convalescent hospital." Sam Wasson on the sorry state of the romantic comedy. sd-05.03.10

A job offer from Francis Ford Coppola to Lee Marvin. "It's a good script." jc-05.03.10

Fab ad for the World Wildlife Fund, Space Monkey. ms-04.30.10

"Murder should be treated delicately and brought into the home where it rightly belongs." On this day in 1980 Alfred Hitchcock died. jc-04.29.10

The Lost creators explain it all. ms-04.26.10

10 film sequences from stop-motion master Ray Harryhausen. ms-04.24.10

Related to JC's John Lewis spot below, a similar but far more tragic telling in directing team Happy's Jane Lloyd. sd-04.23.10

Spectacularly shot, well cast and divinely art directed, this spot for British retailer John Lewis depicts a woman's entire life in 90 seconds. But... the vibe is completely schmaltzified by the music track and the whole thing just feels tired and expected as a result. Via AdFreak. jc-04.23.10

Visually related to the last, the silhouette. jc-04.21.10

Up There, a film by Mother for Stella Artois on the dying art of painted billboards. Lovely. Thanks Winston. jc-04.19.10

The never picked-up pilot, Summer of Tears, by the great sketch group of the same name. sd-04.19.10

Ghosts in the Hollow, a beautiful short film shot in abandoned Appalachian mining towns. By Jim Lo Scalzo. Via Glass. jc-04.19.10

Cool ad for Nike, Music Shoe. ms-04.19.10

Some up-close video of the new RED camera. And now you've been introduced to what I'll be dreaming about for the next six months. sd-04.16.10

Because it's cool to like Hanson now, and it features a cameo by an enthusiastic, tambourine playing Weird Al, and because it's all bright and charming, it feels safe enough to post this Blue Brothers tribute, the band's music vid for Thinking 'Bout Somethin'. sd-04.16.10

Related to the last, one of the Petes stared in this music vid for Nada Surf's Whose Authority, which is somewhat similar to the music vid BB and I made for The Breeders' Walk It Off (theirs has fewer dancing genies, so we win). sd-04.16.10

Some of the famous cameos from The Adventures of Pete & Pete, a predecessor, in our minds, to shows like Arrested Development. ncz-04.16.10

Related to the last, "Sudden Death" was a 1995 fictional redux of the 1992 Stanley Cup Finals, where the Penguins beat our Blackhawks to win their second Cup in a row. Here's hoping for a 2010 rematch! bb-04.16.10

The Pittsburgh Penguins abandon the storied Civic Arena next season. I'll spare you dozens of cheesy tribute videos, this is how I'll always remember it. bb-04.16.10

For BB: Incase's Experiment No. 2: Moped Ride spot. sd-04.13.10

The trailer for Star Wars: Uncut. ncz-04.13.10

And the title for "Most Headaches at the End of a Music Video Shoot" goes to Good Shoes' The Way My Heart Beats. sd-04.12.10

Music vid of the moment: MC Paul Barman's Owl Pellets. sd-04.09.10

A music vid for Viimeinen Mammutti by Hevisaurus, the Finnish heavy metal band for kids. sd-04.08.10

So great, Pixels. ms-04.08.10

"I am a filmmaker, not a painter. I have a gift for arranging men and horses. It comes easy for me." Ebert on Werner Herzog and the making of Aguirre, the Wrath of God. sd-04.07.10

The [ahr-tuh-zen] Project's mini-doc on Dave Lefner, the LA-based reduction linocut artist. sd-04.07.10

The Video Game Car, rigging a camera behind a car with blacked out windows, then running an obstacle course turns out to be not as easy as it is on the screen. Via Doobybrain. sd-04.07.10

"...sampling a few frames from a massive, interconnected frozen movie." Things Magazine on Google Street View Panoramas, including this series of Street View time-lapse sequences from LA. jc-04.07.10

Dan & naD: A Palindromic Sketch. "If you played it backwards, it would be identical." Via J-Walk. sd-04.06.10

Trailer for the documentary Casino Jack and the United States of Money. ncz-04.06.10

Elvis Costello's I Wanna Be Loved begat U2's Numb begat Signals' What Dreams. sd-04.06.10

FotA Chris Milk has asked fans to help him create a music vid for Johnny Cash's Ain't No Grave one frame at a time with The Johnny Cash Project. sd-04.06.10

Kevin has a (gorgeous) house to sell. And he's a filmmaker. So he makes a film to help him sell his house. If the martini comes with the house, sold. ms-04.06.10

Music vid of the moment: Diane Birch's Valentino. "They did 62 takes. The actual video is take 57." Behind the scenes, here. Via Video Static. sd-04.05.10

Trailer for Pac-Man: The Movie. sd-04.05.10

Animating photos cut out from skate magazines to create Skateboardanimation. Via Denver Egotist. sd-04.05.10

A companion to these posters we linked to the other day, the animated version of Tron vs. Saul Bass. sd-04.02.10

A young Tom Waits on Fernwood 2Nite in the late 70s. sd-04.02.10

Australia's Hungry Beast show presents If Lady Gaga Wasn't a Popstar. sd-04.01.10

Very sad news that David Mills, one of the head writers on The Wire, Homicide, and the upcoming Treme, has died. Just saw him Sunday on a panel as part of the Tennessee Williams Festival down in New Orleans. sd-03.31.10

Clever spot for FITC conferences: The Last Advertising Agency on Earth. Via If This is a Blog. sd-03.31.10

"This short film by American director Ramin Bahrani (Goodbye Solo) traces the epic, existential journey of a plastic bag (voiced by Werner Herzog) searching for its lost maker, the woman who took it home from the store and eventually discarded it." Plastic Bag. ms-03.31.10

Trailer for The Square. ms-03.31.10

J.D. Shapiro apologizes for writing Battlefield Earth and tells the story of how the "Worst Movie of the Decade" happened. sd-03.30.10

Trailer for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. ms-03.30.10

For camera nerds like myself, the first episode of Zacuto's Great Camera Shootout 2010, which finds a batch of DPs pitting film against DSLRs. sd-03.29.10

Related to the last, a Sandra -Lee-Induced-Seizure. Be very afraid. ms-03.29.10

Trailer for Exit Through the Gift Shop. ms-03.28.10

"Crazyass Japanese Commercial of the Day," Milk Seafood Noodles. jc-03.26.10

Sam Brosnan took his new D3s home from work, and shot a bunch of footage along the way. Dreamy, via Quipped. jc-03.25.10

Trailer for Michel Gondry's The Thorn in the Heart. dw-03.25.10

Behold The Space Nazi! and more from behind the scenes of Iron Sky including the teaser. Yowza. jc-03.25.10

This is not related to the last, nor is this, although it's pretty cool. jc-03.24.10

Cargo preview from io90. They think it could be the next big sci-fi thing. Todd Brown says not so much. jc-03.24.10

In honor of the master's 100th birthday, three minutes of Kagemusha. jc-03.24.10

Trailer for the upcoming Weird Al Yankovic biopic: Weird: The Al Yankovic Story. Beautifully done. sd-03.23.10

BB, you should plan to be in the UK next week, when Europe's first 3D TV network, Sky 3D, launches with the Manchester United vs. Chelsea match. sd-03.21.10

After a month or two of pressuring the label, Megaforce's music vid for Kid Cudi, Pursuit of Happiness, has finally been released and it's great. sd-03.19.10

Posted without comment: a shot-for-shot remake of the opening of 1995's The Goofy Movie. sd-03.19.10

Á propos de rien: Anna Karina et Jean-Paul Belmondo. bb-03.18.10

A clip from We Ruled London: The Story of the Krays and more from a BBC interview with the gangster twins, who were also the inspiration for The Piranha Brothers. "Dinsdale." jc-03.18.10

The art of UFO, the Gerry Anderson tv series. Fab. Via The Cartoonist. jc-03.18.10

Just what we need, America's leading 11 year-old film critic hates Alice and loves Extraordinary Measures. jc-03.17.10

A new timelapse HD film from Philip Bloom Sky, filmed over five days in Dubai. Here's some background and Bloom's copious production notes. jc-03.17.10

Chat Roulette piano improv. ms-03.17.10

Sketch group Elephant Larry's pilot episode of The WOW. "Like those 20-minute 'entertainment' shows that you have to sit through in the theater before the movie comes on. Only better, because it's fake." sd-03.16.10

Next time you need to hire a Clapper, hire Geraldine Brezca: Slates from Inglourious Basterds. sd-03.15.10

The original creator of Keyboard Cat, Charlie Schmidt, has released a new Keyboard Cat video for this millennium. As BB says, "Rejoice, indeed." sd-03.15.10

Trying to describe a scene in a movie to a friend and not really doing such a great job? Give up and head on over to Movieclips. Over 12,000 clips to see and the actual movie scene is so much better than your description. Really. ms-03.15.10

Lovely, Second Wind. ms-03.13.10

Related. Andy Warhol and Sonny Liston. jc-03.11.10

For BB: She and Him's new music vid, In The Sun, directed by TV/movie vet Peyton Reed. sd-03.11.10

Transport for London's clever PSA: "The Bank Job." sd-03.11.10

Everything is Terrible announces their pick for World's Most Action Packed Action Movie, 1987's Deadly Prey. sd-03.10.10

The commercial work of director Joachim Back, who just won an Oscar for his short film The New Tenants. Scroll down and start with "Milkman." sd-03.10.10

Road to the Stars, a 1957 Russian film by Pavel Klushantsev notable for its composite and model shots and heroic tone. Subtitles would be nice, but are not really necessary. jc-03.10.10

Tron: Legacy trailer. jc-03.09.10

Satellites: A User's Manual, a terrific series of seven animated films by This is Real Art in London. Johnny Ball is perfectly cast as the voice-over. Via The DDC. jc-03.09.10

FotA Wakiza Gamez (also known as "The Spaniard" around CP), has created this bit of madness, which has reduced both myself and BB to tears of glee: Loud n Clear Commercial (Remix). sd-03.09.10

Apples in Stereo presents Exploring the Universe with actor and/or Chair of the Physical Science and Physical Education department of Drain Creek Middle School, Elijah Wood. sd-03.08.10

Music vid of the moment: DJ Stern's Manouche. sd-03.08.10

Uncle Jack, a short film-as-promotion for Pentax's new video-shooting DSLR. Directed by Ink's Jamin Winans. Via Denver Egotist. sd-03.08.10

The Trailer for Every Academy Award Winning Movie Ever, utilizing the overly explanatory speech Steven Soderbergh developed for Schizopolis. sd-03.08.10

Mike Barzman's slow-motion destruction fest, Pink Terror. Maybe Barzman was the same guy who was throwing all that stuff at the band Tortoise in Salt the Skies. sd-03.08.10

DEVO's Focus Group Color Study. sd-03.08.10

The secret code names of 37 sci-fi blockbuster films. dw-03.05.10

Tokyo Sky Drive. ms-03.05.10

"We asked some of our friends to film their favorite tweets... The only rules were it had to be a tweet written by someone else and it had to contain the entire tweet and nothing but the tweet." Twitter: The Criterion Collection. Fab. jc-03.05.10

A short film shot entirely on a flatbed scanner. ms-03.04.10

Created for the JESS3 presentation at AIGA Baltimore, The State of the Internet. The numbers are astonishing and utterly fascinating. ms-03.04.10

Homer Simpson's iPhone and other bits about Mapple. jc-03.03.10

Will ruin the fun of keeping an eye out for them if you haven't seen certain films, so consider that your warning before watching: Alfred Hitchcock's Cameo Appearances. sd-03.02.10

Marcel Duchamp's 1926 short film Anemic Cinema, "shot in Man Ray's studio with the help of cinematographer Marc Allegret" and features "a seven-minute animation of nine punning phrases by Rrose Selavy." sd-03.02.10

Following the success of the stellar Carousel, a teaser for Parallel Lines, a series of Philips-funded short films/commercials by five RSA directors. sd-03.02.10

OK Go's second music vid for This Too Shall Pass is both an incredible achievement in a Rube Goldbergian way, but also for its amazing Steadicam blocking. Watching the four part "making of" is highly encouraged. sd-03.02.10

A day in the life of New York City, in miniature. Fab. ms-03.02.10

Captain America has issues. Via Daniel Wagstaff. jc-03.02.10

Music vid of the moment: Nobody Beats the Drum's Grindin', an incredible stop-motion piece made from colored bricks. You'll also need to watch the making of to understand the serious, personal tragedies that came in creating the video. Via Doobybrain. sd-03.01.10

There's something quite beautiful about the quiet pans and sloppy jump cuts of file footage reels. Here's one from Canada's Expo '67. cdr-03.01.10

All That Mighty Heart, a 1962 film about London's transport system. As British a film as ever was made. Via Mefi. jc-03.01.10

"...a film in which the art direction eats the magic cake and swells to giant proportions." David Hudson rounds up some first impressions of Burton's Alice. jc-03.01.10

For SD, Death in the Skies, an infographic that uncovers the secrets of Mega Shark. ms-02.26.10

60 writers, 60 places, one film. jc-02.25.10

Trailer for Norwegian black comedy A Somewhat Gentle Man. Looks great. jc-02.24.10

TSPDT? is up to 400 in their slow but steady work of organizing The 1,000 Greatest Films. The list has been determined by aggregating tons of other lists. A fun browse. jc-02.24.10

I think I remember getting in big trouble as a kid once for doing this at a wedding, but not nearly so beautifully and with lots more breakage. jc-02.23.10

My favorite tv show ever, in Lego. ms-02.22.10

Blooper reel for Warner Brothers from 1936. Thanks Michael. ms-02.22.10

The interview is French translated into German, but you can ignore that if you don't speak either language, and just feast your eyes on the gorgeous hand-drawn animation for the film The Illusionist. Via the always fab Slashfilm. ms-02.22.10

"Sometimes the only way to get something done is to do two dozen other things first." Procrastination. ms-02.19.10

Music vid of the moment: Kid Sam's We're Mostly Made of Water. Worth watching a couple of times to try and catch everything. sd-02.18.10

A trailer for what I'm expecting to turn out to be the greatest film ever made. Via J-Walk. sd-02.17.10

Just slightly related to the last, a relink of how to move a 100 year old church. Great track, cinematography and editing. jc-02.17.10

"Nobody does Mrs. Wilberforce." Yowza, a new transfer and Blu-ray release for 1955's The Ladykillers.. It's a Technicolor beauty and hilarious too. Is The Horse's Mouth next? jc-02.16.10

Jen Sharpe writes, "It's hard to say why this is so enjoyable: people doing stuff." jc-02.16.10

Music vid of the moment: Kina Grannis' Valentine, which puts to use close to 2000 DVD cases for a flip book/domino effect. It's a shame they didn't use Jewelboxing, but it's still pretty great. sd-02.15.10

Pink Freud's Dziwny jest ten kraj, "Awarded Best Polish Music Video of 2007." sd-02.12.10

Wisdom. jc-02.12.10

After Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus, this only seems natural. dw-02.12.10

Related to posts from earlier this week: might be tough here in the States, but we're certainly going to give it a try: the newly restored version of Metropolis, which includes nearly an hour of additional, newly-found footage will be streamed live today starting at 8:15pm Berlin time. sd-02.12.10

The car crumble is a cousin to the end of Jonathan Glazer's Rabbit in Your Headlights, but director Arev Manoukian and Spy Film's Nuit Blanche is pretty great. The making-of here. sd-02.12.10

A 2002 Israeli spot for Yotvata called "Sleepwalker" placed side-by-side Coca-Cola's recent Super Bowl spot, "Sleepwalker." Copy or Coincidence? sd-02.12.10

Trailer for a documentary I'd like to see but wouldn't have enjoyed working on: The Solitary Life of Cranes. Via DesignNotes. sd-02.11.10

Illustrator Josh Holland's 'I Heart Conan' Contest. "To win you must name as many of the Conan O'Brien sketch characters in the illustration as possible." Via Denver Egotist. sd-02.11.10

Former Guest Editor Joanna Walsh has made an animated self-portrait of what happens when she sits down to try and get some work done. sd-02.11.10

Related to above and below: some great uses of the Glidetrack and the 5D in Khalid Mohtaseb's Egypt/Lebanon Montage and in Duck Duck Collective's short film/documentary made for Levi's 'Go Forth' campaign. sd-02.11.10

Trailer for the documentary sure to be watched by most everyone here at CP: Strange Powers: Stephin Merritt and The Magnetic Fields. sd-02.10.10

A collection of mirror scare scenes from horror films. Paul F. Tompkins does a great bit about this particular cliche on his latest album. sd-02.10.10

Music vid of the moment: St. Vincent's Laughing With A Mouth Of Blood, which co-stars Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein and is set at Women and Women First, "the most feminist of all feminist bookstores." Given that Armisen's a former Chicagoan, it was probably inspired by this. sd-02.09.10

"With sushi, you need at least 20 years of experience, but that's not enough. My 45 years, not enough." A clip from Nozawa, a documentary about sushi. sd-02.09.10

Try not to smile, Stella's Day. ms-02.09.10

Restored Metropolis trailer. jc-02.08.10

Related to an earlier post. The newly restored Metropolis will be streamed from The Berlin Film Fest on Friday. Yay. Via Ebert. jc-02.08.10

Trailer for the documentary The People vs George Lucas. sd-02.08.10

By that, SD means this. Is it wrong to fall in love with a woman sipping juice in a robot suit from 80 years ago? jc-02.08.10

"It seems like a fulfilment of my childhood romantic notions of what I wanted to be when I grew up." Facts About Projection, Temujin Doran's ode to his job as a projectionist at London's The Screen on the Green. Via Doobybrain. sd-02.08.10

That's Why I Chose Yale, "an introduction to undergraduate life at Yale College." It's also a musical. And one that knows how weird that is. Via Doobybrain. sd-02.05.10

Check the dude over the newsreader's right shoulder. jc-02.05.10

Music vid of the moment: Massive Attack's Splitting The Atom. Like a cross between that great Philips Carousel commercial and Cloverfield. sd-02.04.10

Revisiting Jaws' filming locations. sd-02.03.10

A classic. Let's zoom in right here and enhance that. Thanks George. jc-02.03.10

After a two year hiatus, Michel Gondry returns to music videos in fine lo-fi form with Mia Doi Todd's Open Your Heart. sd-02.03.10

38 years of Super Bowl Commercials, the huge collection at Adland. jc-02.02.10

An interactive timeline of the Lost universe. ms-02.02.10

Details on what sounds like a promising J.D. Salinger documentary. Thanks Henry. sd-02.01.10

The polar bear you fell in love with two years ago is back and he's angrier and far more violent: Alaska Nanooks 2010 Hockey Intro. Info on its making, here. sd-01.29.10

The Open Road London, great color travelogue footage from 1927, two years before Kodak's Sonochrome tinted film and long before standard color film. From the London Screen Archive, an excellent resource. Thanks to Stephen O'Neill, who is partial to things in lovely disrepair. jc-01.29.10

An interesting look inside the making of reality television from FotA Richard Rushfield: Secret Rituals of American Idol Auditions Exposed. sd-01.29.10

So you know, here's Charlie Brooker's spot on explanation of How to Report the News. Via Denver Egotist. sd-01.29.10

AdLand, an animated film filled with references to last year's most popular campaigns in the UK. I only recognized three, but even on its own, it's a fun time. Via If This is a Blog. sd-01.29.10

Related to the last: as great as Sophie Muller continues to be, she'll never top her vid for Blur's Beetlebum. sd-01.28.10

Music vid of the moment: The High Road, by Broken Bells (a collaboration between Danger Mouse and The Shins' James Mercer), directed by Sophie Muller. sd-01.28.10

James Bridle is trying to re-film each shot in Patrick Keiller's 1994 film London for his London 2010 project. Here's a clip from the original to give an idea of what an undertaking this will be. Via I Like. sd-01.28.10

For BB: Alex Cox has made a semi-sequel to Repo Man. No, not Waldo's Hawaiian Holiday, but another full-length film. Here's the very bizarre trailer for Repo Chick (not that the original wasn't pretty bizarre too). sd-01.28.10

For the Lost fans, a chart mapping out character's past connections. Via I09. ms-01.28.10

Vancouver City, ethereal, beautiful timelapse footage. Must see. Thanks Marshall. jc-01.28.10

The S From Hell, the shocking true story of the most terrifying logo of all time. Nice trailer too. jc-01.28.10

"Heard your NPR interview and you were boring." A 1998 letter from Harvey Weinstein to Errol Morris, trying to get him to beef up his energy and use more terrible movie similes when the director has to describe The Thin Blue Line. sd-01.27.10

Lovely, A Day in Paris. ms-01.27.10

For fellow New Orleans-lovers: Mr. Okra is a short stand-alone character piece that'll be at Sundance, and is also meant to be part of a longer doc, The Other Side of Rampart. Thx for the tip, Charles F. rw-01.27.10

Mike and his whole family recap the last five seasons of Lost. ms-01.26.10

A fun, very nicely art directed spot for The Pump restaurant in NYC. sd-01.26.10

Do you know your aliens? dw-01.26.10

Ryan Nagata's impressive short film 1945A, made with very little money, stop-motion scale models, in a hole dug in his grandmother's backyard, and "only five helmets to share between actors." Via Atencioblog. sd-01.25.10

Alex Delany passed along his eerie and transfixing short film: Walking Crowd. sd-01.25.10

Tangentially related to the above. A compilation of timelapse videos of the MidAmerican power plant just south of Council Bluffs Iowa. The music is from the movie trailer for The Shining." By Jeff Grewe. He, of course, means this trailer. jc-01.22.10

Nice interview with Danny Yount, the creative director behind the opening and end credit sequences for Sherlock Holmes. ms-01.22.10

Winner of the 2003 Short Film Palme D'Or, Cracker Bag. ms-01.20.10

Any amateur theater mishap that is labeled a "fiasco" is worth a look or listen. This recent production of "Peter Pan" falls apart very nicely. But it still has a ways to go to equal the "Peter Pan" production described by Jack Hitt in my very fave TAL of all time. jc-01.14.10

And while we're on the subject of created characters behaving badly, Here's Rad Omen's Rad Anthem, which is N even a little bit SFW. jc-01.14.10

The film is one of my favorites, but I'd never seen the trailer: When the Cat's Away. Makes me like it all the more. sd-01.13.10

In case you missed it, the transcript for Conan's monologue and clips from last night's Tonight Show. And here's his great open letter. sd-01.13.10

Free Love Forum's awesome Avatar: The Making of the Bootleg, using the revolutionary "Image Capture Helmet" which, it must be said, owes a lot to our patented Rinsecam 9000™ which was used in the filming of Shift Option Rinse and is currently being upgraded for 3D. jc-01.13.10

If you have something to get done today, don't watch a single one of these late-'70s, early-'80s station promos from WITI TV-6 in Milwaukee or you'll get hooked. Definitely don't start with News Update, We've Got Good News, or You Look Like a Winner. sd-01.12.10

Teaser for David Simon's new show Treme. sd-01.12.10

If those 3D glasses give you a headache, skip the theater and just read the whole Avatar screenplay (PDF). Thanks Jamie. sd-01.12.10

An interesting excerpt from director Eli Roth's forthcoming book All the Gory Details about everything from working for David Lynch to how impossible it is to get a movie made. sd-01.12.10

A retelling of that famous scene from the original where C-3PO danced with four Darth Vaders: Star Wars Made in France. sd-01.11.10

Rambo remade in an apartment. Seriously. jc-01.11.10

Dave Kehr looks at Oscar winning films from Frank Capra, John Ford and William Wyler. They Really Like Me. jc-01.11.10

3 months, 300 interviews. From director Jason Reitman, his Up in the Air press tour simulator. ms-01.11.10

Trailer for and info on The Avon Barksdale Story, a documentary about the Baltimore kingpin who served as the inspiration for the character of the same name in The Wire. sd-01.08.10

For BB: Two Gentlemen of Lebowski, as written by William Shakespeare. Thanks Henry. sd-01.08.10

Following the news that Sam Mendes has been hired to direct the next Bond film: An Imagined Conversation with Michael G. Wilson, the producer of the films. sd-01.08.10

A very funny one-off pilot for the BBC staring David Cross, Will Arnet, and Spike Jonze: The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret (lots of language, so watch the volume). sd-01.08.10

Chicago politics get a touch more crass as sketch group and FotA Schadenfreude sees footage from one of their live shows featured in a campaign spot: C'mon, if you're gonna steal, at least steal the joke. sd-01.08.10

Discovering the horrible secret behind Space Raiders brand potato chips. sd-01.08.10

For KG. Preview of a new Walker Percy documentary by Winston Riley. jc-01.08.10

Cinema Blend makes their picks for the decade's ten scariest moments in film. ms-01.07.10

"Natasha!" Wonderfully weird TV spot from the Japanese magazine R25: Movie Dictionary (starts up at around the 1:00 mark). Via Denver Egotist. sd-01.07.10

Gorgeous aerial film of the Grand Canyon. ms-01.07.10

"You don't need a power to be a super hero." Trailer for Kick-Ass. jc-01.07.10

I somehow ended up spending New Years' Eve watching women wrestle giant catfish on the teevee. I'll never forget you, Fostana. bb-01.06.10

Director Erik Van Wyk creates a human zoetrope in this music vid for Parlotones' Life Design. The whole thing was financed by KFC, which wouldn't make much sense, unless you lived in South Africa where this band is apparently huge. sd-01.06.10

"Somewhere between a short film and a music video" of the moment: Alexander Wolfe's Stuck Under September. Beautiful cinematography and blocking. sd-01.06.10

Since BB and I are on a bad movie kick this morning, here's a clip from 1991's Little Marines. "Imagine a scenario in which a group of grown adults are sitting around deciding what to cut and what to leave in the final edit...this scene is deemed absolutely necessary from a creative and commercial standpoint." More info about the film here. sd-01.06.10

Related to the last: Wired story on The Asylum, makers of Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus. bb-01.06.10

Between Dragon and the Hawk and War of the Planets, the distribution house Inferno Film Production is clearly releasing the finest movies ever made. sd-01.06.10

"You know when a movie has a flashback and you see the character as a kid? Sometimes that's awesome." Kid Casting. Via Torrez. sd-01.05.10

AMC has a bunch of B-Movie classics available to watch online. ms-01.05.10

"Illustrated with technical pen, frame by frame." A parkour flip book. Via Denver Egotist. sd-01.05.10

Bob Garfield's annual picks for the best actors and actresses in commercials: The Bobby Awards. sd-01.04.10

AdFreak's picks for 2009's Best and Worst Agency Holiday Cards. sd-12.28.09

Near Sighted, beautiful macro, slo-mo and time-lapse video by Renaud Duval. Via Curved White. jc-12.28.09

Vimeo picks their 25 favorite videos of 2009. ms-12.28.09

I wish we had a family tradition of watching this every Christmas Eve. What a cast! Via Cranched. jc-12.24.09

Trailer for Frozen. sd-12.23.09

Related to the last: the London office of the agency Mother put together this clever holiday offering, The Honest $10,000 Spam. sd-12.23.09

A few months past its release date, but interesting none the less: an incredibly detailed story about the visual effects in District 9. Via A Damn Good Shot. sd-12.23.09

Rock 'em sock 'em music vid for Holy F*&k's Royal Gregory, directed and animated by Mirrorshade. sd-12.22.09

It's not well know, but before George Lucas purchased and revised the script, Star Wars was originally written by a group of environmentalists. Derrick Jensen gives a synopsis of the plot to Star Non-Violent Civil Disobediences. Via Just Seeds. sd-12.22.09

The idea of the show is better than the show itself but what the heck... The He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special from 1978. jc-12.21.09

Related to the last: The Police. sd-12.18.09

"With the right equipment, the image can be enlarged and sharpened." Let's Enhance, a collection of "enhance" scenes from far too many TV shows and movies. sd-12.18.09

"You're a very nosy fellow, kitty cat." Jake Gittes in Lego. Thanks John. jc-12.18.09

Community creator Dan Harmon's Suggested Dialogue Revisions to Original Terminator for Special Edition. sd-12.17.09

Cute holiday film from Chow: A Gingerbread Home for the Holidays. Imagine that the wrap party was the best part of the whole production. sd-12.17.09

BBH Labs' great series of clever, handmade spots for Google Chrome. Via Denver Egotist. sd-12.16.09

A slow-motion holiday card from our pals at Armchair. sd-12.15.09

Trailer for the documentary about TJ Jagodowski and David Pasquesi, Trust Us This is All Made Up. sd-12.15.09

Trailer for the Kids in the Hall's upcoming short run TV series: Death Comes to Town. sd-12.15.09

A biting, lo-fi music vid for The Joe's You're Cool. sd-12.15.09

Well done gentlemen, well done indeed. jc-12.15.09

Everywhere, for good reason. Christmas Light Hero. Via dozens of sites, feeds and emails. jc-12.15.09

A documentary is just a feature film in disguise. An excellent interview with Werner Herzog. jc-12.14.09

Phillip got invited to visit Skywalker Ranch and made a lovely short film about it. ms-12.14.09

We Got That B-Roll! sd-12.11.09

The 10 Best Long Tracking Shots Ever Filmed. sd-12.11.09

A short holiday film from CBS from 1966, designed by R.O. Blechman and animated by Willis Pyle. sd-12.10.09

Nice spot for National Geographic, IF. ms-12.10.09

Still one of my favorite holiday links: Abbi Crutchfield's Baby It's Cold Outside, The Untold Story. Via Cynical-C. sd-12.09.09

Unspeakable horrors await: Beautiful Day. Also recommend watching The Big Brown Beautiful Bear. sd-12.09.09

"12 binders, 3500 pages, and 2 hours and 40 minutes of flipping condensed to four and a half minutes" to make this clever lo-fi music vid for Sea Water Bliss' Clowns. sd-12.09.09

Cool, simple, dizzying spot for Lakai. Via Denver Egotist. sd-12.09.09

If Air's Kelly Watch the Stars taught us anything, and now Metal on Metal's Bastard has confirmed, it's that table tennis is incredibly dangerous. sd-12.08.09

Tarantino for Softbank. Via Adfreak. jc-12.08.09

$464 a month. Via PCL. jc-12.07.09

Fiery Furnaces awkwardly retells the making of Easy Rider in their music vid for Even in the Rain. It'll grow on you about a minute in, so watch at least until Rip Torn shows up. sd-12.07.09

"If all goes according to plan, it will definitely be weird. But is it art?" Actor James Franco's essay about appearing on General Hospital as performance art. Via Murketing. sd-12.07.09

Jules Verne meets H.G. Wells in today's Hark, a Vagrant, and Orson Welles meets H.G. Wells (and plugs "Citizen Kane") on San Antonio radio in 1940. bb-12.04.09

The best films of the '00s. dw-12.04.09

Zamboni, a very absurd film I made earlier this week for the terrific The Encyclopedia Show. sd-12.04.09

"I thought Andreas Nilsson's latest video [for Royksopp's This Is It] was so compelling I wanted to see if it would stand on its own, so I took the music out and put sound effects back in, as if it was a short film." Brilliant idea and so much better without the track. sd-12.03.09

Related to the last: Cocker's new one seems somewhat similar to Pulp's best music vid, Do You Remember The First Time. sd-12.03.09

Jarvis Cocker hangs out (with his appealing new greying beard) in a troublesome bit of infinity in this music vid for Further Complications, directed by Stephanie di Giusto. sd-12.03.09

Panic Attack! Watching it is like being in an alternate universe where Michael Bay and Roland Emmerich made Alive in Joberg instead of Neill Blomkamp. sd-12.03.09

"The film, shot on a miniscule budget in a tight time-frame - a process one of the producers describes 'as making a near feature-length film, for the budget of a short, in eight days' - and directed by Charlie himself, can be seen as a companion piece to the album, as a visual version of it, or as a piece of work in its own right." A film by Noah and the Whale, The First Days of Spring. ms-12.03.09

Music vid for OK Go's WTF? is a lot of fun, but even more so is their making-of video, HTF?. sd-12.02.09

For BB: an animated version of Patton Oswalt's Christmas Shoes. Related, it's also worth checking out Hard N' Phirm's parody of the song, She Named the Pony Jesus. sd-12.02.09

"For nearly a century Zepped, a 6-minute 1916 film of mysterious pedigree starring Charlie Chaplin, was lost. Now it's found." Some more info here about Chaplin's days working in Chicago. sd-12.02.09

Timelapse scenes of The Alps at night set to Moonlight Sonata. Only perfect. Make sure to click on the HD. jc-12.01.09

Lovely little interlude, An Autumn's Tale. ms-12.01.09

6 weeks on the road with the Flow Snowboarding team, Bad Reputation. ms-12.01.09

Tacos exploding in slow motion. Nuff said. jc-11.30.09

IFC picks it's 25 scariest moments in non-horror movies. ms-11.25.09

60 seconds in the life of Thanksgiving, from IronicSans. jc-11.24.09

"All the calculator know-how you'll probably ever need." jc-11.24.09

So you know, the most awesome Lifetime movie titles ever. ms-11.23.09

Cute stop motion short film/commercial for Orbit: Clean It Up. BB, you'll like the music they picked for it. sd-11.20.09

A short film that takes a look at the life of one Elvis impersonator, Living the Life. ms-11.20.09

Creepy. In order to try and get up-and-coming directors to attend their horror film festival, the organizers secretly stalked and filmed them, later sending a DVD of the footage with an invitation to attend. sd-11.19.09

Several things related to the Heaven Can Wait post below: some great comments about what it all means and finding the original sources, including photographer William Hundley, who isn't very happy. Also, the record label's edit, which is pretty awful. sd-11.19.09

From The Good Times Kid. Try not to smile. jc-11.19.09

Think I liked Keith Schofield's first "two musicians together" music vid better, but this one for Charlotte Gainsbourg and Beck's Heaven Can Wait is pretty great too. And super extra weird. sd-11.19.09

McCann-Erickson Welcomes Sterling Cooper. sd-11.19.09

Scan Processor Studies by Woody Vasulka and Brian O'Reilly. Created with a 70s Rutt-Etra Video Synthesizer. jc-11.19.09

Relink just because. Notes from a transcription of a Raiders of the Lost Ark story conference between Spielberg, Lucas and Lawrence Kasdan. jc-11.18.09

German pro bono commercial "wallows in depravity before finding redemption." Via Steffan Postaer. jc-11.18.09

The original, of course, was Shynola's triumphant return to music videos, but here's an alternate video commissioned by Coldplay for their song Strawberry Swing, directed/animated by Ross Neil and Matt Clark. sd-11.18.09

Anthony Burrill's trippy, beautiful motion graphics piece Acid Washed. sd-11.18.09

So you know, making of the computer graphics for Star Wars (Episode IV). Via Slashfilm. ms-11.18.09

The 7th Guest must have suddenly returned to the collective consciousness, given that I was just thinking about it and now here's this music vid for Leerone's Empty Houses which looks like it was heavily inspired by the game. sd-11.17.09

3000 photographs show how Abigail made her book. Via MeFi. ms-11.16.09

The trailer for the unauthorized, low-buget, Italian sequel to the original Alien film: Alien 2 sulla Terra or "Alien 2: On Earth." More info here. sd-11.16.09

Dock Ellis & The LSD No-No, a great animated film about maybe the most famous story of a no-hitter in baseball. Certainly the most fun. Via Peachfuzz. sd-11.16.09

Kaboom! Blowing Up Toy Cars in Slow Motion. sd-11.13.09

David Wilson used a Praxinoscope for this music video for Moray McLaren. Here's how he did it. Via Werd. jc-11.13.09

"8,000 miles from the sun and surf of California, far away at the southern end of Argentina, lies a wild land called Patagonia." Mountain of Storms, a 1968 documentary about surfing, skiing, and climbing Cerro Fitz Roy. Awesome music, footage, and even better narration. Via 2 or 3 Things. sd-11.12.09

Make A World, a documentary about illustrator Ed Emberly, a longtime favorite of CP and CP's kids. Check out the gorgeous t-shirts from (who else?) Wire and Twine. bb-11.12.09

Two guys sitting on a couch chatting about various, mostly inappropriate, topics. Think Tank with Matt Ruby and Mark Normand. Also, check Matt's Sandpaper Suit jc-11.12.09

Atelic, "a motion control test film developed from 'Iatrogenesis' created for Rambert Dance Company's Season of New Choreography." sd-11.11.09

Related to below: "It was Citizen Kane!" sd-11.11.09

Trailer for Clash of the Titans. dw-11.11.09

Dave Bry wonders why Kodak's new Citizen Kane-inspired commercial had to be so creepy. Via AdFreak. sd-11.11.09

About Elliot Malkin's Home Movie Reconstructions 1974 / 2004, we agree with the first viewer comment, "What this project evokes for me is entirely too complex to encapsulate here." Wow. Via Things. jc-11.11.09

HDR: The Music Video. sd-11.10.09

Seizure-inducing music vid of the moment: Two Door Cinema Club's I Can Talk, directed by Megaforce, who have been making some really stellar stuff lately. sd-11.10.09

"Captured for posterity for Edward G. Robinson completists and Planet of the Apes perverts alike." WFMU posts a sweet test reel for PotA featuring Robinson as Dr. Zalus and some awesome storyboard frames illustrating the plot summary. jc-11.10.09

For SD, further research for our ongoing pickle debate here at the studio, Pickles. ms-11.10.09

Not sure how they made the music vid for The Most Serene Republic's Heavens to Purgatory, but I'm glad they did. sd-11.09.09

This great music vid, Minilogue's Animals, by animator Kristofer Strom, reminds me of Volstok's "'Monsters" films, which are still just about the best thing ever. sd-11.09.09

"I Love You, Mr. Star Wars." Clips from movies where the actor says the title of the movie they're in. sd-11.06.09

Another music vid I'd love to read the treatment for: The Main Drag's Dove Nets, directed by Ben & Julia. sd-11.05.09

Ten unintentionally creepy animated films. Totally agree with #6. dw-11.05.09

If there were more stuff available we'd likely have a category called "Stuff About Terrence Malick" to go along with our Stuff About Stanley Kubrick archive. But failing that here's cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki talking about TM not watching dailies, finding truth, working without lights and knowing the sounds of the birds. jc-11.05.09

Emilia Forstreuter's animated trip under the sea: Yonder. sd-11.05.09

An illustrated short film, The Astronomer's Dream. Not to be confused with the 1898 film of the same name. ms-11.05.09

After talking about Mike Nesmith for a while just a minute ago, that led to a look at his Wikipedia entry and finding info about his short film collection Elephant Parts, which included this great bit: Large Detroit Car Company. Yep, it was a joke back in 1981, too. sd-11.04.09

The 25 greatest Coen Brothers movie moments. Via Slashfilm. ms-11.04.09

David Hudson rounds up thoughts on Wim Wenders' Wings of Desire on the occasion of a brand new transfer and blu-ray release from Criterion. If you've never seen this film your lifetime top 10 may be in error. Read Michael Atkinson's Watch the Skies. jc-11.04.09

End Scene, animated on a computer, printed out, then scanned and reassembled. sd-11.03.09

Trailer for The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon. sd-11.03.09

So that you're fully informed the next time you watch Con Air or Force 10 from Navarone, the Internet Movie Firearms Database is at your disposal. sd-11.02.09

Prints of Professor Marvel's wagon from The Wizard of Oz. dw-11.02.09

So you know: the weekly schedule for what's airing on U-62. sd-11.02.09

The spot we stop the DVR to watch each and every time it's on: "Paid in Gum." sd-11.02.09

Xkcd, "These charts show movie character interactions, the horizontal axis is time. The vertical grouping of the lines indicates which characters are together at a given time." Great. Love 12 Angry Men. Via Waxy. jc-11.02.09

"The program shows how four familiar species -- the apple, the tulip, cannabis and the potato -- evolved to satisfy our yearnings for sweetness, beauty, intoxication and control." Botany of Desire. ms-11.02.09

The Office Vampire. sd-10.30.09

Dear Norah Jones, instead of watching your new music video, we are going to re-watch Terry Gilliam's short The Crimson Permanent Assurance. sd-10.30.09

An idea for the plot of the next James Bond film, by yours truly. sd-10.30.09

Trailer for Nowhere Boy. dw-10.30.09

Hecq Vs Exillion - Spheres Of Fury, is a short film by Tim Brown and Christopher Hewitt that was shot using the Canon D7 and looks fantastic. It's a balletic send-up of 80's movie violence staged with water pistols and It's Nice That recently chatted with the directors. jc-10.30.09

Now that everyone everywhere has seen The Room, I need to hunt out a new unintentionally funny film to fall in love with. Judging from this review and this write up, I think 21 and a Wakeup might be a strong contender. sd-10.29.09

Shutter Island trailer three. jc-10.29.09

"There's the Weekender, then there's the Bimonthly Ender, the Mid-Bimonthly Ender, and the Weekender Weekender Weekender." sd-10.29.09

TMN staff and readers share their first scary movies. jc-10.29.09

Martin Scorsese's fave horror films. A pretty solid list, Don't Look Now is conspicuous by its absence though. jc-10.29.09

For BB: Mitchell and Webb's Football. sd-10.28.09

Testing the new 10 foot tall animatronic Gomora suit, to be used in the upcoming Japanese film Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend. sd-10.28.09

Fun, seasonally-appropriate stop motion film made on an overhead projector: Zzzzombies. Via Transbuddha. sd-10.28.09

Certainly a reputable source, but like with most subjective listing of things, it's difficult to agree with (Bat for Lashes at #3?!?) and mostly filled with newer work: Antville's reader picks for 101 Best Music Videos of the Decade. Just happy that Smile Around the Face made the cut. Still my pick for maybe the best ever. sd-10.27.09

A clip of the 1984 VHS-based $100,000 contest Money Hunt and some information on how it all played out, leading four people to believe they had "won the contest but were screwed out of the prize." sd-10.27.09

VBS lets Adam Goldberg talk, largely about the things that annoy him about Los Angeles. sd-10.27.09

The opening scene from Peter Greenaway's Nightwatching. The DVD is now available. Cha-ching. jc-10.27.09

"Animatronics is like everything there is in the universe, put together." Trailer for The Rock-afire Explosion. Words fail in the face of such awesomeness. Via Cabel. jc-10.26.09

Trailer for the absurd, animated Belgian film A Town Called Panic. sd-10.26.09

The odd documentary about fishing by hand, with a score by The Flaming Lips, Okie Noodling, is available for free in its entirety. Via Denver Egotist. sd-10.26.09

Nice collection of Motor movie posters. ms-10.26.09

Sad news that Soupy Sales just passed away. Do yourself a favor tonight and try to find a copy of And God Spoke, one of the best/funniest mockumentaries ever made. Sales plays Moses. sd-10.23.09

A wonderful series of thought provoking and intellectually stimulating films from our friends at Cook County Social Club, talking to the owners of local Chicago businesses: Max Gerber and Borg Warner. sd-10.23.09

Loving the new Mac ads. ms-10.23.09

In 2008, Cookie and Paul walked from Mexico to Canada. Here's the finished documentary about their journey. ms-10.22.09

Darn. Anne Thompson reports Terrence Malick's Tree of Life will not open until 2010. jc-10.21.09

Looks like Spike Jonze has adapted another children's book. ms-10.21.09

Fab, Vincent LaForet's Nocturne ms-10.20.09

I always mix up The Quay Brothers and Kray Twins. There's a good mashup in there somewhere. bb-10.16.09

Screen Caps. Fab. ms-10.15.09

Apropos of nothing. Dustin Hoffman for Volkswagen. jc-10.12.09

Too bad SD is on vacation, he'd probably have a few to add, Arrgh!; the most hated movie scenes ever blog. Add your own. ms-10.12.09

A possible end in sight in curbing overly loud TV commercials. sd-10.08.09

Monsters really like carrying chicks. dw-10.08.09

WtWTA Forts Contest. jc-10.08.09

Time Out London's 50 greatest animated films with additional commentary by Terry Gilliam. ms-10.08.09

For SD, 20 actors who appeared on "Law & Order" before they were stars. ms-10.07.09

Series of spots for the Vancouver International Film Festival: Subtitles, Sexuality, and Disturbing. sd-10.07.09

"The original title was Where the Wild Horses Are. I loved the title, and she loved the title. It was very evocative. The only problem was, I drew horses so very badly that it couldn't be published that way." Steven Heller chats with Maurice Sendak. jc-10.07.09

Keith Schofield continues his streak as one of the best music video directors out there with this look at what happens after the credits roll at the end of the movie: Lenny Kravitz + Justice's Let Love Rule. sd-10.06.09

His Great Device Makes Him Famous is the Chinese translated title for Boogie Nights. Awesome, as is the rest of this list of movie titles that got lost in translation. jc-10.06.09

Trailer for what looks to be a very funny film about the art world, Untitled. Anyone else find it weird that Vinnie Jones is in this? sd-10.05.09

If you saw or plan on seeing Zombieland, it's recommend that you check out the daily must-visit blog of its director, Ruben Fleischer. If you're going to live vicariously through someone on the internet, he's a worthy choice. sd-10.05.09

Amazing video of China's 60th anniversary National Day celebration. ms-10.05.09

The rejected directors cut of the University of Alaska-Fairbanks Nanooks hockey team introduction hype video deserves your attention. jw-10.03.09

Unfortunately, you've missed an opportunity to own pieces of film history, as an auction of 339 Ingmar Bergman items happened earlier this week. Among letters, awards, and even his desk, the auction also included the chess pieces used in The Seventh Seal. sd-10.02.09

Trailer for Chris Rock's documentary Good Hair. sd-10.02.09

Interesting tech stuff behind the scenes: Saturday Night Live is now shooting its short films and parodies on Canon 7D and 5D cameras. Incredible. sd-09.30.09

The Old Man and the Seymour. sd-09.30.09

Related to below: the funny yet completely uncomfortable scene about extras from The Limey, which is not only great, but you have to imagine that it's also where Ricky Gervais got the idea for his series six years later. sd-09.29.09

For MS: Book Club. sd-09.28.09

A fun spot for the Red Sox: "Yankees Suck." Via Denver Egotist. sd-09.28.09

Rotten Tomatoes' collection of the worst reviewed films of the decade. sd-09.28.09

Movie Poster Mashups. kg-09.25.09

In Japanese, but don't let your inability to read it stop you from enjoying this very large and fun collection of movie monsters. sd-09.25.09

Eric Idle Responds to Your Fatuous Comments. jc-09.24.09

Scribe mundo de papel. ms-09.24.09

"Related, but more practical subjects, will be the art of lockpicking. Traveling on foot. The exhilaration of being shot at unsuccessfully. The athletic side of filmmaking. The creation of your own shooting permits. The neutralization of bureaucracy. Guerrilla tactics. Self reliance." Werner Herzog's Rogue Film School. Thanks Marshall. ms-09.24.09

"It was just non-stop anxiety and wondering when I was going to get fired." Behind the scenes look at what it was like to shoot The Godfather. ms-09.23.09

For BB, the top 50 World Cup Moments. ms-09.23.09

Directing duo Terri Timely puts together this eerie, extra-wide music vid for St. Vincent's Marrow. As an aside, that "person brightly lit on a dark road with people behind them" has certainly been a popular look lately. sd-09.22.09

Kitsune Noir visits the new WtWTA Pop-Up Shop at Space 15 Twenty in LA. jc-09.22.09

"Relive the Pittsburgh Penguins 1991 Stanley Cup Finals clinching game 6 victory in a dramatic reenactment through a pixelated prism." Via MeFi. ms-09.22.09

Sweet trailer for Let's Get Mystical, a film from Mutinty Bikes about traveling around the world in search of cool places to ride. Via Joachim Baan. jc-09.21.09

A very sweet and strange spot for Italian car company Seat: "'Cause You Know What Happens to Monsters." sd-09.18.09

30frames continues their great series, "Maps," which combines Google Maps and famous music vids. This time around, they take a look at U2's Where the Streets Have No Name. sd-09.17.09

Trailer for the BBC documentary Synth Britannia, about the birth of electronic music in the UK in the late 1970s. sd-09.17.09

Dear Robert Zemeckis, while we genuinely appreciate your efforts at transforming the way films are made, your characters still look very creepy and plasticized. Also, it might be wise to find a new way to open your movies, because we've seen that object falling to earth thing before. sd-09.17.09

"Fame stuck to him like glue." King James spot for South African financial-services company Allan Gray. jc-09.17.09

Simply beautiful, shot right here in CP's hometown, Ghana In Fog. ms-09.17.09

Now that everyone knows about The Room, we need a new terrible movie to become enamored with. We're thinking Transbuddha's nomination for "worst movie of the year" might have a shot. Here's the trailer for Humanity's End. sd-09.14.09

Trailer for A Single Man. dw-09.14.09

HBO's Teddy Bear Chase, directed by Noam Murro. Part of a larger, interconnected promotional push for their fall season under the banner, Imagine. sd-09.14.09

Regarding a previous post, Markus Amalthea Magnuson writes, "Per Åhlin made the film The Journey to Melonia in 1989, the first feature length animation in Sweden. It's in my opinion one of the finest animated films ever made, both in terms of visual style and narration and is a must see, especially for fans of hand-drawn animation features such as The Triplets of Belleville." jc-09.14.09

Artificial Paradise, Inc. a film by Jean-Paul Frenay. jc-09.14.09

Music vid of the moment: Air's Sing Sang Sung. Clearly inspired by Sesame Street's roving pinball. sd-09.11.09

Digging Cary Fukunaga and Walt Whitman's (!) initial spot for Levi's "Go Forth" campaign. jc-09.11.09

A visit to Geoff McFetridge's studio where he's working on titles for WtWTA. More on him in this Western State profile. jc-09.10.09

Noted without comment. Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc. by Chris Cairns. Thanks Meg. jc-09.10.09

Our favorite documentarian, Gary Hustwit, appears on one of our favorite podcasts, The Sound of Young America. Synergy! sd-09.10.09

The A.V. Club's Fall 2009 TV Preview: The Year Ambition Died. sd-09.09.09

How am I only finding this now? 5 Second Films. Incredibly short, wonderfully absurd sketches every single weekday. Once you start in the archives, you won't be able to stop. sd-09.09.09

It's okay to turn off your speakers for La Roux's I'm Not Your Toy and just watch it for the great art direction and casting. Feels a bit like an homage to Blur's The Universal, which of course was an homage to A Clockwork Orange. sd-09.09.09

Trailer for and info on the rock poster documentary American Artifact. sd-09.08.09

The Channel 101 show Ikea Heights. Shot without permission at the Ikea in Burbank. sd-09.08.09

Teaser trailer for the documentary Year Zero: The Last Year of Polaroid Film. sd-09.08.09

Utterly charming, 500 sodas. You can visit their site here. Via DRB. ms-09.08.09

Just put up the sixth in my Regrets series of films: Regrets: Dave Matthews Band. Despite the title, it's probably not the best thing for fans of Dave. sd-09.07.09

Trailer for and information on The Yes Men Fix the World. If you haven't seen their first film, The Yes Men, you have just been given your assignment for the long weekend. I recently re-watched it and it's still as great as ever. sd-09.04.09

For SD, The Lord of the Rings vs. Harry Potter. dw-09.04.09

Spike Jonze's very rough test film for Harold & The Purple Crayon, which he was set to direct before Where the Wild Things Are came up. More info in this NY Times piece. sd-09.03.09

Five minute teaser for William S. Burroughs: A Man Within. dw-09.03.09

Fun spot for Rhapsody recreating every Jay-Z album cover. sd-09.02.09

I don't mind saying that I'm getting a little tired of Eric Wareheim's involvement in music videos, but I was won over by The Bird and the Bee's Diamond Dave because a) someone else directed it and b) that someone was Jake Kasdan. sd-09.01.09

Amazing time lapse video of the Los Angeles wildfire. ms-08.31.09

Would Peggy really have called it a Trojan? Mad Men Footnotes. aro-08.31.09

The Basement Jaxx are more ridiculous than usual in this music vid for Feelings Gone. sd-08.28.09

If Nick Thune had his way, he'd invent backflip shoes. sd-08.27.09

"Hey! Baby boomers! Hey there! Stop not understanding the internet for two seconds and look over here!" A fantastic review of the nauseating Taking Woodstock and Woodstock-talk in general. sd-08.27.09

I thought it was a joke that started and ended with the trailer, but it turns out Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus, starring Lorenzo Lamas and Deborah Gibson, is all too real. It debuts Saturday on (groan) "Syfy." bb-08.26.09

Another entry in Jim Emerson's excellent occasional series, Opening Shots: The Conversation. Here's the sequence. jc-08.26.09

"Han Solo, P.I." There, I should be all caught up on what was going around in June now. jc-08.26.09

Music vid of the moment: The Summerlad's City of Noise. A nice companion to your favorite Peter Gabriel music videos. sd-08.26.09

"Some actors are so talented and versatile that they could seem credible in virtually any role. Others... not so much." aro-08.26.09

"While Yugoslav president Tito was in Cuba (1979) settling international matters, a mysterious Phantom occupied the attention and hearts of Belgrade. Every night, he performed spectacular driving manoeuvres with a stolen white Porsche car through the city streets..." Behind the film The Belgrade Phantom and the trailer. Via Joachim Baan. jc-08.25.09

For DW, Star Trek bloopers. ms-08.25.09

A very addictive blog written by Tim Nash, a music video commissioner for Atlantic Records in the UK. Via 30frames. sd-08.24.09

A glossary of screenwriting and filmmaking terms. aro-08.24.09

Budweiser ad shot on a El train here in Chicago. ms-08.24.09

"It's moving the camera defensively, rather than artistically." The horrors of pan and scan. Thanks Henry. sd-08.24.09

Make note, the Criterion Collection edition of The Last Days of Disco comes out next week. Just waiting on Barcelona to get the same treatment so I can buy the whole Whit Stillman box set. sd-08.21.09

Your demo reel has nothing on Ian Pfaff's Demo Reel. sd-08.21.09

How bad marketing can lead to a good movie going unseen, the story behind Bandslam. Via Torrez. sd-08.21.09

Finally, a trailer for the much-hyped James Cameron film Avatar. Unfortunately, I think it looks like a feature-length video game cut scene. sd-08.20.09

Three great spots for the Canadian non-profit KidSport, "Sports Skills Are Life Skills." The last one with the pool is the best. Via Murketing. sd-08.20.09

Robogeisha trailer. Weeeeeeh. jc-08.20.09

What's this film set I just walked by? Would it be worth slowing down to star gaze, or is it just Gossip Girl again? aro-08.19.09

Got really excited this morning to see a casting call for extras for the movie Bear City, which turns out to be something altogether different than the Bear City I was hoping it was. There have been rumors for years that it was being turned into a feature. What's the deal? While we wait impatiently, here are some behind the scenes photos from the original. sd-08.19.09

Steven Soderbergh's essay on the evils of cropping 2.40:1 to 16:9 in order to fit people's HD televisions. sd-08.19.09

Director Jon Watt's bizarre music vid for Folded Light's Train Tracks at Dawn. Would love to read his treatment for this and how he sold it to the band. sd-08.19.09

Atoi's wireframe-y music vid Julio Jackson. sd-08.19.09

The New Yorker has Dave Eggers's Max at Sea for those too excited to wait for the movie. Which means me. aro-08.19.09

What's more terrifying than standing inside "The Ledge" on top of the Willis/Sears Tower? Filming it from the outside. If you're like me, you won't enjoy watching the video. sd-08.19.09

Related to below: Tati's 1947 short and my all-time favorite of his, School for Postmen. sd-08.18.09

Today marks the release of Jacques Tati's Playtime on Blu-ray. Can't wait to pick it up. Only The Cinema has some great stills from the film to help encourage my want. sd-08.18.09

Amelie "The Hater" Gillette on how the trailer for I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell killed comedy and how to cope with the five stages of grief you'll suffer through after watching it. sd-08.18.09

After my wife sent me this truly wretched, horrible, NSFW collection of scenes where people are cut in half in horror movies, I had to look up where each had come from, which led to this List of Films by Gory Death Scene. sd-08.17.09

Beyond the understandable fantasy and auteur style, what does Inglourious Basterds really represent? aro-08.17.09

FotA and former CP Guest Editor Henry Cline passes along some behind the scenes photos from the film Legion, which he was recently shooting. "We shot the movie in Galisteo, NM. It was miserable weather situation. Gusting sand storms up to 35mph." sd-08.17.09

From Keith Loutit, Origin II. ms-08.17.09

I adore this, Cart. ms-08.14.09

A few films from this past week's Antarctic Film Festival, each made in under 48 hours by people stationed in bases across the icy continent. sd-08.14.09

Trailer for what looks like a painful new adaptation of Dorian Gray. Usually always a better move to just stick with the original. sd-08.14.09

Nice simple animated recruitment video for Herman Miller. Via Denver Egotist. sd-08.14.09

Trailer for Lemonade, a documentary about what a group of people did after getting laid off from their jobs in advertising. sd-08.13.09

Kevin Broome writes, "In anticipation of tomorrow's release of District 9, I have put together a playlist of Neill Blomkamp's work." Nice. The first time I saw Alive in Joburg I was blown away. jc-08.13.09

Street art gets animated in this music vid for Luke Jackson's Goodbye London. sd-08.13.09

Trailer for Bananas. dw-08.13.09

Director Neill Blomkamp's film school animation reel from 1998. sd-08.13.09

Reminded by sketches like "Sack of Money" of how good the short-lived show Exit 57 was. Fortunately, because a DVD release seems unlikely, cast member Paul Dinello has put up a handful of clips from its 12 episode run. sd-08.13.09

Animated Films That Redefined Box-Office Failure. Haven't heard of a single one of these, except for Powerpuff Girls. sd-08.13.09

Trailer and info on the mockumentary The Bridge Bash featuring lots of regulars from The State. Thanks Bram. sd-08.13.09

Trailer for The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. dw-08.12.09

Haven't quite got the plot all figured out just yet, but if anything, it's beautifully shot: music vid for Mt. St. Helen's Vietnam Band's Albatross, Albatross, Albatross. And here's a look behind the scenes, which shows how they got those impressive helicopter shots. sd-08.12.09

Trailer for No Impact Man. dw-08.10.09

News of two upcoming music vids by director Keith Schofield, who can do no wrong in our book. Charlotte Gainsbourg and Beck and Lenny Kravitz and Justice. sd-08.07.09

We may have the enjoyable Check Please here in Chicago, but it can't even begin to hold a candle to Bronx Flavor, an incredibly fun and absurd show staring Baron Ambrosia who highlights restaurants in the NYC borough. More info here. sd-08.07.09

Perhaps the greatest television commercial every made. Nobuhiko Obayashi directed this epic starring Charles Bronson for Mandom. More from the series in this Outcast Cinema post. jc-08.07.09

Maybe the most bizarre bicycle safety film ever made. Just helping you plan ahead for your Halloween video installations. aro-08.06.09

Forget the Film interview with title sequence designer Karin Fong of Imaginary Forces. jc-08.06.09

Music vid of the moment: Library Science's Do It To It. Also the frog vid of the moment. sd-08.05.09

So you know, the 100 greatest sci-fi movies. dw-08.05.09

Red Rabbit, a animated film by Egmont Mayer. jc-08.05.09

"In relinquishing the more subtle use of voice-over in television documentary, the film draws attention to the control and directional function of that practice." Artist John Smith's 1976 film The Girl Chewing Gum. More info here. sd-08.04.09

Art Director Robin Risser's beautiful, quiet short film, Solitude, based on the paintings of Andrew Wyeth. Via Design Info. sd-08.04.09

An unofficial title sequence for Into the Wild by a 21-year-old Dutch design student. aro-08.04.09

Trailer for Let's Get Mystical. dw-08.04.09

"Creepy? Annoying? Or Creepy and Annoying?" A piece about Modernista's unusual spots for the Palm Pre phone. sd-08.03.09

No fuss movie buzz, Skinni Popcorn. jc-07.31.09

Trailer for the film/album hybrid from the band Noah and the Whale: The First Days of Spring by director Charlie Fink, who has been responsible for all of their great music vids. sd-07.30.09

Automatiek, a bittersweet boy meets sandwich story. Thanks George V. jc-07.30.09

Found on the way to finding something else. Three sweet minutes from Elia Kazan's underappreciated The Last Tycoon, with a script by from an unfinished Fitzgerald novel by Harold Pinter. jc-07.29.09

Solitude. ms-07.28.09

Music vid of the moment: Will Sweeney and Steve Scott's incredibly strange, animated work for Birdy Nam Nam's The Parachute Ending, which itself is a very weird song. Via Transbuddha. sd-07.28.09

Steven Heller on television test patterns. Excellent. Some nice ones from Germany here, courtesy of The MoOM. Also related, "What ever happened to Carol Hersee?" jc-07.28.09

Gary Busey's 1988 film Bulletproof edited down to three minutes long. sd-07.27.09

Always fun to catch Bob Garfield at his crankiest: his review of the latest Harry and Louise political ad. "It's still two terrible actors reducing complex issues ad absurdum, in language resembling George speaking to Lennie." sd-07.27.09

A scratch 'n' sniff version of the 1981 film Gregory's Girl. Via I Like. sd-07.27.09

Trailer for Tron Legacy. sd-07.27.09

"I understood that the only way to get the language of cinematography more rich is to leave naturalism and go over to abstraction." Great piece in the Times about Swedish director and CP hero Roy Andersson. Sounds like You, the Living might finally get released in the US. Fingers crossed. sd-07.27.09

Apologies in advance to JC: Keyboard Cat Does The Shining. sd-07.24.09

"All future catastrophes will be compared to this film!!!" A far better, much more honest trailer: 2012: It's a Disaster!!! sd-07.23.09

An interview with Masa Kawamura and Hal Kirkland about creating their much-passed around music vid for Sour's Hibi no Neiro. sd-07.23.09

Interesting music vid for Gedda Headz' Spaced Out. Worth it for the cool hi-def shots of Hong Kong. sd-07.22.09

Burton's Alice teaser. jc-07.22.09

Slate's great take on how annoying TV news would be If Man Walked on the Moon Today. "Tom Foreman is monitoring Twitter. Tom, what are you hearing?" sd-07.22.09

Duke University's Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising & Marketing History has been linked here in the past as a great resource. Now they've added vintage television to that collection of print materials with AdViews. jc-07.22.09

The full version of Shynola's triumphant return to music videos: Coldplay's Strawberry Swing. sd-07.21.09

And the reason for liking Molly Parker so much: all of the episodes of Twitch City. sd-07.20.09

Mark Lewis' wonderfully fluid and dreamily paced documentary, Cinema Museum. More info about the museum itself, which is very rarely open to the public, here. Also, I don't understand Lewis' film Molly Parker at all, but I like it because it stars Molly Parker. sd-07.20.09

A movie monster size comparison chart. dw-07.20.09

Totally great ad for Westwood College. ms-07.17.09

Creator of The Wire and author of Homicide David Simon on Bill Moyers Journal. No one talk to me for the next hour, please. sd-07.17.09

Trailer for the documentary Klunkerz, a documentary about the history of mountain biking. sd-07.17.09

Wow. The Kurishio Sea, the 2nd largest aquarium in the world. ms-07.17.09

While it's great to see Shynola back in the music vid game with this preview of Coldplay's Strawberry Swing and Warren Fu's teaser for Julian Casablancas' Phrazes for the Young looks pretty great, let's call it quits on the music video trailers already, okay? sd-07.16.09

All three seasons of The Mighty Boosh are finally being released in the US. Thanks to the Denver Egotist for the good news. sd-07.16.09

Swell lobby cards and a swinging credit sequence from German and Italian versions of Operation Stardust, a Perry Rhodan film, 1967. jc-07.16.09

It seems like an appropriate day to re-post the only Harry Potter film I'll ever see: Brad Neely's amazing Wizard People, Dear Reader, now available in its brilliant entirety. sd-07.15.09

What fast looks like, from Kottke. jc-07.15.09

Years ago, I made a very stupid short film about video push effect transitions terrorizing people. Clearly the band Franz Ferdinand somehow found a copy of my idiotic, long lost movie and made this music vid: Can't Stop Feeling. Expect a call from my lawyers, Messrs. Ferdinand. sd-07.13.09

"Or couldn't she have called ahead to let them know the Imperial fleet was on its way with their giant murder ball? At the very least, Leia could've had her underlings turn off all the lights in the base and pretend like no one was home." 7 Classic Star Wars characters that dropped the ball. ms-07.13.09

The PEN story. ms-07.10.09

"Below is the entire movie split up into 15 second clips. Click on one of the scenes to claim it film it, and upload it. You can have up to three scenes! When we're all done, we'll stitch it all together and watch the magic happen." Star Wars Uncut. Via Cool Hunting. ms-07.10.09

New theatrical trailer for District 9. jc-07.08.09

Looks like Jean Kasem 4-Eva, sadly never got off the ground. Norville, are you listening? The world is ready. bb-07.08.09

Music vid of the moment: Sour's inventive Hibi No Neiro which puts to use 64 synchronized webcams. sd-07.07.09

For Hump Day, a Hoedown. Via Fubiz. ms-07.01.09

Related to the last. The Kinski clip is from My Best Fiend. Thanks Richard. jc-06.30.09

Burden of Dreams is Les Blank's documentary on the making of Werner Herzog's Fitzcarraldo. Here's a bit of Herr Kinski going totally nuts. Via The Daily. jc-06.30.09

Music to be artsy and sad by, with an accompanying video (which is equally as artsy and sad) directed by Spike Jonze and Crystal Moselle: AsDSSka's Hold On. sd-06.29.09

An art installation in an elevator, but the video alone is mesmerizing: Marco Brambilla's Civilization. Via Ze Frank. fg-06.29.09

Let's Go Crazy and Penny Points to Paradise, two films shot in the early 1950s staring a 26-year-old Peter Sellers have been discovered after having been lost for decades, along with 28 other films. Though Let's Go Crazy has been reviewed as "It lasts 32 minutes and probably took less time to create" it'd be great to see them. Via I Like. sd-06.29.09

"It's going to be tough to get fans of the book and representatives of the Fitzgerald estate behind the idea of putting robots in this movie." Storyboards from Michael Bay's The Great Gatsby. Via Czeltic Girl. sd-06.29.09

When you're done trying to make your own 3D glasses, Chicagoans can stop by Uncle Fun and grab a pair for a buck. Elsewhere, get together with 49 friends for a Ref viewing party. fg-06.25.09

Art of the Title interviews Jim Capobianco and Alex Woo about the end credits of Wall-E. Via Michael Tsai. fg-06.25.09

Trailer for the documentary Cat Ladies, about women who hoard cats. sd-06.25.09

Should make next year's Oscar pool a bit more interesting, 10 best picture nominees instead of 5. ms-06.25.09

Trailer for the documentary Milton Glaser: To Inform and Delight, which ran here in Chicago...last week. Oops. Via Kate O'Leary. fg-06.24.09

Clip from Bergman Island, Marie Nyerod's feature-length interview with the director at his home on Faro Island. Cha-Ching. jc-06.24.09

A collection of reactions to the 24 minutes of footage recently screened of James Cameron's 3D epic Avatar. sd-06.24.09

A trip through two design students' stop motion animation course that ends with a Samuel Beckett quote using 16ft tall letters painted across their school's winding driveway. Via Denver Egotist. sd-06.24.09

Here's a first look at Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. ms-06.23.09

Teaser for the Jonathan Ames penned HBO series Bored To Death. sd-06.22.09

In answer to this previously posted spot: Current's GM: For Reals This Time. sd-06.22.09

Terri Timely's Synesthesia, a beautifully art-directed and enigmatic short film about how our senses are interconnected. Via c77. jc-06.22.09

Buffy vs. Edward. ms-06.22.09

Trailer for the new 10-part mini-series produced by Steven Spielberg, The Pacific. ms-06.22.09

Gottardo Nord. ms-06.22.09

Seen this weekend: the unintentionally funny spot for Miracle Whip, "Don't Be So Mayo." Man those hipsters like their sandwich spread. So edgy. sd-06.21.09

"It's a miracle they didn't run out of cash shortly after starting up." The Ghostbusters' Risky Business Plan. sd-06.19.09

Trailer for the BBC film Creation about Charles Darwin's personal conflicts in writing The Origin of Species. sd-06.19.09

Lovely, The Chimney Sweep. ms-06.16.09

From Jamie at 37signals, who is forever trying to get me to watch more science fiction: Which Sci-Fi Movie Should I Watch? sd-06.15.09

Following that last one, a repost of another great use of that remix of The Ecstasy of Gold: the David Fincher helmed spot for Nike, "Fate." Also, the album whence it came: Ennio Morricone Remixes Vol.2. sd-06.12.09

Skateboarding NYC 1976, from Zoom! Awesome, thanks Jennifer. jc-06.12.09

Fun spot for Heinz advertising ketchup without the ketchup. sd-06.11.09

Trailer for The Goods, which looks like it borrowed its concept from John Landis' fantastic documentary Slasher. Think I may sit the new one out and just see Landis' movie again. sd-06.11.09

Motion graphics firm Logan and artist collective The Date Farmers team up on this hyperactive, violent, and animated music vid for N.A.S.A.'s A Volta. And a little behind the scenes to go along with it. sd-06.10.09

The animated short film Onwards, directed by James Jarvis and Richard Kenworthy. And here's some behind the scenes interviews with both. For even more on Jarvis, might we recommend revisiting Jewelboxing Case Study #11, where we interviewed Alex Gould who made the great documentary An Interview with James Jarvis. sd-06.09.09

The David Fincher helmed spot for the new 3Gs iPhone, Break In. ms-06.09.09

Music vid of the moment: Grizzly Bear's charming, yet eerie Two Weeks, directed by Patrick Daughters. sd-06.09.09

"The Way Girls Are, a handbook by Mathias." Little Man, a Danish short film. jc-06.09.09

Fantastic animated ad for The Beatles: Rock Band video game. sd-06.08.09

From director Martin de Thurah, a spot for Ikea, Home. ms-06.08.09

"So The Cleveland Board of Tourism was not happy with the first video that I turned in." Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video: 2nd Attempt. sd-06.05.09

Two scenes from the wonderfully bizarre noir film, 1999's The Woman Chaser, an adaptation of Charles Willeford's pulp novel of the same name. More info here. sd-06.05.09

An interesting, but a bit lacking list of the Top 10 Rock Star Cameos in Movies. How you can overlook the multiple Guns N' Roses appearances in The Dead Pool is beyond me. sd-06.04.09

Corey and Rachel's stop-motion wedding invitation. sd-06.04.09

Scenes from a rooftop. ms-06.04.09

Trailer for and stills from the upcoming film District 9. Glad to see someone finally gave Neill Blomkamp a chance to develop Alive in Joberg into a feature. sd-06.03.09

Paper Towels. ms-06.03.09

Watched and enjoyed last night at the Midwest Independent Film Festival: Joe Avella's very funny Wheelchair Werewolf and Brad DeMarea's excellent An Evening with Emery Long (unfortunately just a clip from the opening). sd-06.03.09

"A lot of my thinking and my conviction that the cinema was going to be electronic came from sitting in the mud for hours upon hours waiting for the helicopters to arrive." FFC on BlogTalkRadio. jc-06.03.09

Trailer for the documentary about Ray Kurzweil and his singularity theories: Transcendent Man. sd-06.02.09

"You're keyeing off a real environment and adapting instead of trying to impose your will on it. And as a result, it makes you realize how constructed most movies are, visually." From a Steven Soderbergh narrated slideshow. Via lonelysandwich. jc-06.02.09

"Based on True Events." Trailer for Bonnie and Clyde vs. Dracula. sd-06.02.09

Comparing and contrasting two spots made during hard times: GM's new "Reinvention" and Chrysler's "Be the Best" from 1984. sd-06.02.09

Trailer for the documentary Goth Cruise which is exactly what it sounds like. Also the service's website. Both via Goths in Hot Weather. sd-06.01.09

A time lapse scene from DISH Earth, the new all-Earth television channel with "one new image about every 15 seconds" from an orbit 22,000 miles away. sd-06.01.09

Kick-ass scenes that are in trailers but aren't in the movies. dw-06.01.09

For DW: Lady Gaga's latest music vid, Paparazzi, directed by Jonas Akerlund (and is very Akerlund-esque). sd-05.29.09

Sorry I'm Late. Via Fubiz. ms-05.29.09

A rare tour of IMAX cameras. dw-05.28.09

*Sigh* True dat. The Vendor Client relationship-in real world situations. Thanks Marshall. ms-05.28.09

The wait is over. Debbie Gibson and Lorenzo Lamas have finally found a project to collaborate on: Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus. sd-05.27.09

Cameron Frye is a Red Wings fan, but an otherwise righteous dude, and I've been jealous of his house since 1986. JC, I'm going to need a raise. bb-05.27.09

Jen Sharpe writes, "Ross Harris makes great little short documentaries, like Bicycle Bullfight." Awesome. jc-05.27.09

First time I've seen it, Denis Leary's commercial for Hulu made me giggle. ms-05.26.09

Hi, a real human interface. ms-05.21.09

Another nugget: Son of Svengoolie and the 84 Olympics. Berwyn 2016! bb-05.21.09

Chris Milk's Last Day Dream. Brilliant, beautiful and unnerving. Via John Gruber. jc-05.21.09

Really great interview with our neighbors The Post Family. You can check out their site here. ms-05.20.09

Ilya Abulhanovs' title sequence for OFFF 2009 in Oeiras, Portugal. Totally fab. jc-05.18.09

Home, a short film for Ikea by Martin de Thurah. Via Anothersomething . jc-05.18.09

The always brilliant Frontline does it again, taking on the Bernie Madoff scandal, with The Madoff Affair. ms-05.13.09

Lovely little video, April (For Pittsburgh). ms-05.12.09

The Enterprise Project. Tricked out, customized models of the iconic Star Trek ship including this beauty by House Industries. jc-05.12.09

Stuck for an idea for a tv spot? Get "inspired" by something on YouTube. jc-05.12.09

Animations projected in a forest and filmed for a music vid for Dominik Eulberg's Sansula. jc-05.11.09

Relink for Sara. "La Demeure du Chaos is gradually becoming an uncontrollable space." 90 days and nights of work for 20 minutes of happiness. A spectacular film about an amazing place. An absolute must-see. jc-05.11.09

WtWTA Kubricks. dw-05.11.09

Watch YouTube videos frame by frame with YooouuuTuuube. dw-05.08.09

How much do you know about space travel, Vulcans and the "T" in James T. Kirk? dw-05.08.09

"Here, in other words, is a long-range backstory -- a device that, in the Hollywood of recent times, has grown from an option to a fetish." Like with 95% of the films released each year, it's usually a lot more enjoyable to skip them and instead read his reviews: Anthony Lane on Star Trek. sd-05.07.09

Director Dougal Wilson, a long-time CP favorite, shoots this spot for Coke: "The Organ Player." sd-05.07.09

Fever Rays' When I Grow Up directed by Martin de Thurrah. jc-05.07.09

2 Fists of Iron and a Bottle of Beer from the Church of the Open Tab. Via Murketing. jc-05.07.09

Following DW's and my trip to Indiana this weekend to catch his stand-up: a trailer for the new TV series The Community, staring the great Joel McHale. sd-05.05.09

An interview with Melinda Launspach, set decorator for HBO's No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency. dw-05.04.09

FoTA Jimmy Carrane interviews another FoTA Ron Lazzeretti, who wrote the script for the Michael Keaton-directed The Merry Gentleman. kg-05.04.09

Real Life Twitter. ms-04.30.09

An interview with designer Kalina Ivanov who created all the sets for HBO's Grey Gardens (which was the best film I've seen so far this year). sd-04.29.09

The second episode of the brilliantly stupid Auto-Tune News. sd-04.29.09

Great, simple, wonderfully written spot seen (and rewinded to watch again) a few times this weekend: Some Words on Progress by Frank Druffel for Post's Shredded Wheat. sd-04.28.09

"The Cleveland Tourism Board gave me $14 million dollars about 8 months ago to make a promotional video to bring people to Cleveland. As usual, I waited until the last minute." The Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video. sd-04.27.09

New spot for the Honda Insight, Let It Shine. And here's how they did it. ms-04.27.09

Video shot at a recent rugby competition at Stade de France and other places at 1000 frames per second. Falling Jello too! Via Mefi. jc-04.24.09

"Trust me. It's funnier when you're there." An interesting piece from a writer's perspective, Earl Pomerantz on laugh tracks. jc-04.24.09

Okay, I understand Transformers and GI Joe, but this is just weird: "Peter Berg (Friday Night Lights, The Kingdom) is in negotiations to adapt the Milton Bradley naval-warfare game Battleship for the big screen." How Hasbro is Getting Movies Made About its Toys. sd-04.24.09

Beyond cool promotional film for Phillips Cinema 21:9, Carousel. More info here. ms-04.23.09

Masayoshi Nakamura and Magico Nakamura's animated paper for the Adobe Records short film competition. Via Jean Snow. sd-04.23.09

So, the Grandfather of a friend of cartoonist Alex Robinson stumbles on a NYC film shoot in 1964 and takes a couple photos. Check the third one down, two of my personal heroes in one candid shot. Awesome. Via She Blogged By Night. jc-04.22.09

Videogum asked a freshman high school student with one and half semesters of French classes under her belt to translate the French version trailer for Coco Avant Chanel. ms-04.22.09

Due to a film print and distribution mistake, depending on where you see Adventureland, you'll either hear INXS or Yo La Tengo over the closing credits. sd-04.21.09

Great spot for Jotun paint parodying Take On Me, which was also the subject of this recent classic. sd-04.21.09

"Hell has frozen over" and The State DVD "is actually, for real, no kidding" finally being released on July 14th. Mark your calendars and begin x'ing off the days. sd-04.20.09

Industrial Light & Magic's process of designing a new Enterprise for J.J. Abrams' Star Trek. sd-04.20.09

Related to the last. Get ready to have this soundtrack snippet from the original 1, 2, 3 ricocheting around in your brainpan all day. jc-04.20.09

"Crime was soaring and the economy was in free fall, a situation that the Lindsay administration hoped to disguise by insisting that the filmmakers use a graffiti-free subway car." Some notes on the original and the upcoming remake of The Taking of Pelham One Two Three. sd-04.20.09

Coen brothers to remake True Grit. Via The Daily. jc-04.20.09

Trailer for The Girlfriend Experience, Steven Soderbergh's latest non-studio film. Is that him drumming at the end? Sure looks like it. sd-04.17.09

Link o' the week. It's amazing what an alternate music track and a little color correction can do. Disturbing Strokes. Via Catbird. jc-04.17.09

Love, Loss, and World Building. Thanks Marshall. ms-04.17.09

If it's really gotta be a TV theme for my funeral, maybe this, or this. But if it could be ANY song, definitely this. bb-04.16.09

Speaking of TV themes, Quark was my favorite show when I was a kid, but I never noticed how familiar the theme song is. bb-04.16.09

TCM gives us their list of the top 15 influential classic movies. ms-04.15.09

Trailer for Lars von Trier's Antichrist with Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg. jc-04.15.09

Five minutes from Rosy-Fingered Dawn, an Italian documentary on CP hero Terrence Malick. jc-04.14.09

GreenCine podcast with Nick Dawson, author of the new bio Being Hal Ashby. Via The Daily. jc-04.10.09

New to me. What's in the Box? Fantastic sfx, sci-fi film demo made by one student, Thibaut Niels, for a couple hundred bucks. Via Serge Jespers. jc-04.09.09

"It may be true that you can't please all the people all the time, but these commercials show that you can lampoon everyone involved, included the company being plugged." Bravo for Orange's in-cinema campaign. jc-04.09.09

Film the Blanks, "an ongoing experiment to abstract and/or reduce film posters. Some famous, some not so famous but all cool in their own way." dw-04.08.09

Great, inventive spot for Loewe, a German electronics manufacturer. jc-04.07.09

Happy 70th birthday to FFC whose latest project, and his first original screenplay since The Conversation, is Tetro which opens in June. Also, Coppola Now by Jason Sanders. Via The Daily. jc-04.07.09

The Lost Tribes of New York City, a fun look at the big city using the Creature Comforts model of interviews and animation. Via Denver Egotist. sd-04.06.09

TV show sets in miniature. dw-04.06.09

So great, 28 West Side Days Later Story ms-04.03.09

An interview with Isabella Rossellini about her second round of Green Porno short films. Thanks Claire. sd-04.02.09

"'No' is a very important word." Hank puts up a great portion of an unedited interview with Gordon Willis from the documentary Cinematographer Style. sd-04.02.09

All his slow motion clips and video of Nick's appearance at Sunday night's Show N' Tell Show. His time on stage was far more educational than my walkthrough of the making of Handful of Burritos. sd-03.31.09

Some nights PJ Harvey just likes to go out to the middle of a forest to play in the John Parish bouncy castle: Black Hearted Love directed by the Chapman Brothers. sd-03.31.09

Trailer and clips from Hoopeston, a documentary about a struggling Illinois town and the locals dealing with a witch school that opens up there. They've also made the whole film available here in four chapters. sd-03.30.09

Information on the The James Bond Museum, which is set to open in the UK next week. Includes a list of all the vehicles in the collection. BB will be happy to hear that they have the original Toyota 2000 GT from You Only Live Twice. sd-03.30.09

A video companion piece to the booklet we posted a while back from the Milwaukee Tourism Commission: This Is My Milwaukee. Recommended that you watch only on Black Star approved employee breaks. sd-03.30.09

Kevin Lee curates reviews and related materials about Sam Peckinpah's The Getaway. Love this poster. Via The Daily. jc-03.30.09

The first peep out of Shutter Island, Scorsese's next film. jc-03.30.09

Five great films where nothing much happens. Via . jc-03.27.09

"...the vibe I'm getting off these Things isn't so much Wild as Sensitive and Nurturing." Lev Grossman is worried about WtWTA. jc-03.27.09

Trailer for and information on Guest of Cindy Sherman, a documentary about being the boyfriend of one of the world's most famous artists. sd-03.26.09

Fun one-take music vid for Metric's Gimme Sympathy. Via Video Static. sd-03.26.09

"Tommy Wiseau's The Room may be the first true successor to the Rocky Horror throne." Finally, The Room is inducted into the A.V. Club's New Cult Canon. It was tearing me apart by not having been included yet. sd-03.26.09

Director Patrick Daughters' returns to dance numbers, but in far more violent fashion with this music vid for Department of Eagles' No One Does It Like You. Also worth seeing his other new one, the Hitchcockian Wrong by Depeche Mode. sd-03.25.09

WtWTA trailer. jc-03.25.09

Zulkey interviews Andy Richter about his former shows, Arrested Development, and coming back to work with Conan again. sd-03.25.09

The Dirty Garage, "the most independent movie ever made." sd-03.25.09

Scenes from Werner Herzog's Encounters at the End of the World. More at the film site. jc-03.25.09

Trailer for Bananaz, a documentary about the band Gorillaz. More info here. sd-03.24.09

Awesome. "De crazy-fuzz. Fuzz, the, sound, that, manchu." Fuzz, a doc about stompboxes by Clif Taylor. Via Things. jc-03.24.09

Trailer for Sputnik Mania. jc-03.23.09

Waverly Films' first Clip of the Week collection is now for sale. BB, what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone! sd-03.23.09

Bob Odenkirk teams with JetBlue to direct three short films for CEOs only: Welcome Bigwigs. Via Torrez. sd-03.20.09

No idea what this is or what it's for, but they need to make lots more: Patrick Duffy and The Crab Discuss Facebook and Ringtones. sd-03.20.09

Father Guido Sarducci on the benefits of art school. Thanks Jason! Related: The Lazlo Letters is still in print! bb-03.20.09

Very cool interpretation of Little Red Riding Hood. ms-03.20.09

Great look at the changes to the Batman logo in comic books over the years, from 1941 to the present. Via Transbuddha. sd-03.19.09

For MS, iTunes trailers on Twitter. dw-03.19.09

An utterly charming Neil Gaiman visits Colbert. ms-03.18.09

Mardi Gras in tilt shift video. Fab. ms-03.18.09

Pythonites take note, from Not the Nine O'Clock News. jc-03.18.09

A behind the scenes look at the insane production schedule in creating the show South Park each week. sd-03.18.09

WtWTA. A teaser for a trailer and a poster. jc-03.18.09

Jeff Desom's beautifully animated music vid and/or short film: Hauschka's Morgenrot. sd-03.17.09

Movies studio logos that have been changed to fit various films. A la Indiana Jones always using the "mountain of entertainment" to set the opening scene. A big collection that must have a been a lot of work. Great. Clipped from Quipped. jc-03.17.09

Snow White + Daft Punk = Dwarfed Punk. Via bblinks. sd-03.16.09

Must have been a blast to make, spot for Aero Feel the Bubbles. ms-03.13.09

Star Wars Motivational Posters. sd-03.11.09

For Raegan, the top 10 best video clips from Ghost Hunters. ms-03.10.09

Brilliant. The Noises Rest. ms-03.10.09

All Aboard the Freedom Train: the songs of Neil Diamond and Bigfoot. bb-03.10.09

Building the LEGO Millennium Falcon. ms-03.10.09

If Watchmen was a Saturday morning cartoon. Via Cynical C. sd-03.09.09

Opening credits to the Marvel cartoons of the 60s. dw-03.09.09

Gah! A 125 page transcript of a conference in 1978 with Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and Lawrence Kasdan at which they plot out the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark. Via Binary Bonsai. ms-03.09.09

Daft Punk will be scoring Tron 2. Awesome. sd-03.06.09

A free idea for 20th Century Fox: the only way to make this movie great is to hire Mamaduke Explained's Joe Mathlete to do a DVD commentary. You're welcome. sd-03.06.09

For Doctor Who fans: Daleks are real and they are living in our ponds. sd-03.06.09

AV Geeks have 22,000 edifying, educational, inspirational films for your viewing enjoyment. Note to Isabelle, Grace and Spencer, watch this one. Via Z. jc-03.05.09

"There's too much to focus on at any given moment, since literally every shot is packed with visual humor and miniature narratives playing out on the fringes of the image." Films I Love #21: Play Time. Via The Daily. jc-03.05.09

Looks like they took more than a few liberties with the transition from the book, but here's to hoping that extra excitement is enough to have made all that traffic around here last summer when they were filming it worthwhile: Trailer for Public Enemies. sd-03.04.09

The super-sweet opening sequence of Fully Flared (which I must remember to watch with my son Spencer tonight) and this BBDO Snickers spot. Bastards. Via Murketing. jc-03.04.09

"After a week of bumping, I had a track which I then rerecorded and ran for Welles. His only comment was 'That's very good.' Orson was not given to exaggerated praise of anyone's efforts." A good story about recording sound for The Magnificent Ambersons. sd-03.04.09

AICN speculates about The Tree of Life, the next film by CP all-time fave Terrence Malick. Dinosaurs? jc-03.04.09

New York in slow motion. ms-03.03.09

Directing team Walter Robot's beautifully illustrated and animated music vid for Death Cab for Cutie's Grapevine Fires. sd-03.02.09

For DW: